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FRIDAY January 19, 2018 (Villain Chat)

Hello my Villainous ones! This weeks Villain Diary was a look into one of her victims demise. There has been mentions of what she does in past blogs but this was an insight into one of them. The mention of art in the beginning led to her making a little art of her own in the end. Well Villain art anyways. ;) This also showed the type of victims she chooses. Rich men who never had to work to get to where they are now. They are usually handed down their fortunes and she usually targets the ones she feels do not deserve what they have. The liars, cheaters, the ones who are scamming others. So in a way she feels she is doing society a favor.

I also want to mention that some blogs will continue from the previous week and others will be random. I do like to keep it authentic to what someone would actually write in a diary. That is also why everything is sometimes in slang or abbreviated. I don’t think many would write so proper in theirs! So that’s it for this weeks Villain Chat! If you are new and want to know how it all began and the history of the characters start from part one! I will leave the link below! Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you all again in my next blog! xoxo



TUESDAY January 16, 2018 (Gisele’s Blog)

Hi guys! It seems snow has been loving Cape Cod since we were one of the only ones to get actual snow on the ground. Other parts of MA. got a lot of black ice and I read there was a lot of accidents on the highway. I think this winter they have been a little off their game of being ahead of the weather. So always assume the roads are bad when heading out. I was in Boston last week and I was shocked to see just how much snow they had from that last big storm!! Most of the parking spaces were replaced with mountain size piles of snow. If you live there or needed to go to the store I don’t know where you would park. I always wondered that anyways even in the summer. Guess that’s why there are so many parking garages and public transportation. Makes me appreciate the Cape. *You will hear me complain about the traffic due to tourists in the summer ;)

I have been so busy lately going through closets and things in my house. It’s funny how we tend to hold onto things because we may use them someday or simply because we are just use to it being there. I even found things I forgot I had and I also realized how much stuff you can actually fit in a closet. After you take everything out you wonder how the heck you got it in there in the first place! So if you are like me take some baby steps and get to it! Some things I donated and other things I just threw away. My next task will be to see if I can rearrange anything to make some better use of the space. It’s nice to get rid of the old and get new things just make sure you actually get rid of the old things first. So let me know if you are a collector of everything and what you need to go through or are you the type that only keeps what you use and the closets are neat and tidy? If you are the neat and tidy type give us some tips. Thanks for chatting with me and I will see you all again in my next blog which will be What I Ate Wednesday! See ya then! xoxo


FRIDAY January 12, 2018 (Villain Chat)

Hello everyone! Seems this year is flying by already as we are almost half way through January! This has been a brutal winter temp wise and although I do like cool weather I don’t like when it gets too cold! This week has been really nice so I can’t complain at the moment but I think we are in for a long winter either way. So anyways… let’s get right into the Villain chat! Yesterdays Villain Diary and the weeks before had a reference to a red ribbon. To those who don’t remember or are new here the red ribbon was from the very beginning blogs. It’s what she placed with the Detective to track him. It showed just how far they have come from the earlier days. He was at first simply a means of making her life easier and since then it developed into so much more. There has always been an undeniable attraction and a lot of unspoken words. The Detective has always tried to protect her at all costs while still trying to stay true to what he does. They have since become a “couple” even tho that has never been truly defined. He is the one person that may just be her hidden weakness but I think she would still do what had to be done if need be.

Then there is the Military Man. He has his own special place in her world and often gets everyone in trouble due to his connection/attraction to her. While he is loyal to his brother the Detective in some ways, he has no problem making his intentions clear when it comes to her. While the Detective will not participate in her criminal ways the Military Man has no problem showing up to join. This had led him to believe he is better suited for her then his brother. While he knows his boundaries he pushes them often which leaves the Villain no choice but to put him back in his place. Despite all this they all work quite well with each other when need be.

The Villain at times has gone into what I call “the darkness” which is beyond her normal ways. It’s where there is no stopping what she does and this is usually triggered by something that has happened. Normally there is a reason for the victims she picks or at least some carefully planned out sprees but this is where she gets to truly be herself with no rules to follow not even her own. The Military Man felt she needed to be rescued from this which by this weeks blog we see she is in fact totally in control of it. The red ribbon brought her back to a more usual way of thought bringing the darkness to an end… for now.

So if you are new I recommend starting from the beginning to get to know their history or simply just jump right in! I can be reached on Twitter @GiselesSecret so any questions or comments you can find me there and blog schedules are on the main page! On one last note, the original Gisele’s Blog, Beauty Blog and the What I Ate Wednesday Blog will be returning next week! So stay tuned for that! As always thank you for joining the dark side… you are awesome company! xoxo


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