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FRIDAY September 29, 2017

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost October!! It’s crazy how fast this year is flying by. The Cape has less traffic but that’s been replaced with tons and tons of road work going on everywhere. So there is no getting around quick! I also skipped a couple weeks of doing the Villain Chat which I do not want to make a habit of but I have been on the road a lot lately. So let’s get into it! This weeks Villain blog was a little different then the usual. I wanted to show some interaction between the Villain and the Detective and what a typical date is like for them. As you see they both pack their weapons but the Detective hopes to not have to use his where as the Villain is usually pretty sure she’ll be using hers. ;) He made her promise there would be no bloodshed but that quickly changed when she learned there was something about to go down. She knows the Detective would go into work mode and she was genuinely trying to make this a perfect night for him even if that means not being very truthful. I like how it also shows how quickly and neatly she can do these things with not one drop of blood on anything but her hands!

In the previous blog 136, she was writing about her dream which wasn’t revealed until the end. I think it reflects on her idea of always being in control and in that instance she wasn’t able to be. It also shows her more softer side and how much she cares for the Detective and the Military Man and how their death would have meaning to her. I think we were all relieved to see she woke up along side the Detective and this wasn’t a reality!

The week before, blog 135, I call the “Never Pick Up A Hitchhiker” blog! lol. Those of you who read it know why. This was after getting rid of yet another enemy she needed a way to get back home and hitchhiking was the easy way to do it… only the driver didn’t make out so well. This blog shows she is always thinking and always has a plan and is ready for any situation. There is truly no lengths she won’t go to and no situation she can’t get out of. She needed a car and she got one!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Villain Chat! If you miss any blogs, are new to it or simply want to to go back and check out your favorites again, all the blogs are numbered and on the main Villain Diary page. Just scroll to the bottom and see how it all began! See you all again soon! xoxo

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Hello everyone! Time for another Villain chat! This week the Villain was up to her usual and planning her next moves against her next victim. Which by now all you long time readers know she goes after the handsome rich men. I don’t know whether the Detective is aware of her luring them in, robbing them blind, and killing them off tho. I have not given any clues to that either way so you can decide that one for yourself. I would have to say I don’t think he’d approve but maybe he is just turning a blind eye as he often does. ;) At the end she got a call from who she thought was the Military Man but it turned out to be a mystery person instead and by the sound of it the Military Man is in trouble. Held against his will maybe? You’ll have to wait and see! The only clue I will give is think back to last weeks blog. That’s all I will say! There was a time when her goal was to find and kill the Military Man but a lot has changed since then. If you ever want to read past blogs or are new to Villain Diary you can always start from the beginning! As always I do like to mention some of the blogs have mature content, violence and some graphic details. I do switch it up from blog to blog but just be aware. So don’t be shocked as to just how far the Villain will go! So have a killer weekend and I will see you all again next week! xoxo

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Hi Guys! Since yesterday was Villain Diary Day I thought I’d talk a little about that. There are three characters, the main character being the Villain, followed by the Detective and the Military Man. So what’s the difference between these two guys and why does she choose the Detective? What’s the connection she has there? Well the Detective isn’t going to do runs with her or do the things she does. He’s out to catch the bad guy and doing good is as ingrained in him and these killing sprees are ingrained in the Villain. But… he has her back and he covers for her when need be, he’s loyal, he’s fierce, protective and he does what he has to for her at all cost. He goes against his own mind and morals for her and that says more then any words could say. She finds this opposite in him attractive. He balances her out in ways that she’s not use to. He brings the good in her to the surface. Now the Military Man was turned into an Elite Soldier and his genes were altered. He’s a lot like the Villain in many ways. He’ll break the law with her, scam, kill and all without a second thought. He’s also loyal and protective and he understands her ways and the need to do what she does. So they connect on a different level. Those who may or may not know he’s also the Detectives brother which makes the dynamic of this trio even more interesting. Ideally he wants to take the Detectives place in her heart. The three of them surprisingly work very well together and all in all, without a doubt, they have each others back. It’s also a bonus that these two men are incredibly good looking, strong, tough and can kick some serious a**!! Besides… who can resist a guy in uniform! ;) So there’s a little insight into the characters and I think it might be fun to talk about them each week here! So I will most likely do a regular blog on Tuesday’s and talk about the Villain Blog on Friday’s. So stay tuned! See you all again soon! xoxo



Hi everyone! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have done a regular blog! I have been focusing on the Villain Diary but really I have missed doing these blogs and talking to all of you so I will start this one up again and also I am working on getting the What I Ate Wednesday and the Beauty Blog back as well! So… first things first, I want to say a special thank you to all the Villain fans out there! You have really embraced this character and have made doing the blog fun. I enjoy your feedback and comments so please feel free to tweet me! Those of you who have never read the blog it’s check it out! I have also made the site a little easier to navigate. To the right there’s a list of links. Just click and go! Every blog and page is there so have fun exploring! Last but not least the blog and characters are fictional. This should be a given but as you all know some people think otherwise. Yes I have encountered people on social media who have questioned whether or not I was indeed the Villain. To those I say… that remains a secret! ;) Haha! I am so happy to be chatting with you all again! See you in my next blog! xoxo