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Hi Guys! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have done a regular blog! Today is Villain Diary day so that is up and if you haven’t checked that out yet give it a try! It’s a fun blog and feel free to chat with me on twitter about it if you are one of my readers. I love to know what others think of the story line and characters. All the links to my pages are in the sidebar to the right. So you can check out my other pages as well which I am going to start to add lots of new things to each of them and will let you know when they are up!
Cape Cod is officially in tourist season but it will get worse in the next few weeks as all the schools will be out so families come here in herds like the zombies on The Walking Dead. Lol. It gets hard for us locals to get around and I don’t know why but most tourists seem to be pretty rude so not sure if the Cape attracts a**holes or if the rich and snooty are just that way. If you are one of the nice people then welcome if you’re one of the latter then go the hell back home! ;) Yep I said it!
So other then tourists and the weather still back and forth between warm, hot and cold, it’s the usual around here. Oh and the water in Hyannis is contaminated so don’t drink it and boiling it will not help. They are taking their sweet time fixing the issue but if you live here then you know how much this area slacks. They don’t care much about the year round people and apparently even the tourists this year will get subjected to the water. So if you plan a visit buy bottled water. On that note I am off! I will talk to you all again soon! xoxo


Hello everyone! I thought I’d do an update for you. So what’s this winter been like here? All in all it hasn’t been bad up until recently. We did get a blizzard and then another 10 inches of snow and all within a week or so. It’s actually snowing right now as I’m writing this! Sunday we woke up to -8 degrees weather with a wind chill of -25 it was crazy. I did have to go outside as soon as I woke up to see what -8 felt like and I can report that it’s pretty damn cold!! You almost instantly feel your ears get cold and I went out with just a tshirt no jacket because how the heck would I know what it’s really like if I covered up? Lol. Besides I was on my porch so it was fine. I can at least say I felt what it’s like to be out in those temps. They said you could get frostbite in 10 minutes so in a tshirt I kept it under that! ;)
Did everyone watch The Walking Dead?? OMG!!! I was blown away!! It started out with a bang literally right in the first few minutes and then it just kept going from there. I have to say I am so mad at what they did to Carl!! I just really wish they had not gone there and followed the comics. He is so young to of done such a dramatic thing to his looks. This is really one thing I can say I think they made a mistake on. Now we will never see that face the same way again. Then on top to give him the governors look well I’m sorry but that’s just not cool!! This to me was a huge turning point to the story. I was glad however that the weakest links stood up. That was so awesome to see them working as a team and doing the impossible. The whole episode was really just amazing! On that note I will see you all again on my next blog! If you are a walking dead fan let me know your thoughts! xoxo



Hi guys! Todays topic is social media etiquette or common courtesy. Just a quick 101 on the do’s and don’ts and the not so cool things to avoid. First off don’t go on social media to be a bully. Stalking peoples responses to news tweets or tv shows then acting like your view is better then theirs just shows how much of a non life you have. We all have different opinions so keep yours to yourself if you can’t be nice about it. No one will change their minds on a topic from you name calling. It just shows your own low level of intelligence. NO ONE LIKES A BULLY!

Next is don’t follow to unfollow. That’s just a perfect way to show how desperate you are to try to look cool by having tons more followers then your following. No one will look at your profile and think “wow this person must be popular.” Instead we all think “oh there’s another a**.” I mean really? Do these people not know that just about everyone uses or another site to see who unfollows? I know I check mine every day and when someone pulls that on me I block them.

Now next up is the ever famous whoa is me people. Please don’t use social media to whine and rant about how much life sucks and this one did this to me and etc…, etc… I mean yes tweet or post something that bothers you but damn please stop at one tweet, two tops and don’t go on and on for days!! You are the type of people that twitter came up with a mute button for. We all have crap in our lives. Use social media to escape from that not drag it into it. You’ll find it much more enjoyable if you leave your baggage at the social media door. Eveyone wants to help out a friend. I have myself tweeted when bad things happen but we all know the difference between talking and trying to get attention. It usually draws people away not closer. So stop.

Last but not least is the person who quits social media then comes back. Over and over again. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. After a while people get tired of it and won’t bother to follow back. Does twitter and facebook suck at times? Yes!! Does everyone totally close accounts repeatedly and leave people hanging? No!! Think of it this way. If you talked to someone on a regular basis and you considered this person a friend and they just up and closed an account with no warning and no common courtesy to tell you would you like it or would you wonder if they were ok or what was wrong? So if you wouldn’t like something done to you don’t do it to other people. What makes you think people will sit around waiting for your presence? These people are the ones who have no clue how to be a real friend to anyone and will find that they have trouble with every account they try to start new then blame it on social media.

Well this is just my views on social media etiquette. If you have others to add let me know on twitter! See you all on my next blog! xoxo


Hello to everyone! My first Gisele’s Blog for this year! I should kick my own butt for waiting this long. I will do them more often. So this morning as I was laying in bed I thought I’d do a blog on my mornings with twitter. Weird topic yes but that hasn’t stopped me yet! Lol
So what’s my morning like? Well my alarm goes off at 6am and my first thought is always noooooo……. Why is it we sleep the best right before we wake up? So ok yes I am obsessed with twitter so the first thing I do is grab my phone, double check the time, then click on the twitter app. Ahhh…. the little blue twitter app I love so much. <3 I then check for any notifications I missed from the night before, then head to the news tweets to see what’s going on out there. So if you see me tweet in response to an article I’m not really “on” twitter to chat it’s just my morning thing. (if I actually did tweet people that early I’d never get my rear end ready! lol) Then after reading the news I get out of bed and get ready for the day. Which involves dragging myself out into the cold. Which yes it has been freezing here!!!!! To top it off I just read today there may be one hell of a huge snow storm heading here this weekend. Ugh… I know I have said in the past I love winter but I don’t like it this cold and not a fan of storms. Then yet who is? (well maybe the thrill seekers and storm chasers) So that’s my morning and what I do first thing when I open my eyes. You know the rest, makeup, hair, etc… girl stuff! ;) If you check twitter first thing when you wake up let me know! We should start a support group. Lol. So have a great day/night and I’ll talk to you again on my next blog! xoxo


Hello everyone! It has been far too long that I have done this blog. I have been focusing on other things but I need to get back to the regular schedule. So I will get more blogs out especially once the Holidays are over. So there will be “Gisele’s Blog”, “Beauty Blog” and the “What I Ate Wednesday Blog” returning! I will also freshen up some of my other pages as well. Yay! (about time, lol)
So speaking of Holidays is everyone ready? Gifts bought? Tree up? I am just about done shopping. I did most of mine really early this year. I also did a lot of it online. There were some good deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which tends to extend itself the whole week. I did not however step one foot in the stores on Black Friday!! No way!!! There is nothing worth the hassle that I can’t get online. So to those who went that day you are either brave or crazy! ;) I have the outside of the house decorated but not the inside and I hope to get the tree up this weekend. Key word “hope” to. Time is flying by and soon we will be out of this crazy year known as 2015. So have a good weekend and don’t forget to take a little time out for yourself. There is always so much going on in life we sometimes just forget to take a few minutes to just breathe and think about absolutely nothing or something we are greatful for. The Holidays have become so much about lights, trees and gifts that we forget the true meaning of not only Holidays but life in general and that’s to appreciate the ones we love. Even if someone can not be with us they will always be in our minds and hearts and that no one can take away. See you on my next blog! xoxo


Hi everyone. I have such sad news to tell but I feel I need to get it out. My parakeet Tweety that I have had for 8 years passed away one week ago today last Monday night. I am so heartbroken as well as my family. He was such a good bird and a big part of our lives. He had his own little room and he was allowed out of his cage all day, the doors were never closed. I sit on my dining room table to do my blogs so I was always in view of him and he is greatly missed. If you ever watched any of my YouTube video’s I did one of him, and showed him on periscope, and you could always hear him tweeting in the background of most of my other video’s as well. He had gotten a rather large tumor in his abdomen and I had tried different things to try to help him but he was too sick to do tests and by the time they show symptoms they are usually past the point that they can get help but we did not want to give up on him as without hope what do we have? So he was taken to Angell Animal Hospital ER in Boston where I got the worst service and the most uncaring people I have ever come across and as he was placed in an oxygen tank I had decided that if he was going to pass away I wanted it to be at home not alone in a strange place. So I had went back to get him but I was too late. He had just passed when I got there. So the whole experience was a horrible one filled with regret but in my mind I did what I thought at least gave him a chance to maybe get better or prolong his life. I will not recommend that place to anyone. I feel in my heart it was their lack of compassion and cold demeanor that stressed him out even more. They were not honest about how sick he really was even tho I told them I would rather have him home then die there. They made an already hard situation worse and if I had known what I know now that wouldn’t even be a place I would consider. So I should of followed my heart instead of my mind. Sometimes what the logical thing to do isn’t always best. So I write this blog with a heavy heart and to tell others my experience with Angells. If you have pets hold them a little closer today because they truly become part of the family. I also want to thank my dearest friends on Twitter who listened to me and helped me work through everything that day. It meant more to me then words can say. xoxo Take care.

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a fun Halloween! As usual I only got 3 trick or treaters and only because we knew them. Lol. That’s why when I buy candy I buy what I like because I know I will be eating them. So for the next few weeks it will be Kit Kats, Reese’s peanut butter cups and M&M’s on my What I Ate Wednesday blogs! ;)
We are officially into the Holiday Season even tho I consider Halloween part of that. Some don’t want to hear a peep mentioned about Christmas before then but for a lot of people October is when they start to think about gifts. I use to buy my gifts way in advance but since eveything is so high tech it’s not smart to get certain electronics too early since the return policy will run out, lets say, if you bought it in October. So those I wait until the stores start the Holiday extensions on returns. Before all that this month is Thanksgiving so it’s food time!! Nothing like Thansgiving morning getting the turkey in the oven in my pj’s and watching the Macy’s Parade. Then the way the house smells with all that cooking…. Mmm. It’s just so warm and cozy. So Tis the Season people!! So what are you most looking forward to this Holiday Season? Let me know! See you all on my next blog! xoxo


Hi guys! I had to do a blog today since tomorrow is Halloween! I figured I would put up my Halloween video from last year asking what your top three scary movies are! So watch the video to see mine and then let me know yours! Have a safe and Happy Halloween! xoxo



Hi everyone! Yes I know I have been MIA from this blog and I looked below and I haven’t done one since the beginning of the month! Shame on me! I just honestly haven’t had much to say and I have been focusing on the Villain Diary blog instead. I will try to get to this one more often.
So what’s new on Cape Cod? Not too much. The leaves are finally starting to turn. So that’s always pretty to see. As for tourists they are still here but not as much as in the summer. Now we get all the people with no children who come down when all the kids are in school so they get a quiet vacation. Only downfall to that is it’s no longer beach weather and most things are closed. So if you plan a winter vacation here then don’t plan on there being much to do.
The holidays are rolling around quick. It will be Halloween soon! I love Halloween even tho I don’t get many trick or treaters here it’s just the feel of it and the fun of dressing up. Then onto Thanksgiving, which who doesn’t love all that food, then It’s Christmas! It’s all here in a matter of weeks!! Yes I am jumping ahead but am I really?? Well on that note I am off. Have a great weekend whatever you decide to do. Hit me up on Twitter to say hello! @GiselesSecret See you all on my next blog! Oh and if you haven’t checked out Diary of a Female Villain blog what are you waiting for? ;)




Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have done this type of blog and today I have an interesting topic! Millionaires who act like babies! Yes you read that right! I read an article on Twitter from the Observer, I think it was, and it was about these super uber rich guys who had their wives or girlfriends who cut their meat, feed it to them, bathe them, etc… and it just made me want to barf! I mean seriously?? Who wants a guy, no matter how rich they are, who needs you to wipe their ass!! That’s such a turn off to me. I don’t know how these women can stomach to sleep with these so called men who have fetishes to be treated like an actual baby. You have to be one sick puppy to be turned on by that! So that got me thinking even more about just how screwed up this world really is. The things some women will do for money is beyond me. I’d rather be poor with a real man then rich with a baby! That’s just sick. So to those rich guys out there who need their “mommies” to cut their meat, grow the hell up!! Creepy a** people out there!
So on a more normal note we may or may not be getting a hurricane. Hurricane Joaquin. (who the hell names these things?) So they are watching that. Anyone who knows where Cape Cod is we are sticking right out into the water and right into this things path so it would be us and New York who would get the brunt of it depending on which way it shifts. They even said it could down grade to a tropical storm. So I’m not too worried about it yet. I will let you know on Twitter which way it goes and if we get it ot not. So have a great day and a fab weekend and don’t get too wet out there! It is a good excuse to stay in! See you all again on my next blog! xoxo


Hi guys! Another night time blog! I figure instead of not doing one at all I would get one up! I will start doing more since I have been slacking a bit on this one and I wanted to give you all an update. The first thing you may of noticed is I haven’t been doing the beauty blogs on Sunday. Reason being is there is only so many things to review and I don’t want to be one of the hundreds if not thousands of beauty channels out there. While I had fun doing reviews it seemed they weren’t getting much response. I have to go by comments, views and interest and if no one wants to read or watch beauty vids then I won’t bother. I may however do an occasional one if I have something good to do one on or maybe around the Holidays to give you all some ideas!
Next thing is the Villain Diary. I am thinking of a way to do video’s. So I am excited about that but there are a lot of details to work out so it will not be any time soon (I don’t think) but in the near future hopefully and that’s only if I can put something together. It will be fun just to try it out! So I hope you all had a good day and make it an even better night! My day was an odd one. If you seen my tweet then you know why! Lol. See you all again on my next blog or vid! xoxo


Hello everyone! This is a later then usual blog just meaning I usually blog in the mornings but today thought I’d switch it up a bit and besides I was busy this morning and like they say better late then never! So it’s about 7:30pm as I write this and I just wanted to quickly talk about goals. I use to think you could just make one and boom! Follow through on it and done! Sadly that doesn’t work. I have realized a goal is more then something you need to do. It’s something you want to do. What’s the difference between needing and wanting? Well we need to take the trash out but that doesn’t mean we want to. It’s the same with a goal. You have to want to do it and not because you feel you need to. There’s a difference lets say to saying “I need to start exercising because I need to lose weight” and saying “I need to exercise because I want to have thinner thighs, wear skinny jeans and feel healthier and be able to do more physical things” Do you see how one is vague and there’s not much thought or end goal, just ok I need to do this. As the other is looking forward to clothes and being able to be physically fit to do more activities. The person with the passion and vision will most likely be the one who sticks with it. So don’t make a goal unless your heart is into it. How will you know if it is? You won’t set a date or give yourself a time frame you’ll just jump right into it! You’ll be excited and look forward to it! It won’t feel like work. (think of taking the trash out again) So have fun in whatever it is that motivates you to change. Also remember hard work pays off!! So let me know if there’s a goal you have set or are already doing! See you all in my next blog! xoxo

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend. We are already a week into September! Crazy. I am already feeling October coming and….. Halloween! I see everything is out in the stores and online so it’s coming like it or not! I happen to like Halloween even tho it’s just a shell of what it use to be when I was a kid. Now a days you can’t go door to door and sadly even the Cape Cod Mall here has stopped doing the safe trick or treat night!! Shame on them! So that leaves kids to just neighbors and people they know and Main Street here still does it but not all stores participate and there are a lot of teens and adults that do Main Street while the little ones did the mall but they will all have to share again this year. It’s sad that our world is now a very untrusting place filled with people who would taint candy or harm children but this is reality and we can’t pretend it isn’t. Candy is not worth it so stick to people you know only.
So onto a different topic, elections are also around the corner. I want to say that I would hope by now people are onto the media game of twisting and turning things around to make it look or sound the way they want it. I don’t really go by what I see or hear on the news or social media. To those who think because we are in the good old USA that we don’t have controlled media then when you get out of your bubble or rock you’re under or remove your head out from under the sand then you will wake up and see yes we do! News is selective, there’s usually an agenda behind what they show and don’t show and we are never truly informed of most of what goes on out there. The government is a business plain and simple. It wasn’t meant to be but it is so we need a leader who can run it like one, won’t kiss ass and do what needs to be done and tell it like it is! So keep that in mind the next time you see trash talk. Ok I am off! I have blabbed away and I could of went on and on about politics but I won’t. I’ll save that for another day! ;) Have a good one! See you all again on my next blog! xoxo


Hello everyone! if I had to pick on word to describe Labor Day on Cape Cod it would be TRAFFIC!! This is one of the last big hoorays for people trying to get that last minute vacation in so it ends up being more of a car show and you will sit and sit and sit. So for us locals it flat out s… stinks! I never really got the big attraction for coming here but then yet my idea of a vacation is a go go go type vacation and I’d much rather go to New York or Orlando Florida and head to Disney and Universal then sit on a beach! That’s just me! (I sit on my ass enough) ;)
So as summer winds down and it’s time to get serious again what type of things are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to the crisp cool air, taking out my high heeled boots that I miss so much in the summer, my black pea coat which is a classic, getting to wear my deeper darker perfumes and I’m going to say it… the Holiday’s! Yes I do like the Holiday’s but not so much dealing with the bs of it if that makes sense? I guess I like the feel of them. So once we hit October the rest of the year will fly by! So take advantage of it! Never wait for a time or place, month or year, to start any goals or to do something new. No time like the present! So this weekends task for you is to do or have something new! Either go somewhere new or have something you’ve never tried before, get that item on the menu you’ve been looking at but too chicken to get! I will do the same and let you know what it was! Doesn’t matter how big or how small just try something new!! Let me know if you did it on Twitter and lets get chatting!! Have a safe and happy weekend and I will see you all again on my next blog! xoxo


Hello first day of September! August sort of flew by for me and now today is the last day home for kids on Cape Cod as schools all start up tomorrow! What does that mean for the Cape? Well the mall will be less crowded during the week, traffic will die down by the end of September and that’s about it! It will settle down to the nice quiet place I love once again. Of coarse the Holidays will be rolling around making it busy again but it’s still much nicer here in Fall and Winter.
I am also going to be switching a few things up and coming up with a new game plan soon. I feel a few things are getting on the been there done that side. So when I figure out what direction I want to go in you’ll be the first to know! I don’t want people to get bored and frankly I don’t want to get bored so I will do some thinking and see what I can come up with. In the meantime the show must go on! So I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to Fall. Yes? No? I don’t think many liked the extra snow last year but I think having the different seasons is nice since by the time you get sick of one another one is around the corner! So enjoy the last days of summer and have a great first day of school tomorrow for all of you headed to class! See you all again soon! xoxo


Hello everybody! This week is the count down for the kids on the Cape because next week is the start of school here! I know there are lots of kids and teens dreading it. I think if schools were more high tech and end homework it would make a lot of kids see it in a whole new light. Schools on the Cape don’t have computers, tablets, etc…. it’s old fashion books and paper which now a days let’s face it that’s just snoozeville! Now take that same book and put it on a tablet and the school work for it on the tablet where there’s no paper to lose no handwriting to try to read (some kids write horrible, even adults) and I think more would be successful. It’s really time all schools caught up to the computer age. Also homework in my opinion should go. When they leave at the end of the day that should be it. Take away that pressure and let them relax makes them ready to go for the next day. I know when I had to punch a clock at work I couldn’t wait to leave and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to take that work home even though some jobs do require that I know. This is just my opinion but time to catch up to what the other countries have been doing for years!
So on that topic school starting is also a hard time for some in terms of peer pressure and bullying or just not fitting in. I will say that they have taken bullying way too far as to what they consider bullying. You can’t so much as sneeze in the wrong direction now a days. I will say that if you are one of those that feel that you don’t fit in you are not alone and it’s more common then you think. Also keep in mind that being in school is a temporary thing and once you pass high school you never have to go to school again if that’s not your cup of tea! So never make a decision based on something temporary. So enjoy this last week home both kids, teens and parents! Always know that you are unique and can never be replaced, be kind to the ones you love and always do your best in everything you do! See you all in my next blog! xoxo


Hi guys! This month is almost over and we will soon be heading into Fall. Then before you know it the Holidays!! Crazy but true! To me this year has just been a blurr of constant changes and I really hope next year turns out to be a really good year for everyone. I know I know I am thinking way ahead but that’s what I do! I am also thinking about where I would like my website to go and while I appreciate all the support from you all it has been hard getting the word out! So if you know anyone who may enjoy one of my blogs or video’s please spread the word! Also even sharing a video or blog on Twitter or FaceBook helps so thank you in advance if you decide to! xoxo
I look at a lot of the newspapers and the news on Twitter and I am always shocked at what I see, even tho I shouldn’t be, but the latest is the mess in New York with the topless women running amuck. They say they want equality but come one now! We all know that a womens breasts and a mans are NOT viewed the same and they damn well know this! So the stupidity just amazes me. No regards for children, no self respect, just women trying to make a buck in Times Square by using the law and crying if men can wear no shirts why can’t we. Hmm let me think! So the wow factor kicks in once again at just how much this country is continuing to go down hill. When women want to stop using their breasts for sexual gain and no more topless movies, ads, bars, clubs, magazines, etc… and really be on equal footing with mens breast then maybe at that point go run and cry about it. In the meantime put some damn clothes on and have some class!! The new logo for NY should be CLASS NOT ASS! Lol. So what’s your view on that topic? Let me know! See you all on my next blog or video!


Hello everyone! This month is flying by it’s insane! Dare I say summer is almost over?? Schools start up the first week of September and after that the tourist fade away usually a few weeks after. Then it’s back to quiet-ville which I love! The Cape is very nice during the winter minus the Holidays when the one mall we have gets even worse then when the tourists come down! That’s a whole other blog!
So how do you wind down for the end of summer? Do you rush and try to do all the things you want before it’s over, or do you start to plan for fall? I know I myself start to plan for fall. Which for those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know I love Fall!! I like jeans, coats, boots, the cool crisp air…… ahh…. I’ll take that any day over heat and sweating my butt off. House on the water or house on the mountains? Pass the snow mobile here I come! True I didn’t like the two feet of snow we had last winter (well I did at first but after a while it was too much) but I do like the cool temps. So what’s your end of summer plans? Let me know on twitter! See you all again soon! Till next time! xoxo


FRIDAY JULY 31, 2015
Hi guys! This is my last blog for the month of July! Crazy but summer is now half over. It’s kind of scary to think, dare I say it, Fall is around the corner! I wonder what kind of winter we’ll get? Yes I am jumping ahead! Lol. So I have decided to take the week off of doing my Villain blog so I can relaunch the blogs so anyone who wants to catch up can. Also I will be breaking it up into seasons because belive it or not coming up with new storylines is hard work and I do need a break from it so I don’t get burnt out and give myself time to see where I want the blog to go. I did have fun doing “Villain Thursday” yesterday and for any of you who seen me on Periscope or YouTube no I am not crazy I just play that for my website! Lol ;) Also yesterday I was having fun going back and forth with people on twitter, Joe and Tony on periscope joined in on the fun! So unless you follow them it may of not made sense on some of my peri’s. You can find their vids under my following list on there!
So today is back to normal and I will be tweeting out Villain blogs all weekend so keep an eye out for that and have a fantasctic day!! See you all soon! xoxo


FRIDAY JULY 24, 2015
Hello everybody! It’s FRIDAY!! Lots look forward to it but guess that depends which days are your days off and where you live. For example here on Cape Cod the weekends just mean more traffic, more tourists and more BS. It’s much nicer to go out during the week but even then it has to be early or forget it!
So I haven’t been on periscope much because I don’t have anything interesting to do a live video on. With YouTube I can think of something and decide whether to upload it or redo it. So I did a pretty silly video yesterday I thought I would share because why take life so seriously! So here is my first cooking video! Anyone who wants any of the recipes let me know! ;) Have a good weekend! xoxo


MONDAY JULY 20, 2015
Hi guys! It is definitely HOT IN HYANNIS today!! It’s 88 so far and the air is just think, humid and not a day to be outdoors if you can help it! I had to run out this morning and boy did I have the a/c cranking and did what I had to do and came home. I feel bad for anyone who has to work outdoors. Don’t know how the guys do it!! Stay hydrated if you are out there today and don’t forget sunblock. We like to eat lobsters here but not be one! ;)
The big annual Barnstable County Fair is down this week! Now I have gone to this fair year after year until the last 5 years or so I’ve gone off and on. Why? Well it went from an awesome, rides, games, raffles, shows, tons of food and unique items to live telemarketing (minus the phone) kinda fair and there is a saleperson at every booth! No Thanks!! At every few steps there is someone trying to sell you something like roofs, new baths, appliances, etc.. and the unique things to buy are no longer there, the shows are only one or two of something random and the food area has dwindled down to nothing. What a huge let down!! So is it still fun to go to? Yes, if you avoid the salepeople, but would I go in this heat to it? No way in hell!! If it was like it was years ago I would but not like it is now. So are there any fairs that you have gone to that have changed like that or have they gotten better over the years? Seems here on the Cape things have gone down. That’s life I guess! Have a good day everyone and see you on my next blog! Stay cool!


MONDAY JULY 13, 2015
Hello everyone! Just about half way through the month and summer has kicked in on Cape Cod! It took a while but we are in the 80’s and it’s not pleasant because it’s humid and sticky and just flat out gross out there most days now. This is why I don’t personally care for summer. I am a spring, fall and winter person. Yes I’d rather see snow then feel like I’m melting just going to my car and back! That’s just me and everyone is different. If you love the heat more power to you! I’ll see ya on the slopes! ;)
So today’s topic is an interesting one. It’s wedding rings or lack of one I should say! What do you think of a guy who’s married but doesn’t wear a ring? I know my opinion is he must cheat. That’s my first reaction even tho yes I know that’s not always true and some people don’t wear a ring for their own reasons but I’m asking what is your initial reaction? You see or meet a guy whether professionally like a contractor, landscaper, plumber, etc… or just a guy you see waiting in line at the store. Then you hear, find out or he says he’s married but you don’t see a ring. What’s your first thought? I know if I don’t see a ring I think they’re single then if I find out they are actually married I kind of see a red flag. So what’s your opinion?? Let me know!!


FRIDAY JULY 10, 2015
Hey guys! It’s Friday already! This was another busy week so for me it went by slow. That’s ok tho because time was going by way too fast so I’ll take slow for a while. This weekend I don’t have any plans which I like so we’ll see what I end up doing. I do want to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day before this month is over so I’ll have to keep an eye out on the weather. I don’t think I’ll attempt that on a weekend it will be too crowded. If I do go I’ll keep an eye out for jaws while I’m on the boat!! ;) lol
So I finally did my first periscope video! I deleted it shortly after tho. I think they disappear within 24 hours or less so I figured I’d do it myself. Next time I will leave it on there to see what happens. I like that it’s live and people can talk to you. I just don’t really have anything to do a live video on! I will stick to YouTube to do my vids and periscope to goof around with. Speaking of YouTube I did do two vlogs and then I sort of, ever so slightly, slacked off on doing any others. Well it was a start and I will try to get into doing them more often. I do enjoy it I just never think to record what I’m doing. Plus I want to do them when I’m out I’m just worried that I will get odd looks and I feel funny about talking to myself in public like that! They’ll haul me off to Fairview! Lol. Those of you who watch The Young & The Restless know what Fairview is! (mental hospital, lol) So enjoy the weekend whatever you do! See you on the twitter side of life! Till next time! xoxo


Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun weekend whether you celebrated 4th of July or you’re in another country! Saturday I did see fireworks but leave it to Hyannis to say they will start at 9 then delay them till 10. So many people went home and lots of kids missed out since they ended up being late. I’m not sure what the issue was but what a bummer. I stood to wait even tho I really didn’t want to but couldn’t disappoint the peeps I was with who of coarse wanted to stay. (we went in my convertible to watch with the top down) When they did finally start they were about 20 or more minutes so they were pretty long but still not cool they were a no show for 9. Plus it was cold and damp out.
Sunday was a run around kinda day. Had places to go and things to pick up then went to dinner with family. Then back home to chill for the rest of the night. I really miss The Walking Dead on Sunday’s. I wish they would put a rerun on each week leading to the new one so we wouldn’t feel so bad waiting. (hmm seems like I’m doing a lot of waiting lately) Summer is really crappy for tv anyways. So that’s why I wasn’t on twitter much at all this weekend. I decided to put my phone down and just enjoy the days. We don’t realize how much time we spend online until we actually decide not to! It was rather nice actually! So take some time out from social media once in a while and see what else there is to do. Let me know how you spent your weekend! See you all again on my next video or blog! xoxo


Hi guys! I wanted to do a blog for the last day of June! This has been sort of a busy month but I think it went by rather slow. I felt like it was June forever! So what has June been like….. The weather is the same in the 70’s, traffic is still horrible and we have had a lot of rain and usually on the weekends. Schools got out this month, Jurrasic World came out, marriage equality was passed, two prisoners from NY pulled a great escape but one was captured the other one killed. My bird turned 7 this month! I started back up at the chiro. I got my Walking Dead guitar. I still haven’t won the lottery. I tried my first crepe. I ate at IHOP way too many times. Got the summers first bug bite. Got my first soft serve cone for the year at Steve & Sue’s. Tried my first “green food” chocolate. (it was gross) Joined periscope. Did my first ever YouTube shout out video and……. I can’t think of anything else! lol. So let me know what your June was like! See you all in my next blog or vid! xoxo


FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2015
Hello boys and girls! It’s another dark dreary rainy day here. The kind of day you don’t feel like going out but sadly have to. So I call it a hoodie day. It’s suppose to rain Sunday as well. Ugh. I am definitely effected by the weather somewhat or maybe it’s just because I don’t like to get my hair wet! Lol
So what’s it been like on the Cape? So far traffic traffic traffic. I say that in almost every blog in the summer so just assume that it gets worse as we really get into the warm months which by the way we are not feeling the heat here yet. So it’s not that Hot in Hyannis! We are so behind on the temps this year that I can see it being scorching into October! I think it’s just a shift in the seasons which is a natural part of what our planet does. As for “climate change” the climate is suppose to change! Look back over time from the ice age, etc.. and yes things getting warmer here and cooler there are part of what is suppose to happen and I think some people take it a little too far like calling it global warming. That was the biggest bunch of bs I’ve heard in a while. Well it’s on the bs list anyways and new bs is added daily. ;) Seriously tho our planet will go through changes. Take for example the new “cities” they keep finding deep in the oceans or way beneath the earth. Those parts obviously use to be above ground and how did they get to where they are now? Climate change or some kind of natural change the earth went through. Do they think that may never happen again? It’s mother natures way of giving her planet a make-over. Girls love make-overs! ;) So tell me your thoughts on the wacky weather and so called melting glaciers. Man made or mother nature? I think if man messes with the weather there will be great consequences. Our government really needs to back off which we all know they won’t. The planet and universe is bigger then we are and who are we to tell it what to do! Have great weekend everyone and I’ll talk to you all in my next blog! xoxo


Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to see Jurassic World on Saturday and I was like a big kid and so excited and it was a really good movie. A must see on the big screen. Makes you wonder if we’ll ever get a park like that and if so would you go after seeing those movies? I know I would! My favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex! So damn scary you can’t help but be fascinated. I can’t even imagine one in real life. The closest we’ll get for now is the life size animated one in the Toys R Us in Times Square! I have a video on that I took when I was there last summer I will link it below the blog! It was really cool. I recommend stopping in there kids or no kids just for the T-Rex! So let me know if you’ve seen the movie and what you thought of it! See you all tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! xoxo

Hello everyone! I hope you all got to see my Twitter shout out video’s! I ended up making five and I still could actually make a 6th but I won’t bore you with another one! Also some people I talk to don’t use their names so I didn’t want to call them by something odd. I really hope I got everyone in that I talk to on a regular basis. If I didn’t it wasn’t on purpose so don’t feel offended that my brain had technical difficulty. Lol ;)
Today’s topic is crossroads. Have you ever gotten to a crossroads in life? Do you stick to the same path or try a new one? Sometimes there’s even two new roads to pick from. I am one I must confess I seem to try to go down the same road over and over trying to get the result I didn’t get the first few times. I think it’s the comfort factor and the fact that we always think maybe if we do something slightly different we’ll get a different result only to end up back in square one. I am a “rescuer” by nature and I save the day for others while making my own miserable most of the time. I am realizing no matter which path we choose if the issue is another person that isn’t willing to change no road will lead to the outcome you hope for. So lately I am trying new things, new approaches and new roads. I think in life the goal is to find what works for you. Then everything else usually falls into place. If not there’s always a drink and an ark on twitter! ;) So don’t be afraid to try new things, enjoy the weekend and I’ll talk to you all again soon! xoxo


Hi guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend. The Cape is busy as always but it will get worse when July rolls around. It’s crazy that we are already in June!! Today is 50 degrees here and I had to put the heat on to warm it up a little! The weather everywhere this year has been a little off to say the least. I’m wondering what the summer will be like. Then add on the rain which was so heavy last night it woke me up! It’s not often it pours like that.
So I wasn’t sure what to talk about this week but then seen so many tweets about Bruce Jenner who is now called Caitlyn that I had to touch on a topic of being yourself. I think the world is scared and afraid at what we can’t explain or understand but how sad when someone has to live a life they are so unhappy with. I’m not just talking about people like the new Caitlyn but just everyone out there who has ever been unhappy with themselves. Whether it be your nose, body, stomach, breasts, anything, but are too afraid to take the plunge to do something about it. People are afraid of what others will think or that they’ll be judged. Well you know what? The only person who has to live being you is you! So if you’re not happy with your nose let’s say why not have it done? How is that any different then changing your hair color, or colored contacts, etc.? I do think some go way way over board with cosmetic surgery. That I don’t agree with. I just think people should do what they want and not worry so much about what others will think. That goes for anything. Have you ever looked at an outfit you loved but thought there’s no way you can pull that off? Well I’m here to say go for it! Life is too short so live it up, be who you want to be, do what you want to do! We don’t have to like or agree with everything in the world just give others the respect and right to choose what they want to do. If no one is getting hurt then who are we to judge? See you all tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! xoxo


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


MULTI GRAIN CHEERIOS: I am back to cold cereals now that the weather is warmer. I tend to save the hot cereals and oatmeal for winter. Then as always my morning illy coffee!
CHICKEN SANDWICH: This was crispy chicken with mayo, lettuce and tomato on a buttered toasted bun! It was very good and from McDonalds. I do think they have a lot of healthy options so I do eat there when I want a quick lunch. Even a supermarket has fatty junky things to buy so it’s all in the choices you make and not what a place sells.
CHICKEN KIEV: I love this dish but I don’t have it often. It’s chicken stuffed with butter and herbs. I had it with mashed potatoes and green beans.
FRUIT & YOGURT PARFAIT: This was from McDonalds as well and another example of something healthy they carry. It’s vanilla yogurt (I’m pretty sure it’s vanilla anyways) with strawberries and blueberries and comes with cinnamon granola to top it with!


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Good morning/evening/night depending on where you are in the world or what time you’re reading this! It’s finally Friday not that that means much to me since my weekends can sometimes be more hectic then during the week but I should be able to sleep in tomorrow which I have been looking forward to all week! I have also been trying to change up my schedule a bit to make sure I am getting ready for the day and doing what I need to first before going on social media. So I may not be on as early as I use to be but I have so much added on to my plate right now that I need to make sure I take care of real life first. I will get on twitter asap or sneak on there when I can! I miss chatting with everyone on the days I am super busy.
An update on Cape Cod, it is already getting packed with tourists very early this year. I think It’s due to all the snow we had people are making up for being stuck in their house I’m guessing. Traffic has been horrible even early in the morning. It’s backed up on just about every street and I can’t even imagine what it will be like in the summer! The temps are in the 40’s and 50’s. Keep in mind as I always try to tell people it is always much cooler here then the rest of the state. So don’t go by your weather when planning a trip here even if you live in Boston or closer. Once you cross that bridge the weather has a mind of it’s own! So enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you all again soon! xoxo



Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

What you need:

1 pkg. (2-layer size) white cake mix
4 cups fresh strawberries, sliced
2 Tbsp. sugar
1/3 cup strawberry jam
1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding
1-1/2 cups cold milk
1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping
make it

PREPARE cake batter and bake as directed on package for 2 (9-inch) round cake layers. Cool cakes in pans 10 min. Invert onto wire racks; gently remove pans. Cool cakes completely. Meanwhile, toss berries with sugar. Refrigerate 30 min.

WRAP 1 cake in foil; freeze for another use. Cut remaining cake horizontally in half; spread bottom layer with jam. Top with remaining cake layer. Use 2-1/2-inch cookie cutter to cut circle from center of cake; set aside. Cut remaining cake into 2-inch pieces.

BEAT pudding mix and milk in medium bowl with whisk 2 min. Stir in COOL WHIP.

LAYER half each of the cake pieces, berries (with juices) and pudding mixture in large glass bowl; repeat layers. Top with reserved cake round. Refrigerate 4 hours.

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend. The weather was warmer here on Cape but keep in mind we are never as warm or cold as the rest of the state. It’s being surrounded by water that gives us the totally different temperatures. So keep that in mind when you watch the news since there is no real news for this area we are basically forced to watch Boston and hope they sneak a second in of our weather. It’s funny that not one news station focuses on Cape Cod even tho it’s a large portion of MA. and a tourist area. Doesn’t surprise me tho. To those of you who will say it’s not big enough for it’s own station I agree but it would be nice to be included in at least one of them on a daily basis. Whatever, that’s why we have weather apps on our phones I guess! :)
So Monday I skipped the guys blog since I had nothing to throw my two cents in on. I know shocking for a girl to have nothing to say! Lol When I write those I think to myself I must be making myself the most undateable person on the planet by doing that blog! If I was in the dating scene guys would look at that blog and think yikes I better stay clear of this one! Haha! Keep in mind tho that I’m just giving a girls point of view and not by any means a dating/marriage expert. In fact I am not the one to talk! It’s just a girls view on things. I’d like to read a “for the girls blog” and see what’s inside the male mind. You men think we’re confusing we can’t figure you out either! So on that note I’m off! Have a great day and see you all again soon! xoxo


Hi guys! Hope your weekend was good. Most of it was rainy here which I hate rainy days if I have to go out. I call them “hoodie days” because that’s what you’re stuck wearing. At least I do so my hair doesn’t get wet! Lol Today is sunny but still only 43 degrees but as long as no snow I’ll take it!
Ok so very soon the Cape will be filled with tourists again. It usually starts at the kids spring vacation in April. Then the official “it’s about to get busy up in here” date is in May for Memorial Day and that’s when you kiss goodbye any chance in hell of getting around quickly. Honestly I hate the summers on Cape. I am more out and about in the winter then when it’s warm. It’s like being over run by cockroaches and they never go away till it’s too cold for them to want to come out anymore. Then it seems the tourists we get are rude ones, not all of them, but most. They have the “it’s my vacation” attitude and it can get rather trying with your patience when they block traffic, don’t let anyone go and have zero clue at the rotaries. That’s when I like to drive my Mustang and just say see ya and wiz right by them! I am sure anyone who lives in a tourist area will agree that they can be hellish to deal with. I love the bumper sticker that says “I’m not on your vacation” I’d add “now get the f*ck out of the way” but that’s just me. ;) So on that lovely note I am off! Enjoy your day and I will see you on my next blog! xoxo


Hello boys and girls! It’s Friday already! This week flew by fast but wow was it a busy week for me! I hate weeks like that. I like to stick to my usual schedule and when it’s off or chaotic then I get wiped out. Tomorrow even tho it’s Saturday won’t be any better.
So how much do you do for others, that never seem to learn, before you let them fly on their own? I think a lot of us give and rescue way too much to the point we wear ourselves out in the process to only learn all that effort made no change. I think I have come to realize there is only so much you can do for someone and the rest has to come from them. After all we can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do. So moral of this story is set limits. Give help and time but to an extent. Give them options and resources and then let them make the change. You’ve heard the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink! So here’s a challenge for you. Take care of YOU for a change. What do YOU need or want? Put yourself first for once. So this weekend splurge, relax, shop, get something new, do nothing at all or say no for once and enjoy it! After all you can control what YOU do! Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


MULTI GRAIN CHEERIOS: It’s getting to be spring, so they say, so hot cereal is out! I have cold cereal when the weather warms up and this one is pretty healthy. Then as always my illy’s coffee!
RANCH CRISPY SNACK WRAP: This is from McD and it’s in a tortilla shell with chicken, ranch dressing, cheese and lettuce. I try to get somehting that’s not too bad when I go there and I try to skip getting fries.
FISH & CHIPS: This is my Friday obession, seafood from Cooke’s here in Hyannis. This week was fish and chips. Why they call them chips I have no idea since we all know it’s really fries! That’s another reason I skipped getting them at McD because I knew I’d be having some for dinner.
CADBURY CREAM EGG: I love these and wait all year for them! I have mentioned them in other blogs. I try not to get more then one a week. I do try to be good. Sometimes that’s no fun.


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Hi guys! It’s Friday and the first day of spring! Supposedly. There is still mountains of snow out there so it doesn’t look or feel much like spring at all! Yesterday was 25 degrees and today it’s 27! So the calendar may say spring but I go by the weather. Hopefully soon it will warm up and the snow will melt!
So yesterday I was reading an article on some of the new technology that’s coming out. Locks for your doors that don’t use keys, alarm systems that are far beyond what we have now and it gets you thinking that although it’s nice to be modern I really wish we could have a balance of both old and new. What I mean by that is even tho technology wise we move forward it seems as a people we have gotten worse. No one has the morals and values that we use to. Well some of us do but just look around you, watch tv, read the news or social media and it seems most do not. A lot of people have no respect for anyone or anything anymore. Moving forward and having rights shouldn’t mean women wearing less clothes or no tops because men don’t have to and children not being able to excel without making another child feel bad that they didn’t get first place. When you stop and think about it this country is a mess! The people lack rules, common sense and decency. So it would be nice if people just had some class and used their brains. For example, abortions. Do we have a right to choose? Yes. Women have the choice to have unprotected sex or not. So why do some women use abortion as a means of birth control? Your choice is to have sex or not and if you do as an adult you choose to use protection or you choose to be careless and not give a crap is what it boils down to. Some may not like this blog but it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it as you are yours. I just see we are not moving forward brain wise. So as technology advances sadly humans do not. So on that note I’m off. Have a great weekend, think about the choices you make and I’ll see you Sunday when the beauty blog changes!


I thought I’d switch it up for my WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY blog and instead give you a recipe from one of my favorite places I mention a lot which is Panera’s! Enjoy this quick and easy slow cooker dish while there’s still a chill in the air or you just want to try something new!
Slow Cooker Chicken Barley Soup

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 2 hrs 30 mins (2½ to 4½ hours – mostly unattended)

Ingredients Serves 6

3 pounds bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 ribs celery, chopped
8 ounces sliced baby bella mushrooms
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup dry white wine or dry sherry
9 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 cup pearl barley
1 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed
2 tablespoons minced fresh dill
Juice of 1 lemon


Step 1

Season the chicken with ½ teaspoon of the salt and ¼ teaspoon of the pepper. Heat the oil in a large heavy skillet on medium-high. Add the chicken and sear it until browned all over, 4 to 6 minutes per side, turning once (cook in batches or use two pans if necessary). Transfer the thighs to a 4-quart slow cooker.

Step 2

Add the onion, carrots, and celery to the skillet and cook over medium heat until soft, 4 minutes. Add the mushrooms and garlic and cook until the mushrooms begin to release their liquid, 4 minutes. Add the wine and simmer over high heat until almost all the liquid evaporates, 5 minutes.

Step 3

Transfer the pan contents to the slow cooker. Stir in the broth, barley, and rosemary. Cover and cook the soup on low for 4 hours or high for 2 hours.

Step 4

Use tongs to transfer the chicken to a cutting board; shred the chicken, discarding the bones. Stir the shredded chicken into the soup along with the dill, lemon juice, and remaining ½ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of pepper.
Tip: To make this dish on the stove top, swap a large soup pot for the large skillet and slow cooker. When all the liquid is in the pot, cover and simmer the soup gently over low heat until the chicken is tender enough to shred, about 1½ to 2 hours.


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty mellow since it was rainy then snowed on Sunday. It was a good weekend to stay indoors which I mostly did. Now I have to get groceries done during week now which can sometimes be a pain. That’s ok tho because I’d rather not shop in the rain!
Do any of you watch The Walking Dead? I already know a bunch of people on twitter who do. This season has taken a rather different turn. I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for our UK friends who are behind us in episodes but Rick has taken on a whole other side and I am truly loving it! I am seeing a bit of Shane coming out in him which is going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. Each character has taken on roles that are a result of being out there on the road too long. Some have somewhat given up a bit and others have just accepted reality and are having a hard time keeping going and others have really stepped up! I am also loving Carol this year who along with Rick isn’t going into anything with blinders on and it’s so much fun to see her do any and everything for her group! Her and Rick are a great team! How do you think you’d handle being in their shoes? Would you survive? Would you be like Rick or Carol? Let me know! Talk to you all again soon! xoxo


Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was productive and I ran around as usual. Errands and things to do are never done. I also stopped by the mall and there are spring clothes everywhere and barely a sweater in sight unless it’s on clearance! There is still mountain sized snow piles here. We have not had enough warm days to melt much of anything other then the streets are finally getting more passable but there are still lots of streets and spots with 5 inch plus ice in random spots making you feel like you’re driving on safari with all the massive holes! Spring is March 20th but Mother Nature plays jokes on us sometimes and this is one of them!
I thought I should mention I am never on FaceBook. So please don’t think I ignore anyone but I don’t usually scroll through the time line there so I don’t see what others are posting. I usually put my blogs and video’s up and leave. I have never liked FaceBook but I am always on Twitter! I think if it wasn’t for my website I wouldn’t have a FaceBook account at all. I just don’t get the same good vibe and enjoyment I get from tweeting! I have been trying to look through it more but for the most part I’m MIA! So on that note have an awesome day and I will see you tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! Till then! xoxo


Hi everyone! It’s Friday already and for me this week flew by. We got another foot of snow here on Cape Cod!! I can’t believe it. This time the rest of Massachusetts was spared. Another foot tho!! OMG!! There was still over two feet out there already and now we have over three! The pics I tweeted do it no justice since you have to see it to believe it. It was so beautiful outside last night when I took the pics but I am ready for it to melt and go away. I don’t see that happening any time soon even tho spring is March 20th! So we’ll be stuck with winter and snow for a few weeks or another month! Welcome to New England!
Onto today’s topic which is losing sight. No not eye sight but losing site of something in general. How many of you had an image in your head of what you wanted an outcome to be to only let life take you in another direction? I think we have all been there. Things don’t work out as planned so we think why bother. I think we all need to stop, take a deep breathe and not lose the morals we have and the life we want to live. When we give up on our own minds so to speak, for example people think you are too stuffy because you’d rather stay in on the weekends then go out so you start to wonder if they’re right. Should you get out there more? Ask yourself this instead. Are YOU happy with what you do on the weekends? If that answer is yes then no you don’t need to get out there more. So never lose sight of yourself no matter what others say or how a situation turns out. After all you’re the one who has to live with your choices no one else! Have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday when the Beauty Blog changes! Till then! xoxo


Hi Guys! Hope you all had a great weekend. Today’s topic is a serious one and it’s to do with the rise of drug use on Cape Cod and all over the USA. It’s alarming, scary and heart breaking all in one to hear 49 people dying from an overdose in ONE MONTH in just Massachuetts alone!! This is insane and I think there needs to be more resources available to people. Not just 12 steps. Insurance will cover a 5 day detox but not rehab. This leaves people with no help. With the astronomical premiums of insurance each month it should be covered. I will say there is NO affordable health care. My Blue Cross for example is more then a mortgage payment each month. The so called guidlines to receive help with payments is a joke. If you are $5 over the limit they think magically you can pull money out of your ass to pay these greedy insurance companies. As for the Obama Care crap that’s not any better and does not offer rehab as well. So unless you are a rich drug addict have fun getting help. How sad of a world we live in. So back to the topic, drug use and mental illness can effect anyone. Robin Williams was very well loved and was very good at putting a smile on his face and who would of known he struggled with addiction and depression. So first step that needs to be taken is to stop putting labels on people. No one is better then anyone just because they don’t have a problem. Someone who does have a problem deserves the same respect as the ones who don’t. If society didn’t make people feel like they needed to hide these things maybe we wouldn’t have so many overdoses. No matter how much education we give to kids, teens and adults it’s up to the individual to make their own choice and no matter what you try to do to help someone THEY have to be the one who wants the help in the first place. It just would be nice if it was there when they decided to. So raise awareness and if you know someone who needs help give them their options, don’t judge them and let it be ok to talk about. No one should have to face one of the worse epidemics effecting our country alone.

Hello everyone! I didn’t do a blog on Tuesday because I just didn’t have anything to say and I didn’t want to just ramble on. I do find it hard sometimes, if I’m not in the mood so to speak, and it’s just been really busy in my real life. I hate to disappoint anyone so I do try to get something out there on a regular basis. I have added on a disclaimer to my blog schedule that says *Subject to change since after all rules are made to be broken! ;)
So a few updates for you. One is I still have no clue what to do with my YouTube which I have gotten rather bored with. When I do think of something you will be the first to know! Here’s the thing I find funny. You all ARE actually the first to know! No not people in my real life and when I say “real life” that just refers to outside of social media, people I actually see, but you guys here on my site reading this and on twitter. I do post on FaceBook but I am never on there, ever. I don’t care for it at all. Anyways back to the subject blogging and my website are my baby and people I talk to outside of it don’t really know what I do. It’s kind of like someone working in a store you don’t ask what they sold that day. So when something is new you guys know before anyone. Usually. People in my real life think it’s cool but I don’t talk much to them about it.
Update number two is my Villain Blog! I hope you all like this new dark edition to the line up! I have kept it on a more mellow tone with some “suggestions” as to what’s going on but I may up it a notch on some of the blogs. I think the fun of it all is sometimes knowing the dark side in it’s entirety. So some may get graphic but tastefully graphic and I will always let you know which blog may contain more descriptive writing. After all she is a villain! I think she definitely heats things up on the website!
So have a great weekend everyone! See you all again soon! xoxo


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


BLUEBERRY MUFFIN: I got this from Dunkin Donuts and I get mine heated with butter. Then as always my coffee and a glass of milk.
BROCOLLI & CHEDDAR SOUP WITH TORTELLINI ALFREDO: This was from Panera. I get the “you pick two” so it’s a cup of soup with a small side of pasta. You can mix and match with the whole menu so I get different things each week although I usually get the soup! The pasta was filled with three cheeses, ricotta, swiss and romano!
CHICKEN & SHRIMP CARBONARA: This is one of my favorite dishes from Olive Garden! If you haven’t tried it yet and like the best of both worlds this is it! The sauce is so good and I got it with a salad which I didn’t end up eating but my bird was happy to get it! Lol
SHORTBEAD COOKIE: This was from Panera’s as well. It was in the shape of a mitten and decorated with frosting!


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Hi everyone! This week flew by so fast! At least for me it did. It was school vacation here so everyone is back to school next week. Let’s hope no more snow storms or I hear kids may lose their April vacations this year. That would be really sad for them, parents and teachers. As lots of families plan vacations and travel during that month. So fingers crossed! Now having said that we are due another freezing rain/snow 24 hour storm this Sunday so who knows what impact that will have on schools, stores, etc… All I do know is I am SO ready for spring!!
Todays topic is one I have talked about in the past but I think I may of changed my mind on how I feel on parts of it and it’s about social media and staying annonymous while online. I still do think it’s a good idea. Especially now a days when so many loonies turn to the internet to be who ever they dream up of being. So this is what takes me to the part I think I now have mixed feelings on. Where I do think you should use a “username” or your own but I don’t think you should use your full name, I have mixed feelings on never “seeing” who your talking to. A girl could be a guy, vice versa, younger could be older, etc… I just think while I am ok myself with not seeing everyone I chat with I have to admit I am curious!! I have YouTube vids so people can see who I am even tho at the moment I don’t have my picture on any profiles. I like having a face to go with the name. So that’s where I am sort of torn on that subject. So let me know what you think. Do you want to see who your talking to or are you happy never knowing?


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Us here in New England got more snow. It’s snowing again right now as I’m writing this! Needless to say I think we will all appreciate spring a lot more this year!
Have you ever noticed how much faster time flys by as you get older? I can remember being a kid and in school thinking how slow time was and waiting for school vacations that felt like years to get to. Now it’s like you wake up one morning and it’s January and then the next it’s February! It’s crazy! I’m not sure why this seems to happen. I wonder if we view things differently since we are more responsible or if we just don’t take the time to appreciate the little things. I’m not sure. What’s your thoughts on it? I think we all need to somewhat keep the child in all of us as far as how we view the world. Instead of looking at time in terms of this bill due, this appointment, maybe look at it as plain old Tuesday! Then whatever has to be done that day we do. Looking not much into the future or past but the day we are in. Let me know if you feel time flys and why. See you all tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! Til then….. xoxo


It’s Friday the 13th! Muhaha…… Are you superstitious? I’m pretty sure Jason isn’t lurking out there. Or is he?? Lol. Ok maybe not but the world has it’s own set of wackos out there already! Lots of people think of the number 13 as lucky. It’s actually Taylor Swifts favorite number and she puts it on all her perfume bottles! Which by the way her scents weren’t too bad but I don’t have any of them.
Yesterday I started my exercising back up and well let’s be honest it sucks when you first start! It’s like that when you start eating healthier too. You almost have that beat up feeling but it’s actually your body getting rid of old toxins and your muscles build up lactic acid, is what I was told, so that is why you feel that soreness in the muscles when you don’t use them often. I learned a lot from the place I went to when I had that car accident last year. So back on my bosu I went and I love my jump rope too! Don’t knock it till you try it! Power jump roping is a great way to get a total body workout plus it’s still just as fun as when you were a kid!
So on one last note it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I had to say thanks to someone on twitter it reminded me to say to the ladies don’t forget your man tomorrow! Valentine’s isn’t just for us and it should go both ways! So make it a nice day for him as well! Also if your in the path of this new storm coming Saturday stock up and do what you need to do early before it hits. We can’t seem to catch a break this year! Have a Happy Valentine!! xoxo


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


CHEERIOS: I missed my cheerios so I have been eating them again. Then as always my illy’s coffee and a glass of milk.
BROCCOLI CHEDDAR SOUP & TOMATO MOZZARELLA PANINI: This was from Panera’s which is one of my favorite places!! I get the “you pick two” so I had a cup of the broccoli cheddar soup with the 1/2 tomato mozzarella panini. My drink this time was a power green smoothie which is so good and made with kale, spinach, and a whole banana. I think there is pinapple juice and other things in it as well.
STEAK TIPS: My dinner Saturday was from Not Your Average Joe’s here in Hyannis and usually they are very good but that day they were horrible!! The steak tips had a funny taste to them that I couldn’t even eat them. The garlic mashed potatoes were dry and the only thing that was ok was the green beans! So needless to say I barely ate anything that day since it was one of the worst meals I’ve had in a while and I have to admit the Joe’s we have here has been going down hill in the quality of their food. So I have not been going there very often at all and maybe soon I won’t go back at all.
ORANGE SCONE: This I got from Panera’s and have mentioned this on a past blog. It is a must try!! It’s slightly sweet but not too much and has little orange bits and an orange vanilla glaze on top!


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Hello everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. We are 4 days away from Valentine’s Day! I don’t know how long some of you have been reading my blogs but I’m sure some of you already know I’m not a fan of Valentine’s just because I feel no need to have a day to say you love or care about someone and the fact that it’s purely commercial it’s just typical government BS. Anything to boost the sales which in turn means more taxes in their pocket. So if you really want to stick it to them have a sexy night in which requires no money at all! If you only wait once a year to do something romantic then shame on you! I always believed you need to keep a relationship alive and not let the romance end or fade away. You can never have too much lingerie or perfume and you can always find something new to do!
So speaking of new things to do the Fifty Shades of Grey movies is coming out on Valentine’s. I have read the books and I’m not sure how much they can put on the big screen since it is rather provocative. I’m sure it will be a “guessing” game in a lot of the scenes. I have seen a lot of people think it’s porn but it’s really not. It’s a one on one relationship that takes things to a whole other level but it wasn’t trashy and it really had a good story line although it was very poorly written. It had some surprise twists and turns in the books and you get to know Christian Grey and how he became the way he was. Ana becomes the girl who wants to rescue him from himself basically. So if any of you do see the movie let me know how much like the book it is! This is Charlie Tango signing off……. See you tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! xoxo


Hello and TGIF! I am looking forward to not having to get up so early tomorrow. I’m sure you hear me say that on every Friday blog! I’m sure a lot of you are saying that too unless you are working on Saturday and your day off is a different day.
Yes there is still lots of snow and it’s not melting or going anywhere just huge mountain size piles everywhere and I hear more snow coming! I won’t talk much about snow since I am sure you are all sick of hearing it or dealing with it yourselves. It does however make me feel like taking a vacation! I have been thinking about spring and summer and where I’d like to go. There is nothing like home sweet home but it’s nice to get away at some point even if not very often. So where would I go? I have been thinking Disney and Universal Studio’s!! I have gone there three times but the last time was five or more years ago and I see online a lot has changed in the parks and there is lots of new things. Plus you just can’t beat going some place that makes you feel like a kid again! I’d also like to visit California someday and somewhere tropical with baby blue waters and white sand beaches! So where would you want to go? Do you have any vacations planned already? Share your dream vacation with me on Twitter or FaceBook and don’t be shy and join in the conversation! Have a great weekend and I will talk to you Sunday when the Beauty Blog changes! xoxo


Hello everyone! It has just been a long week and a half of snow, snow and more snow. There is still mountain size piles everywhere and now the streets are pure ice today. I have said in my past blogs how I like winter, and I do, but not this much snow and not when they don’t plow or salt the side roads. They do the main ones but then everyone is stuck in their homes if they can’t even make it out to that point. So welcome to Cape Cod where if it’s not tourist season they don’t care!
So we are already into the second month of this year and time is really flying by and January came in with a bang! I have lots of things I want to change for this year, like my YouTube for example, but just haven’t figured that part out. I think writing may be more of my thing then sitting in front of a camera. Then yet who knows! I think we all have an opposite side to us that we just haven’t explored yet! Muhaha….. ;)

So on that note don’t be afraid to take a different approach to things. If one way isn’t working then try another! Stay safe out there if you’re driving and if you’re in a nice warm sunny state I’m packing my bags and heading over so make room! Lol. See you all tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! Till then….. xoxo


TGIF! This has been one long week of being snowed in with more snow due this afternoon!! Don’t know where the heck we’ll fit it all since I finally ventured out and it’s just mountains of snow everywhere making it very dangerous to drive since side streets STILL have not been plowed and the sky high snow piles at every corner make it impossible to see if other vehicles are coming when at a corner! So please drive very slow and very carefully!! As usual I seen lots of people out there going fast and not paying attention. Too bad they can’t give those drivers a huge neon sticker that says “dumbass driving stay back 50 feet” Lol.
So besides the snowpocalypse the “Diary of a Female Villain” started yesterday!! I am so excited about this blog because it’s going to be fun to do as it’s on the darker side of the Hot in Hyannis line-up! I think you will see lots of different sides to this character and yes her name will eventually be revealed! So check that out if you dare! I will leave the link below and have a great weekend and I will talk to you all again soon! xoxo

To see a video of the Snow Storm 2015 watch here!


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


THIS IS WHAT I ATE ON TUESDAY! (Snow Storm 2015 day)
MAPLE & BROWN SUGAR HOT OATMEAL: It was a good day for a warm breakfast since there was a blizzard going on out there! Then as always my illy’s coffee and a glass of milk.
ROAST BEEF SANDWICH: Since there was a storm I had stocked up on sandwich meat so I had a roast beef with swiss cheese and my drink was raspberry ginger ale.
CHICKEN: I had lost power but luckily not for long so I was able to still cook! I had chicken with panco bread crumbs, mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & carrots) with spanish rice. My drink was just spring water.
FRITOS & A SNO-BALL: I had gotten chips for the storm and I love Fritos!! The “sno-ball” was fitting for this day as well but it wasn’t the frozen kind but the Hostess ones! OMG I still love them! To anyone who hasn’t tried them you should!


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Hello everyone! It’s Snowmageddon here on Cape Cod! It started last night and I kept waking up since the wind was so loud! Today there are big snow drifts and in other spots it looks rather bare. It just depends on the way the wind blows. I wanted to take pictures but I’ll have to wait until the winds die down since when I try to open the door I get blasted with wind and snow! The windows are also covered in snow and ice since yep I tried that angle to! So far there is one partial tree down and in the spot I would usually park so I am happy everything was moved before hand to make room for the snow plows. Which by the way they suck at it here in Hyannis!! Talk about a quick and cheap one skimpy pass that will barely fit my car when I have to go out when this is all over! I feel I should get a refund on my taxes since it’s a half a** job I’m getting then give me half back!
So not much else to tell other then so far the power is still on and I hope it stays that way!! If you are in the path of the storm try to stay in. I know lots of people get antsy sitting in the house or they want to go sledding or check out the neighborhood but please wait until they lift the driving bands so you know the roads are safe and then go have a blast or go be nosey or both! So sit back with some coffee or hot chocolate, watch some tv if the power is on or read a good book if it’s not and just enjoy the snow day home! See you tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog if my internet is still working by then! xoxo


Hi everyone! I didn’t do a blog on Friday so I thought I’d do one today! It is raining here again as usual. I have never seen it rain so much during winter like it has this year. It’s very dreary and makes me lazy and all I feel like doing is staying in and watching some tv with a cup of coffee. I may just watch a movie later since it’s Saturday and well, why not! :)
As you all may or may not know I put up a preview of the “Diary of a Female Villain” blog! It’s just a couple lines but I figured I’d give you an idea of what it will be like. Do you dare read a villain’s diary? I am excited to do this blog and hope you all enjoy it. It will be interesting to go to the dark side for a change! lol. It will not be for the faint hearted since a villain isn’t going to be writing about saving kittens! I can say that you just may find yourself rethinking who’s side you’re on and falling in love with the character! It will be up next Thursday so keep an eye out for it!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you tomorrow when the beauty blog changes! xoxo Click here to see the preview —> VILLAIN.


Hello everyone! Another weekend gone by and we are 20 days into January already! Is it just me or is time really flying by faster then usual? Well it’s a new year so let’s hope for good things even if it is speeding by!
Did anyone make any resolutions and have you kept them? As you know I don’t bother. Change can be done any time any day and no need to wait till the year on the calander changes. I do feel this year will be different and in what way I’m not sure yet. I know I’m different in a lot of ways. Last year made me look at a lot of things and people differently and it’s funny how others actions can make you change and see things in a whole other light. I have also learned to go with those changes since that’s all you can do! I think what I hate most is when others change you in a bad way. When you wake up one day and no longer are an asset to certain people their true colors come out and I seen a lot of that last year and into this one. Sad really when people only bother when they can get something and when they can’t it’s gloves off! If you have people like that in your life you are not alone. Just let them be and trust me when I say it’s their loss!! Pushing a good person to the point they no longer care is something they will regret later. Good family and friends are hard to come by.
Well I hope you all had a great start to the week and I will see you tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! Till then! xoxo


Hi guys! TGIF I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow! It’s so dark out when I get up during the week and a long way to go before it’s light out early. The sun is out today off and on. At least I think that’s what that glowing yellow thing is in the sky. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it that I forget! Lol. It’s been raining a lot here and for those of you who don’t know Barnstable MA was named after Barnstaple England and we all know they are known for the constant rain. So we are getting a taste of what it’s like to live there!
Any of you have any plans this weekend? I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet. I know I say that all the time. I did have a nice dinner out with the neighbors last weekend and we went to one of my favorite places the Barnstable Tavern. I hadn’t been there in ages and I got the chowder which was so so, I was surprised it wasn’t too good this time, and for my dinner I had the baked scrod which that was really very good! It not only had a bread crumb topping but some other sort of sauce as well and it came with green beans and boiled potatoes. Then I had dessert which was a type of chocolate lava cake which I don’t rememeber the exact name of. Anyways it was good to catch up with friends. It’s funny how you can live so close to someone yet barely see them!
So are you closer to far away family and friends then you are to ones that are close by? I admit that I talk to people on twitter every day usually and I can’t remember the last time I talked to my other friends in real life. It’s funny how someone you never met becomes part of your every day life! I am so thankful and happy to of met all of you! So I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on the twitter side! xoxo


Hi Guys! It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” again! In case you don’t know what that is it’s when I keep track of everything I ate on a previous day! My daily food intake isn’t really all that exciting but it’s fun to see what other people eat even if it’s rather plain and ordinary! So if you’d like to let me know what you ate leave me a comment on the “What I Ate Wednesday” post on FaceBook or Tweet me on Twitter! It’s fun to see how alike or different we all are! So let me get started!


MAPLE & BROWN SUGAR OATMEAL: I can’t find the raisin one I love anymore! So it’s this one for now. Then as usual my illy’s coffee and a glass of milk.
BACON, EGG & CHEESE BISCUIT: I got this in the morning from McDonalds and saved it for lunch. I just heat it up in the microwave. I got a coffee to go with it.
LINGUICA: I had some late afternoon appointments and I wanted something quick so I just fried up some Gaspers Linguica patties and made quick sandwiches with chips on the side. My drink was an iced tea.
CHOCOLATE CAKE: I got this from a market in Osterville called Fancys. It’s their home made chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. OMG it’s so good!!


So thanks for joining me on my “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! I will do them on different days so you can see what I eat on the weekends as well, when I tend to go out and eat, compared to during the week! Till next time! xoxo


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! This is my second attempt at a blog since I already wrote one but the internet froze and then it lost my work! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I have no idea exactly how I worded it all so here I go again!
So are you a day by day person or do you think ahead? What I mean by think ahead is do you worry about things that haven’t happened yet? I am guilty of this myself sometimes. I only know a couple of people who never worry about anything and to be honest it pisses me off! Lol. I mean the world isn’t made out of rainbows and butterflies, ok there are those things, but you know what I mean. The overly positive person that always says “whatever” and “no big deal” drives me nuts! I am trying to be a more day to person but sometimes that can be hard. I like knowing the choices I make will still be good ones in the long run. So for me making a big decision today I do look ahead. Then there have been times I have lived in the moment and haven’t thought about the future and it comes to bite you in the butt later. So are you a go with the flow day to day person and live in the moment or do you think ahead or both? Let me know and I will see you all tomorrow for the “What I Ate Wednesday” blog! xoxo


TGIF! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! It’s so dark out at 6am when I have to get up that it feels like I should be still in bed. I need a hammer for my alarm clock! Then yet I’d go through a lot of alarm clocks that way. Lol
Today’s topic is letting go. How do you know when enough is enough and to let something go for your own sanity? Doesn’t matter who or what it’s about but at some point we all have to know when to walk away whether it’s a person, job, belief, etc… I think for me it’s about what I can live with that determines when I have had enough. It’s never good to let someone else tell you how to handle a situation tho. You can ask for advice, or listen to it even if it’s not asked for, but in the end it should be your decision. Even walking away for a while can give you some time to assess it later. Also keep in mind what’s best for others since some choices can’t be just about what makes you feel better. There may be times you have to live with a decision you make even if it was something you had to do and not what you wanted to do. Also you are never good to anyone else unless you also take care of yourself. It’s not selfish to put yourself first once in a while. So make this New Year a year of assessing the things that you can change and letting go of the things you can’t. Also remember it’s you living with the choices you make so make them good ones! Have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday when the Beauty Blog changes! Till then…. xoxo


Hello everyone! I have been MIA taking care of some things in real life. I am back now and blogs should be on their regular schedule.  Thanks for waiting and asking about them! xoxo
I don’t have much of an update on the “Diary of a Female Villain” other then to say it will most likely be on Thursdays since I have a free opening that day! It will bring the blogs to 6 days out of 7. I’ll be down to one day off a week but that’s ok if you love what you do! I may do the diary blog more often if it goes well. I was also tinkering with the idea of making it random but I think people like knowing an exact day to look for it. So I think I will stick to Thursdays! I am also working on a way to make it both a blog and YouTube and that’s what the hold up is at the moment. I may need some help with the video’s so I may recruit someone but we’ll see! I would love for this to be interactive as well. If that end of it doesn’t work out as planned you will still be getting the blog no matter what! The YouTube end of it is just a thought right now and nothing solid. I also have my villain’s name but I am keeping that a secret for now!! I can’t wait for you to meet her and share her thoughts!
So stay warm out there, it’s 3 degrees here!! I will talk to you again soon!