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This prick has no idea who he’s dealing with. I stood there as he pointed a gun at me and repeated the same words. I could feel my blood coursing through every vein in my body. He took a couple steps towards me and as I started to kneel down just enough to grab my blade, I quickly stood back up and slit his throat in seconds. Blood splattered everywhere. The people who were on the ground watched in gratitude as they all had looks of relief. The crying turned to happy tears as they hugged each other. They had one moment of seeing life flash before their eyes to see hope brought back that they will live another day. Unfortunately for them today was not that day. The looks turned to horror as one by one I ended their lives. What a waste to have blood on such fine pieces of jewelry. I wiped my glove across the bracelet that was still in the hand of one of the victims. “No, I have enough bracelets… for now.” (she grins) Then one necklace caught my eye. I walked over to the display case that was hung on the wall behind the counters. “This has to be mine.” (she says out loud as she breaks the lock and takes it from the case) I have never seen so many diamonds on one chain. Absolutely stunning. (she holds it up to the sunlight) Time to get out of here my beauty. (she puts the necklace in her pocket and her blade in it’s holster and walks out the front door) The little bell on the door jingled as the sound of sirens echoed off the mountains in the distance. What a beautiful day. The sound of the snow crunching under my boots and the cold air that made me see my own breathe and a necklace that will look amazing with the little black dress I brought. The Holidays have begun my Diary. Who will survive them and who will I spare? Oh how I love this time of year. (she smiles and heads back to the cabin) …

DEAR DIARY, (blog 143)

The next couple of weeks were quiet. The Detective didn’t speak a word to me about what happened although I knew what he was thinking. I know he’s not happy that me and his brother get into these… situations. Once the Military Man recovered he went on a little trip by himself. He said he needed a change of scenery. I think it was more the conversation him and the Detective had shortly after we arrived back home. I thought we all could use a change so the Detective and I went to the mountains. The cold crisp air, the untouched snow, it’s just what I needed. I go every year around this time. Of coarse the Detective had to bring his work with him. He used up all his vacation time on all these… situations that come up. (she looks over at him sitting on the table with his laptop) So I decided to take a walk. I knew this place like the back of my hand. Let’s have some fun my beauty. (she grips her blade then places it in it’s holster) There’s a few new shops in town and I see sparkles from here. The sun shining through the window onto the jewelry was beautiful. I do love my diamonds. (she smiles) No one will suspect a thing in the broad daylight. (she takes a quick scan around) I opened the door and the place was already decorated for the Holidays. The bell on the door jingled as it closed. The shoppers inside were very high class and the man behind the counter wore a suit and had the longest mustache neatly combed I’ve ever seen. (she grins) This was going to be one of the easiest yet. Just as I was about to make my move I see a man rush in the door with a ski mask waving a gun and he went straight up to the man behind the counter. “You got to be kidding me.” I said to myself. “Everyone get on the ground and no one gets hurt!” He yelled out. Everyone around me started dropping to the floor crying. I stood up. “You want to die? I said get on the ground now!” He looked over at me and the gun went from the salesman to me. TO BE CONTINUED…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 142)

Kill them both, stay or leave. Those were the choices. Sometimes you have to do things that take away a small part of you but they need to be done. That’s what I told myself. There wasn’t much blood. They didn’t deserve that kind of ending. I made sure it was clean and quick. I sat there for a while just staring at their lifeless bodies. I touched the Detectives cheek and it was so cold. I knelt down beside him and dropped my knife. He still had his suit on from work. It was always so neatly pressed. (she runs her hand over the collar) He could make a suit look good. (she had a sad smile) I want to thank you. (a tear runs down her face) You showed me a side of myself I kept down for so long. A side I didn’t know I had. You were loyal at all cost. (she wipes the tear and turns away quickly) This is why I never planned on letting anyone in. (she grabs the knife, puts it back in its holster, then stops to think) There is risk in everything we do. I knew that. You knew that. Yet you stood by my side. But in this ending this was the way it was always meant to be. (she grabs a sheet and covers him) Now you are at peace. (she walks over to the Military Man still laying in the bed hooked up to I.V.) You were a good rival. (she runs her hand over his arm) You always knew how to get on my nerves but you were a lot like me in some ways. Maybe that’s why we butted heads. (she grins) I don’t know how you did it this long. You never gave up. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you seeing me with your brother. Maybe in a different life but not this one. (she grabs the other sheet and covers him) Rest well soldier… I sat there deep in my own thoughts alone in the dark waiting for the next day. When it came the sunset looked beautiful that morning. A small ray of sun casted it’s light on the piece of paper that decided my fate. All these images ran through my mind. Images I am glad were just that. Sometimes we need to see what could have been to appreciate what is. (she grabs the paper and reads it out loud) It said “Stay” So I did. (she smiles and looks over to the Detective as he’s just waking up and he looks over at her sitting on the floor besides the bed) “Is everything alright?” (she looks at him for a minute before speaking) “It will be.” (she smiles and puts the little piece of paper in her pocket) The Detective looks at her like he knows what she’s thinking. (he reaches out to grab her hand) “Stay.” (she lifts her head quickly and stares into his eyes) “We have all the time in the world.”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 141)

Do you believe in fate? …Time briefly stood still as the sound of gunfire echoed through my head. I fired back and made my way to the Military Man. There was a lot of blood. He was weak but still breathing. There wasn’t much time. He came to for a moment but we had to get out of there. I knew by the sounds of footsteps retrieving we were no longer alone. The gunfire was now aimed in the opposite direction. I heard man after man drop to the floor, necks snapping, one shot kills, this person was good. Then the sound of that singular set of footsteps was heading in our direction. I knew who this was… the Detective. He ran in the room and over to us. “We need to move quickly. My men are on their way.” He lifted the Military Man up and over his shoulders. I followed close behind keeping watch. Once again I am in awe of this man that stood before me. I should have known he’d be the first on the scene and that he might have an idea who was behind this. He always knows. He’s good at what he does. (she stops to think) Too good. The ride to his place was silent. He drove while I started to work on the Military Man to stabilize him. The Detective just gripped the steering wheel with one hand and brushed his hair back with the other. I knew he was deep in thought. This is the way he looks when he’s trying to push who he is aside. He’s the good guy. We’re not. I can see he loses a little bit of himself every time he has to turn a blind eye. He’s a good man. (she looks at him and decides to break the silence) “I want to say I’m sorry for being me but I can’t.” (he looks back at her in the rearview mirror) “I know and I don’t want you to.” (he reaches back and grabs her hand) “Let’s just get back and save my brother.” … (later that evening) Diary, I can feel the Detective’s pain. I knew the day may come when I might have to leave him to save him. Or do I just kill them both? Walk away and continue my life before they ever entered it. Yet this has become our lives and if I leave I hurt him maybe more then staying. (she gets up and cuts three small strips from a piece of paper and starts to write on each one) “Stay, Leave, Kill them both” (she says out loud then folds the papers into small squares and tosses them in to a little box) “I will pick one at random and that will decide all our fates.” (she shakes the box and reaches in and pulls one out… slowly she unwraps the paper reading which one was selected) “The decision is made.” (she drops the paper, grabs her blade and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 140)

One wrong move and it’s over. That’s what I told him right before he was shot. The bullets came out of no where. Some men are harder to go down then others and this one seemed to have risen from the dead. The Military Man was bleeding from his upper shoulder and neck. That didn’t stop him but I had to. The plan just changed. I ripped my shirt to wrap the wounds and we knew we were getting surrounded. The bullet was lodged and needed to come out before he bled to death… time to go big. I reached in my duffle bag and pulled out a tiny explosive. The Military Man just looked at me like I was insane. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen that look. (she grins) “We blow out the back of this place and that’s how we get you out of here.” I turn around quick to take out a few more of K-Man’s men as the Military Man looked faint and starts to go down. “No! You get up soldier! Your time isn’t up yet!” I wrap his arm around my shoulders and lift him up. I take him to the far corner as I get ready to blow the place. “Here we go… three, two, one…” There was a loud explosion and debris flies everywhere. The back wall is opened. “You are lucky this basement is only half underground.” I said as I lift him up. “You’ll have to squeeze through and meet me at the car.” The Military Man looks at her. “I’m not leaving here without you.” He starts to fall over again as blood drips down onto the floor. “You’re not. I’m just giving you time to get out while I hold them off. I’m right behind you.” He looks in her eyes. “Promise me.” (she looks at him) “I don’t do promises. You know that. Now go!” (she pushes him towards the way out and starts to open fire on a group of men approaching) The Military Man suddenly falls unconscious.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 139)

Tick tock, tick tock… was all I could hear as I tried to focus on dinner. We thought we my as well enjoy a good steak from the place since it was about to burn to the ground. (her eyes get dark) I glanced over at the Military Man as the waitress came over with the check. “This one’s on you.” (she grins) “Isn’t it always?” (he gives her a grin back) We went to the back where the rest rooms are. There was a long hallway. I remember exactly where this leads to since I just hid a few bodies here last week. I signaled him there was someone coming, body number one. The Military Man goes to the end of the hall and quickly grabs the guy and snaps his neck and drags the body to the hall closet. I come up from behind and check around the next corner, clear. There’s the body guard standing by the basement door, body number two. I grab my silencer, one shot through the head. I toss his body around the corner. We stop and listen as we go down each step. We can hear talking from a distant room. Someone starts to come down the stairs behind us, body number three, I slash his throat. The Military Man looks up and points to a camera. I grab my phone and pull the camera feed up and run it on a loop. The door starts to open, body number four, five and six. The Military Man smashed his gun into the first guys face and stabs the other, then shoots them both in the head while I take down the last one. Guts always make a mess. (she shakes her head) In the room on the very back wall there was a steal door with a key pad. We knew at this point we didn’t have much time. I grab my duffle bag and pull out a little device. The Military Man gives me a look. “What’s that?” I attach it to the keypad. “Watch and learn Military Man.” It reads the numbers and opens the door. Inside there’s shelves full of ammo, guns, gold bars and money amongst other things. “Jackpot.” (she grins) They quickly start loading up their bags. “Good thing there’s lots of guns here. You know we won’t get out of here without some major gunfire.” (the Military Man says to her as he starts to load the guns) Just then they hear men rushing down the stairs. “It’s party time…”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 138)

The mind wants what it wants. Right now mine is telling me it needs a little bloodshed. (her eyes get dark as she takes her knife out) You are as sharp as ever. (she runs her finger across the blade and a small drop of blood drips down) Taking out a few of those guys at the restaurant made me want to take down the whole place. After all they did make me break a promise to the Detective and besides… it gives a girl something to do. (she grins as she starts to pack her duffle bag, then she walks down to her underground garage and it’s so silent all you can hear is her heels along the concrete floor) Which car to take? (she takes a quick glance around) Ah, you are coming with me today. (she grabs the keys to the Saleen and heads out) …When I got there I went ahead of everyone in line and gave my name. The man looked at his list, smiled and asked “Are you here alone?” Just then the Military Man walks up from behind her. “No, she’s with me.” I glanced over at him and grabbed his hand and squeezed it so tight my nails dug in. (the Military Man tries to play casual while a drop of blood hits the floor) “Right this way.” A women dressed in a neatly pressed pant suit takes them to a table as the Military Man pulls his hand away and quickly wipes the blood. “Is that any way to treat your date?” (he gives her a flirty grin) “Date? More like an intruder. I should drop you right here and leave your body for them to clean up.” (she grins as she sits down and he starts to run his hand through his hair like he’s thinking and finally he speaks) “I have been eyeing this place for a while. We are not that different. (he grabs his glass) I see an opportunity and I take it. This place is a gold mine. You see that man guarding the stairwell, word is there is gold, money, you name it down there. No one gets past him and his men. K-Man runs this town, gets paid by every business out there, well more like extorts them. So I figured before you wipe half the place out and burn it to the ground let’s see what they have. (he looks her in the eyes) Whether you like it or not we make a pretty good team.” (she puts her glass down and gives him a look as she starts to tap her fingers on the table) “I always wondered what you do on your spare time.” (he looks in her eyes again) “I need to do these things as much as you do.” (she pauses for a minute then glances at the man next to the stairwell) “How many guys are down there?” “Usually about ten, on a quiet day.” (she looks back at him) “Well I just love a good challenge. Let’s do this.”… TO BE CONTINUED

DEAR DIARY, (blog 137)

Black leather boots, hair slightly tousled, perfume and my favorite red lipstick. Nothing makes a girl feel better then that. (she looks in the mirror as she puts her makeup in her bag) It’s our two year anniversary. Why people find the need to celebrate it like it’s some sort of miracle is beyond me. (she laughs) But I’ll entertain his traditional ways. (she grabs her weapons sitting on the marble countertop and places the knife in her thigh holster and puts the gun in her bag) My toys come with me everywhere. (she grins) (just then the Detective walks in) “Did I startle you?” (he walks up behind her and kisses her as he hands her a dozen red roses) “What do you think?” (she smirks as she takes the flowers and he gives her a grin as he sees her gun in her bag) “What? Like you don’t have yours?” (she gives him a look as she slides her hand around to the back of his waist and grips the handle of his gun) “Thought so. Nothing like a guy who packs hard metal.” (she grins) “You keep that up we’ll never make the reservation.” (he says as he grabs her hand) “I’d be ok with that.” (she smiles) “So would I but I know you’ll like this place. (he smiles) I had to book it two months in advance.” (she grabs her bag) “I could of gotten us on that list same day.” (she smirks) “No bloodshed tonight.” (he gives her a look as he opens the door for her) “Fine. I will be on my best possible behavior.” (she tries to make a serious face) The restaurant was very high class. I’ve seen this place. New owners bought it last year and spruced it up it seems. (she looks around) Very high end and it has a following so quickly. (she starts to tap at her fingers against her holster but quickly stops) That doesn’t happen this fast. (she looks around some more and is thinking) Something doesn’t feel right about it. (she spots the man standing by the back entrance) K-Man. Short for Killer. I’ve seen him before. This is a mobster run place. Men never do their homework. (she smiles at the Detective as he hands her a glass of champagne while all this is going on in her mind) “To us.” (she raises her glass and then glances at the far corner and sees a few men in blue suits) Something seemed to be going down. I won’t let a couple of thugs ruin this night for the Detective. So I excused myself to use the restroom to “freshen up my makeup.” (she heads towards the back room) If I take out these two, hide the bodies, by the time anyone even figures it all out we’ll have had our dinner and be long gone. (she grins) She takes her knife out. Have to do this quietly. She grabs the first guy and slits his throat, he drops to the ground. The second guy comes down the hall. Damn it, he’s too far. (she quickly puts the silencer on her gun) Right between the eyes. (she smiles) He drops. Now to clean this mess and fast. Her hands are covered in blood as she gets rid of the bodies. I need to wash this off. (she looks herself over) Not one drop anywhere else. Perfect. Just then the Detective starts to walk over to the rest area so she heads him off. “I was wondering what was taking you so long. I was getting worried.” (she grabs his hand and guides him back to the table) “Nothing. I just couldn’t find my lipstick.” (she says with a straight face) “Let’s eat I’m starved.” (she says as he stops and just stares at her) “No bloodshed tonight right?” (she grabs her glass and takes a sip) “Right. No bloodshed… ” (she grins)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 136)

I have a good side and a bad side. Most will never get to see the good. I have not let many in or many go that cross my path. I don’t need anyone. If you are in my life it’s because I want you there. I decide who stays and who goes. I am always in control. I want for nothing and no one. I get what I want. Yet here I find myself sitting in the darkness and waiting for something I never wait for… the light. It’s been 5 months 2 days and 9 hours since the Detective and the Military Man died in that explosion. It’s as if the whole world has stopped. That day will be forever etched in my mind… I had a bad feeling when they left. They were testing out the Military Mans new modified car. I had helped him build it so I stood behind. I decided to let the guys play for a while. (she smiles then it turns to sadness) The Detective called me from the parking lot while he was waiting for the Military Man to grab them some coffee when he spotted someone suspicious enter the gas station. He hung up quickly and that’s when I knew I had to get there and fast… but it was too late. The suspect shot the gas lines as I was getting out of my car a little ways up the road in shock. It was over in seconds. There were no bodies to recover, no one to bury. No one left to hold accountable, just myself. The blast took me back a bit and my hands were covered in little stones and blood. I folded them up so tight my nails were cutting into the skin. I just stood there unable to move as if I was frozen in time. Every emotion I had was gone… Then came the light, shining through the partially open curtain. I opened my eyes a little more and the sun was glaring in. I looked at my hands and the blood and cuts were gone. As I turned over the Detective put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer. “It’s too early to get up.” He smiled as he put the blankets back on me. The darkness is my life but that day I appreciated the light. I knew it was all just a dream my Diary and one dream I’d rather not have again…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 135)

Some things are better left unsaid. I find myself saying this more and more. The Detective doesn’t know the Military Man had a hand in her death and now the Military Man doesn’t know about this… and the day wasn’t over yet. (her eyes got dark) I grabbed some gasoline and I burnt his place down, his corpse in it. (she grins) I watched from a distance as the flames sparkled against the night sky. There’s something so peaceful about it. (she stops to think) What a shame I missed my date. (she looks down at all the missed calls and texts) He’ll get over it. (she tosses the phone inside her duffle bag) I am getting rather bored. Time to head back. Of coarse I crashed my car and had to erase all traces of his so I guess I will just have to find another ride home. (she smiles and starts to walk to the main road) Once I hit the city I will have my pick. (she grabs her compact and reapplies her lipstick) Time to get a car. (she sticks her thumb out when she sees an flashy expensive one coming up ahead, the car pulls over and the driver puts the window down) “You need a lift?” (he smiles and I could smell the money and arrogance a mile away) “My car broke down. Would you mind taking me home?” (she leans forward and he quickly opens the door for her) “I hope this is no trouble?” (she glances down and sees he quickly takes off his wedding ring and puts it in his pocket) “No. Not at all.” (he gives her a playboy grin) I knew this type. Handsome, suit and tie, leaves the wife home while he so called works late hours every night. I leaned back and he started driving. “It’s down that road. A little ways up ahead. Very private.” (I give him a look) He smiles and grips the steering wheel and starts to drive faster. “No. Slow down. Pull over.” (she says to him as she starts to raise her skirt a little) (he quickly pulls over) “Would you like to see what I have under this?” (she raises it a little more) “I’d give anything to.” (he says as he turns towards her) “You may regret saying that.” (she takes the knife out of her thigh holster and stabs it into his chest) “You wanted to see what I had.” (she smiles as he struggles and tries to pull her arm away but she stabs him a few more times) “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pick up strangers?” (he looks up at her as the blood pours from his mouth as he gasps for air) “I’ll take your car.” (she grins as she pushes him out the door, shoots him to be sure) “That was like taking candy from a baby.” (she sits in the driver seat, adjusts the mirror, pulls the visor down to check her hair and make-up) This has been one long day. But as they say… there is no rest for the wicked. (she grins, floors it and drives away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 134)

When I want something I get it. I don’t hold back. I don’t play games. I don’t wait. I don’t comply with demands. Give me one and you will always lose. (she grins) If you think you won or have the upper hand it’s because I let you. (she walks back and forth and then stops to put one stiletto on one of his knees and then quickly stabs her knife into his other one as he’s tied to a chair, he cries out in pain from under the duct tape on his mouth as she leaves the knife in) That black smoke knocked you out quick, one of my little inventions. Did you think I wouldn’t see you following me? I set that little crash up. I am rather pissed off I had to use one of my cars for that but I can always get another one. (she twists the knife in deeper till it hits the bone) I know you are working alone because you are too greedy to share the profits. You had a women partner because you think of us as the weaker sex, easily manipulated, some perhaps. She was. I’m not. How you managed to get the Military Man is another question. (she stops to think) You prey on weakness. So my guess was you told him you already had me, or at least that was the plan. Am I right? Oh sorry I forgot you can’t talk. (she grabs the knife out from his knee and cuts along side his face as blood covers the blade) No I won’t remove that duct tape just yet. (she starts to walk back and forth in front of him again) So no that couldn’t have been the answer. He would of call me to check. He’s not easily fooled. He’d want proof. (she starts to tap the blade with her fingers) So how you got his phone before he could do that was my next question. Then I realized you never had his phone at all. (she turns to him quickly and points her knife at him) See I unlike you am thorough. I knew someone like you couldn’t have possibly gotten the upper hand on him. So I traced back the location of the phone you spoofed using his number, disabled and redirected it and I called the Military Man and well… he answered. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him what was going on. No need. I knew this was something I could handle myself. (she grins) So here you are. (she stops right in front of him and puts her face real close to his) So yes plans do change and yes this bitch came in the way of you and your money. (she takes the knife and cuts the duct tape off his mouth and there’s blood everywhere) Any last words? “Go to hell.” (he says to her) “Oh I plan on it.” (her eyes get dark and she slits his throat as he sits gasping for air) My last words for you… (she smiles) Never mess with the Villain.



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