Villain Diary Part Five


DEAR DIARY, (blog 101)

Some things you can’t get out of your mind. It’s etched in the subconscious like a painting hanging on a wall. To see his mind so broken even I felt the pain. I knew this was going to be a hard task to take but I wasn’t prepared for this. The site of him huddled in the corner of a cold concrete floor was hard to bare. The Military Man stood watch while I walked slowly over to him. He flinched without even looking up and held his arms over his head like a shield. This once strong man was nothing more then a broken soul. A temporary broken soul. (Her eyes got dark with fury at what they did to him) I reached down and slowly put my hand on his shoulder, even that was covered in scars from what looked like lashes and knife marks, and he attempted to grab my arm and in a brief struggle I pinned him down and I grabbed his head, which was still looking away, and made him look at my face. “It’s me.” I said and he stopped trying to fight back and looked up. We made eye contact and this was him, really him. I could feel it. This was the detective from the coffee shop, the detective who defended me against the Military Man, the detective who turned a blind eye to my ways, this was him. “Come on detective. Time to blow this joint.” I grabbed his arm to help him up. His legs buckled but I held him back up and looked in his eyes again. “I’m sorry it took me so long to …” (he interupts her) “Like I said, some things are better left unsaid.” (he kisses her and the Military Man glances over) “Now hand me a gun. I know the way out of here.” (she hands him a gun and his muscles are weak but he grips it tight) There he was trying to play hero again. “Some things never change detective.” (she smirks) (suddenly the Military Man starts shooting) “Let’s go! More are coming!” (she grabs out her AR-15 from her duffle bag) “You boys better step back. You haven’t seen me pissed yet.” ….
DEAR DIARY, (blog 102)

Blood dripped from my blade down my hands falling onto the floor. That’s the only sound I could hear. Tick Tock, tick tock. The sound echoed in my head like sweet music to my ears. I could feel my heart beating in my veins. It was pure energy. One by one I made my visit to each and every one of them. Every family and friend lined up, one by one and I made them watched as they all dropped to their knees begging me to spare them. I made sure they suffered before putting them out of their misery. Then the fun began as I tortured for days the remaining leaders who were responsible for the detectives kidnapping. All this I did on my own. Alone, like I was always meant to be yet I am part of this trio. The Military Man knew this was something I had to do without him or the detective. They stayed behind while the detective healed from both his physical and mental wounds. When ones spirit has been lost it is never truly gone just as strength and wisdom can never be lost if you never had it in the first place. It protects itself until the mind and body are ready. The detective possesses all three. I have no doubt he will come back stronger then he was before. My bloody foot prints in the snow marked a path of a new beginning. As the snow changed to rain and any trace washed away so did the story of the Elite Soldiers. This was a chapter I was happy to close. You my Dear Diary will be the only memory of it. From that moment at the coffee shop the book began now a new one will soon follow. Where do I go from here? What new adventures await? (she smiles and glances at her holster) Now to clean you my beauty. (she picks her blade up) You have been through it all with me and you still sparkle like a diamond. Speaking of diamonds. (her eyes get that mischievous look) Let’s go get us some new ones. Won’t the rich boys be happy to see me. (she smirks) Sleep well my diary. Till next time.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 103)

The next couple of weeks I stood close to home, took a little breather… and the detective and I had a little catching up to do. (she grins) The Military Man has given us some space. I think he knew I would never really be his or anyone’s for that matter. I am my own person. He needs to understand that. He may not be happy about it but he’ll live. Maybe. (she smirks) I’d like things to go back to the way they were all those months ago. Have the transition be a smooth one. Nothing is ever that simple. The Military Man is having a hard time adjusting. We did get rather close despite the endless battle between us. He is a worthy opponent I have to give him that. The looks he gives every time the detective even comes near me you could cut the tension with a knife. The detective was quick to return to work. He never lost a beat despite what he went through. There were some nights I would watch him as he’d talk in his sleep and wake up in a cold sweat. It took a toll but it never broke him. I think this strength is what drew me to him. Not many posses the power to take the bad and turn it into something that can be built upon. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is only true for some. It is true for him. (she’s interrupted by the Military Man walking in the main room) “You need to see this.” (he puts the news paper in front of her) (she picks it up and sees the headlines) “Crime wave hits town overnight. Three stores robbed, five brutally killed, suspect on the loose. Man wearing a mask leaving threatening messages around town.” (she looks up at him) “No one terrorizes this town but me. Looks like I have my next mission.” (she picks up her blade and puts it in her holster, grabs her gun and cocks it back) Time to find this masked man.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 104)

I glanced over at the man sitting at the bar. Dark hair, piercing eyes and black suit, tie loosened up just enough to still look professional, his shoes so shiny I could see my reflection in them from here. I’ve been watching him for a while. Insanely good looking rich boy, grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He never wanted for anything other then to widen his bank account even more. Greed ran deep in this one. He doesn’t like hearing no for an answer. So when I rejected his advances last week he’s been trying to pursue me since. I could have taken him out but this game was just too much fun. He’s been buying me the most expensive toys trying to win me over. (she glances out the window at her new Koenigsegg CCXR triveta) Sweet ride. It does suit me well. (she grins just as he spots her and walks over) “I knew I could change your mind.” He smiled and held out his hand to grab mine. I wanted to rip his arm out right there and then but I held myself back. Then we were seated at a table in a private room off to the side, out of view from everyone. Just the way I like it. Takes months to get a reservation here but his deep pockets keep it available any time he wants it I’m sure. Then he hands me a long black box. I could tell what it was even before opening it. I can tell diamonds a mile away. (she gets that sparkle in her eyes) He put it around my neck and bragged at how many carats they were. “It still doesn’t compare to you.” He kissed my neck and I was about to snap his when I heard shooting coming from the main room. I slashed pretty boy’s throat quick. This was what I was waiting for. It was him… the masked man.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 105)

There was blood shed everywhere. He shredded people like they were nothing but little paper dolls. My aim was accurate and right between the eyes. His mask reflected my bullets which means this has to be some sort of material I’ve never seen. That drew his attention straight to me. Now to see what he’s got. He came towards me and we went hand to hand combat. He had some power and wasn’t going down easy. I wanted to see who this masked man was and my goal was to unmask him. Men that feel the need to hide are most vulnerable once exposed. His armor was bullet proof, knife proof, but so was my clothing. Even my little black dresses and highest of stiletto heels provide more use then just luring in the rich ones. (she smirks) Then he spoke. “I am taking over around here.” I knocked him to the ground. “I don’t think so.” Then the sounds of multiple footsteps were coming. It was the cops… the detective. (she looked up quick, she knew he was nearby) Just as I was about to attempt to undo his mask to finally slit his throat the place was swarmed with cops, the detective led the way. I knew I had to go. I couldn’t risk being seen. The masked man looked at me and with a deep tone to his voice said “We’ll take this up again real soon.” Everything in me wanted to stay, to finish this, but I knew I had to let him go or the detective could be in harms way. Then I decided this one was too dangerous to let go and I swiftly reached for my cuffs and in a split second he was chained to the wrought iron hand rail that ran along the bar. (she looks him in the eyes and says) “Consider yourself lucky you made it out alive… for now.” Then I quickly made it out the back door. The detective came home that night and told me about the capture of the infamous masked man. I pretended to look surprised. Then he reaches in his trusty brown suitcase of his and grabs my hand and turns it over so my palm is facing up. “Here. I thought you might want these back.” (he grins as he places the cuffs in her hand) I gripped the cuffs and looked into his eyes. I was about to speak when he kissed me. “Don’t talk. Some things are better left unsaid.” This was who the detective was. Why he turns a blind eye I will never know. (she stops to think about it) Sweet dreams my dear diary. I have a jail to sneak into and a masked man to finish off.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 106)

This must be the first time a villain ever wanted to break into a prison. (she laughs) This would have to be perfectly planned out. Plus the fact they have him in a super max doesn’t make it any easier. I do love a challenge. (she smirks) I’ll have to see who works there. (she pulls up a data base of everyone who works at the prison along with a layout of the place) Now who can I work with? Let me do a little digging into their backgrounds. (she glances over the list) This new software I created makes this so much easier. (it pulls up pictures, personal information, family members, locations, etc…) A few of these guys could be promising. (she grins) My plan will work perfectly. One of you fine men will lead me right to the masked mans cell. Although he isn’t so masked anymore. (she pulls up his picture from the police report) My my are you the pissed off looking one. No wonder he wore a mask. That scar looks like he’s been in a few knife fights in his life and the rest is covered in tattoos. Mean son of a bitch. His record dates back years. (she starts to read down the list) Most of these are for mutilation of animals, robberies, a few drug convictions, kidnapping, assaults, why the hell they let this one out is beyond me. I pick up the ball when the system drops it and yet they call me the bad guy. I rid the world of people that are of no use. Mostly. (she grins then looks over at the clock) Time to get going. The detective has another retirement party to go to. (she stops to think) The last one we attended together didn’t end so well. I recall a little run in with the Military Man. (she smiles) Ah the good old days of trying to kill him. Now I have to be nice. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Now where’s the fun in that? (she glances back at the computer and something catches her eye) It looks like one of these guys from the list could be at the party. (she taps her fingers on the table) He wouldn’t want to miss his fathers retirement party. (she smiles and then the detective texts her) Men can be so impatient. Let’s see what fun I can bring to this one. Time to put my plan in motion. (her eyes get dark as she grabs her knife and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 107)

I had forgotten how much fun a party could be. (she smiles as she picks up a drink) The detective always did look good in a suit. (she glances over to the far side of the room where he’s talking to someone and he looks over at her and gives her that playful look) It’s good to have him back unlike some who still like to get under my skin like a splinter. (she glances to the bar and the Military Man looks back and winks at her) Why the detective gave him an invite I have no idea. (she sighs) The place was classy. I’ve been here before. (she grins) Everything was so shiny like black ice. There were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, white table clothes, candles and a big cake in the center of it all decorated in what looked like floral lace. A grand piano in the corner, not too far from the bar, complete with a guy in a tuxedo playing as a girl hovered over him with starry eyes. (she laughs) The men were dressed in dark blue navy suits and the ladies in black. All this prim and proper stuff makes me want to shed a little red on the place. (her eyes get dark as she walks past a large mirror) My new diamonds do look gorgeous against this new black dress. (the detective comes up from behind her and whispers in her ear as he puts his hand seductively on her outer thigh then up to her waist) “Let’s dance.” (he pulled me to the dance floor) After a few songs I pardoned myself to use the ladies room. So he thinks. (she grins) I’m bored, time to play a little game. (she looks around the room) How many people can I kill before anyone notices? (she reaches down to her thigh holster and grips her blade tight) Suddenly the detective and the Military Man rush over. “We need to leave. I just got a call… the Masked Man just escaped from prison.”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 108)

Nothing pisses a girl off more then getting dressed up and some maniac ruins it. (she pulls her knife all the way out of the holster) The Military Man tries to grab her arm to get her out of there but she quickly grabs his and gives him a look. “Shall I break it?” (she glares into his eyes and he lets go) The detective steps in. “No time for this. We need to leave.” (she turns around and looks in his eyes) “I don’t run from anyone.” The detective moves in a little closer to her and his serious look kicks in. “I need you safe.” (he grabs his gun and starts to scan the place) “We’re the only ones who know right now. They think he’s heading here. Chief is sending back up. We need to get everyone out but without making a scene in case he’s already watching. This guy will kill everyone. No hesitation.” (the Military Man gets his guns out and she walks over to the back wall) “Good thing I brought a few of my toys.” (she reaches inside one of the heating panels and pulls out her duffle bag and the detective gives her a look) “A girl can’t just carry lipstick you know.” (suddenly there’s the sound of gun fire and screams) “Well doesn’t this seem all too familiar.” (she grins) (they all look at each other and before the detective could stop her she covered her face and was out front and center guns blazing) The masked man takes cover using people as shields. He fires back and the Military Man comes around by one side and the detective by the other. Everyone around them is dead. The masked man is coming straight for them as the villain pulls out her newest toy. “Stand back guys. I made this one just for him” (she aims and fires) The masked man is taken back, holding his head as he stumbles to the floor. The Military Man runs over and she quickly calls out.. “No not yet!!” but it was too late. The masked man grabbed the Military Man and held a knife to his throat. “I walk or he’s dead.” His voice was so deep and disturbing. Like nails on a chalkboard. (she smirks) “I always said I would kill him myself someday.” And in a split second she fires…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 109)

What does it feel like to finally get your enemy? It feels great. (she grins) A rush of adrenaline filling up every vein coursing through your body. It’s a feeling like no other. True satisfaction is a luxury known only to some. Hearts stopped that day, both the living and the newly dead. I had my shot to take and I took it. The Military Man however… his heart stopped. Briefly. (she grins) The detective ran over to him, pulled him up. He gave me that look with sweat running down his brow. I gave him a smirk back. When will these men learn I don’t miss my target. (she smiles) There lay the masked man covered in his own blood. I put my blade right through his heart just to be sure it would never beat again. The Military Man after catching his breathe knew where he stood. I could have killed them both and had every excuse to, but I didn’t. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear… “You owe me one.” It was an inside joke from our early rival days. He gave me that boyish grin and dusted himself off. The detective stood and just watched us. I could tell he was thinking. Then I called out “Let’s get out of here” and we all grabbed our things, covered our tracks and quickly made it out the back. The detective stopped and said he was staying behind, that he’d tell them what happened. Well, his own version. He kissed me and ran his hand through my hair like he always does gripping the end of it like he doesn’t want to let me go. Then he walked back into the main room and called the sergeant. I sometimes forget this is who he is. It’s in his blood. He snapped right back into detective mode like none of this ever happened, like me and his brother were never there. He blocks it out and turns a blind eye. Me and the Military Man stopped at the little coffee shop where it all began, used the restrooms to wipe off what little blood we had on ourselves, then sat down for coffee. How odd yet strangely comfortable it felt. Two men who are so alike yet so different. Then it happened. The Military Man kissed me… then I dropped him right in the middle of the coffee shop. Some things never change my diary. (she laughs) Speaking of things never changing… (she puts her knife into the holster) I feel a spree coming on. (her eyes get dark) A killing spree. (she gets up and walks away)

Trust never truly exists. It’s something people use to pacify themselves. They trust someone and it gives them comfort. I use to have trust. That was before. I no longer believe in it. The form of trust I have I give to very few. (she stops to think) Do you remember the day you realized who you really were? I think deep down we all do if we look hard enough. That day that changed everything. I’m talking about the moment that you knew the real you. I remember mine. For me it was the death of my father. That’s the moment I blocked out the world. When I realized there is no point in truly needing or trusting anyone and knowing that I could make it on my own. The bitterness consumes you for a while before it finds its place tucked deep inside and then serves to protect you. At least that’s what it did for me. I lost trust that day yet I found myself. My step mother took his life, I took hers and then some. That was my first real kill that day. The ticking of the clock, the pure rage, the blood… That’s when I knew who I was. I buried my father next to my real mother that day. Her marker was slightly buried under the grass so no one would see it. I carefully uncovered it. My father had it engraved with “Loving wife and mother of…” I sat there just staring at my name. This label we all get from birth. I grabbed my blade and started to scratch it off. With no trust in this world you must truly be forgotten, be hidden. I let them both go free that day. Removed their label and mine and vowed to never let what happened to my father happen to me. No one would ever know our secrets or who we were, that we ever even existed. I don’t even tell you my name my diary. Not because I don’t trust you but because I want to protect you. I won’t give anyone a label. The detective, the military man, that’s sufficient. (she smirks) A name is a connection to which I will not give anyone. So who am I? That’s one secret that will never be told. I am simply… the villain.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 111)

Everything was black. I couldn’t see anything. The last thing I remember was leaving the coffee shop. I felt my way through dirt and rubble. I remember hearing a blast, an explosion maybe. I was taken off guard, a little light headed from the hit to the concrete ground as I was thrown several feet. The detective called out to me. I followed his voice. He looked me over and ripped a piece of his sleeve off to tie around the gash on my arm. The Military Man was no where to be found. The sounds of sirens and the voices of frantic people filled the air. I was bleeding a little from my forehead. No time to feel pain. The detective clutched his side as the blood covered his hand. I made him sit back as I lifted his shirt. There was a piece of metal that was stuck in his ab. I looked at him, told him to count to three and I pulled it out. I then told him to apply pressure while I searched for my duffle bag. Good thing I bring it everywhere with me. I found the handle of it sticking out from some rubble so I quickly dug it out and made my way back to the detective. He was already searching for his brother despite the blood pouring out of the wound. I told him I need to stitch him up. “We can’t find him if you bleed to death.” I told him and I didn’t take no for an answer. When I was done we quickly started to search, lifting up concrete blocks. He was right behind us. He had to be in this area. The firefighters and rescue teams showed up. We knew we were running out of time. If he was buried underneath this mess we had to find him and fast. Then something caught my eye from under a large pile of stone and wood. I started to move the pieces one by one. The detective came over to help me. Stone by stone the time felt like an eternity. We had to be careful so that it didn’t collapse even more. Then I saw an arm. It was covered in blood and lifeless. It was him, the Military Man.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 112)

The detective has no idea how close at one point me and the Military Man were. The lines we crossed. That has been a story we both agreed was better left untold. That was back when I thought the detective and I were over. When I thought he had left and there was no more us. When I thought the detective was… the detective. The explosion was caused by a gas leak. The coffee shop once again is no more. This is the second time it has been destroyed, first by me, now this. (she grins then gets a serious look) The Military Man is in bad shape. He’s been in a coma for a few days now. When I found him he wasn’t breathing. I brought him back to life that day. Then the detective and I brought him back here. We knew nothing traditional would save him and that he had a better chance with us. (she glances at the clock) So many times I have pictured killing him. We started out as enemies and in a strange way became more then that. All those times we fought and I could have taken his life but I didn’t. I let him live. Seeing him so helpless made me feel something I haven’t felt in a while. He gets on my nerves but he’s a part of this crazy path I seem to be on. (she stops and heads down the hall to where the Military Man is) Time for his next dose. I made this one myself. (she grabs a vial and a syringe) So many machines. (she listens to the beeping) I remember being in this position a few times already. (she thinks back) The darkness, the in and out of consciousness, the listening to the beeps of the machines and hearing the voices around me yet no one could hear me, It’s a bad place to be. This is where he is now. (she pulls up a chair and sits beside him) “It’s time you wake up.” (she says out loud as she checks his I.V.) “No one or nothing kills you but me.” (she grins as she starts to stand up) Just then his hand moves and reaches for hers. He opens his eyes as he grips onto her hand tight. “Welcome back.” (she smiles) (then the detective walks in and the Military Man pulls his hand away quick but the detective sees it) Suddenly the room went silent. What is someone’s final straw? That breaking point. I have seen this look on the detectives face before. It’s been surfacing more and more lately. Jealousy is a bitch. Dear Diary, All hells about to break loose.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 113)

I don’t need a watch dog! I don’t need protecting! I don’t need anyone! (she slams her fist onto the table) When will they both get that through their head?! (she’s enraged) The rivalry between the detective and the Military Man is back. Not that it ever truly went away. I knew he noticed something had changed. I only kept the Military Man alive because he asked me too! (she throws her knife into the wall) I never planned on anything more then his blood on my blade! He asked me not to kill him. (she says again) I reminded him of that. I understand it wasn’t his fault that he was kidnapped and we all moved on. That’s what you do. I can’t change the past. What’s done is done. He talked with the Military Man after he was healed followed by a physical fight that I had to break up. I have never seen the detective full of that much hate for him. It was like he had all this bottled up anger, not just because of this but a life times worth of this brotherly battle. The Military Man had been testing his boundaries for years even before I came along. That fight was followed by silence then the sound of the Military Man speeding off in his car. The tension in the room was thick. The detective sat there with his hands over his head like he was thinking, truly thinking. Like he was trying to push away every thought that came up… but he couldn’t. When the silence finally broke it was him asking me one question. Did anything happen between me and the Military Man? The detective wanted to know the truth. He tried to trap me in this one. If I use the line of “some things are better left unsaid” then he knows it did. If I lie then I break my own rules. I should not care if he is upset. I don’t lie in this way, in these circumstances. I don’t get to care. It’s who I am. So what do I tell this man who has come to mean so much to me despite everything in me knowing it’s wrong? What do I say? I have had enough of this! The Military Man, the detective. I’m going back to my old way of life. Then when every thing became clear the answer was simple. I grabbed my knife, my gun and then I looked him in his eyes and spoke as I walked away… “The Villain belongs to no one.”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 114)

Tick tock tick tock. Whose time is up today? (she grins) The sky is especially black tonight, my favorite color. Time to paint the town red. (she looks in her compact mirror and touches up her lipstick and then puts her knife in her thigh holster) I walked down the alley way. I like to take the side streets. (she grins) There was just something about that night that I knew I was going to have some fun. I made my way to one of the usual high class bars. A quick scan of the room and I found my victim. It looks like he’s with someone. What a shame… for her. (she gets a dark look in her eyes as she taps her nails on her drink) She’ll have to use the rest room at some point. Oh and there she goes. (she puts her drink down and follows a little way behind her) Once in the bathroom she checks all the other stalls and when it’s just the two of them she locks the door. Then she came over to the sink. Little miss rich bitch. I can tell her type. Thinks every guy wants her and never lifts a finger for anything in life. These women are just as bad as the men I rid the world of. “Nice pearls.” I said to her. “My new boyfriend gave them to me.” (she smiles just as I used them to strangle her to death) She struggled a bit but she went down quick. I had to make this one a clean kill. I can’t get blood on my new dress… yet. (she grins) Then I put her in the storage closet. Someone will find her, eventually. (she smirks) Then I slipped the waitress a small folded piece of paper to give to my awaiting victim, from his newly departed girlfriend of coarse. You know one of those “So sorry I was feeling ill and had to leave” type of notes. (she smiles) Once I seen that look on his face I made my move. Oh the spoiled rich ones hate to be left hanging on a date. Tisk tisk. He’ll live. No he won’t. (she laughs) It didn’t take long before he invited me back to his place. About 30 seconds after walking in the door I slit his throat then wiped my blade off on his pearl white sofa. (she smirks) Then I disabled and erased all cameras, did my hacking and wiped out all his accounts. The view was so nice that I sat down for a drink as I watched 9 digits transfer into my ghost account. (she looks relaxed but then she gets up) Now which car to take? These boys and their toys. (she smiles as she sifts through keys hanging on the wall) Oh how I missed this. (she reaches for one) Now let’s blow this joint. Literally. (she pulls an explosive out of her bag and sets the timer) Ten… Nine… It’s the window for me. (she pulls out her harness) Eight… Seven… (she smashes the window open) Sixteenth floor, not so bad. Six… Five… (she positions outside the window) Four… (throws her grappling hook over to the next building across the way) Three… (throws her duffle bag over her shoulder) Two… One… The place explodes… Once the smoke cleared you could see flames shooting high into sky. It looks beautiful. (she grins and watches it burn from the neighboring roof top) All in a days work. Time to go home. (she smiles) My new ride is waiting.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 115)

Yesterday was my wedding day. We got married out back at my parent’s house. It made me feel like they were there in some way. Even tho it’s just unmarked graves I knew they were by my side. My mother always wanted me to have a normal life. My father wanted that too but he could see my strong will for independence. Maybe this is a mistake. (she stops to think) My dress was black. (she laughs) I’m sure you’re not surprised. The delicate lace detail was beautiful and it was adorned with tiny black pearls and diamonds. I had it custom made. It’s too bad he won’t be making dresses any more. (she runs her finger over her blade) Can’t leave any witness to this occasion behind. (she grins) With my black thigh high stockings with my blade by my side and my gun in my holster, deep red lipstick, smoky black eyes and black stiletto heals I made my way down the path to the spot where we would say our vows. My veil blew in the wind brushing my hair back away from my face. The sun was shining bright that day casting a soft glow and as I made my way closer I could see him. He looked so handsome in that suit, hands crossed in front of him with that restless thing he does with his fingers when he’s impatient. (she smiles) I couldn’t see his face because the sun made such a glare and with the trees above it cast a shadow, but I could feel the powerful connection. Maybe life wasn’t so bad with someone by my side? This is what my parents wanted for me. Was it time I tried this and stopped fighting what life could be? As I got closer he reached his hand out to grab mine. Then the sun faded down and I could see his face, that smile as he pulled me close to him. Then a single shot was fired from a distance. His grip in my hand faded as he looked in my eyes for the last time and fell to the ground by my feet. I immediately grabbed my gun and scanned the place. Then there he was, it was his own brother. I fired my own single shot that day. Right between the eyes of someone I use to care about. I fell to my knees in shock. Both brothers gone, my wedding dress covered in blood. Then just as quick as I lost everything… I woke up. Thankfully it was just a dream my Diary. One I would like to forget. (she walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 116)

The rain was coming down heavy and the grey skies were casting down a dreary darkness. Despite the constant noise it made up against the windows it made the world silent. (she places her cup down on the coffee table in front of her) I went back to my father’s home for a while. It’s where I go to recharge myself and truly relax. This is like the place time has forgotten. I looked through pictures on the mantle and remembered what life use to be like and what it could have been. I think we all at some point sit and contemplate our situations. The people in or not in it, the paths we have chosen and where we want to go but know deep down that will not be our destiny. You can’t stay stuck in the past. That’s not to say the past should be forgotten and people should get away with certain choices they’ve made. Some may think I should not get away with what I have done and what I continue to do. They just don’t understand and to them I say try to stop me. (she smiles) I have turned a blind eye to the endless daily calls and texts from both the Detective and the Military Man. The Detective wants to talk. (she looks at her phone and it’s ringing and she places it back down) Everyone wants to talk. (she rolls her eyes) That dream I had last week was haunting. There are not many that are. I have made some rather unexpected decisions in the past and no one has ever altered my path… yet these two men have. But a girl can’t help but love her toys no matter what they may be. (she smiles) The Detective has been so loyal to me and so has the Military Man. (she stops to think when she hears someone outside) No one knows where this place is. (she grabs her gun) Well looks like today won’t be a relaxing day after all. (she grins) I went out a back way and up through the side of the woods. I know this place like the back of my hand and there is no where for them to go. No where to run. (her eyes get dark as she locks in on a figure wearing a black jacket with the hood up) I can’t see their face. (the rain soaks her hair and clothes yet she stays locked on her target) I quickly made my move and before they knew it I had them on the ground, one clean shot. Not to kill them… yet. (then she runs over and pulls the hood back and suddenly lowers her weapon) “I really… need to talk to you. I… ” (she looks him in the eyes as they start to close) No No… No!! Stay with me… (she starts to put pressure on the wound) It was the detective.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 117)

I will always remember that dark grey day when the rain made the world seem silent. Only the silence was shattered by the sound of a single gun shot that would change everything. A shot that I wish I could undo. Time stood still as I pulled back that black hood and I can still feel the warmth of his blood on my hands and hear his last fading words in my head. Yet in his eyes he forgave me. It was a blur exactly how I got him back to the house that day. I ran on instinct. That’s what I do. I do things exactly how they are supposed to be done, no hesitation, no second guessing. There is no time for failure, emotions… no time for goodbyes… but there would be no goodbyes that day I told myself. That shot did exactly what it was suppose to do. Take the unwanted stranger down, but not to kill quickly, but a slow bleed out. Only this was no stranger and he bled out quicker then most. (she stops to think) I removed the bullet but he lost a lot of blood. He was going to need a transfusion and fast. I called the Military Man since they had the same blood type. I also had him bring me a few supplies I was going to need. That was not a decision I made lightly but there was no other choice other then to let him in on my location. This once safe haven is no more and that no longer mattered. The detective was so pale and once again there was that old familiar beeping of equipment keeping him alive. He was never supposed to be on that end of those sounds… to be in the darkness. The Military Man sat in silence followed by pacing around the room. This pattern went on for hours. I sat by the detectives side holding his hand just as he did mine all those times. I knew he could feel me because I could feel him. This is the one person I never intended to hurt. Suddenly everything in the past had no meaning as if erased from a black board. From the coffee shop to the fight against the elite soldiers to this last petty arguement that brought me here, they were gone. All that mattered is right here and now. I tried to put the thoughts out of my head that kept creeping up. It was the same thought over and over again. Dear Diary… the detective died that day. TO BE CONTINUED
DEAR DIARY, (blog 118)

There is no way anyone could have saved the detective that day. It’s a good thing that I’m not just anyone. (she smirks) The detective was clinically dead for 1 minute 12 seconds. That’s all it took for me to revive him. I always get my way and he wasn’t going anywhere on my watch. Another little blood donation from the Military Man and one of my new I.V. cocktails and the detective was well on his way to recovery. (she smiles) When he was well enough we went away for a few days to the most secluded spot I could find. He still doesn’t know I had to kill the people whose reservations we took, but he doesn’t have to know everything. (she grins) I think he knows how I feel about him now. Actions speak louder then words. The Detective and the Military Man have made their peace. So things have gone back to normal whatever that may be. We are certainly not your average trio. (she grins) It does make things rather exciting. So I headed to the newly rebuilt coffee shop after the detective went to work. A little anonymous donation and the place was done in no time. I am capable of doing a good deed. (she smirks) I sat in my usual spot when I sensed someone familiar coming up behind me. I swiftly turned around as to not make a scene and held my knife to the main artery in his leg. “Don’t make me use this.” I glanced up. “I see you haven’t changed a bit.” He said as he sat down next to me. “That’s what I have always loved about you.” I gave him a dark glare. “You really didn’t think you’d never see me again did you? You are one hard girl to forget. There is just no one quite like you.” I looked him in his eyes. “We had a deal. You leave I let you live. Now you broke that deal.” He gives her a flirty smile. “I see you have started a collection of other boy toys and I don’t like to share. You know that.” He gives her a serious look. “So I will give you a choice. Walk away from them both and back to me or you see this live feed? (he shows her his phone) This will broadcast your face to every news station across the country. You won’t be able to so much as step foot outside without someone knowing you are the famous mystery villain.” I grabbed his wrist and dug my nails in until it bled. “You should know that I don’t take well to threats. You’ll be dead and I’ll have that erased in seconds.” He pulls his wrist away. “That’s why I have a little insurance in place. You see that car parked out there? Let’s see who can get to the detective first, my Elite Soldier, bet you never thought you’d hear that name again, or you. Kill me and the soldier already there will take him out in seconds. Let’s see if your Detective is worthy. Time starts now.” TO BE CONTINUED
DEAR DIARY, (blog 119)

It took everything in me not to slit his throat. If my glare could kill he’d be dead. Standing in a pool of his blood was a picture I couldn’t get out of my mind but that was for another time. I got out of there fast. I don’t trust one word he has said to me or that he will in fact honor his words. My first call was to the Detective to warn him but there was no answer and then to the Military Man to see how far out he was. He said he was 5 minutes away. I was 3. As I pulled up the place seemed quiet, a little too quiet. I went around by the back. No one seemed to be here yet. So I went inside and the sergeant said he was in a meeting. So on my way out I pulled one of the fire alarms. Old school but still works. (she grins) As everyone rushed out of the place I grabbed the detectives arm and pulled him aside. “We need to get out of here.” The Military Man was outside waiting. “What’s going on?” (the Detective stopped to get her to talk) “We can talk and move.” (she gave him a look) “It’s an old… ex friend.” Suddenly the Detectives car explodes. “They are here.” (They all pull out their guns and start firing) The Military Man looks over. “Are those Elite Soldiers?” (he fires striking a couple clear in the head) She looks at them both as they take cover and reload. “Yes. We need to get out of here and fast.” The Detective looks over at her then takes out a few more soldiers. “This guy wasn’t an ex “friend” I’m guessing.” I look back at him quickly as I take out a few more. “That’s a conversation for later.” They make their way to a side ally. Just as they are about to turn the corner a man shows up covered in bullet proof armor… he claps his hands. “Bravo Detective. So nice to finally meet you. Just call me the Corrector. I am righting a wrong… as I see it. (he grins) You have accomplished something no one else has. You made the Villain care. Dare I even go as far to say love? (he glances over at her) We all know your love for her runs deep Detective but all good things must come to an end. I want back what should rightfully be mine.” (soldiers line up behind him) “She could never fully love me. After her father died I was there for her. I was the childhood friend that she finally saw as more for the first time. (soldiers line up at the roof tops) But there was always something holding her back. A wall she put up. It seems you have found a way beyond it. I have several shots lined up straight for your head unless she comes with me. If she agrees I honor my word and you will not be harmed. Now the question is… how much does she care if you live or die?” She looks over at the detective then over to him. “I’ll go.” The Detective grabs her arm. “No. Kill me and let her go.” She looks him in the eyes. “This is not your choice.” Then she looks at the Corrector. “They both go, the detective and his brother.” The Military Man glances over. “Don’t do this.” He looks at her. “You come with me and I’ll let them both go.” She grabs the Detective’s hand and whispers… “It will be alright. I know I’ll see you soon.” She slips something into his hand then walks away.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 120)

I will always remember when it all first happened, the death of my father at the hands of my step mother. I took her life in return and for the first time I was alone. I went into that dark place I bury deep inside and nothing and no one was going to stop me. I felt nothing but rage and hate. No one would survive my path. Days turned into months. I had to keep moving since I made the headlines everywhere I went. They all said the same “Stone Cold Killer”. (she laughs) Oh how simple minded some can be when you truly do not understand the true skill it takes. I became good at what I did. I rid the world of the ones who simply do not deserve to be here. The rich and elite who never want or suffer now would beg me to spare them. This was my life. I felt no guilt or remorse. Some may say I closed myself off to any feelings at all. Maybe I did. When I finally decided to settle down in one place I made myself a home. This was my safe haven. To get there I needed something to stop me, to alter my path. That’s where he came in… “So Corr, I see you kept the name I gave you. Oh and how nice of you to get the limo out for me. You really shouldn’t have.” (she grips her knife but restrains herself as he hands her a glass of champagne) “I knew there was no other way to get your attention.” (she puts the glass down) “You really have no clue what you just started do you? Do you think I spared your life all those years ago because I cared? (she looks him in the eyes) “I spared you out of obligation. It was a fun ride I will admit. We took down a lot of people which you know I love but all good things must come to an end. You wanted something I couldn’t give you. Something I still can’t.” (he puts his hands on his head in frustration running his fingers through his hair) “But you can give that to the Detective?” (she sits back in her seat and taps her fingers on the arm rest) “I do not belong to anyone. He understands that. Apparently you don’t. What did you think you were going to accomplish? I’d just run off into the sunset with you? You know I don’t do sunsets.” (her eyes get dark) “You were nothing more then a means to an end. A way for me to control the darkness. You do know if we weren’t in a moving vehicle right now I’d slit your throat all over this pretty shiny car.” (he looks at her) “You just need some time.” (he moves to the front of the car to talk to the driver) “Time… (she smiles) Yes… tick tock Corr… tick tock.” (she grins) … TO BE CONTINUED
DEAR DIARY, (blog 121)

Candle light dinner waiting… just like old times. (she grins as she looks at the table all set up as she walks in the room) “Are we going to have an audience?” (she casts him a displeasing glare) (he glances at his men and signals them to leave) “Why do you have these soldiers as lap dogs? I can see you have altered these men even further, gave them robotic body parts. How many do you have?” (he pulls out a chair for her to sit and he brushes his hands through his hair like he does when he’s thinking and sits across from her) “I have 27 of them. They would have died without my help. These men were the defects, thrown away. I saved them.” (he pours them a glass of wine) “I remembered this is your favorite. (he gives her a flirty smile as he hands her the glass) “I missed this all these years, missed us. I tried to move on, to forget, but I was never really happy. You showed me a side of myself I tried hard not to see.” (she ignores his words and looks at the time then speaks) “This is beneath you. I do what I do but I don’t keep my victims as you have done. Call it saving them if it makes you feel better but you are no better then the ones we use to take down or the ones who created these men in the first place. They are your slaves. They do nothing more then your dirty work. That’s not admirable.” (her eyes get dark) “I’m sorry you see it that way. I think you’ll change your mind when you see how useful they are. We could do so much destruction with an army on our side. Why fight what you can control?” (she glances at the time again and puts her hand under the table as she grips her knife) “This is not what I do and if you think this is what I want you never knew me at all. Sometimes the past should simply be left in the past.” (she glances back at the old fashioned clock with a swinging pendulum) “That clock is like the one at my parent’s house. I never noticed the intricate details of the wood carvings until the day I killed my step mother.” (he put down his glass in shock and just stares at her silently) “I did forget to mention that part didn’t I? She killed my father so I took her life. Right before I slit her throat all I could hear was that clock. Tick tock… tick tock. The sound went through my veins in sync with my heart. So you see Corr, I don’t do well with people who lie, who manipulate and try to alter my life. Actually that shit rather pisses me off!” She jumps up and slits his throat and the blood sprayed across the table as his body falls forward tipping the bottle of wine over. “What a waste of good wine.” (she grins as she hears a car pull up and guns being fired) “Right on time.” TO BE CONTINUED…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 122)

This has to be the first time I ever let anyone track me. (she grins) I could tell the way this day was going to go and a girl has to come to the party prepared. So I slipped the Detective a tracker. (she smiles) The room I was in was locked from the outside, I expected that. It took me seconds to break open. I could hear a few of the Elite Soldiers coming. This is when I miss my toys. Carr made me leave my duffle bag behind before I got in the car. I do hope the Detective brought it. Good thing he didn’t find you my beauty. (she looks down at her blade and goes to the end of the hallway) The first soldier turns the corner and she slits his throat. No gun on this one? (she looks pissed) The second one behind him fires. She looks behind her and sees a door and kicks it in. There has to be something in here I can use. She starts rummaging through drawers and finds a hand gun. She checks for bullets, and there’s only one left in the chamber. She turns just in time to shoot the next soldier right between the eyes then tucks the gun in her holster. She notices that so far no rooms have had windows so she continues making her way through this maze Corr has built. Down one hallway to the next, only stopping to grab any gun and ammo from the previous soldiers she killed. It seems most had weapons built into their robotic arms, clever. Then she hears more of them coming up from a side hallway and from ahead. She looks around, no access to the ceilings they’re solid, just doors and rooms. He made this an indoor prison of sorts. “Bravo.” She says out loud. The sounds of footsteps and gunfire get louder. She decides to just keep going head on. With her knife gripped in one hand and a gun in the other she moves quickly forward. “Time to go straight into the line of fire. Let them shoot at me while I’m standing straight in the middle of them all.” (she smirks as her eyes get dark) Getting closer she hears familiar voices. She turns the corner into the main room and it’s the Detective and the Military Man fighting the remaining soldiers. The Detective looks over and smiles as he slides her duffle bag over to her. The Military Man gives a look of relief to see her and gives his boyish grin and nods his head as they all go into this final battle…
DEAR DIARY, (blog 123)

I hope to never hear the words “Elite Soldiers” ever again. I think the Detective and the Military Man both agree. I had a lot of explaining to do this time which to some extent I did. (she smirks) I guess I kind of owed them that since they came through for me once again. I never doubted their ability. Not even for a second. I am not use to this but I have to say it’s nice. (she glances over at the two of them talking over in the kitchen and smiles) There is nothing more attractive then a loyal man, or in this case I should say men. (she grins as she taps her fingers on the table) To think I almost killed them at one point or another. The Military Man several times. (she smiles) We went through Corrs place from top to bottom. I was impressed, slightly. (she grins) He built the place well, had a few decent toys but his mind went to a place of no return. The fact that he had these men as errand boys and his deep rooted obsession with the past he was a ticking time bomb. He needed to go. Then we blew the place sky high. (her eyes get dark) The blast was music to my ears. There will be no more trace of him or any of the work he’s done. Some things should never see the light of day. His work was one of them. This whole ordeal has made me realize something. (she stops to think) While I value and live by my fathers teachings it is time I reassess my own set of rules. One must not let the past determine the future. While I will always walk by those guidelines as my foundation it is time, time to take my ways a step further. I am done holding back. Forgive me father but I am about to sin… but I will make you proud. (she grins)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 124)

There was a small church up the road. Sinners went there to confess their sins then go back onto the streets to commit new ones. I followed them one by one and made my own judgment that day. I decided their fate. (her eyes get dark) No one made it out alive. I then stopped at the coffee shop and in walked the Military Man. He grabbed a cup of coffee at the counter and sat down at the table with me. He could always tell when I was contemplating something. I guess the killing sprees gave it away. (she grins) He reached in his pocket and pulled out a bracelet. It was mine that I thought was lost that day at Corrs place. “I fixed it for you.” He slides it across the table. “You have expensive taste. I had to replace a few of the diamonds.” (he gives her a look and smiles) I picked it up and looked it over and gave him a slight grin. “This is my favorite one. I’m not paying you for the diamonds.” (she smirks as she puts it on) “I didn’t expect you to. This one’s on me.” He grins. “Have you gotten whatever it is out of your system?” She sips her coffee and slowly places the cup down. “I have… I think. One can never tell when the urge will arise.” (she smiles) Just then the Detective walks in. He sits down and has that look on his face like something’s wrong. (they both look worried) He grabs his briefcase and pulls out a folder and places it in front of us. I grab it and start to read it with the Military Man. “Who’s this?” I looked over a picture and a profile of a man. “This is a vile one.” (she sits back and starts to think and the Military Man grabs the file) “This is dated from 5 years ago. So what’s the importance of this one?” The Detective runs his hands through his hair. “He’s escaped from prison. Long story short I put him there. He has vowed revenge. I found this left on the steps of the station.” He pulls a note out and hands it to her. “I am worried for your safety. He’ll try to hurt you to get to me. So I need to find him first. Meantime I want you to lay low.” (she laughs) “When have you ever known me to lay low?” (she grins) He grabs her hand and looks frustrated. “Then we are all staying together. We’ll stay at my place. I want someone with you at all times.” She looks him in the eyes and kisses him. “You are sexy as hell when you are protective but I really don’t…” Just then everything went black.
DIARY, (blog 125)

When I came to I was angered. I ripped the I.V. out of my arm and stumbled out of bed. The Military Man grabbed me before I fell. I pushed him away but he laid me back down. “So what happened?” I looked at him with my hand over my arm to stop the blood from dripping. “You were poisoned.” He grabs my arm. “You should let me put the I.V. back in. You need it.” I gave him a displeased glare as I took it from him. “I can do it myself.” (he brushes his hand over his face in that way he does when he’s frustrated) “I know you can but you don’t have to.” (he grabs her arm again waiting to be hit but she lets him do it) “Where’s the Detective?” (she lays back on the pillow exhausted as he adjusts the bag of fluids) “He’s on a mission. After we made sure you were going to be ok he set out to find that guy who did this to you.” (she looks worried) “Do you still have his file?” (he walks over to his jacket and pulls out a paper) “I made a copy when he wasn’t looking.” (he grins as he hands it to her) “Nice work.” (she smiles) “I don’t want him doing this alone.” (he pulls up a chair next to her bed) “I know but I need you well enough. Then we’ll go meet up with him. My brother is stronger then you think. He’s also pretty stubborn when he sets his mind to something. Kind of like someone else I know.” (he smirks as he hands her some water) “Give it another 24 hours then we’ll head out.” (she looks up at him) “6” (he gives her a look) “There’s no way 6 is enough. This was a highly toxic poison.” (she starts to sit up on the bed) “I have something that will work on this but we need to go back to my place.” (he looks at her and has that look on his face) “He’ll kill me if he finds out I let you go. He wants you at his place.” (she looks him in the eyes) “Either he kills you or I do. I’m getting out of here either way. Don’t worry I can handle the Detective. It’s not the first time we haven’t listened.” (she grins) “Now get me my things and let’s go.” (he looks hesitant but gets up and grabs both their bags) “I’m driving. We’ll take my car.” (he helps her up and they walk over to the door) “You’re lucky I like you.” (she grins then starts to get weak and he lifts her up) “Someday it will be more then just like.” (he smiles) To be continued…

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