Villain Diary Part Four


DEAR DIARY, (blog 76)

I never did say my decision that day, what I had decided to do. They knew without me saying a word but at that moment there was just an unspoken truce and in an instant anything from the past stood in the past. What mattered was we were all on the same team. Since that day we have relocated and have found a temporary place to stay, a very nice place to stay. (she looks around) The rich ones do know how to live. To bad he’s not around to enjoy the view anymore. (she grins) We are unlocking more information daily. It seems we are being hunted by the remaining elite soldiers. We had anticipated this may happen but didn’t think there were any of them left. Apparently there are a few bugs out there that need exterminating. (she thrust her knife into the table) The detective and I have made our peace. He has scratches on his back to mark the occasion. (she smiles) I do think we are very compatible in that department. (she grins and rubs the cuff marks on her wrists) I know this can’t last. Nothing ever does. I am who I am. I can’t play house they way the detective wants. He says he’s ok with that and has decided he’d rather turn a blind eye then to walk away again. That will be his weakness. Another thing we have learned is there is no way to reverse or remove the program from the Military Man. He said he decided months ago he wouldn’t have done it even if we had figured out a way. He enjoys the power it gives him. (she smirks) That I can understand. I don’t know how to embrace this new alliance, especially when the Military Man is just as protective over me as the detective. Why do these men think I need their help? (she sighs) This could prove to be trouble down the road. He hasn’t truly accepted the detective as his brother but like me he has learned to play nice when needed and it seems there is some sort of bond there. Time will tell. Sleep well my diary. It’s my turn to take watch. (As she gets up she’s met with a kiss and a hand reaching around the back of her neck. She reaches and grabs his hand as she turns around and quickly drops him to the floor and there’s a loud cracking noise.) “touch me again and I’ll break more then more then just your fingers Military Man.” …
DEAR DIARY, (blog 77)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your own blood from others. (she looks down at her hands) That turned out to be a messy kill. It’s slightly harder in close quarters. Then yet elevators can be tricky. (she grins) Imagine that? An elevator in his house. (she laughs) This one was another rich, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, playboy. I had eyed this one for a while. This was a huge score for me. They are too easy. No thrill in the game. One look, high heels and they’re mine. (she grins) This one had so many off shore accounts. I wonder if daddy knew he was skimming from the top? (she looks through some paperwork) Well it’s all mine now. (she smiles) What to do with all his cars? (she taps her fingers on the table) Hard to decide which one to take. I’ll burn the others along with the rest of this place. (she smiles) He gave a good fight I’ll give him that. At first he thought it was a game. Seems this one liked it rough. So when I started to tie him up he didn’t even resist. The elevator started to move, he jolted back. A little tipsy maybe. (she smirks) Then I blindfolded him and ran my blade slowly across his lips. He seemed nervous at that point so I assured him everything was ok. Then from his lips I ran it over his chin, down to his throat. The sharpness of the tip slightly made a slice. That’s when he grabbed my hand and tried to push me up against the back of the elevator. Bad move on his part it just made it all the more painful. I thrust my blade deep into his chiseled abs and it was over in seconds. He dropped to the floor just as the doors opened and that’s where I exited. Now to set the explosives (she goes to an app on her phone) I do love my toys. (she smiles) Till next time my diary. I have to run. (she packs her duffle bag and as she walks out she sees the Military Man walk around to the back of the house) “Damn it what is he doing here?!” (she looks at her phone to see how much time is left on the device as she yells out to him to stop) “Stupid son of a bitch.” (she starts to run over to the house… ) to be continued
DEAR DIARY, (blog 78)

I ran around by the back where I seen the Military Man go. I had 3 minutes to either find him, stop my explosion, or let him blow up along with it all. So I decided to let fate decide. I’d take 2-1/2 minutes to find him and if not I had 30 seconds to get myself out. (she smirks) Oh how I love the thrill of a good challenge. (she takes a deep breathe) So I headed to floor one, clear, up the back stairwell to the second floor, clear, then I heard someone up on third in the library. I made my way quickly looking at my timer, 1 min 40 seconds, then he caught my glance and I told him the place was going to blow. He ran towards me and grabbed my arm trying to pull me along. I shoved him aside as I gave him a look that he knew if we weren’t in a rush he’d of just gotten his other fingers broken. 35 seconds, down to floor two, this place was big, 28 seconds down to floor one, 22 seconds we’re heading toward the nearest exit, 19, 18, we make our way out the side door, 12 seconds we still need to make our safe distance, 5 seconds we run and the trees look like black shadows, 4, 3, 2, 1… a loud explosion is heard. We don’t look back but the blast throws us about 30 feet forward and we cover our heads with our arms as the heat rushes over us along with thick smoke. It’s so black we can’t see for a few minutes. I crawled forward making my way out of the almost suffocating air into the clear. The Military Man was one step behind me. The first thing I did was reach for his throat and wrapped my hands just tight enough to make it uncomfortable then I tossed him like a rag doll. He landed hard and looked up at me. I don’t need a watch dog, I don’t need protecting, I don’t need him following my every step. Just then out of no where I’m struck. I clench my side, a bullet, then I’m hit again, I’m loosing a lot of blood, the Military Man assesses quickly and takes down yet another elite soldier. Everything goes black…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 79)

How many times can one person die? I lay there in this familiar darkness. Nothing but my own thoughts and the outside noise I occasionally hear. Where am I? I try to break through the barrier between life and death, this limbo state I’m in. It’s not my time I tell myself. Only you my diary can hear me and that is my only comfort. I feel a warm touch on my hand. I want to move it but I can’t. I’m feeling so sleepy… How long have I been out for? I had a dream or at least I think it was. My parents were with me and we were back at our family home. My mother was in the kitchen cooking and watching me and my father from the window. We would practice our defense moves almost every day. The days we didn’t we would explore the woods for threats. We were always making sure no one found us. This was our safe place. I could smell the food and she called to me to come set the table. My dad sent me ahead while he took one last look around… I feel someone touching my hand again. I try to open my eyes. It’s so hard. I hear beeping noises, machines maybe. I feel a pin prick to my arm. Everything grows dark again… I’m back at home. My mother and father are in front of me. I run over to them but they tell me to stop. I’m confused… I hear the beeping again but it’s faster and what sounds like voices. The detective and The Military Man I think… (everything fades…) I see my parents again. Oh how I missed them. I want to see them again. I run to them and this time I reach them. I hug them both but they pull me away… The beeps are loud and I see a light now. It’s beautiful. Am I opening my eyes? I can’t tell… There’s my father. He’s telling me to go. My mother kisses my cheek and strokes my hair. She’s so proud of me she says but now I must return… The beep is loud and steady now… My father hugs me tight and then he looks me in the eyes and tells me it’s not my time. There is work to be done. I don’t want to leave. I feel a shock to my chest… My father looks concerned and holds my hands and says it’s time to go back and in his most stern voice tells me that’s an order and then smiles at me as he steps slowly back… Our hands let go. I understand now. They both fade into the light… I hear the beeping again. It’s starting to slow down. It’s steady like a heartbeat. I feel that same familiar touch on my hand and a tear running down my arm. I try my hardest and I squeeze that hand as hard as I can. I open my eyes… It’s the detective. He kisses my lips softly and whispers in my ear, “welcome back” he says. I feel confused for a minute, like waking up from a year long sleep but I know where I am now. I know who I am and I’m where I’m supposed to be. I am the villain and I am back!
DEAR DIARY, (blog 80)

The next few days were draining. Recovery seemed to last longer then I liked. I push myself beyond my means. I work at my minds own pace not my body. A flaw? No I don’t consider it to be. The mind controls what we do and feel. My body says stop my mind says there’s things to do. So a few ripped stitches later and I am on bed rest per detectives order. (she laughs but holds her side) I don’t know what’s more funny. The fact I am actually taking it easy or that he actually thinks I’ll listen. (she grins) The Military Man is MIA once again. He felt guilty over what happened so he went off to eliminate the rest of the elite soldiers. He thinks he found a way to locate them. (she taps her fingers on the table) The fact that the detective let him go alone to stay with me speaks volumes. He has always watched out for me. It makes me mad sometimes. I don’t like feeling like I owe him yet I am flattered. Dumb men. (she starts to smile but then she gets a serious look) It’s a suicide mission on his own. (she looks down at her stitches) This was my job, then it became our fight, now that arrogant ass is on his own. He will fail putting us all in danger. (she takes the dressing off and gets up and walks over to a locked drawer) I made this myself. It’s in an experimental stage and I really hate testing things out on myself. I usually pick a volunteer (she smiles) but no time for that. (she opens the bottle and spreads some of the clear gel like substance on her skin, she immediately drops to the floor in pain) Damn it! (she grabs her knife from her pocket and stabs it into the floor to hold herself up) I’ll have to work on that. (then suddenly the pain is gone, almost instantly, she looks down at the wound and it’s healed) I didn’t expect it to work this fast. (she’s touching the fresh skin and grins) Time to get to work my diary. Time to show these men how it’s done. Time to end this chapter of the elite soldiers. (she gets up, grabs her knife and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 81)

I haven’t been able to sleep. So I watched the sun rise from my usual spot on the hill over looking the coffee shop. The cool morning breeze still unaffected by the sun felt good against my face. Everything was so still, so silent, nothing but my own thoughts and a few birds off in the distance. It’s been three months and eight days since the last elite soldier was wiped from existence. No trace of them to be found. It was a blood bath and some of that blood was our own. Let me start from the beginning… Finding the Military Man was not as easy as we thought but we tracked him down. Find the soldiers find the man and just in time since he was about to be killed by one of them. “You owe me.” I told him as I grabbed his hand to pull him up. He knew we had some unfinished business but that was for later. The look in his eyes and a glance to the detective I knew he was just happy to see me alive. The next few nights we hid in the forest, moving only when we heard a twig snap in the distance. The fight went on for weeks. Finally we were down to one soldier. The soldier. We knew this one wouldn’t go down so easy. He was the leader. He was programmed to survive above and beyond the elite. It was 1am. None of us could sleep by this point. The heat turned unbearable and we were all covered in sweat and blood at this point. We ran on adrenaline and the smell of bodies was overwhelming. I could sense him before I even heard the sound of the dirt beneath his boots. We signaled each other and in seconds he was on us. This was different, something didn’t seem right. He let us take him down too quickly and without much fight. I told them to back away. Then a small light started to flash from his vest. I knew what this was, so did the Military Man, it was a self destruct. He ran over and flung the soldier over his shoulders and as I looked at him he said “You were right, my brother is good for you. Take care of him. I’m sorry for everything.” With that he shot the detective in the leg. I ran to put pressure on the wound. He did this because he knew I wouldn’t leave him to go after him. As I wrapped the detectives leg and was about to go save him once again I was thrown back by a blast. I had to catch my breathe. The air was filled with smoke and flames. When I could finally see, it was too late… The Military Man was gone.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 82)

I think the detective blames himself for the death of his brother. Not that we could ever really prove that’s what happened. There were no traces of him left but a few strands of his DNA here and there. Was he brave or a fool? A hero or a victim? Was he even really dead or did he escape? He was a third wheel in an already complicated situation. Days turned to darkness for the detective. He took a leave from work then threw himself back into it with a vengeance. Someone’s blood on your hands is hard to bear for most. Not for me. I have embraced it. (she runs her finger over the blade of her knife) Still as sharp as ever. (then she stabs it into the table) Mourning the enemy is over. He was a good rival I will give him that. (she smirks then gets a serious look) Although I can’t help but feel like he is still a thorn in my side. (she stops to think while tapping her fingers on the table) Well life goes on and I have been a busy girl. Just look at this amazing bracelet. (she stops to admire the 5 carat worth of diamonds sparkling on her wrist) This victim was fun I must say. He had his own private jet and loved to spend money. How did I kill this one you ask? (her eyes got dark) Well after I drained his accounts and transferred all his off shore ones to mine we took one last ride in that jet. He poured the wine, while I excused myself and killed the pilot and put it on auto. Then I slipped a little something extra in his drink. (she grins) My newest invention. I call this one “flaming darkness” and it instantly ignited him from the inside out casting out the most beautiful array of black flames. It was like magic. (she smiles) Imagine the beauty of black flames, my favorite color. (her eyes got even darker) Then when the plane reached about 13,000 feet I put on my gear and jumped. How spectacular it was to fall at sunset and landed perfectly at my target and my new car waiting for me below. (she grins) Then I watched as the jet crashed in the distance. (she makes an explosion sound) In life there are two types of people. The ones who are too afraid to take what they want and those who aren’t. In order to have good you have to have evil. In order for justice there has to be crime. In order to have a hero there has to be… a villain. Till next time my diary. (she smiles, grabs her knife and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 83)

Starting a new chapter in ones life can be the most challenging mission, the most rewarding and also the heaviest to bear. I have spent years in solitude with my only companion being you and my many victims to pass the time. I have had fun. I live the good life although to many I’m sure the blood is too much of a price to pay for that. The detective couldn’t live with what he thinks he’s done. Creating the program, not being able to save his brother, he grew dark. I have tried to reach him but this is one mission I have not been able to accomplish. Sadly we have parted ways. He took a job out of state and moved half way across the country. He wanted me to go with him but this was the end of our chapter, our book. It was one I will strangely treasure. I do have a softer side that not many see unless you are willing to go past your own beliefs and let yourself accept the things your mind will not be able to comprehend. He has done that and in many ways I have done that with him but today I start my new journey. (her eyes get dark) A new victim has come on my radar. A new toy to replace the detective. (she smiles) What? You didn’t really think I’d sit and mourn the relationship long did you? (she grins) There is a new guy in town. How fitting. He just happens to be insanely good looking and there’s something about him that reminds me of the detective. (she hears a noise off in the distance) Someone is a little too close for my liking. (she stops and grabs her knife and puts her gun in its holder and as she’s walking through the woods she senses someone, then she stops and hears a mans voice several feet away) “Remember me?” (then she’s surrounded by a cloud of gas and falls lifelessly to the ground)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 84)

When I came to I was in a room like holding cell. I reached for my blade, gun, but they were gone. Then from the opposite side of the bars there was a man with his back turned to me looking down at what appeared to be a photo. He seemed familiar even tho I had not yet seen his face. It was like I was seeing a ghost. I knew that dark hair, the way he stood with his one hand in his pocket, but it couldn’t be. Then he turned around and walked slowly toward the cell. Much older and grown up then I remember. “Did you really think you could kill my mother and get away with it?” It was him, my step mother’s son, my so called step brother. I stood silent. “How does it feel to be the one trapped in a cage?” I looked him in the eyes, scanned his DNA to confirm it was him. “This isn’t my first time.” I said to him trying to make him mad. He was always an impatient prick. “It will be your last.” He gave me a cold glare. (I started to laugh) “Shut up bitch!” (he slammed the cage and then grabbed a gun from where he placed all her weapons on a small desk near the opposite side of the room and then he pointed it at her) “I should shoot you with your own gun!” (then he started pacing the room holding it down by his side) “Or maybe I should kill you the way you killed my mother.” I stood up and walked over to the front of the cell. “Your mother killed my father. She deserved to die.” (he points the gun at her again) “We would have been set for life. You ruined everything!” (he hits the bars with the tip of the gun then points it at her again) “Do you think she loved him? She used him to get what she wanted and you were just a little nothing in the way. She gives them your father we get more money then we know what to do with. You weren’t even supposed to be there that day. I stood at our meeting place for hours waiting for her but she never showed. Then I go back home to find her dead. So I spent the rest of my days trying to find you and here you are.” (he laughs) Then I started to laugh too. “What’s so funny bitch?!” (her eyes got a dark look, blacker then they’ve ever been and she walks up to the bars and grips them so tight her hands turn red and he walks up to her and they are eye to eye inches apart) “It took you ten years to find me. You’re just as clever as your mother.” (she spits on him) (with that he became enraged and he points the gun to her head and pulls the trigger.) To be continued…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 85)

In a split second I grabbed his arm and slammed his face up against the bars knocking him unconscious. The best sight I have seen in a while was the blood draining from his broken nose and fractured face. (she grins) What he didn’t know was no one can shoot my gun but me unless I allow it. I designed it that way. (she smiles) So when he tried to fire that was my one shot, my one chance to catch him off guard. Then I dug into my hand to get my tools out and quickly picked the lock. Once free I broke both his arms before dragging him into the cell and tying him up. No one calls me a bitch. After thinking about that I decided to kill him right there and then so I slashed his throat. The room I was in was locked from the outside. A cage in a cage. (she stops to think) He had no key on him, no handle on the door. No windows. He never planned on leaving this room. Murder suicide? No time to think about that. I quickly shot at the door and nothing. Then the alarm went off. The lights started to flash and as I looked up I could see the perimeter sealing up. I knew what this was. My father used this on many of our victims. It takes all the oxygen out of the room. I started to breathe shallow to conserve. There has to be a way. There’s always a way. (she tapped the side of her gun and looked around thinking) A self sealing concrete room. (she grabbed a chair and started to check the ceiling but even that was concrete) I’m starting to feel light headed. (she grabs her knife and tries to dig through the door, the energy it’s taking is making her breathe harder) My diary, if this is my last breathe I know you will keep my secrets safe. (she sinks to the floor leaning up against the wall, then there’s a noise) Wait, I hear someone. Another person? Could he have been working with someone? (she grabs her gun and with everything in her gets up, drags her step brothers dead body to use him as a shield and stands facing the gun towards the door. “I will not go down without a fight.” (they were trying to open the door when suddenly things got cloudy, gun in hand, she collapsed, pulling herself up yet again, the door opens… she aims)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 86)

The first time I opened my eyes from that day I turned my head and I saw the sunlight. It was pouring in from a window with the curtains drawn back. It hurt but in a good way. I felt sore, a bit groggy. I looked down to see an I.V. in my arm. Then I looked over to see a familiar face and I knew I couldn’t be dead since the afterlife couldn’t possibly be that cruel. He turned and rushed over to my bed. My first words that came out crackled from my parched lips. “It was you? On the other side of the door?” He reached down to take the I.V. out of my arm but I quickly reached and pulled it out myself. “What? I don’t get a thank you?” He gave his boyish grin. (she reaches for her blade but it’s on the side table out of reach) “Why are you always following me? You’re suppose to be…” (he cut her off) “Dead?” He goes over to pour her a glass of water. “Takes more then that to kill me. Apparently you too.” (he hands her the glass) “How did you find me?” (she sits up but feels a little weak and downs the water quickly) “I never really left. I wanted to give you space. I thought that was the right thing to do. I only wish I was a little closer. I seen him grab you but I was too late. Who was he?” (she gives him a watchful look) “My step brother.” (he grabs the glass to refill it) “I stood close by after I seen the detective left. I have kept an eye on him too. He’s not the same anymore.” (she gets the strength and stands up) “Because of you! He thinks you’re dead. Why did you let him suffer like that? You could have told him. Your decision changed everything.” (he quickly turns towards her) “Why didn’t you go with him? You took the easy way out yourself. Guess we’re not that different.” (she slaps him and collapses back onto the bed) “Do you think that was easy? He’s more of a man then you’ll ever be. I am who I am. I never asked for this!! For him, for you! I don’t play house. I kill, I take what I want. I don’t care about anyone!” (she lays down and turns her head away) “Well people care about you. Like it or not.” (he sits the glass down beside her bed and starts to walk out of the room) “Then you’re a fool.” (she throws the glass and it shatters up against the wall) No. I’m the Military Man. (he walks away) Since that day my diary nothing has been the same.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 87)

I had so much rage built up. The blood shed went on for days, killing anyone in my path. (she stops to think about it) Let me share my week of death with you… (her eyes got dark) My recovery was quick. I left the Military Mans place by that night. He tried to stop me but that didn’t turn out so well for him. I had to tie him up but I’m sure he must have gotten free by now. (she grins) Home was the last place I wanted to be at that moment. I needed a change, any change. So I checked into a hotel. I got the penthouse suite, and what a view, but that’s not what caught my eye. It was the rich overly good looking guy at the bar that was eyeing me as I was checking in. Victim number one… After a little round of bondage I wrapped his tie a little too tight around his neck. Oops. (she grins) Then I got rather bored and decided to check out early but not before killing everyone I came across. Slit two maids’ throats, gutted the luggage guy, shot five guests, set the place on fire, then took the most expensive car I could find and blew that joint. Literally. (she smiles) Then I drove around for a while before sinking that car into the bottom of the lake. Next stop… the old coffee shop. The place where it all began. I snuck in the middle of the night and decided to make them some of my own home brew. Then I watched from my usual spot as the sun rose and one by one they were wheeled out on stretchers covered in white sheets. (she stabs her knife into the table) Then there were other places and people. Too many to name or count. It made every front page and news across the country. Imagine them calling me a psychopath? (she laughs) How insulting. That news anchor was found that same night in a ditch. (she gets a serious look on her face) Then on my way to my last victim, just as I was about to blow his brains out, I felt a hand slowly pull my arm down so I quickly pulled the trigger to complete my task and when I turned around it was him… (to be continued)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 88)

Everyone always has that one person that tainted their view on something and for me it was him. Yet I bear no ill feelings. Strangely enough sometimes in life we need those that make us see what we don’t want to and bring reality into light. I quickly turned and brought him swiftly to the ground and with my arm almost choking his last breathe out of him he kissed me and then I punched him square in the jaw. (she grins) I got up and stood over him as he was a little dazed. Then I helped him up. He was a coward for waiting this long, yet brave for showing up here, but he stood there and looked me in the eye. I mean really looked me in the eye. (she stops to think) I knew something was different about him. To be sure I scanned his DNA and it was him. He seemed more… strong, confident. So without many words being said we made the trip back home together. As soon as we got back to my place that’s when it all happened. He forcefully pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again. I knew I had to think fast. I grabbed my cuffs and quickly placed his hands behind his back. Then I ran my blade slowly down his chest and he must have somehow picked the lock as he swiftly grabbed my wrists and placed them on me and raised my arms above my head with one hand and had the other wrapped around my throat. The grip was tight but as not to hurt me. He knows me too well. All the rage and anger that had built up between us was about to explode. We were both breathing pretty heavy by this point, he let my arms go, my blade scratched his arm on the way down. The blood was warm as he pressed up against me. This was not supposed to happen… but it was. It did. The next morning I awoke to him in my bed. I laid there thinking about that night. How powerful the chemistry between two enemies can be. This was wrong and I knew it which made it all the more enticing. This my diary was the beginning of many complicated things to come. The day I slept with his brother. The Military Man.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 89)

Things have been rather interesting. The Military Man and I have made the headlines several times. It seems we are at the top of the most wanted list. (she grins) I never knew having a partner in crime would be so profitable. (she glances over at the line up of new weapons she has) We have cleaned out the base and have enough ammo for a year. Not bad, (she shakes her head) and with only a dozen or so casualties. (she smiles) Tonight we are trying something a bit different. A rich couple we came across while out scouting for the next victims. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and she’s just your average anorexic model clinging to the nearest bank account before her looks run out. (she grabs her blade from the table) Oh I will keep you busy. Now that’s true beauty. Shiny, sharp and faithful. (she runs her finger over the blade) You never let me down. (she places it back into the holster) Some people go through life never knowing their purpose. I have known mine since birth. One might not think killing and taking what one wants is a purpose but it is. There is a method to my madness. Some people the world is better off without, others are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can satisfying ones needs be a purpose? (she grins) I better get ready. It’s almost show time. Sleep well my diary. She smiles and then hears someone walking up to the door. She quickly grabs her gun and goes around by the back. “Looks like my night may start early.” (she grins) She sees a man with a hood over his head at the door and quickly takes him down to the ground and turns him over and her gun presses up against his forehead. (she slowly gets up and lowers her weapon) “Detective?”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 90)

Right before me stood the one person I had not expected to see. I placed my blade back in my holster. He came over to hug me as the Military Man came up the drive way catching him off guard. He stumbled back and had to catch his footing. He looked like he had just seen a ghost, which to his eyes he did. He then ran over and hugged his brother. The Military Man looked over at me and we spoke without saying a word. This wasn’t the time nor place. The detective had a lot of questions. I had a few of my own. This was the second time he has gone off on his own to “gather” himself. This time it was different. We had said our goodbyes and we accepted this was it. Now he’s back. Why? Things are not the same anymore. Seems the headlines caught his attention and he had a pretty good idea who was behind them although he never said those words. He got his old job back and seems to of made peace with himself. Seems the detective left not because he couldn’t handle what he had done but because he was beginning to not mind what he has done. I don’t know if that makes him a liar or dangerous. I always knew he turned a blind eye but this time something was different. Can you sense when someone has found their calling? Can my victims tell that what I do is mine? He is a do gooder by nature. He can’t fight what he is no more then I can fight what I am. Sometimes we have to accept the choices that we make. I made a choice not to go with the detective that day. Now the detective was here to make his choice, one that he would have to accept. Sometimes there is no turning back. That’s when we heard the sound, the sound of sirens in the distance, coming closer. The Military Man and I both looked at each other then back at the detective who quickly drew his gun. We knew what he came here for. His choice… was to arrest us.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 91)

I don’t take well to a gun pointed at my head. I looked right into the detectives eyes and the betrayal cut deeper then a knife. He had another choice to make, would he kill me or not? If he didn’t pull that trigger pretty quick I was about to pull mine. The Military Man knew what was about to happen and he quickly grabbed his brothers arm and the struggle began. The sirens got closer. My gun was now gripped so tightly in my hands my fingers were red and I could feel my heart beating in them. Tick tock… tick tock. Was his time up? Could I kill the man I let in? The man who has saved me many times yet here he is trying to arrest me? There has never been a time that my heart has tried to stop my mind but a million thoughts ran through my head but I knew what I had to do. I took aim and tried to get a good shot but they kept moving and then finally the Military Man pinned him to the floor. I lowered my weapon. We could hear the rush of cars swarm up the driveway to my home that I could never come back to now. The thought of that made the darkness in me rise to a level even I have never seen before. I raised my hand and now the roles were reversed, my gun to his head. The Military Man looked at me and lowered my arm and said “Don’t”. So I took out my blade and stabbed it into the detectives chest. Not enough to kill him but enough to draw blood and enough to feel his heart beating through the very tip of my knife. In the background there was the sound of men and guns coming toward us. My mind went to a place of no return. I was not going down without a fight. I now turned towards the door but the Military Man quickly grabbed my hand. I resisted but he pulled me away and we ran out the back as fast as we could. Then he dropped a canister on the way out and there was a loud explosion and flames and thick black smoke poured out of the house. Cops scrambled and gasped for air. We stopped at a safe distance to watch. Was the detective still alive or was he caught in the blast? At that moment I didn’t care. All I knew is things would never be the same again. I now had a new enemy to deal with… the detective.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 92)

I sat at a little café after a long night of setting up a temporary place to stay. I will wait it out and when the time is right I’ll go back for my things. The house was just a cover up, a place to stay. My belongings and my things were under ground. (she grins) Silly men think I have no back up plan. Of coarse I did have to return the favor and before hitting the road I made sure to pay a little visit to the detective’s place. The Military Man didn’t dare try to stop me. (she stabs her knife into the table) He wasn’t home, sadly we learned he made it out before the blast, but his things were there. (she grins) Years worth of work on the Elite Soldiers, files of all his past cases, including mine. Hacking into his computer was so easy. (she laughs) He thinks he’s good but I’m better. So I destroyed his life’s work, files, history, security, one by one they are forever lost. What a shame. (she smiles taping her fingers on the table) Then came the fun part, destroying his home. I don’t know which was the bigger betrayal, him actually trying to arrest me or the fact that he led them to mine. In some strange way I could respect him for being true to his calling but I can’t respect a man who did it in the way he did. No one points a gun at my face and gives out my location. This was personal. (her eyes grew dark) So room by room, through the not so secret ones he had that he thought I didn’t know about, the hidden underground bunker he kept the Military Man in, I poured the gasoline. I saturated the photo’s, his priceless paintings on the wall, the art pieces he kept that made the place look like a museum, his dry cleaned neatly pressed suits and one by one they were awaiting their fate. I stepped back out of harms reach and lit the match. (she stared at it) To think this tiny little flame would do so much destruction. It’s so… beautiful. Revenge is sweet detective. (suddenly she throws it) (there’s a large explosion and flames everywhere) (she pauses for a minute to watch the black smoke rise) Let’s see how well he handles losing everything. I will destroy his life and not stop until I break his mind into a million pieces. This is just the beginning. I have a plan my Dear Diary, my most sinister yet. I will make him question his own sanity. He will learn… to never mess with the Villain. (she grins and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 93)

The sky looks beautiful from up here, above the all the worries of the world below. This first class isn’t so bad either minus the company. (she looks around at the stuffy people in suits all around her and thoughts of killing them all and having the whole flight to herself start flooding her mind) (she starts to grip her knife but then slowly puts it back) Not the right time. The Military Man glanced over at me like he knew what I was thinking. I gave him a grin and he just smiled and went back to staring out the window. Back when my parents were still alive, my father tried to make life as normal as he could for us. So every winter we would pack up and head to a cabin up in the mountains. That’s where we are going now. I could use some cool crisp air, a roaring fireplace and some skiing to clear my mind. Visions of the detectives place burning to the ground gave me some comfort. Life can turn in the blink of an eye. (she glances over at the Military Man) I don’t let people in and when I did I was betrayed. You’d think that alone would have made me snap the Military Man’s neck by now. Why take that chance again. Then I realized not letting someone in can also be a weakness and I will not let the detective win this game. Having his own brother on my side will eat him alive. (she smiles) Brother against brother. How fun. (she looks at her watch) We should be landing very shortly and I’m getting rather bored. (her eyes get dark then she suddenly she grabs her blade and slits the mans throat across from her, passengers start to scream) Tick Tock! Times up for you all! Hope you enjoyed the flight. (the Military Man jumps up and heads for the cockpit and takes out the pilot and crew while she takes out everyone else, then she bends down and wipes her blade on the dead flight attendance shirt and heads to the cockpit) “Nice work.” (she grins) “A little heads up next time would be nice.” (he looks at her with that grin of his then says…) “Land or bail?” (she stops to think about it) “Nothing like a sky dive at night.” (she grabs two parachutes and throws one at him) “Nothing like it.” (he smiles and puts the plane on auto pilot) “Let’s see how many people we can take out on on the way to the cabin.” (she smiles) “Let the vacation began.” (they jump out) To be continued…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 94)

After landing the real fun began. It was a hike up the mountains and along the way we slaughtered everyone we came across. The couple that was taking a break sipping hot chocolate from their “just married” thermos, the honeymoon ended quick for them. (she grins) I took down the bride while the Military Man took out the groom. Till death do us part they say. (she smiles) The hot chocolate wasn’t bad tho. (she glances over at the thermos in the trash) Then we came across a couple of guys, looked like some rich stuck ups from back in the city, half drunk and almost crashed into us on their snow mobiles. So I pretended to fall. They both came running as boys do when you bat an eyelash and look helpless. Could they be any easier? (she laughs) Then I grabbed the first one by the throat and slowly dug my blade in deep into his gut while the Military Man shot the other one clear through the temple. Oh how pretty snow looks with blood splattered on it. (her eyes got dark) We dumped the bodies over the cliff and used their snow mobiles for the rest of the way there. (she grins) How beautiful this time of year is. The cabin was just as I remember it. Seems it has been well taken care of by the new owners. It’s too bad they won’t be seeing the place anymore. (she smiles) I will take this time to reassess things. See where to go from here. My father use to say this was the best place to go to clear the mind, that these mountains held secrets. Secrets someday I would know. What a strange thing to say. (she stops to think about it) He was rather cryptic at times. Everything he said meant something. Was there something to this? (she looks around the place) Imagine what I could have learned if he never died. (she stabs her knife into the table then catches a glimpse of the sun) He would sit in a chair by that window and watch the sunset come in. The beam would cast a straight line from end to end. He would arrange things so as to not break that line. (she looks at the window just as the sun starts to set) (she follows the line that went out the back window and onto a strange looking part of the mountain ahead) Is this a clue? One of the secrets my father knew of? (she sent the Military Man on a run for food and supplies to get him out of her way while she made an explosive and headed to the mountain) Let’s see what you reveal. (she placed the device onto the exact spot the ray of sun hit and set the timer for 10 seconds) Tick Tock! (she starts to run and it explodes) To be continued…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 95)

The blast threw me back a bit as the snow exploded off the mountain looking like diamonds reflecting off the moon light. As I dusted myself off I was eager to see if there was anything to this madness. Here I was chasing a beam from the sunset. (she laughs) As I got closer stepping over large chunks of stone and debris there was a small entrance. After clearing a path I made my way inside. This was no mountain at all. I quickly drew my weapon even tho the place looked like it’s been deserted for ages. The main hallway led to a room and there was a switch on the wall, lights still worked. (she puts her flashlight away) It looked like someone could have lived here at one time. I made my way room by room through thick cobwebs when I found a lab and some pretty high-tech equipment. After making sure the rest of the place was clear I went back to the play room. “Let me make myself comfortable.” (she grins) “This is just my kinda toys” She powered everything up one by one. Everything seemed to still work. (she smiles) There of coarse was a password to get into the computer. “This is my favorite game of all.” (she starts to put in a series of codes) It’s always interesting to see what someone uses for a password. It’s like a gateway into their life. Will it be a birth date, a pet, a long lost love? (she grins) Hope it wasn’t that couple from the mountain. (she laughs) The system was very good, blocked my first few attempts. Well bravo. (she taps her fingers on the table then keeps hacking away) I find when things seem too complicated it’s usually a simple stroke of keys and… viola! Let’s see what this password is. (she looks at the series of letters and numbers and she is almost silent when she arranges them all in order) The password is my birth name and birthday and a series of symbols. The screen opens and a video starts. (then she looks like she just seen a ghost) “If you are watching this then I have taught you well. It also means I am dead. I have always been proud of you. Life was not easy and I know you must have a lot of questions. My only regret is not being there for you to teach you everything I know but that’s why I put this video and this place together. It’s for you. I always said some things are better left unsaid but there are other things that you must know. It’s time you know the truth about who we are. It’s time to finish training you… my daughter.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 96)

It is Thanksgiving Day here and there is so much to be thankful for this year. It’s been a few weeks since finding out everything there is to know from my father. I can not even tell you my dear diary. It has to stay in my head and it will die with me alone. Since that day I have needed my space, a fresh start. Time to absorb everything, to practice what I have learned, to grow even more powerful then I ever thought I could be. (her eyes get dark) The Military Man has taken a little trip. (she grins) The mountain wasn’t that big. He’ll survive. (she smiles) There was no other way. (she stabs her knife into the table) I can’t have any distractions right now. So what did I do to celebrate this Holiday? It’s all about being thankful so I rounded up three victims. They were drugged, tied to a chair and as I waited for them to awake it was time to play a little game. Do any of you spoiled brats deserve to live? “Time to beg for your life.” (she told them) Then one by one she slit a deep gash down each ones arm. The blood started to pour to the floor. “You. Mr. Multi Millionare… key word Mr. You have a wife and kids but yet you were hitting on me and took me to your hotel room last night.” (then she went to the next one) “Mr. Playboy. Single, good looking, use to getting your way. What do you really contribute to society?” (the she walks over to the third one) “My my another married lying cheating rich one. Do you think your family would be better off without you?” (she quickly slits his throat and the other two try to scream. “Good thing for duct tape.” (she walks over to them and pulls the duct tape off of the first man) “What are you thankful for?” (he looks scared and confused) “I said what are you thankful for!!??” (she whacks him in the head with her gun) He looks up at her and says “Please don’t kill me. I’ll give you whatever you want.” (she points her gun to his head) “Wrong answer.” (she shoots him) Now she walks to the last remaining one. “Mr. Playboy, I will give you one chance to walk from here but you won’t leave here with all your parts intact. Lose an arm or die? You have 3 seconds to answer.” (she starts to count and he shouts out “Lose my arm!” (he breaks down crying) She walks over to him and grabs his arm and extends it across the arm of the chair. She starts to raise her arm up to chop it off but she knocks him out instead. “Happy Thanksgiving. You get to live.” She wipes her blade and walks away.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 97)

With a new year rapidly approaching it’s time I make my exit for a while. It’s time for me to master my many new talents. This has been quite the year. (she stops to think) The detective, to whom I will not regret for he has led me here to where I am now, he has taught me a lot. To trust, to love blindly, to let someone in that we know one day may become our enemy. It was a fun ride. (she smiles) Despite the fact he tried to arrest me and made me have to find a new home. (she stabs her knife into the table) Then there’s the Military Man, the thorn in my side, never has someone gotten so under my skin and I can’t figure out why he is so loyal. I have shot him, wounded him several times and this last little ski accident… (she grins) yet I know he will try to find me one day. These two men who are so opposite yet so alike have become part of my journey. That cold winter day when I first met the detective and that one choice not to kill him has brought me to where I needed to be. To be able to study him and watch him as he turned a blind eye and saved me countless times and fought by my side until he could no longer live with himself. Do we all have a breaking point or do some of us live with our circumstances? Placing each situation on a shelf will eventually cause the shelf to break and one will fall. Instead I have learned each event makes you stronger and builds upon your strengths, or your weakness if you let it, which I do not. I have no shelf. Any lesson learned in life is valuable. But… all things must come to an end, for now. (she smiles) I am going on a new journey. One I must take alone. Even you must stay behind. Just know I will return and till then, sleep well my dear diary. May darkness be your light. Until we meet again…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 98)

Oh it’s so good to be back. (she looks around) I missed the old neighborhood. (she grins) Besides, I need some answers. I can’t let the detective get away with pointing a gun at me. No that won’t do. (she runs her finger across her blade until a tiny drop falls to the table) The next drop of blood from this blade won’t be mine. (she stabs her knife into the table) So I will pay the detective a little visit tonight. Things have changed. I have changed. It’s like I can see the world in a whole new light. I went back in my mind, a new trick I have learned. It gives me an almost picture perfect view of everything. It still needs some perfecting but it’s like a movie in my head. If I concentrate I can bring up anything from my past. So I went back to that day the detective first disappeared. It was right after we had just finished taking down the elite computer system. He was behind me in one room and then there was a cloud of smoke from gunfire and then we went in different directions. He cleared one room and I was clearing the hall. As the remaining soldiers came out of no where we all ended up losing track of each other and when I made my way outside that’s when the Military Man showed up and the detective was no where to be found. When the detective returned months later he was different. He had defended and protected for me since we met and turned a blind eye to my ways but he left with nothing more then a letter? That wasn’t like him… but what if it wasn’t him all along? What if he never made it out that day? Could all this time what I believed not been true? Could the detective still be out there? Held against his will? I know this all sounds like I’ve gone mad and maybe I have but either way this detective is going to answer some questions. Time to go my diary. I have some new torture methods to test out. (she grins, grabs her knife and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 99)

I told you the next drop of blood on my blade wouldn’t be mine. (she grins) The detective hasn’t changed much. I knew his routine like the back of my hand and right on time lights out at 10pm. (she looks towards his bedroom window) I sat and waited for an hour, checked the grounds out again. I figured out every security passcode and “hidden” trap he has. (she laughs) His new place is pretty much a clone of the last one I burnt down. (she smiles) Once I made my way inside. I looked around. Even this place is like a museum, cold and impersonal. (she looks over at a painting on the wall) He still has bad taste in art I see. (she walks over to it and slits it from top to bottom) So I sat in the shadows in the kitchen and as usual there he was getting his water. The guilty never sleep for long. As soon as he turned I grabbed his arms and had him up against the wall. The glass fell and shattered and I picked up one of the shards and held it to his neck. “No this won’t do.” I threw it down and grabbed my blade. She slits a tiny cut across his throat just enough to bleed slightly. “Let’s talk shall we?” (Clink!) The cuffs went on him before he could even respond. “I am so much quicker now don’t you think?” (she laughs and grabs one of the dining room chairs and pushes him down on it) “Now let me get this straight… (she walks back and forth in front of him) … I went from in your bed to in front of your gun? Did you really think I’d let you arrest me? (she laughs) (he looks her in the eye but stays silent) “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” (she walks over to him and runs the blade across his cheek and down his chest) “Do you remember the night you first took me to your office party? The day the Military Man showed up and you played hero and you protected me? We had unspoken words that night. Some things are better left unsaid. We agreed. But you knew. You always knew. There was something else we discussed that night. (she turns to him) Do you remember what that was? You told me about a friend you were in the military with. The two of you were close. He was like your brother you said. He told you if he didn’t make it out to give his family a code word. That they would know what it meant. Then he was killed two days later and you gave his family that message, that one word. That night you confided in me and told me that one word. You always wondered what it meant and we talked about what it could mean. What was it?” (she quickly pulls her gun out and aims it right at his head) (the detective panicked, sweat starts to pour down his face) “What’s that one word?!!” (she screams and he tries to speak) “It’s a…” (she walks up to him and puts the gun right up to his forehead) “Five! Four! Three! …” (the detective looks her in the eyes) “Your not such a dumb bitch after all. I can see why he liked you.” (she whacks him across the face with the gun) “Where’s the real detective?” (he starts to laugh) “You think I’ll tell you anything? You might just want to save us both the time and kill me now.” (she turns to him, stops to think and holds the gun back up to his head, then lowers it) “Torturing you will be much more fun.” (she grins) TO BE CONTINUED…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 100)

It was a long couple of days… for him. (she grins) He didn’t crack easy. I had to drill into his head, literally. (her eyes got that dark look as she looks over at the bloody drill laying on the floor) What one can do once inside the mind. A little touch here, little slice there. (she smiles) He’s still alive just in case I still need him, barely, but alive. I have a location on the detective. All this time he has been in trouble and I never knew. I should have known. (she stabs her knife into the table) He has had my back from day one and now he needs me so I must go. (she thinks of the first rose he ever gave her that she threw away when she thought he had left) It all makes sense now. He created the program so of coarse they would want him. What have they been doing to him all this time? (she puts that thought out of her mind) They will pay dearly for this. They have no idea what I am capable of. I will destroy everyone they have ever loved and make them watch before I gut them like a fish. Then did they really think they could capture and control me? (she laughs) Oh how I have been itching for a new game to play. (she smiles) This one will be my best one yet. (she hears a noise in the distance and goes to see what it is) “Did you think you could get rid of me that easy?” (the Military Man gives her his boyish grin) (she put her gun down) “What took you so long?” (she grins back and starts to walk back towards the house) “It may have been the broken bones from that “accidental” fall in the mountains and not being able to walk.” (he gives her a look and she gives him one back) “Let’s head inside. I have a lot to fill you in on and we have a trip to take.” (He stops her for a minute) “If you needed time alone why not just tell me?” (he looks her in the eye) “Would you of listened?” (he’s silent for a minute) “Probably not.” (she shakes her head and pulls him forward) “Come on, we have work to do.” TO BE CONTINUED…

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