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With Valentine’s approaching I figured I would give you guys some ideas of what to get your girlfriend or wife. First thing you may be thinking is chocolates. This idea is good but only if she’s not on a health diet or trying to lose weight. If so skip the sweets, if this doesn’t apply to her then you can never go wrong with a classic heart shaped box! Next is flowers. If you know her favorite go with those if not there is the classic red roses. Keep in mind you do not have to get roses for Valentine’s day so be creative and colorful if you know she will like something out of the usual. Up next is perfume. If you know her favorite one and she’s almost out of it that’s a gift she will be sure to love. The other option is if you know her favorite surprise her with a different one but in the same note category. What does that mean? Just make sure you know the name of the one she wears and when you go to a department store like Macy’s, etc… let them know what she already has and ask for others in that fragrance catagory. If she wears floral they’ll show you other florals, if she wears fruity they’ll show you those. Make sure you smell and like the scent as well. Never blind buy perfume for her. The other options are jewerly. Necklaces or bracelets with red stones are a great reminder of that special day. Things Remembered, is a store for those of you who never heard of them, has some really great gift ideas that you can engrave which always makes it a sure winner. Stuffed animals are cute and always fun to give. No girl is ever to old for that!! Tickets to a show or the movies along with a little “certificate” that you can make with an “I owe you” a massage. Also a nice takeout meal with a single red rose laid out across the table with some candles can be very romantic as well. So as you can see Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a scary what do I get kind of day. Anything you get, do or say will be enough. It’s more about the thought then the object. So have fun, be creative and I’ll see you all in my next blog!





I see time and time again guys who hate to show any emotion at all. They think they have to put on an act or be the tough one but trust me when I say that us girls don’t want a robot! While yes we do want a guy who will save the day, kill a bug, and tackle anyone who they see as a threat and be our protector, we also want someone to sit around with an complain! Lol. What do I mean by that? If you feel like crap say so! If you’re tired, run down, allergies kicking your ass we have all those things too and sometimes just want to know that you are human. We want to know that deep down you worry about all the litte things in life we do. So don’t be afraid to let your guard down and say how you really feel. After all, in life, we all just want to be able to talk to that one person and know that we are not alone. If any of you watch The Walking Dead think of Rick Grimes. He is so good with Judith and Carl yet don’t mess with Rick! I think that’s why us girls love him so much! So how are you all really feeling today?? Oh and can someone get that spider!!!! Eek!!! Lol. ;)




This is a game used by a lot of women and I’m not talking about long term relationships or marriage but when you first start dating and things don’t seem to be going really well and you just can’t seem to break things off due to you just plain feel you can’t! The “oh I am having a hard time right now I couldn’t handle something else not going well” or the “My kids really like you and I only introduced you because I knew you would stick around” or even the classic “I’m so glad I have the extra income coming in with you or I’d be out on the streets”. As you can see guilt comes in all forms but sadly a lot of people use these to hold on to a person they feel is on their way out. Well I’m here to say never stay in a relationship because you feel sorry for the person or their children! It’s not going to help anyone in the long run. When you start to see this sort of “whiny” behavior nip that in the bud asap! Trust me when I say that girls like this are only using you and once you move on they will give the same guilt trip to the next guy. So never let anyone guilt you into a relationship you don’t want! Then delete their phone numbers and block them from your phone, if you have that capability, and unfollow/friend on social media’s. Don’t text back or respond to someone once you end things. Move on!! It makes you look rather gullible if you do! (think of the word “sucker”) Don’t be one! (I’ll get into that further for next weeks topic) See you all again next week for a girls point of view! ;)




I got a great question from Twitter and it was, Can you pamper a girl too much? The answer is yes and no! It depends on the pampering. If it’s when she’s sick then no you can’t do too much. If it’s in general as in every day then yes. If you pamper to the point we can’t ever open a door on our own, etc… then it can drive a person nuts or make them feel on the helpless side. So little things here and there are nice as long as it’s not overboard. Now keep in mind, as I always say, every girl is different and where one girl may like it the other may not. So it’s all about finding that person that you have that balance with. So thanks for the question and see you all on the next “FOR THE GUYS” blog!





Hi guys! Just a quick hello which brings me to this weeks topic and that’s keeping in touch. So many times we lose track of people whether male or female friends and we forget to just text, tweet or email just a simple hello. You don’t have to talk to someone every day but it’s nice once in a while to keep in touch. So since I am not really doing these blogs on a regular basis due to lack of topics, (yes us girls do run out of things to say, lol) I had to at least stop in to keep in touch. I hope that you are all keeping in mind past blogs and hopefully by now you get us girls a little better. We are always but never the same. Try to figure that one out guys! ;) Ok I do think we may never truly get each other but that’s half the fun! So after reading this blog text, tweet or however you communicate these days and say hello to someone you haven’t talked to in a while! Ready, set…… go!





I’m sure you know us girls love our perfumes and body products, clothes, shoes, etc….. and may wonder why? This one is simple! These are things that make us feel good and what makes us girls! It’s no different then guys and their sports, or men who get into cars, it’s just what interests us. It just seems that in life what we don’t do ourselves we judge others for or don’t understand. The girl who runs to the store everytime her favorite designer comes out with a new perfume isn’t any different then the guy who plants himself in front of the tv for hours because there’s no way in hell he’s missing the game. We are girls and like girl things. You’re guys and like guy things. Then every once in a while we can enjoy the same things and obsessions and all is right with the world! ;) So if you obsess over sports then no reason why us girls can’t obsess over shoes! See you next time for a girls point of view!




Ok guys this I’m sure has happened to all of you at some point. Us girls are in a good mood and then suddenly not and I’m not talking about that time of the month but just in general. I’m here to say no we’re not nuts or moody or have a hormonal imbalance it’s usually because of something YOU did or said or didn’t do or say. This is especially true for longer relationships or marriages not the new ones. It’s because as that much time and years has gone by we notice guys tend to slack. You get too comfortable with us and manners and everything seem to go right out the window. The garbage doesn’t get taken out, some guys start to act goofy 24/7, the list goes on as I’m sure you have one for us too. So if let’s say she’s in a good mood but then you’re in the kitchen and them bam! Bad mood! Did you take the trash out? Is the dishes piling up and you never offer to do them? Us women are by nature care givers. At least most of us are. So we do tend to be the ones who cook, clean and watch over everyone in the house. So after a while when the kids are older or the relationship is years into it we tend to get a little tired of the caregiver role to a grown adult. (this is minus someone who has a health or medical condition this refers to pure laziness and the big babies out there) So guys, Just know the time and places to joke, remember to take out the trash like you remember when sports are on, because like you, we are turned on or off by things as well. So if before you opened your mouth we were happy then think about what just came out of it to make us mad.





This was a question from someone on twitter so thank you to them! I always look for what you guys want to know. He said he heard women are going from liking rugged muscular men to clean shaven, baby type guys. I think this really depends on the girl. Sure there are “types” that may seem to be in the spotlight more but that’s usually to do with marketing and companies and magazines will often switch from the rugged to the baby faced. As for what we prefere each girl will be different so it’s ok to be the way you want to be! Don’t change who you feel comfortable with because you think it may attract more women. It’s your confidence and the way you present yourself that most girls look for. As I have mentioned before us girls aren’t much different then men as far as some do like a certain type so not all girls will like the baby faces and not all girls will like the rugged look. I think most of us like either or and it’s the personality that wins in the end. Attraction and good looks will only get you so far if you open your mouth and there’s not much there! So just be you! Till next time!





Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I have done a guys blog but honestly I didn’t really have a good topic to talk about! I feel I have hit on almost everything other then taboo ones and I am keeping my blog at a respectable level. This is technically blog #41 which I am amazed I have found that many topics to chat about! So if you’re new here take a look back at some previous ones and if there is something I missed and you’d like a girls opinion on let me know on Twitter or FaceBook and I will answer any questions or topics you have. Until then I will blog when I think of something good. Also us girls do have to have a some secrets you know! ;) Till next time guys!





Do you take a multi every day? If so then good for you and yay!! I know a lot of guys simply don’t think about it or care for that matter because most men do seem to eat well and maybe you do get enough of what you need in your daily diet. If your on the thinner side, skip meals, work out, have a physically demanding job, or aches, pains, bad back, etc… then looking into supplements may be for you! Simply by adding a daily multi vitamin may make a difference you can feel. There are more out there beyond a multi as well such as Vitamin C, Omega’s, Calcuim and I can’t say enough about magnesium! As always check with your doctor first if you take any kind of medication. I am also a fan of googling what I take and reading up on things on my own. You are your own advocate so be sure to take care of yourself! So next time you’re at the pharmacy at the very least grab yourself a multi vitamin! Here’s to a healthier you! See you all again soon!





I was flipping through channels on tv last night and came across a show called Intervention. I’ve heard of it but never seen it and it was already 1/2 way over so I stopped to check it out. In case any of you don’t know what Intervention is about it’s about drug interventions. So watching this show there was a young couple, both heavily on drugs and neither of them would stop without the other but the problem was neither of them wanted to stop! So the point of this blog guys, which is really for any gender, is you need to think for yourself. Never get into a relationship where you are depending on the actions of the other person to determine what you do. I see so many lives ruined due to a person blindly following the actions of another. Maybe they do it to fit in, to make the other person want them, I’m not sure but take the time to think. Would you be doing this, whatever “this” happens to be, if you weren’t with this person? If that answer is no then leave that situation. Never be so desperate to be in a relationship that you lose yourself and life in the process. You are worth more then that! Seek help if you need to and never be ashamed to admit when you have a problem even if that problem isn’t directly you! So never do drugs or commit a crime for another person. Anyone who cares about you wants you to succeed in life not tear you down. So do some thinking and I will see you all again next week!





Are you the old fashioned type that has old fashioned values, holds the door open, likes to be the working one while the women stays home with the kids, or are you more modern and believe either parent can stay home and it’s ok to walk through the door first and not hold it open every time? Maybe you are a mix of both? I think as far as what us women prefer it’s different with each of us. Some look for the old fashioned guy, the white picket fence and dream of being a stay at home mom while others would love a man who treats them as total equals and expects them to shovel if they’re home first or take the trash out and longs for the career. Then there are those who like a mix of both and have the option of a guy who doesn’t mind either way whether she wants to stay at home or not. I think by now if you’ve been reading these blogs for a while it really all boils down to finding your match. So many relationships don’t work out because of some of the above. Love only gets you so far, the opposites attract thing gets old quick, so seriously if you haven’t gotten the big picture by now find the person who likes the same things as you and has the same goals. Otherwise get use to the arguing, resentment and a long long road ahead! Gloom and doom? Nope! Just take as much time to find the right girl as you would to pick players on your fantasy sports team!





Ok guys this is one I have heard men talk about all the time. Do us girls really get that bad during “that time of the month”? Well frankly yes some of us do! Just stop for a minute and really think about what us women have to go through and think about if that was happening to you! So what’s the best way for you guys to deal with it? Simply be quiet about it! Don’t point it out, don’t say things like “oh it must be your time of the month” or “oh that’s why you’re so bitchy”, etc… We know when we are grouchy and when you comment on it trust me it just makes it worse. So try to understand and be patient and maybe a little extra TLC and you’ll see when your attitude changes usually so does ours. If it doesn’t, then we plead temporary insanity! Lol ;)





Even tho a lot of us still have snow on the ground spring is right around the corner and before you know it…… summer! So getting ready for the warmer weather isn’t just a girl thing it’s an everyone thing! Time to look through your clothes from last year and see what stays and what should be tossed. Maybe if your budget allows get a few new key items like new t-shirts a lighter pair of jeans and some new shorts. It’s always good to replace socks at that point too since they will be visible now! Also time to take better care of yourself inside and out. If you don’t already take a multi why not start? Also a good body exfoliator isn’t just for women! The dry winter air from the heat pushing for months makes for dry skin. They do sell mens version with nice scents in your local stores. Just wait and see how good it makes you feel! Also it’s a good time to try out a lighter more warm weather cologne. Something in the aquatic catagory is perfect for the hot days and nights ahead. What does aquatic mean? Scents that are light, airy and fresh! Something not too strong, not heavy on the notes, just light and breezy. So spring clean that wardrobe or just simply take out that favorite tee from last year to get you siked and ready for the warm weather ahead! See you all again next week!





This was a great question from someone on twitter so thank you to them for asking! Where is a good place to go for a first date? This really depends on the girl and how you met and how long you’ve known her. If it’s someone you’ve known for a while then you already know what they like and don’t like so a first date idea should be fairly easy. If you don’t know them well enough to know where they like to go or what interests they have then you can never go wrong with either dinner, a movie or getting together for coffee or drinks. These are the basic first date safe bets. It also doesn’t have to be dinner either. Getting together for breakfast or lunch is also a good idea and can sometimes be more relaxing then dinner dates! So keep those questions coming! See you next time!





This is a something that happens to all of us and especially if the relationship is new and maybe you don’t have much in common or maybe you started out friends or are still friends and it’s a “been there talked about that” kind of situation. In this case if it’s a new relationship and it becomes rather awkward maybe it’s time to reevaluate if this is a good match or not. If your friends then simply take a break! Sometimes we think we need to keep in contact with friends whether male or female or we “lose touch” and are afraid of losing the friendship so we call or text mindless chit chat that isn’t really fun just to keep it going. Sometimes just a quick “hey saying hello but got to run, catch up soon” is enough to let someone know you’re thinking of them. True friends don’t need to talk every day! Sometimes taking a little break can give you all sorts of new things to talk about.

Another reason for this topic is this blog. I feel I have also run out of things to talk about. Some weeks I have a topic in mind and others I don’t. So I may not be doing them every Monday if I don’t have anything to say! Sadly I don’t get much interaction or suggestions and it seems if guys are reading this they are too shy to suggest a topic. I am constantly reevaluating my blogs to see which ones work and which ones don’t so we will see where this one goes in the future. Yes us girls like to talk a lot but it simply may just mean I need a break to come up with some fresh ideas for you guys! Till next time! xoxo





With a New Year comes all the same Holidays, vacations and maybe goals you set for yourself. Do you want to start working out more, start running, eating better, etc… but try to rush everything in before spring? Then I’m here to say slow down! Change is good but not if it’s stressing you out in the process. If you find it hard to keep goals or make plans maybe that could be why. Start with something small and work your way up. If it’s that vacation you say you’re going to take but never do then book the flight or hotel then relax. We all tend to over worry about things even when they are far in the future. If it’s a fitness goal don’t try to do it all in one day. If it’s eating healthier add on one thing a day then go from there. Life is about balance and even tho we see something as a good thing doesn’t mean it is if it turns into a constant worry. Even a relationship doesn’t have to be at a certain point at a certain time. So pace yourself no matter what the goal since we have all heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race!” See you all again next Monday! If there is a topic you’d like to see me do let me know!





I’m sure a lot of you have tattoos and some don’t. So what’s a girls view on them? Honestly to me I don’t care either way. I think most girls would agree that we don’t look for a guy with or without them. However, yes there are some girls who don’t like them at all and those who prefer them. So it’s basically not much different then a guy who likes one hair color better then another. I will say tho that the types of tattoos you have may make a difference. I think most girls would agree it’s a HUGE turn off when a guy has his ex girlfriend or wife’s name tattood on them. So my advice is no matter how much in love you may be and you think this is “the one” and it’s forever don’t put her name on your body so it’s set in stone! There are so many ways to commit to someone and prove your love then a tattoo! So be smart guys. So whether you like ink or you don’t us girls don’t mind either way, with a few exceptions. See you all again next week!





The dreaded V word! This can be a stressful day for some of you so I’m here to give you a few ideas! The first two ideas I’m going to give you needs no money. The best gifts that mean the most come from you and not a store! What do I mean by that? One thing you can do for Valentines is cook her dinner even if you don’t know how to cook very well. It’s the thought that counts and it’s rather cute to see a nervous guy in the kitchen! It just shows your willing to try just for us. Plus if you’ve never attempted this she will be surprised!

Next idea no money needed is clean! If she’s the one that always cleans and takes care of the kids give her a break on Valentine’s Day and tell her it’s her day and she just needs to kick back and watch tv or read a book, whatever she enjoys. Then do the dishes, vacuum, watch the kids, etc… Now even tho this one doesn’t seem like a romantic Valentine trust me it’s a gift she’ll appreciate!

The next couple ideas are oldies but goodies. You could get her some flowers, chocolates with a stuffed animal or if she’s the romantic type, lingerie, perfume and a bottle of wine. Now go by her personality when deciding which way to go. Then there’s always a nice dinner out and a movie or take-out and a dvd. If it’s someone new and you don’t know her well enough yet you may either want to skip this day altogether, because trust me nothing will sink a new relationship like Valentine’s Day falling on date number 2 or 3, or simply say that Valentine’s Day is an awkward day, since you just met, and you don’t want to put any pressure on either one of you and simply do a movie. These commercial Holidays can really put a lot of people on the spot and I myself would rather not see someone I just met on Valentine’s but that’s just me!

So all in all guys it’s how well you know your wife or girlfriend. Keep in mind it really is just another day!! Some girls care more about it then others. For the ones like me that don’t then your in the clear! After all you shouldn’t need a Holiday to tell someone you love them. See you all next week!





Ok guys this is one topic that ticks us women off! It’s the what seems to us as the never ending procrastination with men with the topics of commitment and change. Once you guys take too long to commit, meaning going from dating to a relationship or a relationship to marriage, we get bored and frustrated and then you guys wonder why we aren’t so nice as we use to be! Beyonce said it best “Don’t be mad once you see that he want it. If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it…..” This is a good song that I know you all have heard! If we feel it’s going no where, unless you both agree that’s what you want, then we will start looking elsewhere just like you! Men and women are really not that different in a lot of ways.

The other thing we hate is when you say your going to change but never do. You either made a mistake or developed a bad habit, say your sorry or say you’ll change, but all it is is just words. Trust me when I say if you don’t mean something don’t say it or in the long run it won’t end well when you could of saved both parties a lot of time and heartache and walked away. I am sure many men can think of the same scenerio but with a girl and think how you felt. It’s the same for us. So basically sh*t or get off the pot! If you find yourself with tons of failed relationships reread the above two paraghraphs. This could be why! This is just a blunt girl’s point of view! (don’t shoot the messenger) xoxo





I really don’t know why most people think they HAVE to be in a relationship or dating someone when the truth is it’s ok to be single! We have all been there and done a relationship or marriage that didn’t work so why not take a break? I think a lot of guys think it’s what your suppose to do when in fact taking a much needed break is just what you need. A girl you meet in the future will think no more or less of you if you’ve been out of the dating scene for months or even years. Truth is guys, no one cares!! I mean that in a good way! It’s also ok if your older and have never been in the dating scene at all. Just let life happen and quit thinking so much about it. I think “it” happens when your not looking and when you least expect it!





This is a hard one to really say what keeps a marriage or relationship alive since every one is different. I can say from a girls point of view we all get lazy. Yes girls and guys alike! We all get comfortable and let the little things we use to do slide like a kiss every morning or night, a little “love you” at the end of a conversation or text, a sexy unplanned romp, whatever it may of been for you sometimes we don’t do those things anymore. So how do you fix it? Start small. Like right now, yes right now if possible, text your wife or girlfriend just to say you were thinking about her or you can’t wait to see her later and see what kind of response you get! If she thinks your nuts or drinking then that will just show you how long it’s been since you’ve done or said something nice. Lol. Guys, we don’t want you to be phony and to cater to us every minute. (well maybe some girls do) We just want to know you still care and find us just as attractive as the day you met us! A simple surprise or text can make a big difference in a relationship. After all being comfortable with one another is the best thing ever but getting lazy is another. Valentines Day is coming soon. Take that chance! I will do a blog on ideas on what to do or get on that as we get closer! See you all next week!





I have been seeing a lot of reverse roles lately and the wife or girlfriend will work and the man stays at home with the children. I really don’t see anything wrong with this. I think if the women has the better job or career and it’s the agreement you BOTH make then it’s perfectly fine. She has to feel comfortable with it too and sometimes society just needs to catch up to modern times since we have always viewed the male as the provider. However if your with someone that would like to be a stay at home mom or there are bills to be paid but no sitter and you are capable of working then do the right thing and get a job and let her stay home or get a job that is opposite to your wife or girlfriends schedule. Is it tough to feel like you are missing out? Yes of coarse! Moms feel that way all the time. Just take into account what works best for your family. If what works is you at home then by all means do so! Never let outside influence make you feel bad or any less of a man because you do. Being a stay at home mom or dad can be a lot more work then most jobs and a lot of times they are not given the credit they deserve. After all the most important job you will ever do is be a parent!





I have seen and heard from other girls that so many guys act one way when you meet them and then do a 180 later. I guess in some way we are all on our best behavior when we first meet anyone. I do think however when it comes to dating or a relationship it really is best to be yourself from day one. For example if your funny or the comedian kind of guy let that show because if the girl your meeting isn’t into the comical guy then it’s not going to turn out very well when she’s rolling her eyes at your constant jokes. Let’s be honest and say we all have a type that we are more attracted to. Whether you like the funny type, brainy type, sporty type, sensitive type, etc… the opposites attract theory only lasts so long before your getting on each others nerves. So save yourself the heartache later and just be yourself! See you all again next week!





I think this would be an easy question if it where for the girls. We love to color our hair! We can change it to whatever we want to and no one ever feels strange about it. It’s harder to find a girl who doesn’t color their hair in some way now a days. What about the guys? How do you feel about either changing up your color or covering the greys? I’m here to tell you from a girls point of view it’s ok to do!! Us girls love soaps and the guys on soaps age but their hair never does. I don’t see anything wrong with a guy wanting to cover up them greys! It can make you look years younger! As for changing it up to a different color I think that’s just fine too! We all have our own style and I think when it comes to hair the men have joined us in the fun. So whether it’s greys your looking to hide or you want a streak of blonde or even purple I say go for it! Never feel embarrassed to be who you want to be! Any girl that condemns you for it probably isn’t the right one for you anyways! See you all next week!





I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to be aware of what you wear and how it effects different aspects of your life. As yes we should all be able to wear what we like and have our own unique style there is a time and a place for everything including clothes! Ever wonder why you didn’t get that job you just went for an interview for even tho you wore your lucky old sweatpants? I think the sweatpants aren’t so lucky for landing jobs! So guys please take the time to look and dress the part according to the occasion. Neat, clean clothes, body, brushed teeth and hair are important parts of overall hygiene. So even tho you may not want to wear that button up shirt think of the end goal and how you want to represent yourself. There will be plenty of time for your favorite t-shirts and sweats outside of work!





So what do us girls think on this topic? Well I think most of us can say that “tightie whities” are out. Although the right guy can pull that off! Boxer briefs are a safe choice. They flatter most men and give a good fit. Boxers are also another way to go. I just never knew how you guys wear those! I imagine them to feel like shorts under your jeans which I don’t see how they don’t bunch up?? Fill me in on that guys!! What I can say is please don’t go bikini or man-thong! Leave those styles to the women. It gives us a sense that maybe you don’t like us girls if you know what I mean. Some male models pull them off but even then the doubt is still there! I think it’s best to stick with the first two I mentioned. (boxer briefs or boxers) Also go with neutral colors. Manly colors. The bright, bold looks or florals aren’t that appealing. Plaids and solid colors are the way to go on those. So I hope this gave you some insight as to what us girl think! Give yourself a bottoms make-over for the Holidays!





This was another question by someone on twitter who wanted to know how to tell if a girl is really ready for a relationship. I think with this one you will know! That may sound like not a very good answer but if you have ever been there in the past this is something you just know. How? Well if you are already questioning it then the answer is probably no she’s not ready or wants a relationship. You will see tell tale signs and if you have dropped several hints or gave her opportunities to call you, email you or go out and she has never taken the bait then no she’s not dumb she’s just not into you in that way. Now having said all that it also depends where you met her. If it was a dating site then yes she’s looking or she wouldn’t be there then make the first move and ask her out to coffee, for a drink, movie, etc.. but if it’s a co-worker tread lightly or not at all, someone on social media is probably just being social and if it’s someone outside of work again look for those signs. Us girls are not as complicated as you think! We can tell if you like us in that way and if we feel the same we’ll take the hints you give us! Keep those questions coming and I will see you all again next Monday!





This was a question by someone on Twitter who wanted to know what it means when a girl likes to chat with you but she’s already with someone or married. Well first let me say when someone is in a relationship or married they’re not dead! Meaning they’re still a person and people talk to other people and that other person may be of the opposite sex. It’s what kind of conversation your having with her that matters. A lot of girls who are in a relationship feel comfortable talking to other guys because of the fact they’re with someone so it’s strictly a friendship so there’s that comfort that we know you know we’re taken so you won’t try to make any moves. If the conversations are just normal idle chit chat and nothing sexual then it means she likes talking to you and don’t make anything more then that out of it. Now there will be other girls that are looking to cheat. Girls can be like guys and not all are faithful. So if the conversations turn more sexual then she may be looking for that extra thrill on the side that some men seek. She could also be looking for attention she no longer gets at home but with no intention of cheating. So again look at what the topics are. keep in mind joking is one thing and acting on them is another. If you find a girl that has a boyfriend or husband and it’s a co-worker or mutual friend on social media, girl at the store, etc.. if the topics are simply topics don’t put much thought into it but respect the fact she’s taken! See you all again next week!





With Holidays fast approaching there is always the dilemma of who’s house do you go to? If you just met someone and their tradition is to go to their families house and yours is to go to yours what do you do? Especially if the times are both the same. Lets say your family meets for dinner at 6:00pm and so does hers. Well from a girls point of view, at least I know from my view others may think differently, we do view how you treat your family. Yes some girls may want you to blow off yours and go to theirs as some sort of “sign” but do you want someone who is already like that? She should value your relationship with your family as much as she expects you to value hers. So if the relationship is new I think it’s ok to suggest you both go to your families on your own. That will give you an insight into what type of person she is. Down the road if she’s ok with that you could do dinner at one and dessert at another. As long as it’s equal time!! Who ever your with should NEVER mind you wanting to spend time with your family! Whatever you decide make sure it feels right to you!





This is a taboo topic it seems but someone has to throw it out there! Guys don’t leave it up to the girl to use birth control!! Make sure you have your own. With males it’s limited to condoms or a vasectomy. Which let me say from a womens point of view NO we do not think any less of a guy who has had a vasectomy!! I know there are people who say a man is less of a man if he does that but that is the farthest thing from the truth! The people who say that just say it because they are too afraid to do it themselves. Just make sure it’s what you want to do because it’s usually permanent. We think your more of a man when you take control of a situation. Don’t trust someone you don’t know well that they are using something unless you are willing to raise a child and pay that child support for the next 18 years! Think before the choice is made for you!





This is not just a girl thing but a guy thing as well. I see all too often a guy will carry over his last relationship into his new one. What I mean by that is the experience they had, good or bad, they will expect the new one to be the same or hope that it’s not. I will say guys that NO us girls are not all alike! Just as you want us to believe you men are not all the same it works both ways. So don’t carry over baggage from your last relationship. Just learn from it an move on! That also means letting the past person go as well. If you still have feelings don’t start dating yet. Don’t let the past, good or bad, effect the future. You miss out on a lot waiting for someone to be or not to be like someone else. So take advice from the movie Frozen and Let it Go!





With the Holidays rolling around it’s easy to forget your health and especially with men! So I thought I would take the time to talk about this topic. If you have a girlfriend or a wife maybe she already tells you to make that yearly check up but if you don’t then I’m here to tell you to do just that! Even tho you feel in great health now you want to keep it that way. Make sure before you go to make a list of any concerns you have, it’s easy to forget what you want to ask once you’re there. Then the next step is to book that appointment now! When your done reading this blog if you haven’t gone in over a year then make that call! Be sure you find someone you can talk to openly. If a doctor feels cold or intimidating pick a new one. Also don’t feel embarrassed to ask ANY question! They have heard it all and you’ll see they won’t be shocked but rather use to it because whatever it is your not the only one! So this weeks guys blog is rather a challenge for you. If you’ve already gone for that physical then you are on the ball!! If not then what are you waiting for? See you next Monday!





I see this all the time and it’s actually a joke among us women. A guy that is overly confident and constantly shows off we laugh at. Sorry guys but we do and if your reading this then you want to know a girls point of view and this is it! We look at it this way. If you have to sell yourself that much then your probably not a good catch! Think of the lemon car on the used car lot, the salesman usually has to push that car more then the rest because he knows it has problems. It’s not that much different when you have to always brag, talk about your car, job, how much you work out, etc.., it usually lets us know that there’s usually a reason why. What are you lacking that your over compensating for with other things? So guys, bottom line is don’t overdue it. Bragging is very unattractive!





I think I have heard this question a million times. As with guys it varies from person to person. Where one girl may like the funny guy to another he would be annoying after a while. So I will just give you what most girls, if not all, are looking for.

The number one and this should go without saying is being faithful. Every girl wants to be able to trust who they’re with and I’m sure most guys feel that way and would like to be able to trust their partner as well. I am finding this quality becoming more and more hard to find now a days with men clinging to the “we use to be cavemen” BS. Don’t mean to burst the bubble, actually I do, but we are NOT in the caveman days and we as a human race have evolved so that “excuse” is just that! So guys if your wondering why every girl leaves or why things don’t work out it could be because you can’t hold down one person at a time. If this is you then do the world a favor and don’t commit to a relationship. No one wins when you do.

The next things we look for is someone who is kind and caring but we don’t want you to be our next “girl” friend. We also want the rugged guy qualities and want to feel safe knowing your there to protect us. So the guy that can cuddle with his dog but God help the person who tries to break in the house is the ideal man! So sensitive, yes, but please don’t lose the manly qualities. We find those very sexy! To those guys that don’t watch soaps, The Young & The Restless has a character Dylan that is both a former soldier and protects his loved ones at all costs yet he’s the most faithful sweetest guy. Look him up!

So what most girls want is pretty basic. A faithful loyal guy who we can talk to but who will be our protecter when needed. The rest is about matching interests and personalities! I will see you next Monday!





Do you ask a girl how old she is or do you take a guess by how old you think she looks? Then if you find out she’s a lot older then you or younger does that matter? I think by what I have seen guys have no problem dating a much younger girl. It’s a “macho” sort of thing like you won or prize or something. (that’s a whole other blog) I also have seen some guys shy away from someone they thought was younger but find out they’re not and others like the idea of what some call a “cougar”. So does age matter to you? Looking at this from a girls point of view when we see a much older guys with girls that could be their daughter, you see it as winning the lotto but we see it as a pervert, even borderline possible pedifile. Let’s face it guys it’s part of life that as you mature your brain is suppose to as well. When you were in fifth grade and thought the girl sitting next to you was cute when you got into high school you really shouldn’t be looking at fifth graders in the same way!! So as your buddies may think it’s cool, us girls and even other guys who have a daughter that age thinks your a perv. As for older women if that’s your thing as least she’s mature and your not crossing any lines there. Well unless she’s your parents age then again that’s a whole other blog!

So bottom line age does matter in certain circumstances. Otherwise I think if two people click and there is a real connection and not just some infatuation then let love blossom! See you next week!





I have done 13 guys blogs! It doesn’t feel like it’s been over three months since I started these! So today’s topic will be superstition! Do you do things that you feel will bring you luck when you go out on a date? Do you have a favorite shirt, cologne or place to go that you feel you can’t go wrong? I think for us girls we have our little set ways or things we do that make us feel comfortable in general but some people have a ritual they follow. I think if you “think” you have to wear that shirt or go to that same restaurant for that first date to go right then your missing out! It’s really not the shirt or the place but more how you “feel” that makes or breaks how the date will go. So try not to be so set in your thinking because trust me when I say that as a girl if we find out you take everyone to that place to eat it takes away from it being special and we’ll wonder which girl your really thinking about while your there! It kills the moment. Besides that, think of it this way, if a certain “something” was so lucky then why haven’t you met Mrs. Right? So keep that in mind and have fun exploring! Try new looks, new cologne and new places! Life is too short to narrow it down to just a few! See you next time!





This one should be a no brainer but I do still see a lot of guys who don’t practice good hygiene. You showered, brushed your teeth, cut your hair, and shaved when you were first together and then somewhere along the line you forgot what that was! This is big guys! No matter how old you are, your weight, physical health there is nothing that turns us off more then BO, bad breathe or that hair that just sticks up sideways because it hasn’t been brushed! Just because you have landed the girl doesn’t mean it’s slack time! Show her you still make an effort and keep yourself neat and clean! So if you see maybe she doesn’t want to be as intimate as she use to be that could be why! T-shirts and sweats can be sexy but not if they’re worn days in a row and you slept in them as well. So keep the hair and facial hair groomed, take showers, brush those teeth and I bet you’ll see she wants to get a little closer! See you all next Monday!





How important are looks to you? Do you give someone a chance that maybe you don’t find attractive? This isn’t the real topic of what this blog is about but a start to get you to see things in another way before I go on to the real subject. I know most guys have a certain thing they look for in a girl but those same guys usually, not always, don’t take the very best care of themselves. So the point of all this is simply this, if you don’t look like a male model and work out 24/7, diet to the point of starvation, worry about if your well groomed, clean and smell nice then don’t expect that from us! I see way too many guys who will turn their nose up to a girl who doesn’t look like someone from a magazine as their own bodies are not male model worthy either. Really guys?? I know this may tick a few of you off out there but if you’re reading this then your looking for a girls point of view and that’s the cold hard truth! So before you judge us women or expect us to look perfect take a look at yourselves! So don’t judge a book by it’s cover unless your ready for us to do the same! There are so many things to look for in a person and no matter how good looking someone is if their personality sucks then the looks don’t matter! So the best advice I can give you is look beyond your eyes to what’s inside or you may be missing out on the most beautiful person you ever met! See you next Monday!





This blog is a day late! I appologize but nothing went according to plan yesterday, but, yes there’s a but, that leads me to this weeks blog! Is anything better late then never? If you forget her birthday, anniversary, to pick up what’s on that to do list, is being late with something better then never remembering at all? Then how do you handle the “being late” part? Let’s just jump right into this!

If it’s the “to do” list or groceries, no biggie. Just run out and get what you forgot. To be honest guys we do this a lot to! I know I’m guilty of going to the store for that one item and walking out with everything but! So if she’s a little mad because she had to remind you, you’ll have to deal with that part, just go get what you forgot.

Onto the big things of birthdays and anniversaries. This one is a biggie! Sorry but it is. We always hope you guys remember without us having to drop sometimes several hints. So first let me just say with all the “smart” technology out there, like IPhones, use them!! Put it in the “reminders” or “appointments” and make sure to use the “alerts” and both of them! For you IPhone users set it to “the day before” and set a time for the morning of the occasion. (Sorry I I’m a die hard IPhone user so I don’t know what the other smart phones have but I’m sure you do if you own one other then Apple) There is always the good old pocket calendars as well. So just make sure you have something to write these things down to avoid forgetting in the first place.

So what do you do if you flat out forgot? Appologize and mean it. I have seen some fake ones out there and whatever you do don’t act like it’s no big deal! Then either go out and get something, and it better be special, or if it’s after store hours, make it up the next day. There is probably no way to avoid her being mad. You have to deal with the fall out. Then don’t repeat it next time! One time is forgivable. We almost expect that from you guys. Lol. We do. It’s a joke amongst us women. It’s the repeat part that really ticks us off!

So plan ahead, use those smart phones, calendars, piece of paper, sticky note, whatever, just avoid this one all together if you can! So I hope this blog was better late then never? See you next Monday!





I’m sure you have all been in a situation where you may or may not like her friends. If you like her friends that’s great but don’t like them too much! As yes we want everyone to get along, we’re not looking for you to talk to our friends as if they were your buddies. I have seen guys do that and that kind of sends some mixed signals to both the girl your seeing and her friend! So there is a fine line to just how “friendly” you are to them! It also let’s us know if we’re just dealing with a player or not.

If you don’t like her friends ask yourself why? Do they not like you? Do they bad mouth you to her or do they just have a personality you just don’t get along with? Then try to find a happy medium. Be civil when they are around and if she wants you all to go out make that a day where you all go to the movies so there’s less talking involved or invite some of your friends so there is a balance. If there really is just no way you can be around her friends tell her. I’m sure there may be some of yours she’s not crazy about and can understand. (By the way guys, if we don’t like one of your friends it’s usually the single ones that we think don’t respect the fact that your not!) Then just know that it is ok to not mix your relationship with her friends. Plenty of people have their couple time and each goes out with their friends on their own. Each relationship is different and I can’t say enough how important it is to just find someone who shares your same values!!

So bottom line is no not everyone has to get along and if you do don’t cross that line! See you all again next Monday! If there is a topic you’d like me to blog about let me know!







Hi guys! I have been doing the guys blog for two months! This is blog number 8 and it’s going to be a challenge one for you. Don’t worry you’ll survive! It’s the “compliment a girl challenge” and you have a week to do it! Why? Well over the past several weeks we’ve been talking about relationships and another topic I’d like to talk about is how often do you compliment the girl in your life? How many times can you think of in the past two months that you’ve put a smile on a someone’s face? It doesn’t have to be a wife or girlfriend, it can be a sister, mother, aunt, etc… because I will let you in on a little secret, when you give a girl a compliment it makes us feel good and when we feel good you feel good. Capisce? No seriously guys. We do like to know you pay attention and appreciate us and all too often, even for us girls, when we get comfortable we tend to not say those nice little things we all like to hear. So tell that special girl, wife, mother, sister, any girl, (just don’t be creepy about it and no sexual inuendos) etc… that dinner was good, they look nice today, is that a new scent because it smells nice, and see how much the mood changes!! A kind word and a compliment can go a long way in keeping us girls happy!!

So you have a week to COMPLIMENT A GIRL! Then tweet me on twitter or leave me a comment on FaceBook that you did and to who and if it worked! I bet you it will!! See you all next Monday!





Ok guys who’s afraid of the M word? It seems with the high divorce rates and past failed relationships a lot of people are afraid to make that step. I get it! So what do you do when your in a relationship and you can tell she’s wanting the commitment? Well let me just say this, whatever you do, don’t marry her for the sake of thinking it’s your only option to keep her! Then you are setting you both up for divorce down the road. Marriage has to be something that comes natural to have your best shot. It shouldn’t be forced, used as a ultimatum, or as means to an end or for convenience. It shouldn’t be the answer to “what’s the next step” or what others expect. It should just be two people who simply want to get married! So what do you do if one of you wants to and the other does not? Here’s my advice.

If it’s you who doesn’t want to get married be honest. That’s the key. Even if that means the relationship ends it’s better then a nasty divorce or feeling trapped down the road. Explain why, or if you don’t even know why, just get it out there! If she’s looking for something you both don’t want maybe it wasn’t the relationship or person you were meant to be with. Simply put don’t marry someone you don’t want to because you love her! As much as that may not make sense I think deep down you know it does.

Now if it’s you that wants to get married and she doesn’t then you need to except that and decide if that’s something you can live with. Don’t try to change her mind or change her just like you wouldn’t want her to try to change you. Your either happy as things are and are willing to not get married or maybe it’s time to move on for both your sakes.

Either way guys it can be a not so pretty topic. So the moral of the story is if it’s right then you BOTH will know it! If it’s one sided then something is wrong. Just don’t wait too long to decide or you may lose out either way! Follow that heart of yours that most of you guys try to hide! See you next Monday!





Have you all heard this question before? Or maybe you’ve heard “Does this look good on me?” either way it’s when we ask you a question and you guys are usually afraid to answer! I know even for us girls we get asked those questions by other girls and it does sort of put you on the spot especially if the answer isn’t what they may want to hear! So what do you do? I’m here to help and give you the easiest way out that I know so it doesn’t end badly!

Ok first of all if the outfit, make-up etc… really does look good then say it! Sometimes we get a little self conscious (even guys) and just need a little reassurance. So if it doesn’t make her look fat or that new make-up does look good then please tell us that! Only if it actually does tho. There is nothing worse then someone telling you something looks good when it doesn’t! Then we can usually tell after a while when that one blunt friend tells us or we get strange looks because we tried out that new bright eye shadow that now makes us look like a clown! So don’t give a false compliment! So what do you do if it doesn’t look good or it’s not flattering on us? Read on…..

Ok so the dress does make us look 10 pound heavier what do you say that’s not going to offend or cause a fight? Say something like “If your not comfortable wearing that you could try something else” or “I’m not really good at fashion, I’m a guy” (in a joking way) or maybe “You look good to me no matter what” or even “If your not sure about it I’ll wait while you change or you won’t be happy in that later” (that will get us to think and we’ll probably end up changing) In other words there are ways to say it without saying it and trust me as a girl we will get the hint or know that you really don’t like it and are trying to be nice. At least that’s how I would take it. Not every girl would react like that tho so beware! Lol. It’s still better then lying or being blunt!

So in the end it boils down to what kind of relationship do you have? If it’s a blunt one then say the truth flat out! (just don’t be rude) If it’s not that kind of relationship then in a round about way let us know you care enough not to lie but be nice about it. Us girls have so many choices with clothes, shoes, etc.. and a lot of times we want to look good for YOU. So let us know!

As always I like to know your input! So tweet me on Twitter or leave a comment on FaceBook and let me know how you’ve handled those kinds of questions in the past and how it turned out! See you next Monday!





I thought since I always talk about perfume on my beauty blog that I would talk about cologne. How many of you use it or don’t know if a girl likes it or not? Well this one depends on the girl. It’s just like some guys like perfume on us and some don’t. There are however some signs to maybe let you know and some do’s and don’ts!

Let me start by saying that if the girl wears perfume each and every day then she probably wouldn’t like it if you wore cologne. It clashes with our scent and then no one is smelling what anyone is wearing! Rule of thumb is always leave the scents up to the girl! It’s sort of “our thing” as you guys know! So if she has it on, then leave yours at home! But… yes there is a but, if a girl wears perfume everyday and different ones then that means if you do like to wear cologne then there is a good chance that she will like it. Confusing yes but if she likes scents then at least you have that chance she will like yours but don’t wear it all the time! Like I said us girls like to smell what we wear. Then you will run into girls who love a guy in a cologne all the time.

The next way to tell is if she wears no perfume and you never seen her wear any at all, ever, then that’s a sign maybe she’s sensitive to scents. Then definitely don’t use any yourself! Wait and see first.

Now if you do decide to wear cologne don’t wear it on a day time date! Men’s fragrances tend to be strong and during the day would just be too much. They’re usually not like girls perfume where you have day and night choices. If it’s an evening or night time date then feel free! Then please don’t spray too much!! Again, men’s fragrances tend to be very strong!

Now having said all this honestly guys there is nothing better then the scent of a nice men’s body wash! There are so many out there that will give you a touch of scent and there is nothing sexier then clean bare skin! So to me that’s enough! Also when you do look for one find one that is more lighter and clean. I like the Ed Hardy Collection, Chanel Blue, Fierce is another good one and very popular. Abercrombie & Fitch sprays Fierce on their clothing which is something you could do as well!

So as always we are all different and having said that if you enjoy cologne, use it! Your perfect match will be someone who doesn’t try to change who you are! So have fun testing out cologne or body wash! See you next Monday!





This was a requested blog from someone on Twitter. They wanted to know how to talk to girls. I’m guessing they mean when you don’t know them and your getting to know them. They weren’t sure what girls want to hear. I have to say that honestly there is nothing in particular we want to hear! We don’t know you so it’s a matter of how well do you click and does the conversation flow easily. Maybe that doesn’t help much but I will say that the things we DON’T want to hear is BS and I’m sure you all know what that stands for! Don’t try so hard and don’t tell us about all the things you have like money or how much you work out, bragging is one thing we don’t want to hear. The other thing is don’t get so personal right at the start. While we do want to get to know you we don’t need to know your family tree on day number one! That makes us think your thinking way too much into the future. Also please don’t tell us about your ex and your recent break ups!! I see that a lot and a guy meets a girl and it’s oh I just got out of a relationship or you talk about your ex in any way it just tells us your not over her yet! So guys, if your not over your ex yet, or pining to get her back, then don’t bother to date at all! It just wastes everyones time and we will catch on quick that your not ready. So in my opinion when you meet someone the conversation either flows or it doesn’t and that right there gives you an idea if it may be a match! Having said that tho some people are shy so give it time if you feel you click or you want to see where it could go. So what do you talk about? Just keep in mind what NOT to talk about and the rest will just flow!

So be yourselves guys! I know I like to talk and can talk about almost anything. So joke around, talk about your favorite shows, anything under the sun and just think of it as a regular conversation and don’t worry so much! Just keep the personal issues and ex’s out of it and you’ll be fine! Plenty of time for that stuff later! Enjoy life, take a chance and see where it takes you! See you all again next Monday! xoxo





This is the ever popular question that I hear guys talk about whether it’s in real life or on tv. That’s when do you call a girl after either meeting her or after the first date? Well I’m here to say as a girl, guys you do not have to wait DAYS to call! In fact it’s kind of a turn off! It just shows your one of the guys that thinks they need to follow the “macho” crowd and that’s not appealing. Now having said that tho, don’t call the same day either! If you just meet and you exchange numbers or you just had the first date don’t call the same day or night, especially if it was a night date or you just met her that night. It gives us the “stalker” or “desperate” vibe which can really alter our first impression of you! So when do you call? The next day. However nothing is written in stone but if you really like her then try to make the effort to not wait days. It also makes us think you waited so long because your probably calling other girls too. So the next day is a good time to give you both some space without it being too long that she may wonder if you like her or not!

So next time you get that phone number tuck it away and wait till tomorrow! After all, good things come to those who wait but don’t wait too long or someone else may just get what you want! See you next Monday!





Hi guys! Today’s blog was requested by someone on Twitter who wanted to know why it seems like a girl is into you and then suddenly disappears. Well there are two main reasons for this so let’s get to it!

The main and number one reason is that she just wants to be friends but can see your maybe taking it all the wrong way. As girls we love to chat and we like having guys as friends. So when we see that maybe your thinking we want more we tend to back off so that we can give you the hint that it’s not where we’re going with it. So then we may go away or tend to be a bit not as friendly, but if we like talking with you and we like you in general then we usually will come back. As a friend!

Reason number two which isn’t as common but still a reason why we may back off is because we do like you in that way but maybe it’s us who thinks your not interested. Maybe she is waiting to see if you make the next move but you never do so she backs away. After all, just like you guys, we don’t want to feel dumb either! So we may step away but then again may come back as a friend when we see that’s all it will be.

So how do you tell which one it is? Sorry guys but you can’t! With this one there is no easy answer other then you either stay being friends or go for it and risk losing the friendship as well. I will say tho that if she likes you most likely she will drop hints so pay attention! As for girl “friends” you have on Twitter and FaceBook, if there’s no chance you’ll ever actually meet or you live in different states or countries then we just want to be friends and bet on reason number one!

Hope you found today’s blog helpful and that it explains another great mystery of us women! Lol. Now see the YouTube version!





Hi guys! I am sure you have all said to someone before, or thought it in your head, “why didn’t she just tell me she wanted me to do that, buy that, etc….” Sound familiar? Well guys here’s why. If we have to tell you to do something, or get us something, then it really doesn’t mean that much at that point. Let me explain with an example.

It’s an anniversary, Holiday or birthday coming up and she has hinted around about a necklace she loves. Every time you go to the store she says how pretty it is. She’s hoping your listening because trust me when I say that if we want something we buy it but if we just talk about it, it’s because we’re trying to drop a hint! Then if you don’t end up getting it, and buy something else let’s say, then that just tells us that you don’t really listen to what we say! So we get upset. So why not just say hey I want that necklace for my birthday? Because again it all boils down to we want to know if you care enough to listen. Period. If we have to tell you everything then we my as well just be alone and buy it for ourselves. It’s the thought an meaning behind a guy who listens that we look for. Is it starting to make sense? Then take that aspect and put it into other things. We had a long day at work, or at home with the kids, we’re exhausted and the dishes are piling up, the trash is overflowing. We don’t want to have to ask you to do it just because we know you work hard and contribute too but we hope that you see we need a break as well and just take the trash out or do the dishes. It all boils down to us seeing how much you listen, notice and care. I can bet there are a lot of guys who are thinking the same thing about us women. Well trust me when I say that when you go out of your way to listen, we go out of our way as well! Just think about how much better you feel when someone does something nice for you or took the time to know what you wanted. Not having to ask for that massage or that cup of tea when your sick makes all the difference in the world! Try it and see!

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