Villain Diary Part Three


DEAR DIARY, (blog 51)

My mind was swirling with information. When I got back home I had a lot to process. It seems the Military Man also known as number 3674ECM, Elite Controlled Military, was a government experiment gone bad. They took a near death soldier wounded in battle and transformed him into a super human. Only they didn’t plan on mind control only working on the weak which apparently the Military Man is not. They wiped out his identity, went into his brain and basically tinkered with wiring that most people don’t use, the parts of the brain that control things beyond what the average human can comprehend. I know because I use those same parts. The ability to sense beyond what others can is either a gift or a curse. You either handle it or you can’t. It seems the soldier boy is having a hard time. Sensing the procedure had gone wrong they tried to take him down but he must of sensed this and escaped. Now he has revenge on the people who turned him this way and anyone he feels is a threat. The detective was part of that operation but had transferred shortly after they started. So whether the Military Man knows that or not I can’t be sure of. Others in the experiment had been successfully controlled and they are gearing up a special task force. How arrogant they are to think they can completely control any human. The mind gives in when it is weak but the soul never dies. It hides and reflects itself in other ways. Sometimes the mind never fully returns but in other cases a mere incident, person or memory can completely undo everything. I guess they will have to learn this on their own. As for the Military Man the only question is which side does he play on? (she stops writing to think a bit) The detective thinks he is pure evil. I on the other hand do not. I have seen the compassion in his eyes the few times I have escaped his attempts. I have also seen his dark side when it came to the detective that day. I’d have to say he’s stuck between his brain washed soldier mode and who he really is. He’s neutral. I think he’d kill who ever he has to in order to get what he wants, kind of like what I do, but he has a weakness and that seems to be me. So I shared what I knew with the detective. I don’t do that often but dare I say I trust him? Does that make me weak too? (she laughs) Difference is I’d kill the detective if I had to. Would the Military Man kill me? What an exciting game he wants to play. Well this is what happens when you take a man and give him powers and try to control his mind. You get the Military Man. (she smiles) The detective and I both think he needs to be contained. He’s a threat to us all. I have to prepare for this one my Diary. We’re going to war. (she grabs her gun and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 52)

Gearing up for war is like second nature to me. I have been doing it my whole life. It’s as natural as breathing. The detective is more cautious then I am. He has fear where as I don’t. (she looks down at her boots) I have some blood to clean. It better come out of these Louboutin’s or I’ll be rather upset. (she sighs jokingly) Oh well It’s not like I can’t get another pair. (she smiles) I had a rather interesting last few days. Another billionaire I have been working on seems to of had quite the nasty ex. We were at dinner, it was the last night before I planned on taking him down, then this anorexic thing walks in. My radar went off instantly. She walked up to our table and throws his wine right in his face. Normally I’d cheer her on but this was a big score for me and I wasn’t about to let this twit mess it up. So I stood up and told her we needed to talk. The poor soul actually thought she was going to hit me. (she laughs) That was her first and last mistake. I grabbed her arm before she even had it all the way up. I told rich boy to go dry off and I’d meet him back at the house and I escorted miss bones to the bathroom. Then I knocked her out, tossed her out the window into the alley and finished her off. I strangled her with her own pearls. (she laughs). The bitch. No one messes with my plans. Of coarse I had to hide the body. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) They’ll never find her burned bones that is now nothing but ashes floating in the sea. (she’s picturing it) Then I met him back at his house where by then I was rather annoyed at how the night turned out so he died an extra slow death. My knife was put to use that day. (she takes it out of her thigh holster and places it on the table) I hate when they whine and beg too. No please don’t kill me… (she makes a face) I did end up with a rather large sum of untraceable money so as always it’s so worth it, and I’m so damn good at it. (she smiles) So I kicked back at his place, had myself a drink and enjoyed the view. It’s too bad he won’t be seeing it anymore. (she grins) The rich ones know how to live. The irony in that statement. Then I went back to the place we ate at and finished everyone off, burnt the place down, then hacked into the computer system and wiped out the security cameras and every camera within a 5 mile radius. Then of coarse I had to track down everyone who ate there that night and let’s just say I left no stone nor body unturned. A girls work is never done. (she looks at the clock) Well off to clean this mess. There’s still more to do. Sleep well my diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 53)

I had started to wake up but my vision was hazy. Then I looked down and there were chains on my wrists. Then I glanced over at the detective. He was across the room and there was the Military Man chaining him up too. He looked like he was still out cold. I quickly closed my eyes so he wouldn’t see I was awake. What happened? The last thing I remember was a loud noise and then we crashed into a tree. We must have blacked out. I knew this place. It’s the same place he brought me to last time. The cold concrete floor, the cell, the one tiny window that let the moon light in, the table he left the key on. Mistake number one for Military Man that day. I waited a few minutes and he walked out of the room. I counted his footsteps and figured out from the last time I was there where he was. I opened my eyes and took a better look around. He had the detective in one cell and me in another. I had to act quickly. I scratched out my micro tools from my hands and got my chains off and started to work on the cell lock. Then I ran over to the detective’s cell opened his, got his chains off then tried to wake him up. Seems the crash or the Military Man gave him quite the beating. I was a bit bruised myself. Once he was awake I pulled him up and told him we had to hurry but then suddenly I could hear his foot steps coming. I started to count them. He was heading back our way. With one glance at the detective and no weapons we knew we had to think fast. I knew where they would probably be, I told him. Then as the Military Man got near the detective pulled me close, looked in my eyes, kissed me, then whispered in my ear he’d hold him off and to run, grab my weapons if I could, just in case, and go. Just in case? What? Leave him? I don’t run. I fight. There was no time to argue he told me. The Military Man couldn’t be taken down with fists alone. Then at the doorway there he stood, full gear on, some sort of protective body suit and weapons. He must of been watching us somehow. I glanced up and with my vision returned to normal I spotted a micro camera the size of the head of a pin right above the door. That wasn’t there last time. Then the detective looked at me and I knew he was about to do something. He quickly lunged at the Military Man to make the doorway free. At that moment I knew I what I had to do. To be continued…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 54)

The hallway was long and dark. I could hear the dogs coming. He must have gotten new ones since I took out the last group of them that tried to attack me. (she grins) I knew the best chance the detective had to make it was if I had my weapons. I quickly made my way to the room where he had them last time and luckily they were still there. Men are so predictable. (she sighs and rushes over to the table) “Damn he keeps taking my blade!” I thought to myself as I holstered it back on. Things you don’t mess with, my hair, my shoes, don’t make me chip a nail and most of all never touch my blade. Good way to get yourself killed. (she glances down at it) I then grabbed the detectives 9mm and my collection of toys I always keep with me. (she smiles) Then I spotted a few that weren’t mine so I quickly grabbed those, geared up, checked for ammo and started to head back. One, two, three, I counted then placed my arm around the doorway and got the first two dogs and snapped the last ones neck that lunged for me. Then I made my way back down the hall. By that point the silence stopped me in my tracks. The noise of the shuffle in the distant room let me know the detective was still fighting, still ok. Now there was nothing. I now slowly made my way down the hall as to not let anyone know I was coming. As I approached the door and looked in what I saw shocked me. There he was on the floor, out cold and tied up. Standing over him, bloody and worn out, bent over gasping for air, was the detective. As I rushed over and drew my gun he stopped me. Now I was confused. This is what we wanted. We had him. Once the detective caught his breathe he stood up, put his hand on my gun and lowered it. “You can’t kill him.” He said to me. “Please.” Now I took a step back not knowing what to think. A range of emotions flooded my mind. Would I have to take the detectives life in order to do what needed to be done? Just as I was about to grab my blade he looked in my eyes and I said to him “Give me one good reason not to.” Then in one sentence everything changed. He glanced over at the Military Man then over at me, then said… “because he’s my brother.”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 55)

The hours ahead were challenging. I don’t think I ever heard silence before like I did that day. My heart beating was like a clock. Tick tock, tick tock. It triggered something in me that took all my willpower to resist but I put my weapon away. We drugged and secured the Military Man and brought him back to the detective’s hidden underground chambers. The detective is unsure whether he knows he’s his brother or if that part of his memory is still wiped out. The detective joined the military first and his brother followed soon after. Years later his brother was badly wounded in a covert operation and not expected to live, so they told the detective. He later learned he was taken to be part of the Elite Controlled Military. He was planning on getting his brother out of there but he had escaped first. That’s when he left the military and became a detective. He tracked his brother here so he got himself a position with the locals and has been trying to secure him since. It appears there has always been competition between the two from the stories he told me. Good thing I never had any siblings. I’d not of hesitated to shorten the family tree. (she grins) So here we are in this sort of predicament. He wants to try to turn his brother back into so called normal but who knows the extent of what they really did and what normal for him really is. I do think the competition gene was enhanced and the fact that he has already shown no restraint to kill him before I don’t know what can be done to change that part. Sometimes during brain washing the mind will give in to what it has always wanted but may have held back in reality. If he sees his brother as a threat or the competition this could have just been the gateway he needed. It would also depend on what his true feelings were to begin with. He also wants me to stay away from the chambers. He doesn’t want me to get hurt. (she laughs) How sweet but please, if anyone needs help it’s the detective. He’s too attached to be able to do what may need to be done if things go wrong. So he will get my help like it or not. (she grins) Besides, this is my chance to get to know his brother, the infamous Military Man. Small small world my diary. (she taps her fingers on the table) The cat has caught her mouse. (she smiles and gets a dark look in her eyes) To play with it first or kill it? That remains to be seen. Till next time. Sweet dreams.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 56)

Nothing burns off steam like a good blood bath. All the stress of the last couple days a girl needs to let her hair down, really let loose. Those poor souls never knew what hit them. It was a cruise to the islands. There were cocktails, dinner, dancing and a show afterwards, some dancers doing some sort of musical. I lost interest right around that time. So I decided to do a show of my own for them. Show them what real talent looks like. (she gets a dark grin on her face) I had first snuck off to get rid of the captain, crew and anyone who was elsewhere on the ship. Their bodies sunk quicker then the titanic. (she laughs) Then I locked all the rest in the music hall. That’s when the fun began. I took out my AR-15 and well let’s just say the dancers made their final bow. (she smiles and stops to make a curtsy with her arms) Then I instructed the rest of them to stay put. I then asked for a volunteer. I was shocked not one person stepped up. (she laughs again) So one by one I walked by and blew each ones hands off. Tisk tisk they thought they were going to call for help. No hands, no cell phone. (her eyes get darker) I did wipe out all the cells, internet and any means of communication, all beforehand but I couldn’t spoil their last bit of hope to phone or write to a loved one. (she smiles) Those last words will never see the light of anyone’s eyes. Then as they stood there in shock bleeding out from their missing fingertips I picked my victim. I had seen him and his wife earlier during cocktails only what his wife didn’t see was him hitting on me afterwards. So this would be more then fun. So up on stage he went. I told the crowd to clap then realized oops they couldn’t (she joked and laughed) so my show began! I strung him up by a rope and one organ by one came out to make its appearance. They all gasped, a few passed out. (she smirks) What light weights. The ones that screamed I shot them through the head. (she sighed) How rude of them miss my show. My finale however was spectacular. (her eyes lighten up) A burning ship. (she looked proud of herself) I started the music up before I exited out and then let the flames rise! I myself was off before the ship sunk. It wasn’t that long of a swim to my boat that I had left waiting to take me back to shore. I watched for a while first as it was rather calming. Now I feel ready to take on this mess with the Military Man. (her phone gets a text so she reaches over to grab it) Good timing detective. He wants to meet me at the chambers. Seems he needs my help. (she grins) I knew he would. Till next time my diary. Let the next show begin!
DEAR DIARY, (blog 58)

The new dose I put into the I.V. seemed to be working. The Military Man started to regain consciousness so I checked his restraints again. He wasn’t going anywhere, at least not on my watch. The detective had been toying around in his chemistry lab trying to find a reverse serum. He said they used a wide variety of injections to alter his state of mind and to give him the super strength and capabilities he has. There is no way to tell what altering his DNA did or what the repercussions will be trying to change it back. It’s like a tangled mess of wires in there. There may be no way to truly reverse it without changing him even more. I snuck some blood before I left and I’m running it in my own lab. (she glances down the hall) When he came to he of course tried everything he could to break free and we tried to calm him down but he was enraged. So we knocked him out again. The detective has so many unanswered questions he wants to ask him. Specifically he wants the names of the ones who did this to him. He thinks he can take them down. I told him that’s a fools game on his own. The government is more powerful then what you can see. It goes beyond one country. A few selected who run the world. An unconceivable notion? No. Man has spent years, decades, thinking they have control. They don’t. Diseases, vaccines, our water supply, air, food, even the damn weather they control. My father was taking on that task of figuring out the puzzle, finding them one by one. They may think they are untouchable but really no one is. If you breathe and you bleed you are reachable. When the Military Man calms down we’ll have a chat. He may be more useful then I thought. (she starts tapping her fingers on the table) I could finish my fathers work if I had those names. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) I told the detective I’m in. (the lab sends a signal to her cell) The blood work analysis is done. Let’s see what kind of mess you have going on in there Military Man. You may have just spared your own life, for now. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Time to end their control of the world my diary. Come out come out where ever you are. (she sings) Tick tock! Their reign of power will be over. (she grabs her blade and heads towards the lab)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 59)

The test results were conclusive. His strands of DNA have been mutated with what appears to be DNA from another host. Male, same age, human origin, but why? (she stops to think) I think they are trying to do more then build soldiers. Maybe a perfect human? (she shakes her head) No. They wouldn’t need him perfect just compliant. I compared them with the blood sample from the detective, don’t ask how I got that, (she grins) and they are indeed brothers. The DNA from the other host however was also altered before being introduced into the Military Man. (she glances over at the test tubes) Tiny strands of everything that makes him tick is in there. I have other tests running as we speak. They are intertwined but I think separable but not without cost and not all of them can be done. I don’t think I will share this information right away with the detective. I need the Military Man to be powerful if he’s going to be of any use. “Tick Tock, Tick Tock” (she says out loud) This is such a test of my will power keeping him alive. Every fiber of my being wants to end his existence. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) He has been nothing but trouble from day one. This playing nice doesn’t seem to be in my DNA. (she laughs) I think I will sneak into the chambers to pay the Military Man a visit tonight. I think I can get him to talk if it’s one on one. Just like he’s always wanted. (she grins) Oh my little lab rat. I think it’s time to form a team. (she fake shivers) Just the sound of that makes me want to cringe but with his inside knowledge and dare I say skills and the detectives drive, determination and fierce loyalty with some not so bad skills himself, (she smiles) I think we can finally bring down the true evils of the world and I can finish my fathers work. Then the deals off! (she thrusts her knife into the table) I will use him for what I need then his time is up! My father once said sometimes we have to fight with others in order to succeed on our own. Now I understand what he meant by that and I don’t like it, but I get it. Sweat dreams my diary. I have a Military Man to see then a detective to convince. (she pulls the blade out of the table and places it back in her thigh holster, stops by the mirror to check her makeup, then heads to gear up)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 60)

Getting into the chambers was a breeze. Guess the detective should get better security. (she grins) The room he was kept in was far too comfortable. (she laughs) The detective is too nice. I would have had him 6 feet under but that’s just me. (she smiles) I was impressed with the bullet proof glass walls that surrounded it. Nice touch. Then there he was all strapped down and in his hospital bed hooked up to the detective’s miracle formula. (she laughs) Only it’s not the detective’s formula it’s mere saline solution. (she gets that look in her eyes) Then I walked over to him, slipped my little wake up juice into his I.V and the rest… (she starts to picture the whole conversation in her head)

Villain: My my how the tables have turned. (she walks slowly around the side of the bed tugging on his restraints to double check them) What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? (she grins and the Military Man tries to break the restraints) Now we can either spend all day doing this and I end up knocking you out again, one way or another (she grabs her knife from her holster) or we can simply talk. (she puts the blade to his throat)

Military Man: I see you haven’t lost any of your charm. (he gives her his own boyish grin) A women who holds a knife to my throat not only has my attention but I find that rather attractive. (he smiles)

Villain: (she laughs) Do you really think that crap will work on me?

Military Man: Can’t a guy be sincere? Obviously it worked for that detective guy. Oh I mean my brother. (he makes a face) What do you see in him anyways? I told you I can understand you better then he ever could. (he looks serious now)

Villain: Let’s cut the small talk out shall we. (she looks annoyed and starts walking around the room) You know the ins and outs of a place I need to find and you know the names of some people that I need to… let’s just say chat with. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) I think you want revenge with these people as much as I do. After all, they tinkered with your mind. That’s got to piss a guy off. (she looks over at him) The detective, your brother, has been trying to save your ass since they did this to you. He feels betrayed by them as much as you. So let’s just cut to the chase. We either work together or I kill you. Funny how the tables have turned. (she twirls her blade then puts it back in her holster) I remember a similar conversation with you many months ago. (now she takes out her gun and points it directly at his head) So what’s it going to be? (she smiles)

Military Man: Brains and beauty. Lethal combination. I like that, but am I supposed to trust you? Not to mention I don’t see you trusting me either. Oh and speaking of that prior conversation we had all those months ago. Why do you think I wanted us to join forces? I’ll admit I find you extremely hard to resist. I can see why the detective, I mean my brother the do gooder, turns a blind eye. We are both not like the rest. You by birth, me not by choice, but either way we don’t fit in and never will. I think we’d make a great team both in and out of the bedroom. (he grins) I was also going to ask for your help on stopping these men who did this to me and are still doing it to others. They’re not just trying to make a super soldier, there’s more to it. So like I knew, we think on the same level. So you can put the gun away. I’m in. (TO BE CONTINUED…)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 61)

The conversation proceeded for hours. I don’t trust him but a lot of what he knows matches up to the information my father found. I even took the restraints off him about half way through, to test the waters. I have my guarantee that he doesn’t know about but believe me when I say I’m not too worried about him. (she grins) Then I called the detective. He took more convincing then the Military Man. He was mad yes but when he seen it my way, which they usually do, (she smiles) he knew this is what had to be done to stop them. So we let the Military Man go. I think the detective was hoping he’d have some kind of bond with him before we leave but I don’t see that happening. The social aspect of his brain has been almost completely wiped out from what I can see. The traces that are left are shattered, picture tiny fragments of DNA floating around and connecting to nothing. That explains him trying to kill the detective in the past but he had restraint so that means there is something that was left behind, something that wasn’t lost and found its way back. So we all leave next week for New York. I quite like the big apple, although the Statue of Liberty would have looked much cooler with a blade instead of a torch. (she grins and twirls her knife in her hand) This should be an interesting trip. (she taps her fingers on the table while she’s thinking) Let’s see if the boys are capable of playing nice together. I must say I am rather looking forward to it. This has to be the most challenging game I’ve had in a while. To think of all the rich men and toys I can get there while I’m at it. (she smiles) Good thing I know my way around. Five years living the high life in good old NY. Unfortunately it got rather boring and too many freaks, (she laughs) so I left to come here. I prefere the tranquility and laying low but it’s time to shine my diary. Time to get some real work done and stop this Military program. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) They won’t know what hit them. (she looks over at the clock) Also time to go do what I do best, a last visit to the base to get extra ammo and supplies. Oh won’t they miss me while I’m gone. (she laughs) Till next time my diary. Let the game begin! (she grabs her duffle bag and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 62)

We each rode up separately but followed behind each other. I went last to keep an eye on them both. (she grins) The detective wanted me to ride with him but I wanted to go solo. An extra vehicle is always a good idea and I prefer to ride alone. He still doesn’t get the fact that I don’t need to be watched or protected but dare I say it’s rather cute? (she smiles) So here we are in the Big Apple. We are all staying in the same hotel right in the middle of Times Square. What a view from here. (she glances over at the window) We each also have our own rooms but they are adjoined side by side by locked doors each leading to mine. I am in the middle. The detective said he’s sleeping with me, that he doesn’t trust his brother, the Military Man. I’m ok with that. (she gets that sultry look in her eyes) After the detective fell asleep, with a little help, (she looks over at the glass) I snuck out. What a mad house it is amongst the mix of strange people out and about in the middle of the night. How easy it is to do things right under everyone’s nose but they’re all to busy to even notice. Then I headed to a different spot, a more discreet area. You know I had to take out a few out along my stroll. (she slips her knife out from it’s holster and places it on the desk) That’s what you get for being in Central Park at that time of night. (she laughs) Then as I headed back to Times Square I felt like I was being followed and I knew who it was. So I sent him a text asking if he was going to join me or stand 30 feet behind me. (she grins) The Military Man thinks he can watch me without me knowing? Tisk tisk. So we walked back to the hotel. It was rather civil. He is quite the opposite of his brother in a lot of ways and similar in others. (she stops to think about the conversation) It was almost too weird us not trying to kill each other, well me trying to kill him I should say, (she laughs) and now here I am writing to you my diary. (she looks at the clock) I better get back to bed before the detective wakes up. He will be ready for round two when the sun rises. (she smiles) Besides it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow and I have a role to play. (she looks over at a neatly pressed sexy black dress suit) We’re checking out our first lead and that requires me to go for a job interview as a personal assistant. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) This should be fun. Oh how I love a good role. (she clenches the handle of her gun) All in good time. (she lets go of her grip) See you tomorrow my diary. Sleep well.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 63)

We were all up before dawn. The shades were still drawn and coffee was brewing from the hotel coffee maker which ended up tasting like mud. So the detective made his way to the hotel coffee shop that’s open 24 hours. Nothing like Italian coffee and New York bagels. (she laughs) How complicated yet simple living here is. (her face gets a serious look) I don’t miss it at all. (she tosses the hotel brochure in the trash) I have lived all over the world studying places, people, the difference in cultures, learning things even the locals never knew. I never stood in one place for very long until now. My father always said it was important to find a place to put your roots down even if you don’t end up staying you always have a place to go. I am watching my home from my cell. (she picks it up and sees the surveillance camera’s) This one is my own software, an off the grid system that can’t be detected by any means other then my phone. I even removed my homes image from satellite view. Sorry google maps. (she grins) So the plan went well. Once I was in for my interview I scanned his DNA with my contacts and sent it to the Military Man and once he confirmed this was the one of the men involved in the Military program I slit his throat but not before torturing him for the information and names of the others. The Military Man helped me with that, and he was all too happy to do it, but the detective couldn’t. He wanted justice. He wanted to bring these men down but not like this, but he knew this is what had to be done. So he once again turned a blind eye. I can see it’s weighing on him. (she glances over at him sleeping in bed) Will this change him? Will he end up killing with us or try to keep his humanity? No one is immune. We can only control it before it controls us. I will watch him. He has protected me in the past and now it’s my turn to protect him. Sleep well my diary. There’s more work to be done and I have Fifth Ave to visit. Can’t leave good old New York without a free shopping spree. (she grins, grabs her duffle bag and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 64)

Oh how I love Fifth Ave after dark. (she smiles) For a city that never sleeps they sure do have poor security. (she shakes her head) Tisk tisk. I am rather fond of my new bracelet tho. (she glances down at her wrist) Rows of beautiful perfect diamonds. These new boots aren’t bad either. (she looks at the 6 inch heels she’s wearing and smiles) Now who pays that kind of money for things? Rich spoiled brats! So I paid a visit to the high class bar in Manhattan. Only VIP’s get in there but I got in my own way. (she grins) The atmosphere was just as I remembered. Dark lightening, neon lights hanging above the bars, slightly smoky, piano in the corner, smells like a mix of high end cologne and perfume, then there he was. My night’s victim. I can spot them a mile away. The extra good looking guy in the black suit, blue button up shirt with three buttons undone, no tie and his jacket slung over the seat. He sips his drink slowly while trying not to get noticed that he’s scanning the room for one nighters. By the white line on his finger from a missing wedding ring this is just the kind of man who deserves it. So I made my way over and after a few drinks he was inviting me to his place. I knocked him out within minutes of doing a quick scan of the place. I disabled all his security, wiped out a weeks worth of data on the camera’s and computers then cleaned out his bank accounts. (she grins) Then I finished the job and strung him up outside his window for all of New York to see. These penthouse places are great. (she laughs) Then I made my way back to the hotel. The detective and the Military Man were still out cold with a little help from what I slipped in their drink. (she smiles) They’ll never know. No hangover just wake up feeling like you had a good nights sleep. I have perfected my formula. (she looks down in her duffle bag at the little bottles of pills) Time to slip into bed and get a few hours sleep. Tomorrow we discuss where our next stop will be but I couldn’t leave NY without one last bang. So tomorrow at precisely 2pm Times Square video feed will feature my latest victim. Let them have fun finding him. (she laughs) Oh how I love the game. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) Goodbye New York. It’s been real. (she grins) Till next time my Diary. Sleep well.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 65)

We had a long discussion about what to do next. We have been given nine names in the U.S. alone. This is bigger then we are. There are too many all over the world to hunt them down one by one. That’s a fools game and taking them out won’t stop the program. To do that we must take out the program itself. We’re in North Carolina in a little hole in the wall hotel. Why? It’s home to one of the largest Military bases in the U.S. (she grins) It’s where they are running the main operation. If we can get in there and get access to the system I can have it destroyed in seconds. Decades of work gone. (she laughs) We will take a few days to come up with a plan. It has to be full proof. We will each have our jobs. (she glances out the window) The detective and the Military Man have gone out for supplies and food. It’s been interesting watching those two actually get along. They are alike in some ways and totally opposite in others. I find myself thinking that a lot lately. I followed the Military Man one of the nights we were in New York. Do you know he actually broke into a bank? (she stops to think about it and seems surprised by it) Guess we both get our funds the same way. (she smiles) I of coarse would have been quicker at it. (she makes a sarcastic face) I’m wondering how much of him was really tinkered with since I don’t think that was part of the program. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) All I do know is I am starting to go stir crazy working with these two and I am looking forward to this being over and getting back to normal. Did I just say normal? (she laughs) I kill by day and screw a detective by night. How’s that for normal? (she laughs again then her face gets serious) I can’t seem to shake this overwhelming feeling one of us isn’t going to make it back from this. (she stops writing for a moment and sits back in the chair when she senses they are close by) I hear a car pulling up. It’s them. Till next time my dear diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 66)

Tick tock, tick tock. The sound was so loud in my head like all those years ago. It was like I was sitting in my fathers living room the day of his death. That’s the day it all began. The day I no longer felt I had any feelings other then anger and hatred. Now here I am again, this time up against a concrete wall in a dark stairwell. I can’t control this rage and there is no one left to kill. I got them all. One by one they each died. Some with my gun, others with my blade and some with my bare hands. It started out we all fought side by side, me, the detective, the Military Man and we took them down and everything went according to plan. The program is shut down. Wiped out from existence. Then it got quiet and black as the lights went out one by one. Something was wrong, someone else was there. I felt my senses as they went into high alert. The Military Man grabbed my arm and pointed in silence to a slightly grey area that seemed to break up the darkness. Over in the corner I got a glimpse of the detective who nodded over to us and also pointed in that direction. The Military Man knew who this was. It was one of the Elite Soldiers. Only this one was in full blown kill mode. Picture Military Man times ten. So this would be a challenge but I’ve handled much worse, then 10 more came. Now the game was upped and it was now or never as they all started to open fire as we all took cover and returned fire back. I fought hard and fast, some used hand to hand combat a few used weapons, but one by one they died. We all ended up split up in different parts of the building so now here I am in this stairwell, this cold dark stairwell with nothing but the sound of a ticking clock in my head about to explode. I try to move and my leg hurts. I look down and feel my leg and I know I’ve been shot. I quickly make a tourniquet out of my shirt and make my way down the stairs. Was anyone else alive? Was this the bad feeling I had that one of us wasn’t going to make it back? I can feel blood draining from another spot. This time it’s my arm. I tie that off too and make my way to the bottom floor. I have to get out of here. This mission has taken way too long and there may be more coming. I try to call the detective’s cell and I can hear it ringing in the distance so I run ahead and there it is on the ground, covered in bloody fingerprints and to the right leaning on a tree is the Military Man, out cold. I hesitate to save him and every instinct in me says to leave him but I didn’t. The detective would never forgive me and I need to know if he knows where he is. So we bunker down in a little ravine off in the woods and I wait for him to wake. (TO BE CONTINUED…)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 67)

It felt like days had passed but it was only minutes. As I sat there waiting for him to wake up and for his system to recover I had too much time to think. It was a little cold out and I was pissed his connection to the detective made me keep him alive. I kept looking at him thinking of different ways to kill him. He has his good side if you can call it that. It’s the trying to capture me all those times that sticks in my head. I don’t let go of things so easy. He has more then proven himself on this trip but old habits die hard. (she grins and twirls her knife) Then he started to move so I gave him a little slap to help him along. (she smiles) His boyish grin faded quickly and he looked startled. I of course greeted his eyes with my gun. The Military Man sat up and clenched his side. “So you bandaged me but you’re pointing a gun at me? You are one confusing person to figure out.” I then stepped a little closer. “Where’s the detective?” He backed up a bit. “I don’t know. We both ran out at the same time but then I was hit over the head which was strange since I didn’t sense or see anyone else around. Then I woke up with a gun pointed at me.” (he gives her a look) I could sense he was telling the truth so I lowered my weapon. “Maybe he went back in looking for me and he’s in trouble. Are you able to stand up?” (she goes over to him and grabs under one arm. He stands up fine but he’s a little unsteady. “I’m fine.” He said. “I’ll go with you. There could be more… (he hesitates to say it) more like me in there. Only these guys finished the program and my guess is there’s no human left which means they won’t hesitate to kill us. Since we shut the program down there’s no one controlling the ship. We can only take out the crew now.” I knew what we had to do but the thought of more like him just made my blood boil since one has been like a thorn in my side. Oh how I wish sometimes that I never met the detective. (She thought in her head then thrusts her knife into the tree and pulls it back out and that made the Military Man take a step back. Then she glanced over at him. “Let’s go. It’s taken too long already.” We made our way through the building and no sign of him. Then I stumbled across a letter with my name on it. (TO BE CONTINUED…)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 68)

A note. He walked away and left a note? (she stabs her knife into the table and grabs the letter and glances over it) He can’t handle the things he’s had to do and turning a blind eye has changed who he is. (she tosses the letter) So he walks? All this and now he walks from his brother, he claimed he wants to fix, from me and all just to “think” as he put it? To find a way to live with himself? (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) That doesn’t sound like the detective I know. He’s turned a blind eye for months and he’s done some not so by the board things long before I showed up. So after I read the note back at the base I tucked it into my duffle bag and all while the Military Man watched from across the room and waited. So in my mind at that point all bets were off. I think the Military Man knew what was coming as I seen him make a run for it as I was about to grab my gun. I chased him down for a while, took a few shots but I had other things to take care of, like tracking the detective down. Something about this doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s legit and he does need time or maybe this is the Military Mans doing and he’s being held somewhere or worse. (she stops to think) I checked the detective’s house and it hasn’t been touched. I also went to the last known location of the Military Man and his things are cleared out. He also found the tracker I implanted in him when he was out cold it seems. (her eyes got dark) My life use to be so simple. I had nothing more to worry about then finding the next rich guy. Maybe I should just let the detective be, but what if he’s in trouble? The Military Man has no idea how much he has ticked me off. Why run if he was innocent? Why would the detective leave his phone behind and write some bogus letter? Too many unanswered questions and I don’t do well with that. If the Military Man has done something to him he will wish he never crossed my path. If the detective did up an leave that’s a cowards way out. He should of told me to my face. I see two brothers in my head and they are starting to not look so different. (she grabs her blade out of the table and puts it in her holster) Tick Tock Mr. Military Man. I know your time is up! The detective better be in trouble or his time is up to! (she grabs her gun and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 69)

It’s been two months and still no sign of the detective or the Military Man. I had a few leads which went cold. There is nothing more I can do but to move on, pick my life back up from that day sitting in the distance looking down at the coffee shop. The day I first laid eyes on the detective that changed my life. (she stops to think) Why I let him live I’ll never know, or maybe I do. (she’s getting mad) He made me weak anyways. (she swipes her hand across the table tossing all the paperwork on the detective to the floor along with the daily paper she hasn’t read yet) “What’s this?” (she picks the paper back up to see the headline. “Town gets a new chief?” (she reads the article then has that look in her eyes) Oh well then let’s welcome him to the neighborhood. (she taps her fingers on the table) I have been too mellow lately. Time to up my game. (she smiles) Let’s see when’s the ceremony? (she picks the paper back up again) Tonight? I will just have to send myself an invitation. What should I give him as a gift? (she grins as she searches the data base for information on him and his picture pops up) I know this type. Handsome, young, rich with an ego, likes to control everyone and everything, parents are incredibly wealthy, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, father was arrested few years ago on fraud charges, seems that’s right around when he decided to join the force, charges were dropped as evidence was lost. Lost? (she laughs) He has little experience but he makes police chief? How funny the rich think they can control the world. I won’t have some spoiled brat on my tail. Now back to the gift. (she starts to tape her fingers on the table again then her eyes light up) I’ll pay a visit to the chiefs latest girlfriend. I’m sure he thinks he has her heart like all the other girls he’s probably screwed over. So her heart it is! (her eyes get dark) It feels so good to be back and this is just the beginning. Tick tock… her time is up! (she grabs her knife and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 70)

She was a feisty bitch but she had good taste in jewelry. (she looks at her new bracelet) The rich ones usually do. Well should I say their boy toys like the chief usually do. (she grins) She screamed, begged for her life, tried to even take a swing at me. That was when I snapped her neck but not before slowly cutting her heart out and letting her know what real pain feels like. (she looks at the blood stains on her blade) Then it was off to the welcoming ceremony. There were so many people there it was almost too easy. Let’s see, I killed the coat check girl first, no one touches my jacket without asking, next was the waiter, serve warm cocktail shrimp? Really? (she sighs) Then I placed my gift on the table. I made sure the few security cameras they had were deactivated before I even got there. Apparently since I was busy trying to locate the detective the crime rate has dropped. (she laughs) So they think. Typical train of thought to let your guard down when you think it’s safe. What a way to start it back up again. (she grins) The shocked look on his face when he got to my box. It was so perfectly wrapped in black satin paper and a silky red bow. Everyone was sipping their drinks, watching as gift by gift, some gag ones in between, were opened, he laughed and moved on to the next, to mine. At first he thought it was another prank, shrugging it off showing the crowd then the blood started to drip and the smell, you can’t mistaken that scent, the scent of blood. Around that time I made my exit but not before his tanned skin turned pale and the guests screamed and ran. (she laughs) Oh how I love a good party. I don’t think it should take him long to figure out who’s it is. After all, his girlfriend was a no show. (she grins) No actually she did show up, just not all of her. (her eyes got that dark look) I’ll let him figure this one out then he’s going to meet his fate. (she grips the handle of her blade tight as she places it back in the holster) I have rather missed this carefree life. (she stops to think) A girl doesn’t want to get bored tho. (she taps her fingers on the table) What to do next? That’s the next question to figure out. Sleep well my diary. I have a few things to take care of.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 71)

I made the papers again. (she laughs and picks it up) “New chief gets literally a heartfelt gift at welcoming party which turns out to be his girlfriend’s actual heart who was found dead in her home shortly after the ceremony. No leads but they’re investigating if it’s related to past crimes in which victims were brutally murdered.” (she tosses the paper) How pathetic they are. Lucky for me they can’t seem to solve a damn thing. (she smirks) Not that I leave them any clues so I guess I can’t be too surprised. (She looks rather proud of herself but then she hears something outside and quickly grabs her gun and heads to see what it is. She sees a figure. It looks familiar. She heads out the back and approaches him from the side. He quickly puts his hands up and then she hears that voice.) “It’s me.” (she raises her weapon higher and aims for his head) “Let me explain.” (he walks closer) “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t blow your brains out?” (the last time she asked him a question like that she found out something that changed her life.) “I had to go. I feel like a failure. It’s not in me to do what you do. I couldn’t face you and that was wrong.” (she lowers her weapon) “Where have you been?” (he walks up to her but keeps his distance) “I was at my cabin, built it myself, off the grid. It’s where I go to think.” (he brushes his hair back with his fingers it’s how she can tell he’s nervous, then he asks her the question she knew he would) “Did you kill him?” (she stops to think about everything and pictures that last day they were all together) “He’s alive but I should have killed him. Now he’s MIA again. That little thorn in my side that I bared as courtesy to you.” (she walks up to him and slaps him hard. He looks shocked) “I deserved that.” (she goes to strike him again but he stops her hand) “Please let me explain. You deserve to know the truth. All of it.” He looks in her eyes with an intensity that bares all his soul. “I couldn’t keep turning a blind eye and I think you knew that. I finally broke. It took everything in me to walk away from you that day but I had to. Even from my brother. I couldn’t keep lying to you both.” (she can tell something big is about to change) “Lying about what?” (she reaches down and grips the blade of her knife) “It’s my fault my brother is the way he is.” (she looks confused) “When I was in special ops I was given an assignment and transferred to the labs department. My job was to come up with ways to strengthen the human body, to find ways for us to be almost super human. It sounded like a good plan. Why not protect us soldiers right? I was tired of watching everyone in my squad die. So I figured out a way to alter the DNA. It was only suppose to be used for that purpose. No one was ever suppose to be hurt, to be changed, for memories to be erased and their lives to be taken away.” (she takes her hand off her knife and gets a solemn look in her eyes as if she knows what he’s going to say next) “I created the program.”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 72)

Sometimes I think it’s impossible for things to go good for too long because if they did the world would seize to exist. It’s like some cruel joke the universe plays. Why would things be easy? They can’t ever be. I have learned if something does go right it’s usually followed by the same wrath that seems to follow the damned. I am the damned. I have learned to except it and embrace it. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am. The strength it has given me has been what holds me together, what makes me strong. The irony in it all. (she laughs) My initial instinct was to kill him, to just end the madness known as the detective. It took everything in me not to. He created the program. (she stops to think about the conversation) Then I realized he was just as much the victim. I always knew there was something tormenting him. There was a something hidden. I could feel it. Where to go from here I haven’t figured out yet. He wants to search for his brother and he wants my help. I know he’s close by. I can often sense him when I am doing my runs. He’s like a shadow in the dark, following my steps, watching from a distance. I often dream of killing him. Slashing his throat as blood splatters and feels like warm rain on my face. (she starts to picture it) I have not given the detective an answer as to whether I will let the Military Man live or die once we find him. Yes my diary I have a plan. The Military Man can’t seem to resist a villain in distress. (she smirks) So be in distress I shall. When he comes, which I know he will, we trap him. Then the detective will explain everything to him and we will see how he reacts. Do I see a brother versus brother? I may have to play referee. (she grins) I don’t think the detective has it in him to do what needs to be done if things go badly. Lucky for him I’ll be there and I have no problem with it. (she grabs her knife and places it in her thigh holster) Meantime I have a chief of police to dethrone. You didn’t think I forgot about him did you? (she laughs) Tick tock… his time is up! He shall be strung from the stations clock tower. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) Oh how I do love to play with rope. (she glances down at her duffle bag) Till next time my Dear Diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 73)

Everything went according to plan. I went on my pretend run, seemed to get snagged up on some vines and took a tumble down a ravine. I missed my call in Hollywood as a stunt double. (she laughs) Then there he was like clock work… and so was the detective. (she grins) That’s when the Military Man was trapped like a rat. My new toys I invent are just so much fun to use. Let’s just say he was “caught up” at the moment. (she grins) So we gave him a little shot to put him to sleep for a while and then brought him back to the detectives and once he was back in the cell and back to his bed he was restrained just like he was last time. Oh how the world seems to repeat itself. The detective didn’t plan on keeping him locked up this was just a precaution. Funny how he mentioned that word. Precaution: a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant or inconvenient from happening. I do hate unpleasant things, inconvenience just ticks me off. Dangerous however I like. (she smiles) So what instances do we feel the need for precaution? Everything to some degree. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) So as the detective paced back and forth like a pendulum it made me think of the hands of a clock. Counting the minutes, seconds, waiting until the time is right to make it’s move to the next number. Then that familiar sound they make. Tick tock, tick tock. To me that’s so soothing, brings my mind into focus, takes me where I need to be, tells me when it’s time. So as the Military Man started to wake up the detective walked over to his cell. Tick tock… went the sound of his boots on the floor. The key into the lock, the sound of the door sliding open. Tick tock went his boots again. Then I made my move. The last sound I would hear before everything changed again. The sound of the door closing behind the detective and the lock slamming shut. Tick Tock detective! Now there’s two rats in the trap!
DEAR DIARY, (blog 74)

What to do what to do. (she taps her fingers on the table) The look of shock on the detectives face was priceless. I walked away before he was able to ask me any questions. I think he knew or rather he should of. Leave me a note and walk away like a coward. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Now don’t get me wrong my diary I’m not completely heartless. I do understand what he went through and it’s hard for someone like him to make peace with what they can’t control. He’s not a killer yet he slept with one. He was there side by side with us helping to shut the program down, the program he created and I can why he snapped. I saw that coming when we were back in New York. So what do I do now? I’m going to let them sit. My two pet rats. (she smiles) Let’s see how the detective likes being left hanging. (she stops to think) Hanging. (she grins) Now there’s an idea. (her eyes get dark) The Military Man, he needs a bit more then that. Do I choke him with my bare hands? Carve him like a Thanksgiving turkey? Bullets? I am fond of them. (she smiles) Torture? (she grins then suddenly gets a serious look) I have discovered something that I am having a hard time understanding. Until the detective came along I was doing just fine by myself. I killed every man I came across. I should have killed him to but he had use. The Military Man has gotten on my nerves but I learned a lot about him from our mission. He’s one hell of a fighter, clever and a hell of an ego. (she almost laughs) Why have these two come into my life? Do either of them benefit me any longer? I don’t like unanswered questions. Do I let things go back to the way they were or do I correct a mistake? If I get rid of the Military Man the detective would never forgive me and he has been the only one who has had my back since my father died. Do I owe him still? Maybe the answer is to just kill them both. (she gets up and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 75)

I love the color red. Red sports car, hot red nails, red strawberries in the summer, (her eyes get that deep dark look) dark red blood on my blade. (she picks it up from the table and looks over it) You have been quite busy haven’t you? (she places it back down) It has been a rather interesting turn of events. After careful consideration I had made up my mind on what to do with the detective and the military man. As I approached the underground chambers I knew something was off. The lock to the entrance had been compromised but made to look like it wasn’t. Amateurs. Could they have gotten out? I kept my eyes on them the whole time through my camera system but that detective is clever. As I walked down the hallway and entered in to the sound proof area they were kept in it wasn’t so quiet anymore. As I opened the yet another altered lock there was the detective on the floor with another man over him trying to choke him while the military man was trying to get him off him. I had left them weaponless. I quickly jumped into action firing my first shot into the unknown man but the shot bounced off. He was wearing some sort of body armor. With one glance at both the detective and the military man we had unspoken words and I threw my second handgun over to the detective and my spare knife to the military man. He wasn’t going down easy. He didn’t hesitate to come at me and it became a hand to hand combat. That’s how my blade got covered in blood yet again. (she grins) I glanced at the detective and gave him a signal we had used back on our last mission in which he gave one to the military man and in a split second I pushed this new enemy back as a round went off right between his eyes as soon as the military man sliced the head gear off him. He fell to the ground and there was just silence. I made sure he would never take another breathe ripping his chest open in anger even tho I knew he was already dead. We recognized the uniform and knew who this was… another elite soldier.


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