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Sometimes there are casualties. Two ambulance drivers, one nurse and a few that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. (she grins) But we got the Detective back to my place that night and no one suspected a thing. I have learned to live with the fact that he is who he is. He is as loyal to his calling as I am to mine, although we both do break the rules from time to time. (she smiles) He is good at what he does. I never thought I’d find myself saying that about someone like him who tries to put people like me away. (she laughs) Yet here we are all these years later. (she stops to think) Life sometimes brings you choices you might not have otherwise made. We all think we have a path to follow but the truth is we make our own. There is no right or wrong. Everything is what you make it. (she glances over at the Detective as he’s asleep and looks at his I.V. to make sure everything is in place) After my father died I took vengeance on the world. I followed the path I thought I had to. Then along came these two men. It hasn’t always been a smooth road but then yet it usually never is. (she looks over at the Military Man in the other room and he’s reading one of the Detective’s books) Now this one has been a thorn in my side from the first time I met him. (she grins) So opposite from his brother yet so alike. I know I have said that before. (she laughs) I think back to how I got here, to where I want to go. So many things have changed. I don’t play by others rules, yet I have. I don’t let people in, but here they are. To figure out the next step you have to examine your past. (she looks back at the archives on her Diary and runs her fingers down the row of secret codes that only she can open) I have enjoyed writing in you my Diary but not everything has been revealed and there are many more stories to unfold… no one tells all their secrets. (her eyes get dark) How would they feel if they knew? (she walks over to the Detective, sits beside him and puts her hand over his) Should I tell you? (she looks down at the empty vial in her duffle bag) I’d not have been able to save you otherwise. Your body wasn’t strong enough. (she gets up and takes her bag) You will see it’s for the best. Maybe also best you never know. When you awake my Detective you will feel better then you ever have. You’ll be stronger, it will keep you safer from harm. You will always be you, this won’t change that but… (she stops herself from saying what she was going to say) but some things are better left unsaid. Sleep well Detective. I have a book of my own to read before I start a new one and sometimes the most fascinating story is your own. (she grins) And sometimes the end… is just the beginning.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 155)

If it wasn’t for having to protect the Detective’s image, this would be a quick in and out mission, but everything has to look just right. His life has to remain on his terms. He has sacrificed so much for me I won’t come in and destroy that. So here we are playing by the rules… for now. (she smiles) Oh how I hate hospitals. So sterile and cold filled with bright lights, long hallways and people holding out hope while others are met with death. The uncertainty of life remains in these walls… so many stories to tell. (she looks around) I have a job to do my Diary. (she uses her I.D. card to access the private nurses area) How fun it is to play the ordinary. (she smiles as she looks in the mirror and adjusts her uniform). She goes behind the desk and grabs the Detective’s chart and looks over it. “Just as I thought. Incompetent people. He should have been awake by now.” She’s about to walk out when another nurse walks in. “Are you new? That’s not proper protocol. We don’t remove files from this area.” The nurse says as she’s trying to look at her badge to see her name. “Let’s just say I am filling in for someone. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this kind of thing a long time and I’m going to give you some advice on protocol that I always follow. (she leans in close) Never leave loose ends.” (she grins as she slits her throat and drags her to the linen closet) “At least the blood on my uniform won’t look out of place.” (she smirks) Then she heads out into the hallway and walks over to the Military Man. She hands him the folder and he opens it up. “You change a few things in the system we talked about and I’ll go see how our patient is doing.” When she gets to his room he’s hooked up to machines and he looks so pale. She puts her duffle bag down on the chair, closes the curtain and pulls out a little vial. “Time to wake up Detective.” She injects it into his I.V. She put the vial back into her bag, zips it up and looks at the time. “It should be kicking in right about… now.” She looks down at him as his eyes start to open. “Welcome back Detective.” She smiles and the Military Man walks in. “Good news. Your being transferred.” He looks over at his brother then to her. “Good work soldier. Let the second part of the plan begin.”



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