Diary of a Female Villain™


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I have a good side and a bad side. Most will never get to see the good. I have not let many in or many go that cross my path. I don’t need anyone. If you are in my life it’s because I want you there. I decide who stays and who goes. I am always in control. I want for nothing and no one. I get what I want. Yet here I find myself sitting in the darkness and waiting for something I never wait for… the light. It’s been 5 months 2 days and 9 hours since the Detective and the Military Man died in that explosion. It’s as if the whole world has stopped. That day will be forever etched in my mind… I had a bad feeling when they left. They were testing out the Military Mans new modified car. I had helped him build it so I stood behind. I decided to let the guys play for a while. (she smiles then it turns to sadness) The Detective called me from the parking lot while he was waiting for the Military Man to grab them some coffee when he spotted someone suspicious enter the gas station. He hung up quickly and that’s when I knew I had to get there and fast… but it was too late. The suspect shot the gas lines as I was getting out of my car a little ways up the road in shock. It was over in seconds. There were no bodies to recover, no one to bury. No one left to hold accountable, just myself. The blast took me back a bit and my hands were covered in little stones and blood. I folded them up so tight my nails were cutting into the skin. I just stood there unable to move as if I was frozen in time. Every emotion I had was gone… Then came the light, shining through the partially open curtain. I opened my eyes a little more and the sun was glaring in. I looked at my hands and the blood and cuts were gone. As I turned over the Detective put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer. “It’s too early to get up.” He smiled as he put the blankets back on me. The darkness is my life but that day I appreciated the light. I knew it was all just a dream my Diary and one dream I’d rather not have again…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 135)

Some things are better left unsaid. I find myself saying this more and more. The Detective doesn’t know the Military Man had a hand in her death and now the Military Man doesn’t know about this… and the day wasn’t over yet. (her eyes got dark) I grabbed some gasoline and I burnt his place down, his corpse in it. (she grins) I watched from a distance as the flames sparkled against the night sky. There’s something so peaceful about it. (she stops to think) What a shame I missed my date. (she looks down at all the missed calls and texts) He’ll get over it. (she tosses the phone inside her duffle bag) I am getting rather bored. Time to head back. Of coarse I crashed my car and had to erase all traces of his so I guess I will just have to find another ride home. (she smiles and starts to walk to the main road) Once I hit the city I will have my pick. (she grabs her compact and reapplies her lipstick) Time to get a car. (she sticks her thumb out when she sees an flashy expensive one coming up ahead, the car pulls over and the driver puts the window down) “You need a lift?” (he smiles and I could smell the money and arrogance a mile away) “My car broke down. Would you mind taking me home?” (she leans forward and he quickly opens the door for her) “I hope this is no trouble?” (she glances down and sees he quickly takes off his wedding ring and puts it in his pocket) “No. Not at all.” (he gives her a playboy grin) I knew this type. Handsome, suit and tie, leaves the wife home while he so called works late hours every night. I leaned back and he started driving. “It’s down that road. A little ways up ahead. Very private.” (I give him a look) He smiles and grips the steering wheel and starts to drive faster. “No. Slow down. Pull over.” (she says to him as she starts to raise her skirt a little) (he quickly pulls over) “Would you like to see what I have under this?” (she raises it a little more) “I’d give anything to.” (he says as he turns towards her) “You may regret saying that.” (she takes the knife out of her thigh holster and stabs it into his chest) “You wanted to see what I had.” (she smiles as he struggles and tries to pull her arm away but she stabs him a few more times) “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pick up strangers?” (he looks up at her as the blood pours from his mouth as he gasps for air) “I’ll take your car.” (she grins as she pushes him out the door, shoots him to be sure) “That was like taking candy from a baby.” (she sits in the driver seat, adjusts the mirror, pulls the visor down to check her hair and make-up) This has been one long day. But as they say… there is no rest for the wicked. (she grins, floors it and drives away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 134)

When I want something I get it. I don’t hold back. I don’t play games. I don’t wait. I don’t comply with demands. Give me one and you will always lose. (she grins) If you think you won or have the upper hand it’s because I let you. (she walks back and forth and then stops to put one stiletto on one of his knees and then quickly stabs her knife into his other one as he’s tied to a chair, he cries out in pain from under the duct tape on his mouth as she leaves the knife in) That black smoke knocked you out quick, one of my little inventions. Did you think I wouldn’t see you following me? I set that little crash up. I am rather pissed off I had to use one of my cars for that but I can always get another one. (she twists the knife in deeper till it hits the bone) I know you are working alone because you are too greedy to share the profits. You had a women partner because you think of us as the weaker sex, easily manipulated, some perhaps. She was. I’m not. How you managed to get the Military Man is another question. (she stops to think) You prey on weakness. So my guess was you told him you already had me, or at least that was the plan. Am I right? Oh sorry I forgot you can’t talk. (she grabs the knife out from his knee and cuts along side his face as blood covers the blade) No I won’t remove that duct tape just yet. (she starts to walk back and forth in front of him again) So no that couldn’t have been the answer. He would of call me to check. He’s not easily fooled. He’d want proof. (she starts to tap the blade with her fingers) So how you got his phone before he could do that was my next question. Then I realized you never had his phone at all. (she turns to him quickly and points her knife at him) See I unlike you am thorough. I knew someone like you couldn’t have possibly gotten the upper hand on him. So I traced back the location of the phone you spoofed using his number, disabled and redirected it and I called the Military Man and well… he answered. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him what was going on. No need. I knew this was something I could handle myself. (she grins) So here you are. (she stops right in front of him and puts her face real close to his) So yes plans do change and yes this bitch came in the way of you and your money. (she takes the knife and cuts the duct tape off his mouth and there’s blood everywhere) Any last words? “Go to hell.” (he says to her) “Oh I plan on it.” (her eyes get dark and she slits his throat as he sits gasping for air) My last words for you… (she smiles) Never mess with the Villain.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 133)

Some days your will is tested more then others. Today was one of those days. I listened as some prick told me what to do, rules to follow. (she thrusts her knife into the table) His voice echoed in my head… “Did you really think you’d kill the Detectives ex and get away with it? You ruined our plans. I don’t really care that she’s gone, I was planning on screwing her out of her half anyways, but I get real mad when some bitch comes in the way of me and my money. He would have paid a big ransom for her. He has too big of a heart not too, his downfall. He just can’t resist saving people. Can he? But you and your partner in crime, the Military Man as you call him, had to kill her. But as you know plans can change and now I have something even better… his brother… and soon to be you. That will cost him twice as much.” (he laughs) “Time to pay the piper.” … I could feel my blood coursing through my veins. I would tear him apart when I got my hands on him. “You’ll come in handy today my beauty.” (she grabs her blade and puts it in it’s holster) I had to call the Detective to make sure he was ok. He was working on some paperwork and said he wished I had gone with him. Right about now I wished I had too. It didn’t appear he knew anything that was going on. Do I say something? Warn him? If I do he’ll run right back here and right into the hands of a maniac. I can stop this before he ever has to know. So I said my goodbyes to him and it felt like the last time I would ever talk to him. “That’s crazy.” (she said to herself as she pushed the thought out of her head and started packing a few things) “This little baby of mine hasn’t been tested much but I think this will come in handy.” (she smiles and slips a small vial into her pocket) “Oh how I love my toys.” See you soon my Diary. Watch over the Detective for me. She grabbed her duffle bag and was on her way when a car crashed into hers and everything went black.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 132)

The Detective had an out of town assignment. He wanted me to go but I don’t think he’d get much work done with me there. (she grins) Besides my diary, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that other sentimental crap people say. (she laughs) Also I have had my eye on my next victim. (she smiles) Tall dark and handsome and let’s not forget rich. He has left me countless messages and now I think I have made him wait long enough. I love a guy who doesn’t give up, (she smirks) makes my job so much easier. We are meeting at a high class private restaurant. He wanted to pick me up but I insisted on driving myself. Silly boys. (she glances down at her nails) And I better not chip my polish tonight because I am loving this cherry red. (she smiles) So what to do with this one? (she taps her fingers on the table) Knife? Gun? My bare hands? A girl gets bored with the same old thing. (she glances down the hallway at some rope she has rolled up in the corner) That’s it… I haven’t strung anyone up in a while. (her eyes get dark) And he has a penthouse. How perfect. (she grins) The higher the better. The last time I done this was when I was sending a message to the Military Man. How times have changed. (she’s about to get up when her phone rings) Speaking of the devil. “I’m on my way out. Whatever it is save it for tomorrow.” (she hangs up on the Military Man) (the phone rings again) “Don’t try my patience.” (she’s about to hang up again when she hears an unfamiliar voice on the other end) “I wouldn’t hang up if I were you.” (she puts the phone fully back up to listen and gets an angry look in her eyes) “Good girl. Now if you want to see him alive you’ll do exactly what I say.” TO BE CONTINUED…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 131)

Black jeans, white t-shirt. That’s what the last seen wearing post said. The Detective was silent that night when he came home. He knew I had something to do with her disappearance. He didn’t have to ask me. I don’t think he wanted to know. He sat there and ran his hands through his hair with that look he has when he’s thinking. I can see the constant battle in his mind. Is he fighting who he is or from becoming something he’s not? “Some things are better left unsaid.” That’s what he said to me yet again as he had me up against the wall and was looking so deep into my eyes before he kissed me. “You are like a drug.” He says as he’s taking off my shirt. I grab his belt buckle. “Then you better stay away.” I whisper into his ear as I start to take it off. “You are in every vein in my body. There is no turning back.” He grabs both my wrists and ties the belt around them. “No more talking.” … The next morning he was still asleep so I slipped out to grab us coffee. I kept picturing my run in with his ex. There was so much blood. The rage in me took over. If only he knew her real plan for coming back. (she stops to think) It doesn’t matter now. I did what I had to do. Just then the Military Man walks in the coffee shop and stands up close to me. I glance over at him. “Did the blood stains come out?” He put his money down on the counter for his coffee. “They did.” She takes her coffees and grabs a couple of muffins. “That’s good.” (she smirks) “You really shouldn’t have been there.” He grabs his coffee and throws down a tip. “Since when do I listen?” (he smiles) “You don’t.” (she grins) He walks with her to the door and she stops him for a moment. “The Detective can never know you had any part in this.” (she gets a serious look in her eyes and he gets a little closer) “I don’t want him to know any more then you do.” The Military Man starts to look frustrated. “When will you learn you can trust me?” She stops again and turns to him. “Sadly I already do… kinda.” She smirks and walks away. “Enjoy your coffee Military Man.” She walks to her car and he yells over to her. “You really know how to drive a guy crazy don’t you!” (he smiles and gets in his car) Now my Diary… what happened that day with the Detectives ex… that is one story that will not be told… yet.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 130)

Jealousy is for the weak and I fight to keep no man. It’s not about trusting the other person it’s about trusting in yourself. If he were to hang himself, which I highly doubt, but let’s just play devils advocate and say he did, I would leave him just enough rope to do so. (she taps her fingers on the table) So you see my Diary, I don’t get jealous, I walk away. That’s one game I refuse to play. His loss would be someone else’s gain. (she grins) Then I’d slit both their throats. (she thrusts her knife into the table) So I went on the supply run with the Military Man as scheduled and I must say it was a better score then I thought. (she smiles) Oh how I love my toys. Then I met up with the Detective for dinner as we had planned before I left. He told me all about his new trainee and who she was, their history, and then told me he put in for someone else to train her. So he passed the test. (she grins) Long story short she was there when he first started his job. She use to do desk work, the book keeper, but he took her for a few shooting lessons and next thing you know she’s heading off to the police academy. They lasted a while and then well… shit happens. She wanted to get married, he was too involved at that time with finding his brother, she gave him an ultimatum and let’s just say she moved back to her home town and took a job there. Why she’s back here and why she wants this position now is the real question. (she stops to think) She could end up a problem but he assured me he’d never let that happen. I think however I’d like to meet this one for myself. Just a friendly little run in. (she pulls her knife from the table and puts it in her holster) A lot has changed since she left. She will learn you can’t have what is no longer yours. (her eyes get dark) Time to teach the trainee a few things.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 129)

It’s been 12 days, 8 hours and 23 minutes without any blood on my blade. That has to be a record. (she grins) Playing house can be fun and I will say it has its perks, but a girl needs to keep true to herself. (she runs her fingers across the blade and then sets it in her holster) It’s time for a supply run and I found a new place just off the highway. It seems to be another so called “hidden” base. These men don’t know the meaning of the word hidden. (she shakes her head) Not that your average person could find it. (she smirks) The Military Man invited himself to go along as usual. I think he needs to see fallen blood just as much as I do. (she grins) I don’t think he knows that the Detective filled me in on their childhood. I will keep that to myself and it will now once again remain the unspoken. (she looks at the clock) This morning the Detective said they were bringing in a new trainee for him. He was waiting to see who it was and their file came in just as I was leaving. I think this is the first time they’ve ever had him train someone. (she taps her fingers on the table) I’ll have to check this new person out. (the Military Man walks in with a strange look on his face and hands her a coffee) “You’re going to need this.” (she glances up at him and gives him a look) “You know I don’t take well to guessing games. If you have something to tell me just say it.” (he runs his hands through his hair and almost regrets saying anything at all) “Did you know my brother is training someone?” (he takes a step back) “Yes. Why?” (she starts to get an agitated look in her eyes) “Nothing. She seems really nice.” (he looks at her and looks almost frozen) “She? So it’s a women?” (she starts to laugh) “Did you really think I’d be jealous?” (she gets up and grabs her duffle bag) “Come on we have work to do.” (he stops her at the door) “Not just any women.” (she drops the bag, grabs him by the arm and pushes him up against the wall with her blade to his throat) “You have about 30 seconds to speak.” (she looks in his eyes) “It’s his ex girlfriend…”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 128)

Everything changed that day. We cleaned up the mess, hid the bodies and he did it like he’s done it his whole life. It was as if I was seeing a whole other side to him yet he seemed just like the Detective I’ve always known. I knew there was something he kept buried deep down. Something he tried hard to fight. I could see it in his eyes. (she stops to think) That’s when he spoke the unspoken and I learned more about the Detective that day… He grew up in the city. His mother stood home to raise them and his father went to work as a stock broker. He swindled millions of dollars from people without getting caught. The money and thrill went to his head. They eventually moved away to cover his tracks and soon things changed. He stood out late most nights, came home smelling of booze and perfume. He could hear the terrible fights from his room. The yelling turned to shattered glass and that turned to bruises on his mothers face. Soon the rage turned on all of them. One night his mother packed their bags while their father slept. She wanted to protect them and the only way she could do that was to run. They didn’t get far before there was flashing headlights behind them, it was his father. When she pulled over she begged his forgiveness as he held her by the throat. His mothers face turned blue as the Detective tried to pry his hands off her. His father pulled out a gun and in one shot she was dead. Shocked by what he actually done he fell to his knees and dropped it beside him. He held her lifeless body and begged his sons to forgive him. That’s when the Detective picked it up and in that second his father lay beside his mother. His brother came up behind him, put his hand on his shoulder and together they dragged the bodies into the woods. I had always known there was a connection between us. Something dark that made us who we are. Now I understand his pain and what he must live with. That is why he is so protective and why he became who he is. It has made him stronger because of it… like me. (she looks at the clock it’s 2am) Sleep well my Diary. (she glances over at the Detective asleep in bed) and you… (she smiles and lays down beside him) my Detective.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 127)

I pulled up to a little blue cottage, black shutters and a white picket fence all tucked away in a nice neatly wooded lot. (she laughs) Can these people get any more predictable? Her shiny black Audi was parked in the driveway. I made sure to park a ways back so I wasn’t seen. I could tell the woods had been disturbed and not too long ago. There were tracks leading up to the house. I am betting it’s him. (she tucks her knife into it’s holster and grabs the rest of her things) It’s on foot from here. I went around back and looked in the windows. Just as I thought there she was, the neatly pressed dress suit never ship a nail Miss Therapist, all tied up on a chair and there he was… the infamous Mad Man. I could feel my blood boil and the darkness inside was starting to take over. I gripped my knife so tight my hand was red. He was talking to her, rather yelling. I could hear him telling her how she was the only one that ever truly understood him while she just cried uncontrollably. Get a grip. (she makes a face) Weak little bitch. I went around to the side door. With a couple little tools I was in. The Mad Man kept flailing his gun around. He was losing it. I was about to make my move when the Detective came up behind me. He put his hand over my mouth and grabbed my arm until I could see it was him then he let me go. “I didn’t want you involved.” He whispered to me. “Too late.” I glanced back at him. He got that look on his face. “I want him alive. He needs to go back to jail. Pay for what he’s done.” I looked him in his eyes. “Do you really think that’s the answer? He escaped once, he’ll do it again. This one needs to go.” (he grabs her arm, she pulls away) “I understand you don’t think like I do. You’re a good man. (she gives him a quick kiss) Sometimes you have to do what’s right in your own mind. Not follow this damn badge you wear. So forgive me but this time we do it my way.” She quickly turns the corner and grabs the Mad Man by the neck. “Did you really think you would poison me and get away with it?” She breaks his arm that was holding the gun and the gun falls to the floor. “You messed with the wrong person.” (she grabs her knife and quickly slits his throat) The Detective looks at her and then goes over to the Therapist and takes the gag out of her mouth. “Are you ok?” He asks her as he starts to untie her. “You killed that man. You’re not a cop.” She looked in horror at me. “You will spend the rest of your life in jail.” She looks at the Detective. “Why aren’t you arresting her?” I walked over to her and put my knife to her cheek. “I just saved your ass. You should be thanking me.” The Detective pulls me away. “I’m calling the real cops.” (she starts to run to the phone) The Detective runs over to her and grabs the phone out of her hand. The next thing I know… one shot was fired. He shot her… for me.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 126)

When I got my strength back I dropped the Military Man faster then he could blink. (she grins) He never learns. The stunned look on his face was priceless but it was followed by that usual boyish grin of his. He is naturally flirty, persistent, sexy as all hell I got to give him that and he gets under my skin at times but he’s worthy. (she smiles) Then I backed him up against the wall near the bedroom and put my lips really close to his so he could feel my breathe without actually touching him. Then I grabbed both his hands and put them one by one behind his back and that’s when the cuffs went on. One on one wrist and one to the door handle. (she smirks) Men fall for it every time. “Sorry Military Man. I’m going solo on this one. Don’t worry you’ll get out of those in no time and when you do tell the Detective I got this one. Oh and make sure you lock the place up.” (she grins as she grabs her duffle bag and he starts to kick the door to break the handle. “Don’t do this. It’s safer if we all stay together. You seen in that file what this guy is capable of.” (she glances over at him as she’s about to leave) “Do you think I’m afraid of that Mad Man? This is personal now. No one poisons me and gets away with it.” (her eyes get dark) “You know I love the thrill of the game… bye now.” (she gives a sarcastic wave with her fingers) Then I drove up to a little hotel not too far from where I am pretty sure I’ll find the Mad Man. After studying his profile and hacking into his prison psychology reports I knew just where to start. The truly sick ones build themselves up but can never stray for too long without going to someone familiar. Someone they think they can trust. Someone who knows all his secrets and took an oath of privacy and had to quit being his therapist due to his deep rooted obsession with her six months into treatment. Someone who he thinks he can convince to take him back. I wouldn’t be surprised if dear Miss Therapist was all tied up right about now. (she grins) So my Diary… I’m off to see the shrink.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 125)

When I came to I was angered. I ripped the I.V. out of my arm and stumbled out of bed. The Military Man grabbed me before I fell. I pushed him away but he laid me back down. “So what happened?” I looked at him with my hand over my arm to stop the blood from dripping. “You were poisoned.” He grabs my arm. “You should let me put the I.V. back in. You need it.” I gave him a displeased glare as I took it from him. “I can do it myself.” (he brushes his hand over his face in that way he does when he’s frustrated) “I know you can but you don’t have to.” (he grabs her arm again waiting to be hit but she lets him do it) “Where’s the Detective?” (she lays back on the pillow exhausted as he adjusts the bag of fluids) “He’s on a mission. After we made sure you were going to be ok he set out to find that guy who did this to you.” (she looks worried) “Do you still have his file?” (he walks over to his jacket and pulls out a paper) “I made a copy when he wasn’t looking.” (he grins as he hands it to her) “Nice work.” (she smiles) “I don’t want him doing this alone.” (he pulls up a chair next to her bed) “I know but I need you well enough. Then we’ll go meet up with him. My brother is stronger then you think. He’s also pretty stubborn when he sets his mind to something. Kind of like someone else I know.” (he smirks as he hands her some water) “Give it another 24 hours then we’ll head out.” (she looks up at him) “6” (he gives her a look) “There’s no way 6 is enough. This was a highly toxic poison.” (she starts to sit up on the bed) “I have something that will work on this but we need to go back to my place.” (he looks at her and has that look on his face) “He’ll kill me if he finds out I let you go. He wants you at his place.” (she looks him in the eyes) “Either he kills you or I do. I’m getting out of here either way. Don’t worry I can handle the Detective. It’s not the first time we haven’t listened.” (she grins) “Now get me my things and let’s go.” (he looks hesitant but gets up and grabs both their bags) “I’m driving. We’ll take my car.” (he helps her up and they walk over to the door) “You’re lucky I like you.” (she grins then starts to get weak and he lifts her up) “Someday it will be more then just like.” (he smiles) To be continued…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 124)

There was a small church up the road. Sinners went there to confess their sins then go back onto the streets to commit new ones. I followed them one by one and made my own judgment that day. I decided their fate. (her eyes get dark) No one made it out alive. I then stopped at the coffee shop and in walked the Military Man. He grabbed a cup of coffee at the counter and sat down at the table with me. He could always tell when I was contemplating something. I guess the killing sprees gave it away. (she grins) He reached in his pocket and pulled out a bracelet. It was mine that I thought was lost that day at Corrs place. “I fixed it for you.” He slides it across the table. “You have expensive taste. I had to replace a few of the diamonds.” (he gives her a look and smiles) I picked it up and looked it over and gave him a slight grin. “This is my favorite one. I’m not paying you for the diamonds.” (she smirks as she puts it on) “I didn’t expect you to. This one’s on me.” He grins. “Have you gotten whatever it is out of your system?” She sips her coffee and slowly places the cup down. “I have… I think. One can never tell when the urge will arise.” (she smiles) Just then the Detective walks in. He sits down and has that look on his face like something’s wrong. (they both look worried) He grabs his briefcase and pulls out a folder and places it in front of us. I grab it and start to read it with the Military Man. “Who’s this?” I looked over a picture and a profile of a man. “This is a vile one.” (she sits back and starts to think and the Military Man grabs the file) “This is dated from 5 years ago. So what’s the importance of this one?” The Detective runs his hands through his hair. “He’s escaped from prison. Long story short I put him there. He has vowed revenge. I found this left on the steps of the station.” He pulls a note out and hands it to her. “I am worried for your safety. He’ll try to hurt you to get to me. So I need to find him first. Meantime I want you to lay low.” (she laughs) “When have you ever known me to lay low?” (she grins) He grabs her hand and looks frustrated. “Then we are all staying together. We’ll stay at my place. I want someone with you at all times.” She looks him in the eyes and kisses him. “You are sexy as hell when you are protective but I really don’t…” Just then everything went black.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 123)

I hope to never hear the words “Elite Soldiers” ever again. I think the Detective and the Military Man both agree. I had a lot of explaining to do this time which to some extent I did. (she smirks) I guess I kind of owed them that since they came through for me once again. I never doubted their ability. Not even for a second. I am not use to this but I have to say it’s nice. (she glances over at the two of them talking over in the kitchen and smiles) There is nothing more attractive then a loyal man, or in this case I should say men. (she grins as she taps her fingers on the table) To think I almost killed them at one point or another. The Military Man several times. (she smiles) We went through Corrs place from top to bottom. I was impressed, slightly. (she grins) He built the place well, had a few decent toys but his mind went to a place of no return. The fact that he had these men as errand boys and his deep rooted obsession with the past he was a ticking time bomb. He needed to go. Then we blew the place sky high. (her eyes get dark) The blast was music to my ears. There will be no more trace of him or any of the work he’s done. Some things should never see the light of day. His work was one of them. This whole ordeal has made me realize something. (she stops to think) While I value and live by my fathers teachings it is time I reassess my own set of rules. One must not let the past determine the future. While I will always walk by those guidelines as my foundation it is time, time to take my ways a step further. I am done holding back. Forgive me father but I am about to sin… but I will make you proud. (she grins)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 122)

This has to be the first time I ever let anyone track me. (she grins) I could tell the way this day was going to go and a girl has to come to the party prepared. So I slipped the Detective a tracker. (she smiles) The room I was in was locked from the outside, I expected that. It took me seconds to break open. I could hear a few of the Elite Soldiers coming. This is when I miss my toys. Carr made me leave my duffle bag behind before I got in the car. I do hope the Detective brought it. Good thing he didn’t find you my beauty. (she looks down at her blade and goes to the end of the hallway) The first soldier turns the corner and she slits his throat. No gun on this one? (she looks pissed) The second one behind him fires. She looks behind her and sees a door and kicks it in. There has to be something in here I can use. She starts rummaging through drawers and finds a hand gun. She checks for bullets, and there’s only one left in the chamber. She turns just in time to shoot the next soldier right between the eyes then tucks the gun in her holster. She notices that so far no rooms have had windows so she continues making her way through this maze Corr has built. Down one hallway to the next, only stopping to grab any gun and ammo from the previous soldiers she killed. It seems most had weapons built into their robotic arms, clever. Then she hears more of them coming up from a side hallway and from ahead. She looks around, no access to the ceilings they’re solid, just doors and rooms. He made this an indoor prison of sorts. “Bravo.” She says out loud. The sounds of footsteps and gunfire get louder. She decides to just keep going head on. With her knife gripped in one hand and a gun in the other she moves quickly forward. “Time to go straight into the line of fire. Let them shoot at me while I’m standing straight in the middle of them all.” (she smirks as her eyes get dark) Getting closer she hears familiar voices. She turns the corner into the main room and it’s the Detective and the Military Man fighting the remaining soldiers. The Detective looks over and smiles as he slides her duffle bag over to her. The Military Man gives a look of relief to see her and gives his boyish grin and nods his head as they all go into this final battle…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 121)

Candle light dinner waiting… just like old times. (she grins as she looks at the table all set up as she walks in the room) “Are we going to have an audience?” (she casts him a displeasing glare) (he glances at his men and signals them to leave) “Why do you have these soldiers as lap dogs? I can see you have altered these men even further, gave them robotic body parts. How many do you have?” (he pulls out a chair for her to sit and he brushes his hands through his hair like he does when he’s thinking and sits across from her) “I have 27 of them. They would have died without my help. These men were the defects, thrown away. I saved them.” (he pours them a glass of wine) “I remembered this is your favorite. (he gives her a flirty smile as he hands her the glass) “I missed this all these years, missed us. I tried to move on, to forget, but I was never really happy. You showed me a side of myself I tried hard not to see.” (she ignores his words and looks at the time then speaks) “This is beneath you. I do what I do but I don’t keep my victims as you have done. Call it saving them if it makes you feel better but you are no better then the ones we use to take down or the ones who created these men in the first place. They are your slaves. They do nothing more then your dirty work. That’s not admirable.” (her eyes get dark) “I’m sorry you see it that way. I think you’ll change your mind when you see how useful they are. We could do so much destruction with an army on our side. Why fight what you can control?” (she glances at the time again and puts her hand under the table as she grips her knife) “This is not what I do and if you think this is what I want you never knew me at all. Sometimes the past should simply be left in the past.” (she glances back at the old fashioned clock with a swinging pendulum) “That clock is like the one at my parent’s house. I never noticed the intricate details of the wood carvings until the day I killed my step mother.” (he put down his glass in shock and just stares at her silently) “I did forget to mention that part didn’t I? She killed my father so I took her life. Right before I slit her throat all I could hear was that clock. Tick tock… tick tock. The sound went through my veins in sync with my heart. So you see Corr, I don’t do well with people who lie, who manipulate and try to alter my life. Actually that shit rather pisses me off!” She jumps up and slits his throat and the blood sprayed across the table as his body falls forward tipping the bottle of wine over. “What a waste of good wine.” (she grins as she hears a car pull up and guns being fired) “Right on time.” TO BE CONTINUED…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 120)

I will always remember when it all first happened, the death of my father at the hands of my step mother. I took her life in return and for the first time I was alone. I went into that dark place I bury deep inside and nothing and no one was going to stop me. I felt nothing but rage and hate. No one would survive my path. Days turned into months. I had to keep moving since I made the headlines everywhere I went. They all said the same “Stone Cold Killer”. (she laughs) Oh how simple minded some can be when you truly do not understand the true skill it takes. I became good at what I did. I rid the world of the ones who simply do not deserve to be here. The rich and elite who never want or suffer now would beg me to spare them. This was my life. I felt no guilt or remorse. Some may say I closed myself off to any feelings at all. Maybe I did. When I finally decided to settle down in one place I made myself a home. This was my safe haven. To get there I needed something to stop me, to alter my path. That’s where he came in… “So Corr, I see you kept the name I gave you. Oh and how nice of you to get the limo out for me. You really shouldn’t have.” (she grips her knife but restrains herself as he hands her a glass of champagne) “I knew there was no other way to get your attention.” (she puts the glass down) “You really have no clue what you just started do you? Do you think I spared your life all those years ago because I cared? (she looks him in the eyes) “I spared you out of obligation. It was a fun ride I will admit. We took down a lot of people which you know I love but all good things must come to an end. You wanted something I couldn’t give you. Something I still can’t.” (he puts his hands on his head in frustration running his fingers through his hair) “But you can give that to the Detective?” (she sits back in her seat and taps her fingers on the arm rest) “I do not belong to anyone. He understands that. Apparently you don’t. What did you think you were going to accomplish? I’d just run off into the sunset with you? You know I don’t do sunsets.” (her eyes get dark) “You were nothing more then a means to an end. A way for me to control the darkness. You do know if we weren’t in a moving vehicle right now I’d slit your throat all over this pretty shiny car.” (he looks at her) “You just need some time.” (he moves to the front of the car to talk to the driver) “Time… (she smiles) Yes… tick tock Corr… tick tock.” (she grins) … TO BE CONTINUED

DEAR DIARY, (blog 119)

It took everything in me not to slit his throat. If my glare could kill he’d be dead. Standing in a pool of his blood was a picture I couldn’t get out of my mind but that was for another time. I got out of there fast. I don’t trust one word he has said to me or that he will in fact honor his words. My first call was to the Detective to warn him but there was no answer and then to the Military Man to see how far out he was. He said he was 5 minutes away. I was 3. As I pulled up the place seemed quiet, a little too quiet. I went around by the back. No one seemed to be here yet. So I went inside and the sergeant said he was in a meeting. So on my way out I pulled one of the fire alarms. Old school but still works. (she grins) As everyone rushed out of the place I grabbed the detectives arm and pulled him aside. “We need to get out of here.” The Military Man was outside waiting. “What’s going on?” (the Detective stopped to get her to talk) “We can talk and move.” (she gave him a look) “It’s an old… ex friend.” Suddenly the Detectives car explodes. “They are here.” (They all pull out their guns and start firing) The Military Man looks over. “Are those Elite Soldiers?” (he fires striking a couple clear in the head) She looks at them both as they take cover and reload. “Yes. We need to get out of here and fast.” The Detective looks over at her then takes out a few more soldiers. “This guy wasn’t an ex “friend” I’m guessing.” I look back at him quickly as I take out a few more. “That’s a conversation for later.” They make their way to a side ally. Just as they are about to turn the corner a man shows up covered in bullet proof armor… he claps his hands. “Bravo Detective. So nice to finally meet you. Just call me the Corrector. I am righting a wrong… as I see it. (he grins) You have accomplished something no one else has. You made the Villain care. Dare I even go as far to say love? (he glances over at her) We all know your love for her runs deep Detective but all good things must come to an end. I want back what should rightfully be mine.” (soldiers line up behind him) “She could never fully love me. After her father died I was there for her. I was the childhood friend that she finally saw as more for the first time. (soldiers line up at the roof tops) But there was always something holding her back. A wall she put up. It seems you have found a way beyond it. I have several shots lined up straight for your head unless she comes with me. If she agrees I honor my word and you will not be harmed. Now the question is… how much does she care if you live or die?” She looks over at the detective then over to him. “I’ll go.” The Detective grabs her arm. “No. Kill me and let her go.” She looks him in the eyes. “This is not your choice.” Then she looks at the Corrector. “They both go, the detective and his brother.” The Military Man glances over. “Don’t do this.” He looks at her. “You come with me and I’ll let them both go.” She grabs the Detective’s hand and whispers… “It will be alright. I know I’ll see you soon.” She slips something into his hand then walks away.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 118)

There is no way anyone could have saved the detective that day. It’s a good thing that I’m not just anyone. (she smirks) The detective was clinically dead for 1 minute 12 seconds. That’s all it took for me to revive him. I always get my way and he wasn’t going anywhere on my watch. Another little blood donation from the Military Man and one of my new I.V. cocktails and the detective was well on his way to recovery. (she smiles) When he was well enough we went away for a few days to the most secluded spot I could find. He still doesn’t know I had to kill the people whose reservations we took, but he doesn’t have to know everything. (she grins) I think he knows how I feel about him now. Actions speak louder then words. The Detective and the Military Man have made their peace. So things have gone back to normal whatever that may be. We are certainly not your average trio. (she grins) It does make things rather exciting. So I headed to the newly rebuilt coffee shop after the detective went to work. A little anonymous donation and the place was done in no time. I am capable of doing a good deed. (she smirks) I sat in my usual spot when I sensed someone familiar coming up behind me. I swiftly turned around as to not make a scene and held my knife to the main artery in his leg. “Don’t make me use this.” I glanced up. “I see you haven’t changed a bit.” He said as he sat down next to me. “That’s what I have always loved about you.” I gave him a dark glare. “You really didn’t think you’d never see me again did you? You are one hard girl to forget. There is just no one quite like you.” I looked him in his eyes. “We had a deal. You leave I let you live. Now you broke that deal.” He gives her a flirty smile. “I see you have started a collection of other boy toys and I don’t like to share. You know that.” He gives her a serious look. “So I will give you a choice. Walk away from them both and back to me or you see this live feed? (he shows her his phone) This will broadcast your face to every news station across the country. You won’t be able to so much as step foot outside without someone knowing you are the famous mystery villain.” I grabbed his wrist and dug my nails in until it bled. “You should know that I don’t take well to threats. You’ll be dead and I’ll have that erased in seconds.” He pulls his wrist away. “That’s why I have a little insurance in place. You see that car parked out there? Let’s see who can get to the detective first, my Elite Soldier, bet you never thought you’d hear that name again, or you. Kill me and the soldier already there will take him out in seconds. Let’s see if your Detective is worthy. Time starts now.” TO BE CONTINUED

DEAR DIARY, (blog 117)

I will always remember that dark grey day when the rain made the world seem silent. Only the silence was shattered by the sound of a single gun shot that would change everything. A shot that I wish I could undo. Time stood still as I pulled back that black hood and I can still feel the warmth of his blood on my hands and hear his last fading words in my head. Yet in his eyes he forgave me. It was a blur exactly how I got him back to the house that day. I ran on instinct. That’s what I do. I do things exactly how they are supposed to be done, no hesitation, no second guessing. There is no time for failure, emotions… no time for goodbyes… but there would be no goodbyes that day I told myself. That shot did exactly what it was suppose to do. Take the unwanted stranger down, but not to kill quickly, but a slow bleed out. Only this was no stranger and he bled out quicker then most. (she stops to think) I removed the bullet but he lost a lot of blood. He was going to need a transfusion and fast. I called the Military Man since they had the same blood type. I also had him bring me a few supplies I was going to need. That was not a decision I made lightly but there was no other choice other then to let him in on my location. This once safe haven is no more and that no longer mattered. The detective was so pale and once again there was that old familiar beeping of equipment keeping him alive. He was never supposed to be on that end of those sounds… to be in the darkness. The Military Man sat in silence followed by pacing around the room. This pattern went on for hours. I sat by the detectives side holding his hand just as he did mine all those times. I knew he could feel me because I could feel him. This is the one person I never intended to hurt. Suddenly everything in the past had no meaning as if erased from a black board. From the coffee shop to the fight against the elite soldiers to this last petty arguement that brought me here, they were gone. All that mattered is right here and now. I tried to put the thoughts out of my head that kept creeping up. It was the same thought over and over again. Dear Diary… the detective died that day. TO BE CONTINUED

DEAR DIARY, (blog 116)

The rain was coming down heavy and the grey skies were casting down a dreary darkness. Despite the constant noise it made up against the windows it made the world silent. (she places her cup down on the coffee table in front of her) I went back to my father’s home for a while. It’s where I go to recharge myself and truly relax. This is like the place time has forgotten. I looked through pictures on the mantle and remembered what life use to be like and what it could have been. I think we all at some point sit and contemplate our situations. The people in or not in it, the paths we have chosen and where we want to go but know deep down that will not be our destiny. You can’t stay stuck in the past. That’s not to say the past should be forgotten and people should get away with certain choices they’ve made. Some may think I should not get away with what I have done and what I continue to do. They just don’t understand and to them I say try to stop me. (she smiles) I have turned a blind eye to the endless daily calls and texts from both the Detective and the Military Man. The Detective wants to talk. (she looks at her phone and it’s ringing and she places it back down) Everyone wants to talk. (she rolls her eyes) That dream I had last week was haunting. There are not many that are. I have made some rather unexpected decisions in the past and no one has ever altered my path… yet these two men have. But a girl can’t help but love her toys no matter what they may be. (she smiles) The Detective has been so loyal to me and so has the Military Man. (she stops to think when she hears someone outside) No one knows where this place is. (she grabs her gun) Well looks like today won’t be a relaxing day after all. (she grins) I went out a back way and up through the side of the woods. I know this place like the back of my hand and there is no where for them to go. No where to run. (her eyes get dark as she locks in on a figure wearing a black jacket with the hood up) I can’t see their face. (the rain soaks her hair and clothes yet she stays locked on her target) I quickly made my move and before they knew it I had them on the ground, one clean shot. Not to kill them… yet. (then she runs over and pulls the hood back and suddenly lowers her weapon) “I really… need to talk to you. I… ” (she looks him in the eyes as they start to close) No No… No!! Stay with me… (she starts to put pressure on the wound) It was the detective.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 115)

Yesterday was my wedding day. We got married out back at my parent’s house. It made me feel like they were there in some way. Even tho it’s just unmarked graves I knew they were by my side. My mother always wanted me to have a normal life. My father wanted that too but he could see my strong will for independence. Maybe this is a mistake. (she stops to think) My dress was black. (she laughs) I’m sure you’re not surprised. The delicate lace detail was beautiful and it was adorned with tiny black pearls and diamonds. I had it custom made. It’s too bad he won’t be making dresses any more. (she runs her finger over her blade) Can’t leave any witness to this occasion behind. (she grins) With my black thigh high stockings with my blade by my side and my gun in my holster, deep red lipstick, smoky black eyes and black stiletto heals I made my way down the path to the spot where we would say our vows. My veil blew in the wind brushing my hair back away from my face. The sun was shining bright that day casting a soft glow and as I made my way closer I could see him. He looked so handsome in that suit, hands crossed in front of him with that restless thing he does with his fingers when he’s impatient. (she smiles) I couldn’t see his face because the sun made such a glare and with the trees above it cast a shadow, but I could feel the powerful connection. Maybe life wasn’t so bad with someone by my side? This is what my parents wanted for me. Was it time I tried this and stopped fighting what life could be? As I got closer he reached his hand out to grab mine. Then the sun faded down and I could see his face, that smile as he pulled me close to him. Then a single shot was fired from a distance. His grip in my hand faded as he looked in my eyes for the last time and fell to the ground by my feet. I immediately grabbed my gun and scanned the place. Then there he was, it was his own brother. I fired my own single shot that day. Right between the eyes of someone I use to care about. I fell to my knees in shock. Both brothers gone, my wedding dress covered in blood. Then just as quick as I lost everything… I woke up. Thankfully it was just a dream my Diary. One I would like to forget. (she walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 114)

Tick tock tick tock. Whose time is up today? (she grins) The sky is especially black tonight, my favorite color. Time to paint the town red. (she looks in her compact mirror and touches up her lipstick and then puts her knife in her thigh holster) I walked down the alley way. I like to take the side streets. (she grins) There was just something about that night that I knew I was going to have some fun. I made my way to one of the usual high class bars. A quick scan of the room and I found my victim. It looks like he’s with someone. What a shame… for her. (she gets a dark look in her eyes as she taps her nails on her drink) She’ll have to use the rest room at some point. Oh and there she goes. (she puts her drink down and follows a little way behind her) Once in the bathroom she checks all the other stalls and when it’s just the two of them she locks the door. Then she came over to the sink. Little miss rich bitch. I can tell her type. Thinks every guy wants her and never lifts a finger for anything in life. These women are just as bad as the men I rid the world of. “Nice pearls.” I said to her. “My new boyfriend gave them to me.” (she smiles just as I used them to strangle her to death) She struggled a bit but she went down quick. I had to make this one a clean kill. I can’t get blood on my new dress… yet. (she grins) Then I put her in the storage closet. Someone will find her, eventually. (she smirks) Then I slipped the waitress a small folded piece of paper to give to my awaiting victim, from his newly departed girlfriend of coarse. You know one of those “So sorry I was feeling ill and had to leave” type of notes. (she smiles) Once I seen that look on his face I made my move. Oh the spoiled rich ones hate to be left hanging on a date. Tisk tisk. He’ll live. No he won’t. (she laughs) It didn’t take long before he invited me back to his place. About 30 seconds after walking in the door I slit his throat then wiped my blade off on his pearl white sofa. (she smirks) Then I disabled and erased all cameras, did my hacking and wiped out all his accounts. The view was so nice that I sat down for a drink as I watched 9 digits transfer into my ghost account. (she looks relaxed but then she gets up) Now which car to take? These boys and their toys. (she smiles as she sifts through keys hanging on the wall) Oh how I missed this. (she reaches for one) Now let’s blow this joint. Literally. (she pulls an explosive out of her bag and sets the timer) Ten… Nine… It’s the window for me. (she pulls out her harness) Eight… Seven… (she smashes the window open) Sixteenth floor, not so bad. Six… Five… (she positions outside the window) Four… (throws her grappling hook over to the next building across the way) Three… (throws her duffle bag over her shoulder) Two… One… The place explodes… Once the smoke cleared you could see flames shooting high into sky. It looks beautiful. (she grins and watches it burn from the neighboring roof top) All in a days work. Time to go home. (she smiles) My new ride is waiting.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 113)

I don’t need a watch dog! I don’t need protecting! I don’t need anyone! (she slams her fist onto the table) When will they both get that through their head?! (she’s enraged) The rivalry between the detective and the Military Man is back. Not that it ever truly went away. I knew he noticed something had changed. I only kept the Military Man alive because he asked me too! (she throws her knife into the wall) I never planned on anything more then his blood on my blade! He asked me not to kill him. (she says again) I reminded him of that. I understand it wasn’t his fault that he was kidnapped and we all moved on. That’s what you do. I can’t change the past. What’s done is done. He talked with the Military Man after he was healed followed by a physical fight that I had to break up. I have never seen the detective full of that much hate for him. It was like he had all this bottled up anger, not just because of this but a life times worth of this brotherly battle. The Military Man had been testing his boundaries for years even before I came along. That fight was followed by silence then the sound of the Military Man speeding off in his car. The tension in the room was thick. The detective sat there with his hands over his head like he was thinking, truly thinking. Like he was trying to push away every thought that came up… but he couldn’t. When the silence finally broke it was him asking me one question. Did anything happen between me and the Military Man? The detective wanted to know the truth. He tried to trap me in this one. If I use the line of “some things are better left unsaid” then he knows it did. If I lie then I break my own rules. I should not care if he is upset. I don’t lie in this way, in these circumstances. I don’t get to care. It’s who I am. So what do I tell this man who has come to mean so much to me despite everything in me knowing it’s wrong? What do I say? I have had enough of this! The Military Man, the detective. I’m going back to my old way of life. Then when every thing became clear the answer was simple. I grabbed my knife, my gun and then I looked him in his eyes and spoke as I walked away… “The Villain belongs to no one.”
DEAR DIARY, (blog 112)

The detective has no idea how close at one point me and the Military Man were. The lines we crossed. That has been a story we both agreed was better left untold. That was back when I thought the detective and I were over. When I thought he had left and there was no more us. When I thought the detective was… the detective. The explosion was caused by a gas leak. The coffee shop once again is no more. This is the second time it has been destroyed, first by me, now this. (she grins then gets a serious look) The Military Man is in bad shape. He’s been in a coma for a few days now. When I found him he wasn’t breathing. I brought him back to life that day. Then the detective and I brought him back here. We knew nothing traditional would save him and that he had a better chance with us. (she glances at the clock) So many times I have pictured killing him. We started out as enemies and in a strange way became more then that. All those times we fought and I could have taken his life but I didn’t. I let him live. Seeing him so helpless made me feel something I haven’t felt in a while. He gets on my nerves but he’s a part of this crazy path I seem to be on. (she stops and heads down the hall to where the Military Man is) Time for his next dose. I made this one myself. (she grabs a vial and a syringe) So many machines. (she listens to the beeping) I remember being in this position a few times already. (she thinks back) The darkness, the in and out of consciousness, the listening to the beeps of the machines and hearing the voices around me yet no one could hear me, It’s a bad place to be. This is where he is now. (she pulls up a chair and sits beside him) “It’s time you wake up.” (she says out loud as she checks his I.V.) “No one or nothing kills you but me.” (she grins as she starts to stand up) Just then his hand moves and reaches for hers. He opens his eyes as he grips onto her hand tight. “Welcome back.” (she smiles) (then the detective walks in and the Military Man pulls his hand away quick but the detective sees it) Suddenly the room went silent. What is someone’s final straw? That breaking point. I have seen this look on the detectives face before. It’s been surfacing more and more lately. Jealousy is a bitch. Dear Diary, All hells about to break loose.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 111)

Everything was black. I couldn’t see anything. The last thing I remember was leaving the coffee shop. I felt my way through dirt and rubble. I remember hearing a blast, an explosion maybe. I was taken off guard, a little light headed from the hit to the concrete ground as I was thrown several feet. The detective called out to me. I followed his voice. He looked me over and ripped a piece of his sleeve off to tie around the gash on my arm. The Military Man was no where to be found. The sounds of sirens and the voices of frantic people filled the air. I was bleeding a little from my forehead. No time to feel pain. The detective clutched his side as the blood covered his hand. I made him sit back as I lifted his shirt. There was a piece of metal that was stuck in his ab. I looked at him, told him to count to three and I pulled it out. I then told him to apply pressure while I searched for my duffle bag. Good thing I bring it everywhere with me. I found the handle of it sticking out from some rubble so I quickly dug it out and made my way back to the detective. He was already searching for his brother despite the blood pouring out of the wound. I told him I need to stitch him up. “We can’t find him if you bleed to death.” I told him and I didn’t take no for an answer. When I was done we quickly started to search, lifting up concrete blocks. He was right behind us. He had to be in this area. The firefighters and rescue teams showed up. We knew we were running out of time. If he was buried underneath this mess we had to find him and fast. Then something caught my eye from under a large pile of stone and wood. I started to move the pieces one by one. The detective came over to help me. Stone by stone the time felt like an eternity. We had to be careful so that it didn’t collapse even more. Then I saw an arm. It was covered in blood and lifeless. It was him, the Military Man.


Trust never truly exists. It’s something people use to pacify themselves. They trust someone and it gives them comfort. I use to have trust. That was before. I no longer believe in it. The form of trust I have I give to very few. (she stops to think) Do you remember the day you realized who you really were? I think deep down we all do if we look hard enough. That day that changed everything. I’m talking about the moment that you knew the real you. I remember mine. For me it was the death of my father. That’s the moment I blocked out the world. When I realized there is no point in truly needing or trusting anyone and knowing that I could make it on my own. The bitterness consumes you for a while before it finds its place tucked deep inside and then serves to protect you. At least that’s what it did for me. I lost trust that day yet I found myself. My step mother took his life, I took hers and then some. That was my first real kill that day. The ticking of the clock, the pure rage, the blood… That’s when I knew who I was. I buried my father next to my real mother that day. Her marker was slightly buried under the grass so no one would see it. I carefully uncovered it. My father had it engraved with “Loving wife and mother of…” I sat there just staring at my name. This label we all get from birth. I grabbed my blade and started to scratch it off. With no trust in this world you must truly be forgotten, be hidden. I let them both go free that day. Removed their label and mine and vowed to never let what happened to my father happen to me. No one would ever know our secrets or who we were, that we ever even existed. I don’t even tell you my name my diary. Not because I don’t trust you but because I want to protect you. I won’t give anyone a label. The detective, the military man, that’s sufficient. (she smirks) A name is a connection to which I will not give anyone. So who am I? That’s one secret that will never be told. I am simply… the villain.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 109)

What does it feel like to finally get your enemy? It feels great. (she grins) A rush of adrenaline filling up every vein coursing through your body. It’s a feeling like no other. True satisfaction is a luxury known only to some. Hearts stopped that day, both the living and the newly dead. I had my shot to take and I took it. The Military Man however… his heart stopped. Briefly. (she grins) The detective ran over to him, pulled him up. He gave me that look with sweat running down his brow. I gave him a smirk back. When will these men learn I don’t miss my target. (she smiles) There lay the masked man covered in his own blood. I put my blade right through his heart just to be sure it would never beat again. The Military Man after catching his breathe knew where he stood. I could have killed them both and had every excuse to, but I didn’t. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear… “You owe me one.” It was an inside joke from our early rival days. He gave me that boyish grin and dusted himself off. The detective stood and just watched us. I could tell he was thinking. Then I called out “Let’s get out of here” and we all grabbed our things, covered our tracks and quickly made it out the back. The detective stopped and said he was staying behind, that he’d tell them what happened. Well, his own version. He kissed me and ran his hand through my hair like he always does gripping the end of it like he doesn’t want to let me go. Then he walked back into the main room and called the sergeant. I sometimes forget this is who he is. It’s in his blood. He snapped right back into detective mode like none of this ever happened, like me and his brother were never there. He blocks it out and turns a blind eye. Me and the Military Man stopped at the little coffee shop where it all began, used the restrooms to wipe off what little blood we had on ourselves, then sat down for coffee. How odd yet strangely comfortable it felt. Two men who are so alike yet so different. Then it happened. The Military Man kissed me… then I dropped him right in the middle of the coffee shop. Some things never change my diary. (she laughs) Speaking of things never changing… (she puts her knife into the holster) I feel a spree coming on. (her eyes get dark) A killing spree. (she gets up and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 108)

Nothing pisses a girl off more then getting dressed up and some maniac ruins it. (she pulls her knife all the way out of the holster) The Military Man tries to grab her arm to get her out of there but she quickly grabs his and gives him a look. “Shall I break it?” (she glares into his eyes and he lets go) The detective steps in. “No time for this. We need to leave.” (she turns around and looks in his eyes) “I don’t run from anyone.” The detective moves in a little closer to her and his serious look kicks in. “I need you safe.” (he grabs his gun and starts to scan the place) “We’re the only ones who know right now. They think he’s heading here. Chief is sending back up. We need to get everyone out but without making a scene in case he’s already watching. This guy will kill everyone. No hesitation.” (the Military Man gets his guns out and she walks over to the back wall) “Good thing I brought a few of my toys.” (she reaches inside one of the heating panels and pulls out her duffle bag and the detective gives her a look) “A girl can’t just carry lipstick you know.” (suddenly there’s the sound of gun fire and screams) “Well doesn’t this seem all too familiar.” (she grins) (they all look at each other and before the detective could stop her she covered her face and was out front and center guns blazing) The masked man takes cover using people as shields. He fires back and the Military Man comes around by one side and the detective by the other. Everyone around them is dead. The masked man is coming straight for them as the villain pulls out her newest toy. “Stand back guys. I made this one just for him” (she aims and fires) The masked man is taken back, holding his head as he stumbles to the floor. The Military Man runs over and she quickly calls out.. “No not yet!!” but it was too late. The masked man grabbed the Military Man and held a knife to his throat. “I walk or he’s dead.” His voice was so deep and disturbing. Like nails on a chalkboard. (she smirks) “I always said I would kill him myself someday.” And in a split second she fires…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 107)

I had forgotten how much fun a party could be. (she smiles as she picks up a drink) The detective always did look good in a suit. (she glances over to the far side of the room where he’s talking to someone and he looks over at her and gives her that playful look) It’s good to have him back unlike some who still like to get under my skin like a splinter. (she glances to the bar and the Military Man looks back and winks at her) Why the detective gave him an invite I have no idea. (she sighs) The place was classy. I’ve been here before. (she grins) Everything was so shiny like black ice. There were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, white table clothes, candles and a big cake in the center of it all decorated in what looked like floral lace. A grand piano in the corner, not too far from the bar, complete with a guy in a tuxedo playing as a girl hovered over him with starry eyes. (she laughs) The men were dressed in dark blue navy suits and the ladies in black. All this prim and proper stuff makes me want to shed a little red on the place. (her eyes get dark as she walks past a large mirror) My new diamonds do look gorgeous against this new black dress. (the detective comes up from behind her and whispers in her ear as he puts his hand seductively on her outer thigh then up to her waist) “Let’s dance.” (he pulled me to the dance floor) After a few songs I pardoned myself to use the ladies room. So he thinks. (she grins) I’m bored, time to play a little game. (she looks around the room) How many people can I kill before anyone notices? (she reaches down to her thigh holster and grips her blade tight) Suddenly the detective and the Military Man rush over. “We need to leave. I just got a call… the Masked Man just escaped from prison.”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 106)

This must be the first time a villain ever wanted to break into a prison. (she laughs) This would have to be perfectly planned out. Plus the fact they have him in a super max doesn’t make it any easier. I do love a challenge. (she smirks) I’ll have to see who works there. (she pulls up a data base of everyone who works at the prison along with a layout of the place) Now who can I work with? Let me do a little digging into their backgrounds. (she glances over the list) This new software I created makes this so much easier. (it pulls up pictures, personal information, family members, locations, etc…) A few of these guys could be promising. (she grins) My plan will work perfectly. One of you fine men will lead me right to the masked mans cell. Although he isn’t so masked anymore. (she pulls up his picture from the police report) My my are you the pissed off looking one. No wonder he wore a mask. That scar looks like he’s been in a few knife fights in his life and the rest is covered in tattoos. Mean son of a bitch. His record dates back years. (she starts to read down the list) Most of these are for mutilation of animals, robberies, a few drug convictions, kidnapping, assaults, why the hell they let this one out is beyond me. I pick up the ball when the system drops it and yet they call me the bad guy. I rid the world of people that are of no use. Mostly. (she grins then looks over at the clock) Time to get going. The detective has another retirement party to go to. (she stops to think) The last one we attended together didn’t end so well. I recall a little run in with the Military Man. (she smiles) Ah the good old days of trying to kill him. Now I have to be nice. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Now where’s the fun in that? (she glances back at the computer and something catches her eye) It looks like one of these guys from the list could be at the party. (she taps her fingers on the table) He wouldn’t want to miss his fathers retirement party. (she smiles and then the detective texts her) Men can be so impatient. Let’s see what fun I can bring to this one. Time to put my plan in motion. (her eyes get dark as she grabs her knife and heads out)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 105)

There was blood shed everywhere. He shredded people like they were nothing but little paper dolls. My aim was accurate and right between the eyes. His mask reflected my bullets which means this has to be some sort of material I’ve never seen. That drew his attention straight to me. Now to see what he’s got. He came towards me and we went hand to hand combat. He had some power and wasn’t going down easy. I wanted to see who this masked man was and my goal was to unmask him. Men that feel the need to hide are most vulnerable once exposed. His armor was bullet proof, knife proof, but so was my clothing. Even my little black dresses and highest of stiletto heels provide more use then just luring in the rich ones. (she smirks) Then he spoke. “I am taking over around here.” I knocked him to the ground. “I don’t think so.” Then the sounds of multiple footsteps were coming. It was the cops… the detective. (she looked up quick, she knew he was nearby) Just as I was about to attempt to undo his mask to finally slit his throat the place was swarmed with cops, the detective led the way. I knew I had to go. I couldn’t risk being seen. The masked man looked at me and with a deep tone to his voice said “We’ll take this up again real soon.” Everything in me wanted to stay, to finish this, but I knew I had to let him go or the detective could be in harms way. Then I decided this one was too dangerous to let go and I swiftly reached for my cuffs and in a split second he was chained to the wrought iron hand rail that ran along the bar. (she looks him in the eyes and says) “Consider yourself lucky you made it out alive… for now.” Then I quickly made it out the back door. The detective came home that night and told me about the capture of the infamous masked man. I pretended to look surprised. Then he reaches in his trusty brown suitcase of his and grabs my hand and turns it over so my palm is facing up. “Here. I thought you might want these back.” (he grins as he places the cuffs in her hand) I gripped the cuffs and looked into his eyes. I was about to speak when he kissed me. “Don’t talk. Some things are better left unsaid.” This was who the detective was. Why he turns a blind eye I will never know. (she stops to think about it) Sweet dreams my dear diary. I have a jail to sneak into and a masked man to finish off.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 104)

I glanced over at the man sitting at the bar. Dark hair, piercing eyes and black suit, tie loosened up just enough to still look professional, his shoes so shiny I could see my reflection in them from here. I’ve been watching him for a while. Insanely good looking rich boy, grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He never wanted for anything other then to widen his bank account even more. Greed ran deep in this one. He doesn’t like hearing no for an answer. So when I rejected his advances last week he’s been trying to pursue me since. I could have taken him out but this game was just too much fun. He’s been buying me the most expensive toys trying to win me over. (she glances out the window at her new Koenigsegg CCXR triveta) Sweet ride. It does suit me well. (she grins just as he spots her and walks over) “I knew I could change your mind.” He smiled and held out his hand to grab mine. I wanted to rip his arm out right there and then but I held myself back. Then we were seated at a table in a private room off to the side, out of view from everyone. Just the way I like it. Takes months to get a reservation here but his deep pockets keep it available any time he wants it I’m sure. Then he hands me a long black box. I could tell what it was even before opening it. I can tell diamonds a mile away. (she gets that sparkle in her eyes) He put it around my neck and bragged at how many carats they were. “It still doesn’t compare to you.” He kissed my neck and I was about to snap his when I heard shooting coming from the main room. I slashed pretty boy’s throat quick. This was what I was waiting for. It was him… the masked man.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 103)

The next couple of weeks I stood close to home, took a little breather… and the detective and I had a little catching up to do. (she grins) The Military Man has given us some space. I think he knew I would never really be his or anyone’s for that matter. I am my own person. He needs to understand that. He may not be happy about it but he’ll live. Maybe. (she smirks) I’d like things to go back to the way they were all those months ago. Have the transition be a smooth one. Nothing is ever that simple. The Military Man is having a hard time adjusting. We did get rather close despite the endless battle between us. He is a worthy opponent I have to give him that. The looks he gives every time the detective even comes near me you could cut the tension with a knife. The detective was quick to return to work. He never lost a beat despite what he went through. There were some nights I would watch him as he’d talk in his sleep and wake up in a cold sweat. It took a toll but it never broke him. I think this strength is what drew me to him. Not many posses the power to take the bad and turn it into something that can be built upon. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is only true for some. It is true for him. (she’s interrupted by the Military Man walking in the main room) “You need to see this.” (he puts the news paper in front of her) (she picks it up and sees the headlines) “Crime wave hits town overnight. Three stores robbed, five brutally killed, suspect on the loose. Man wearing a mask leaving threatening messages around town.” (she looks up at him) “No one terrorizes this town but me. Looks like I have my next mission.” (she picks up her blade and puts it in her holster, grabs her gun and cocks it back) Time to find this masked man.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 102)

Blood dripped from my blade down my hands falling onto the floor. That’s the only sound I could hear. Tick Tock, tick tock. The sound echoed in my head like sweet music to my ears. I could feel my heart beating in my veins. It was pure energy. One by one I made my visit to each and every one of them. Every family and friend lined up, one by one and I made them watched as they all dropped to their knees begging me to spare them. I made sure they suffered before putting them out of their misery. Then the fun began as I tortured for days the remaining leaders who were responsible for the detectives kidnapping. All this I did on my own. Alone, like I was always meant to be yet I am part of this trio. The Military Man knew this was something I had to do without him or the detective. They stayed behind while the detective healed from both his physical and mental wounds. When ones spirit has been lost it is never truly gone just as strength and wisdom can never be lost if you never had it in the first place. It protects itself until the mind and body are ready. The detective possesses all three. I have no doubt he will come back stronger then he was before. My bloody foot prints in the snow marked a path of a new beginning. As the snow changed to rain and any trace washed away so did the story of the Elite Soldiers. This was a chapter I was happy to close. You my Dear Diary will be the only memory of it. From that moment at the coffee shop the book began now a new one will soon follow. Where do I go from here? What new adventures await? (she smiles and glances at her holster) Now to clean you my beauty. (she picks her blade up) You have been through it all with me and you still sparkle like a diamond. Speaking of diamonds. (her eyes get that mischievous look) Let’s go get us some new ones. Won’t the rich boys be happy to see me. (she smirks) Sleep well my diary. Till next time.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 101)

Some things you can’t get out of your mind. It’s etched in the subconscious like a painting hanging on a wall. To see his mind so broken even I felt the pain. I knew this was going to be a hard task to take but I wasn’t prepared for this. The site of him huddled in the corner of a cold concrete floor was hard to bare. The Military Man stood watch while I walked slowly over to him. He flinched without even looking up and held his arms over his head like a shield. This once strong man was nothing more then a broken soul. A temporary broken soul. (Her eyes got dark with fury at what they did to him) I reached down and slowly put my hand on his shoulder, even that was covered in scars from what looked like lashes and knife marks, and he attempted to grab my arm and in a brief struggle I pinned him down and I grabbed his head, which was still looking away, and made him look at my face. “It’s me.” I said and he stopped trying to fight back and looked up. We made eye contact and this was him, really him. I could feel it. This was the detective from the coffee shop, the detective who defended me against the Military Man, the detective who turned a blind eye to my ways, this was him. “Come on detective. Time to blow this joint.” I grabbed his arm to help him up. His legs buckled but I held him back up and looked in his eyes again. “I’m sorry it took me so long to …” (he interupts her) “Like I said, some things are better left unsaid.” (he kisses her and the Military Man glances over) “Now hand me a gun. I know the way out of here.” (she hands him a gun and his muscles are weak but he grips it tight) There he was trying to play hero again. “Some things never change detective.” (she smirks) (suddenly the Military Man starts shooting) “Let’s go! More are coming!” (she grabs out her AR-15 from her duffle bag) “You boys better step back. You haven’t seen me pissed yet.” ….

DEAR DIARY, (blog 100)

It was a long couple of days… for him. (she grins) He didn’t crack easy. I had to drill into his head, literally. (her eyes got that dark look as she looks over at the bloody drill laying on the floor) What one can do once inside the mind. A little touch here, little slice there. (she smiles) He’s still alive just in case I still need him, barely, but alive. I have a location on the detective. All this time he has been in trouble and I never knew. I should have known. (she stabs her knife into the table) He has had my back from day one and now he needs me so I must go. (she thinks of the first rose he ever gave her that she threw away when she thought he had left) It all makes sense now. He created the program so of coarse they would want him. What have they been doing to him all this time? (she puts that thought out of her mind) They will pay dearly for this. They have no idea what I am capable of. I will destroy everyone they have ever loved and make them watch before I gut them like a fish. Then did they really think they could capture and control me? (she laughs) Oh how I have been itching for a new game to play. (she smiles) This one will be my best one yet. (she hears a noise in the distance and goes to see what it is) “Did you think you could get rid of me that easy?” (the Military Man gives her his boyish grin) (she put her gun down) “What took you so long?” (she grins back and starts to walk back towards the house) “It may have been the broken bones from that “accidental” fall in the mountains and not being able to walk.” (he gives her a look and she gives him one back) “Let’s head inside. I have a lot to fill you in on and we have a trip to take.” (He stops her for a minute) “If you needed time alone why not just tell me?” (he looks her in the eye) “Would you of listened?” (he’s silent for a minute) “Probably not.” (she shakes her head and pulls him forward) “Come on, we have work to do.” TO BE CONTINUED…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 99)

I told you the next drop of blood on my blade wouldn’t be mine. (she grins) The detective hasn’t changed much. I knew his routine like the back of my hand and right on time lights out at 10pm. (she looks towards his bedroom window) I sat and waited for an hour, checked the grounds out again. I figured out every security passcode and “hidden” trap he has. (she laughs) His new place is pretty much a clone of the last one I burnt down. (she smiles) Once I made my way inside. I looked around. Even this place is like a museum, cold and impersonal. (she looks over at a painting on the wall) He still has bad taste in art I see. (she walks over to it and slits it from top to bottom) So I sat in the shadows in the kitchen and as usual there he was getting his water. The guilty never sleep for long. As soon as he turned I grabbed his arms and had him up against the wall. The glass fell and shattered and I picked up one of the shards and held it to his neck. “No this won’t do.” I threw it down and grabbed my blade. She slits a tiny cut across his throat just enough to bleed slightly. “Let’s talk shall we?” (Clink!) The cuffs went on him before he could even respond. “I am so much quicker now don’t you think?” (she laughs and grabs one of the dining room chairs and pushes him down on it) “Now let me get this straight… (she walks back and forth in front of him) … I went from in your bed to in front of your gun? Did you really think I’d let you arrest me? (she laughs) (he looks her in the eye but stays silent) “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” (she walks over to him and runs the blade across his cheek and down his chest) “Do you remember the night you first took me to your office party? The day the Military Man showed up and you played hero and you protected me? We had unspoken words that night. Some things are better left unsaid. We agreed. But you knew. You always knew. There was something else we discussed that night. (she turns to him) Do you remember what that was? You told me about a friend you were in the military with. The two of you were close. He was like your brother you said. He told you if he didn’t make it out to give his family a code word. That they would know what it meant. Then he was killed two days later and you gave his family that message, that one word. That night you confided in me and told me that one word. You always wondered what it meant and we talked about what it could mean. What was it?” (she quickly pulls her gun out and aims it right at his head) (the detective panicked, sweat starts to pour down his face) “What’s that one word?!!” (she screams and he tries to speak) “It’s a…” (she walks up to him and puts the gun right up to his forehead) “Five! Four! Three! …” (the detective looks her in the eyes) “Your not such a dumb bitch after all. I can see why he liked you.” (she whacks him across the face with the gun) “Where’s the real detective?” (he starts to laugh) “You think I’ll tell you anything? You might just want to save us both the time and kill me now.” (she turns to him, stops to think and holds the gun back up to his head, then lowers it) “Torturing you will be much more fun.” (she grins) TO BE CONTINUED…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 98)

Oh it’s so good to be back. (she looks around) I missed the old neighborhood. (she grins) Besides, I need some answers. I can’t let the detective get away with pointing a gun at me. No that won’t do. (she runs her finger across her blade until a tiny drop falls to the table) The next drop of blood from this blade won’t be mine. (she stabs her knife into the table) So I will pay the detective a little visit tonight. Things have changed. I have changed. It’s like I can see the world in a whole new light. I went back in my mind, a new trick I have learned. It gives me an almost picture perfect view of everything. It still needs some perfecting but it’s like a movie in my head. If I concentrate I can bring up anything from my past. So I went back to that day the detective first disappeared. It was right after we had just finished taking down the elite computer system. He was behind me in one room and then there was a cloud of smoke from gunfire and then we went in different directions. He cleared one room and I was clearing the hall. As the remaining soldiers came out of no where we all ended up losing track of each other and when I made my way outside that’s when the Military Man showed up and the detective was no where to be found. When the detective returned months later he was different. He had defended and protected for me since we met and turned a blind eye to my ways but he left with nothing more then a letter? That wasn’t like him… but what if it wasn’t him all along? What if he never made it out that day? Could all this time what I believed not been true? Could the detective still be out there? Held against his will? I know this all sounds like I’ve gone mad and maybe I have but either way this detective is going to answer some questions. Time to go my diary. I have some new torture methods to test out. (she grins, grabs her knife and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 97)

With a new year rapidly approaching it’s time I make my exit for a while. It’s time for me to master my many new talents. This has been quite the year. (she stops to think) The detective, to whom I will not regret for he has led me here to where I am now, he has taught me a lot. To trust, to love blindly, to let someone in that we know one day may become our enemy. It was a fun ride. (she smiles) Despite the fact he tried to arrest me and made me have to find a new home. (she stabs her knife into the table) Then there’s the Military Man, the thorn in my side, never has someone gotten so under my skin and I can’t figure out why he is so loyal. I have shot him, wounded him several times and this last little ski accident… (she grins) yet I know he will try to find me one day. These two men who are so opposite yet so alike have become part of my journey. That cold winter day when I first met the detective and that one choice not to kill him has brought me to where I needed to be. To be able to study him and watch him as he turned a blind eye and saved me countless times and fought by my side until he could no longer live with himself. Do we all have a breaking point or do some of us live with our circumstances? Placing each situation on a shelf will eventually cause the shelf to break and one will fall. Instead I have learned each event makes you stronger and builds upon your strengths, or your weakness if you let it, which I do not. I have no shelf. Any lesson learned in life is valuable. But… all things must come to an end, for now. (she smiles) I am going on a new journey. One I must take alone. Even you must stay behind. Just know I will return and till then, sleep well my dear diary. May darkness be your light. Until we meet again…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 96)

It is Thanksgiving Day here and there is so much to be thankful for this year. It’s been a few weeks since finding out everything there is to know from my father. I can not even tell you my dear diary. It has to stay in my head and it will die with me alone. Since that day I have needed my space, a fresh start. Time to absorb everything, to practice what I have learned, to grow even more powerful then I ever thought I could be. (her eyes get dark) The Military Man has taken a little trip. (she grins) The mountain wasn’t that big. He’ll survive. (she smiles) There was no other way. (she stabs her knife into the table) I can’t have any distractions right now. So what did I do to celebrate this Holiday? It’s all about being thankful so I rounded up three victims. They were drugged, tied to a chair and as I waited for them to awake it was time to play a little game. Do any of you spoiled brats deserve to live? “Time to beg for your life.” (she told them) Then one by one she slit a deep gash down each ones arm. The blood started to pour to the floor. “You. Mr. Multi Millionare… key word Mr. You have a wife and kids but yet you were hitting on me and took me to your hotel room last night.” (then she went to the next one) “Mr. Playboy. Single, good looking, use to getting your way. What do you really contribute to society?” (the she walks over to the third one) “My my another married lying cheating rich one. Do you think your family would be better off without you?” (she quickly slits his throat and the other two try to scream. “Good thing for duct tape.” (she walks over to them and pulls the duct tape off of the first man) “What are you thankful for?” (he looks scared and confused) “I said what are you thankful for!!??” (she whacks him in the head with her gun) He looks up at her and says “Please don’t kill me. I’ll give you whatever you want.” (she points her gun to his head) “Wrong answer.” (she shoots him) Now she walks to the last remaining one. “Mr. Playboy, I will give you one chance to walk from here but you won’t leave here with all your parts intact. Lose an arm or die? You have 3 seconds to answer.” (she starts to count and he shouts out “Lose my arm!” (he breaks down crying) She walks over to him and grabs his arm and extends it across the arm of the chair. She starts to raise her arm up to chop it off but she knocks him out instead. “Happy Thanksgiving. You get to live.” She wipes her blade and walks away.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 95)

The blast threw me back a bit as the snow exploded off the mountain looking like diamonds reflecting off the moon light. As I dusted myself off I was eager to see if there was anything to this madness. Here I was chasing a beam from the sunset. (she laughs) As I got closer stepping over large chunks of stone and debris there was a small entrance. After clearing a path I made my way inside. This was no mountain at all. I quickly drew my weapon even tho the place looked like it’s been deserted for ages. The main hallway led to a room and there was a switch on the wall, lights still worked. (she puts her flashlight away) It looked like someone could have lived here at one time. I made my way room by room through thick cobwebs when I found a lab and some pretty high-tech equipment. After making sure the rest of the place was clear I went back to the play room. “Let me make myself comfortable.” (she grins) “This is just my kinda toys” She powered everything up one by one. Everything seemed to still work. (she smiles) There of coarse was a password to get into the computer. “This is my favorite game of all.” (she starts to put in a series of codes) It’s always interesting to see what someone uses for a password. It’s like a gateway into their life. Will it be a birth date, a pet, a long lost love? (she grins) Hope it wasn’t that couple from the mountain. (she laughs) The system was very good, blocked my first few attempts. Well bravo. (she taps her fingers on the table then keeps hacking away) I find when things seem too complicated it’s usually a simple stroke of keys and… viola! Let’s see what this password is. (she looks at the series of letters and numbers and she is almost silent when she arranges them all in order) The password is my birth name and birthday and a series of symbols. The screen opens and a video starts. (then she looks like she just seen a ghost) “If you are watching this then I have taught you well. It also means I am dead. I have always been proud of you. Life was not easy and I know you must have a lot of questions. My only regret is not being there for you to teach you everything I know but that’s why I put this video and this place together. It’s for you. I always said some things are better left unsaid but there are other things that you must know. It’s time you know the truth about who we are. It’s time to finish training you… my daughter.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 94)

After landing the real fun began. It was a hike up the mountains and along the way we slaughtered everyone we came across. The couple that was taking a break sipping hot chocolate from their “just married” thermos, the honeymoon ended quick for them. (she grins) I took down the bride while the Military Man took out the groom. Till death do us part they say. (she smiles) The hot chocolate wasn’t bad tho. (she glances over at the thermos in the trash) Then we came across a couple of guys, looked like some rich stuck ups from back in the city, half drunk and almost crashed into us on their snow mobiles. So I pretended to fall. They both came running as boys do when you bat an eyelash and look helpless. Could they be any easier? (she laughs) Then I grabbed the first one by the throat and slowly dug my blade in deep into his gut while the Military Man shot the other one clear through the temple. Oh how pretty snow looks with blood splattered on it. (her eyes got dark) We dumped the bodies over the cliff and used their snow mobiles for the rest of the way there. (she grins) How beautiful this time of year is. The cabin was just as I remember it. Seems it has been well taken care of by the new owners. It’s too bad they won’t be seeing the place anymore. (she smiles) I will take this time to reassess things. See where to go from here. My father use to say this was the best place to go to clear the mind, that these mountains held secrets. Secrets someday I would know. What a strange thing to say. (she stops to think about it) He was rather cryptic at times. Everything he said meant something. Was there something to this? (she looks around the place) Imagine what I could have learned if he never died. (she stabs her knife into the table then catches a glimpse of the sun) He would sit in a chair by that window and watch the sunset come in. The beam would cast a straight line from end to end. He would arrange things so as to not break that line. (she looks at the window just as the sun starts to set) (she follows the line that went out the back window and onto a strange looking part of the mountain ahead) Is this a clue? One of the secrets my father knew of? (she sent the Military Man on a run for food and supplies to get him out of her way while she made an explosive and headed to the mountain) Let’s see what you reveal. (she placed the device onto the exact spot the ray of sun hit and set the timer for 10 seconds) Tick Tock! (she starts to run and it explodes) To be continued…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 93)

The sky looks beautiful from up here, above the all the worries of the world below. This first class isn’t so bad either minus the company. (she looks around at the stuffy people in suits all around her and thoughts of killing them all and having the whole flight to herself start flooding her mind) (she starts to grip her knife but then slowly puts it back) Not the right time. The Military Man glanced over at me like he knew what I was thinking. I gave him a grin and he just smiled and went back to staring out the window. Back when my parents were still alive, my father tried to make life as normal as he could for us. So every winter we would pack up and head to a cabin up in the mountains. That’s where we are going now. I could use some cool crisp air, a roaring fireplace and some skiing to clear my mind. Visions of the detectives place burning to the ground gave me some comfort. Life can turn in the blink of an eye. (she glances over at the Military Man) I don’t let people in and when I did I was betrayed. You’d think that alone would have made me snap the Military Man’s neck by now. Why take that chance again. Then I realized not letting someone in can also be a weakness and I will not let the detective win this game. Having his own brother on my side will eat him alive. (she smiles) Brother against brother. How fun. (she looks at her watch) We should be landing very shortly and I’m getting rather bored. (her eyes get dark then she suddenly she grabs her blade and slits the mans throat across from her, passengers start to scream) Tick Tock! Times up for you all! Hope you enjoyed the flight. (the Military Man jumps up and heads for the cockpit and takes out the pilot and crew while she takes out everyone else, then she bends down and wipes her blade on the dead flight attendance shirt and heads to the cockpit) “Nice work.” (she grins) “A little heads up next time would be nice.” (he looks at her with that grin of his then says…) “Land or bail?” (she stops to think about it) “Nothing like a sky dive at night.” (she grabs two parachutes and throws one at him) “Nothing like it.” (he smiles and puts the plane on auto pilot) “Let’s see how many people we can take out on on the way to the cabin.” (she smiles) “Let the vacation began.” (they jump out) To be continued…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 92)

I sat at a little café after a long night of setting up a temporary place to stay. I will wait it out and when the time is right I’ll go back for my things. The house was just a cover up, a place to stay. My belongings and my things were under ground. (she grins) Silly men think I have no back up plan. Of coarse I did have to return the favor and before hitting the road I made sure to pay a little visit to the detective’s place. The Military Man didn’t dare try to stop me. (she stabs her knife into the table) He wasn’t home, sadly we learned he made it out before the blast, but his things were there. (she grins) Years worth of work on the Elite Soldiers, files of all his past cases, including mine. Hacking into his computer was so easy. (she laughs) He thinks he’s good but I’m better. So I destroyed his life’s work, files, history, security, one by one they are forever lost. What a shame. (she smiles taping her fingers on the table) Then came the fun part, destroying his home. I don’t know which was the bigger betrayal, him actually trying to arrest me or the fact that he led them to mine. In some strange way I could respect him for being true to his calling but I can’t respect a man who did it in the way he did. No one points a gun at my face and gives out my location. This was personal. (her eyes grew dark) So room by room, through the not so secret ones he had that he thought I didn’t know about, the hidden underground bunker he kept the Military Man in, I poured the gasoline. I saturated the photo’s, his priceless paintings on the wall, the art pieces he kept that made the place look like a museum, his dry cleaned neatly pressed suits and one by one they were awaiting their fate. I stepped back out of harms reach and lit the match. (she stared at it) To think this tiny little flame would do so much destruction. It’s so… beautiful. Revenge is sweet detective. (suddenly she throws it) (there’s a large explosion and flames everywhere) (she pauses for a minute to watch the black smoke rise) Let’s see how well he handles losing everything. I will destroy his life and not stop until I break his mind into a million pieces. This is just the beginning. I have a plan my Dear Diary, my most sinister yet. I will make him question his own sanity. He will learn… to never mess with the Villain. (she grins and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 91)

I don’t take well to a gun pointed at my head. I looked right into the detectives eyes and the betrayal cut deeper then a knife. He had another choice to make, would he kill me or not? If he didn’t pull that trigger pretty quick I was about to pull mine. The Military Man knew what was about to happen and he quickly grabbed his brothers arm and the struggle began. The sirens got closer. My gun was now gripped so tightly in my hands my fingers were red and I could feel my heart beating in them. Tick tock… tick tock. Was his time up? Could I kill the man I let in? The man who has saved me many times yet here he is trying to arrest me? There has never been a time that my heart has tried to stop my mind but a million thoughts ran through my head but I knew what I had to do. I took aim and tried to get a good shot but they kept moving and then finally the Military Man pinned him to the floor. I lowered my weapon. We could hear the rush of cars swarm up the driveway to my home that I could never come back to now. The thought of that made the darkness in me rise to a level even I have never seen before. I raised my hand and now the roles were reversed, my gun to his head. The Military Man looked at me and lowered my arm and said “Don’t”. So I took out my blade and stabbed it into the detectives chest. Not enough to kill him but enough to draw blood and enough to feel his heart beating through the very tip of my knife. In the background there was the sound of men and guns coming toward us. My mind went to a place of no return. I was not going down without a fight. I now turned towards the door but the Military Man quickly grabbed my hand. I resisted but he pulled me away and we ran out the back as fast as we could. Then he dropped a canister on the way out and there was a loud explosion and flames and thick black smoke poured out of the house. Cops scrambled and gasped for air. We stopped at a safe distance to watch. Was the detective still alive or was he caught in the blast? At that moment I didn’t care. All I knew is things would never be the same again. I now had a new enemy to deal with… the detective.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 90)

Right before me stood the one person I had not expected to see. I placed my blade back in my holster. He came over to hug me as the Military Man came up the drive way catching him off guard. He stumbled back and had to catch his footing. He looked like he had just seen a ghost, which to his eyes he did. He then ran over and hugged his brother. The Military Man looked over at me and we spoke without saying a word. This wasn’t the time nor place. The detective had a lot of questions. I had a few of my own. This was the second time he has gone off on his own to “gather” himself. This time it was different. We had said our goodbyes and we accepted this was it. Now he’s back. Why? Things are not the same anymore. Seems the headlines caught his attention and he had a pretty good idea who was behind them although he never said those words. He got his old job back and seems to of made peace with himself. Seems the detective left not because he couldn’t handle what he had done but because he was beginning to not mind what he has done. I don’t know if that makes him a liar or dangerous. I always knew he turned a blind eye but this time something was different. Can you sense when someone has found their calling? Can my victims tell that what I do is mine? He is a do gooder by nature. He can’t fight what he is no more then I can fight what I am. Sometimes we have to accept the choices that we make. I made a choice not to go with the detective that day. Now the detective was here to make his choice, one that he would have to accept. Sometimes there is no turning back. That’s when we heard the sound, the sound of sirens in the distance, coming closer. The Military Man and I both looked at each other then back at the detective who quickly drew his gun. We knew what he came here for. His choice… was to arrest us.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 89)

Things have been rather interesting. The Military Man and I have made the headlines several times. It seems we are at the top of the most wanted list. (she grins) I never knew having a partner in crime would be so profitable. (she glances over at the line up of new weapons she has) We have cleaned out the base and have enough ammo for a year. Not bad, (she shakes her head) and with only a dozen or so casualties. (she smiles) Tonight we are trying something a bit different. A rich couple we came across while out scouting for the next victims. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and she’s just your average anorexic model clinging to the nearest bank account before her looks run out. (she grabs her blade from the table) Oh I will keep you busy. Now that’s true beauty. Shiny, sharp and faithful. (she runs her finger over the blade) You never let me down. (she places it back into the holster) Some people go through life never knowing their purpose. I have known mine since birth. One might not think killing and taking what one wants is a purpose but it is. There is a method to my madness. Some people the world is better off without, others are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can satisfying ones needs be a purpose? (she grins) I better get ready. It’s almost show time. Sleep well my diary. She smiles and then hears someone walking up to the door. She quickly grabs her gun and goes around by the back. “Looks like my night may start early.” (she grins) She sees a man with a hood over his head at the door and quickly takes him down to the ground and turns him over and her gun presses up against his forehead. (she slowly gets up and lowers her weapon) “Detective?”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 88)

Everyone always has that one person that tainted their view on something and for me it was him. Yet I bear no ill feelings. Strangely enough sometimes in life we need those that make us see what we don’t want to and bring reality into light. I quickly turned and brought him swiftly to the ground and with my arm almost choking his last breathe out of him he kissed me and then I punched him square in the jaw. (she grins) I got up and stood over him as he was a little dazed. Then I helped him up. He was a coward for waiting this long, yet brave for showing up here, but he stood there and looked me in the eye. I mean really looked me in the eye. (she stops to think) I knew something was different about him. To be sure I scanned his DNA and it was him. He seemed more… strong, confident. So without many words being said we made the trip back home together. As soon as we got back to my place that’s when it all happened. He forcefully pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again. I knew I had to think fast. I grabbed my cuffs and quickly placed his hands behind his back. Then I ran my blade slowly down his chest and he must have somehow picked the lock as he swiftly grabbed my wrists and placed them on me and raised my arms above my head with one hand and had the other wrapped around my throat. The grip was tight but as not to hurt me. He knows me too well. All the rage and anger that had built up between us was about to explode. We were both breathing pretty heavy by this point, he let my arms go, my blade scratched his arm on the way down. The blood was warm as he pressed up against me. This was not supposed to happen… but it was. It did. The next morning I awoke to him in my bed. I laid there thinking about that night. How powerful the chemistry between two enemies can be. This was wrong and I knew it which made it all the more enticing. This my diary was the beginning of many complicated things to come. The day I slept with his brother. The Military Man.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 87)

I had so much rage built up. The blood shed went on for days, killing anyone in my path. (she stops to think about it) Let me share my week of death with you… (her eyes got dark) My recovery was quick. I left the Military Mans place by that night. He tried to stop me but that didn’t turn out so well for him. I had to tie him up but I’m sure he must have gotten free by now. (she grins) Home was the last place I wanted to be at that moment. I needed a change, any change. So I checked into a hotel. I got the penthouse suite, and what a view, but that’s not what caught my eye. It was the rich overly good looking guy at the bar that was eyeing me as I was checking in. Victim number one… After a little round of bondage I wrapped his tie a little too tight around his neck. Oops. (she grins) Then I got rather bored and decided to check out early but not before killing everyone I came across. Slit two maids’ throats, gutted the luggage guy, shot five guests, set the place on fire, then took the most expensive car I could find and blew that joint. Literally. (she smiles) Then I drove around for a while before sinking that car into the bottom of the lake. Next stop… the old coffee shop. The place where it all began. I snuck in the middle of the night and decided to make them some of my own home brew. Then I watched from my usual spot as the sun rose and one by one they were wheeled out on stretchers covered in white sheets. (she stabs her knife into the table) Then there were other places and people. Too many to name or count. It made every front page and news across the country. Imagine them calling me a psychopath? (she laughs) How insulting. That news anchor was found that same night in a ditch. (she gets a serious look on her face) Then on my way to my last victim, just as I was about to blow his brains out, I felt a hand slowly pull my arm down so I quickly pulled the trigger to complete my task and when I turned around it was him… (to be continued)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 86)

The first time I opened my eyes from that day I turned my head and I saw the sunlight. It was pouring in from a window with the curtains drawn back. It hurt but in a good way. I felt sore, a bit groggy. I looked down to see an I.V. in my arm. Then I looked over to see a familiar face and I knew I couldn’t be dead since the afterlife couldn’t possibly be that cruel. He turned and rushed over to my bed. My first words that came out crackled from my parched lips. “It was you? On the other side of the door?” He reached down to take the I.V. out of my arm but I quickly reached and pulled it out myself. “What? I don’t get a thank you?” He gave his boyish grin. (she reaches for her blade but it’s on the side table out of reach) “Why are you always following me? You’re suppose to be…” (he cut her off) “Dead?” He goes over to pour her a glass of water. “Takes more then that to kill me. Apparently you too.” (he hands her the glass) “How did you find me?” (she sits up but feels a little weak and downs the water quickly) “I never really left. I wanted to give you space. I thought that was the right thing to do. I only wish I was a little closer. I seen him grab you but I was too late. Who was he?” (she gives him a watchful look) “My step brother.” (he grabs the glass to refill it) “I stood close by after I seen the detective left. I have kept an eye on him too. He’s not the same anymore.” (she gets the strength and stands up) “Because of you! He thinks you’re dead. Why did you let him suffer like that? You could have told him. Your decision changed everything.” (he quickly turns towards her) “Why didn’t you go with him? You took the easy way out yourself. Guess we’re not that different.” (she slaps him and collapses back onto the bed) “Do you think that was easy? He’s more of a man then you’ll ever be. I am who I am. I never asked for this!! For him, for you! I don’t play house. I kill, I take what I want. I don’t care about anyone!” (she lays down and turns her head away) “Well people care about you. Like it or not.” (he sits the glass down beside her bed and starts to walk out of the room) “Then you’re a fool.” (she throws the glass and it shatters up against the wall) No. I’m the Military Man. (he walks away) Since that day my diary nothing has been the same.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 85)

In a split second I grabbed his arm and slammed his face up against the bars knocking him unconscious. The best sight I have seen in a while was the blood draining from his broken nose and fractured face. (she grins) What he didn’t know was no one can shoot my gun but me unless I allow it. I designed it that way. (she smiles) So when he tried to fire that was my one shot, my one chance to catch him off guard. Then I dug into my hand to get my tools out and quickly picked the lock. Once free I broke both his arms before dragging him into the cell and tying him up. No one calls me a bitch. After thinking about that I decided to kill him right there and then so I slashed his throat. The room I was in was locked from the outside. A cage in a cage. (she stops to think) He had no key on him, no handle on the door. No windows. He never planned on leaving this room. Murder suicide? No time to think about that. I quickly shot at the door and nothing. Then the alarm went off. The lights started to flash and as I looked up I could see the perimeter sealing up. I knew what this was. My father used this on many of our victims. It takes all the oxygen out of the room. I started to breathe shallow to conserve. There has to be a way. There’s always a way. (she tapped the side of her gun and looked around thinking) A self sealing concrete room. (she grabbed a chair and started to check the ceiling but even that was concrete) I’m starting to feel light headed. (she grabs her knife and tries to dig through the door, the energy it’s taking is making her breathe harder) My diary, if this is my last breathe I know you will keep my secrets safe. (she sinks to the floor leaning up against the wall, then there’s a noise) Wait, I hear someone. Another person? Could he have been working with someone? (she grabs her gun and with everything in her gets up, drags her step brothers dead body to use him as a shield and stands facing the gun towards the door. “I will not go down without a fight.” (they were trying to open the door when suddenly things got cloudy, gun in hand, she collapsed, pulling herself up yet again, the door opens… she aims)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 84)

When I came to I was in a room like holding cell. I reached for my blade, gun, but they were gone. Then from the opposite side of the bars there was a man with his back turned to me looking down at what appeared to be a photo. He seemed familiar even tho I had not yet seen his face. It was like I was seeing a ghost. I knew that dark hair, the way he stood with his one hand in his pocket, but it couldn’t be. Then he turned around and walked slowly toward the cell. Much older and grown up then I remember. “Did you really think you could kill my mother and get away with it?” It was him, my step mother’s son, my so called step brother. I stood silent. “How does it feel to be the one trapped in a cage?” I looked him in the eyes, scanned his DNA to confirm it was him. “This isn’t my first time.” I said to him trying to make him mad. He was always an impatient prick. “It will be your last.” He gave me a cold glare. (I started to laugh) “Shut up bitch!” (he slammed the cage and then grabbed a gun from where he placed all her weapons on a small desk near the opposite side of the room and then he pointed it at her) “I should shoot you with your own gun!” (then he started pacing the room holding it down by his side) “Or maybe I should kill you the way you killed my mother.” I stood up and walked over to the front of the cell. “Your mother killed my father. She deserved to die.” (he points the gun at her again) “We would have been set for life. You ruined everything!” (he hits the bars with the tip of the gun then points it at her again) “Do you think she loved him? She used him to get what she wanted and you were just a little nothing in the way. She gives them your father we get more money then we know what to do with. You weren’t even supposed to be there that day. I stood at our meeting place for hours waiting for her but she never showed. Then I go back home to find her dead. So I spent the rest of my days trying to find you and here you are.” (he laughs) Then I started to laugh too. “What’s so funny bitch?!” (her eyes got a dark look, blacker then they’ve ever been and she walks up to the bars and grips them so tight her hands turn red and he walks up to her and they are eye to eye inches apart) “It took you ten years to find me. You’re just as clever as your mother.” (she spits on him) (with that he became enraged and he points the gun to her head and pulls the trigger.) To be continued…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 83)

Starting a new chapter in ones life can be the most challenging mission, the most rewarding and also the heaviest to bear. I have spent years in solitude with my only companion being you and my many victims to pass the time. I have had fun. I live the good life although to many I’m sure the blood is too much of a price to pay for that. The detective couldn’t live with what he thinks he’s done. Creating the program, not being able to save his brother, he grew dark. I have tried to reach him but this is one mission I have not been able to accomplish. Sadly we have parted ways. He took a job out of state and moved half way across the country. He wanted me to go with him but this was the end of our chapter, our book. It was one I will strangely treasure. I do have a softer side that not many see unless you are willing to go past your own beliefs and let yourself accept the things your mind will not be able to comprehend. He has done that and in many ways I have done that with him but today I start my new journey. (her eyes get dark) A new victim has come on my radar. A new toy to replace the detective. (she smiles) What? You didn’t really think I’d sit and mourn the relationship long did you? (she grins) There is a new guy in town. How fitting. He just happens to be insanely good looking and there’s something about him that reminds me of the detective. (she hears a noise off in the distance) Someone is a little too close for my liking. (she stops and grabs her knife and puts her gun in its holder and as she’s walking through the woods she senses someone, then she stops and hears a mans voice several feet away) “Remember me?” (then she’s surrounded by a cloud of gas and falls lifelessly to the ground)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 82)

I think the detective blames himself for the death of his brother. Not that we could ever really prove that’s what happened. There were no traces of him left but a few strands of his DNA here and there. Was he brave or a fool? A hero or a victim? Was he even really dead or did he escape? He was a third wheel in an already complicated situation. Days turned to darkness for the detective. He took a leave from work then threw himself back into it with a vengeance. Someone’s blood on your hands is hard to bear for most. Not for me. I have embraced it. (she runs her finger over the blade of her knife) Still as sharp as ever. (then she stabs it into the table) Mourning the enemy is over. He was a good rival I will give him that. (she smirks then gets a serious look) Although I can’t help but feel like he is still a thorn in my side. (she stops to think while tapping her fingers on the table) Well life goes on and I have been a busy girl. Just look at this amazing bracelet. (she stops to admire the 5 carat worth of diamonds sparkling on her wrist) This victim was fun I must say. He had his own private jet and loved to spend money. How did I kill this one you ask? (her eyes got dark) Well after I drained his accounts and transferred all his off shore ones to mine we took one last ride in that jet. He poured the wine, while I excused myself and killed the pilot and put it on auto. Then I slipped a little something extra in his drink. (she grins) My newest invention. I call this one “flaming darkness” and it instantly ignited him from the inside out casting out the most beautiful array of black flames. It was like magic. (she smiles) Imagine the beauty of black flames, my favorite color. (her eyes got even darker) Then when the plane reached about 13,000 feet I put on my gear and jumped. How spectacular it was to fall at sunset and landed perfectly at my target and my new car waiting for me below. (she grins) Then I watched as the jet crashed in the distance. (she makes an explosion sound) In life there are two types of people. The ones who are too afraid to take what they want and those who aren’t. In order to have good you have to have evil. In order for justice there has to be crime. In order to have a hero there has to be… a villain. Till next time my diary. (she smiles, grabs her knife and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 81)

I haven’t been able to sleep. So I watched the sun rise from my usual spot on the hill over looking the coffee shop. The cool morning breeze still unaffected by the sun felt good against my face. Everything was so still, so silent, nothing but my own thoughts and a few birds off in the distance. It’s been three months and eight days since the last elite soldier was wiped from existence. No trace of them to be found. It was a blood bath and some of that blood was our own. Let me start from the beginning… Finding the Military Man was not as easy as we thought but we tracked him down. Find the soldiers find the man and just in time since he was about to be killed by one of them. “You owe me.” I told him as I grabbed his hand to pull him up. He knew we had some unfinished business but that was for later. The look in his eyes and a glance to the detective I knew he was just happy to see me alive. The next few nights we hid in the forest, moving only when we heard a twig snap in the distance. The fight went on for weeks. Finally we were down to one soldier. The soldier. We knew this one wouldn’t go down so easy. He was the leader. He was programmed to survive above and beyond the elite. It was 1am. None of us could sleep by this point. The heat turned unbearable and we were all covered in sweat and blood at this point. We ran on adrenaline and the smell of bodies was overwhelming. I could sense him before I even heard the sound of the dirt beneath his boots. We signaled each other and in seconds he was on us. This was different, something didn’t seem right. He let us take him down too quickly and without much fight. I told them to back away. Then a small light started to flash from his vest. I knew what this was, so did the Military Man, it was a self destruct. He ran over and flung the soldier over his shoulders and as I looked at him he said “You were right, my brother is good for you. Take care of him. I’m sorry for everything.” With that he shot the detective in the leg. I ran to put pressure on the wound. He did this because he knew I wouldn’t leave him to go after him. As I wrapped the detectives leg and was about to go save him once again I was thrown back by a blast. I had to catch my breathe. The air was filled with smoke and flames. When I could finally see, it was too late… The Military Man was gone.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 80)

The next few days were draining. Recovery seemed to last longer then I liked. I push myself beyond my means. I work at my minds own pace not my body. A flaw? No I don’t consider it to be. The mind controls what we do and feel. My body says stop my mind says there’s things to do. So a few ripped stitches later and I am on bed rest per detectives order. (she laughs but holds her side) I don’t know what’s more funny. The fact I am actually taking it easy or that he actually thinks I’ll listen. (she grins) The Military Man is MIA once again. He felt guilty over what happened so he went off to eliminate the rest of the elite soldiers. He thinks he found a way to locate them. (she taps her fingers on the table) The fact that the detective let him go alone to stay with me speaks volumes. He has always watched out for me. It makes me mad sometimes. I don’t like feeling like I owe him yet I am flattered. Dumb men. (she starts to smile but then she gets a serious look) It’s a suicide mission on his own. (she looks down at her stitches) This was my job, then it became our fight, now that arrogant ass is on his own. He will fail putting us all in danger. (she takes the dressing off and gets up and walks over to a locked drawer) I made this myself. It’s in an experimental stage and I really hate testing things out on myself. I usually pick a volunteer (she smiles) but no time for that. (she opens the bottle and spreads some of the clear gel like substance on her skin, she immediately drops to the floor in pain) Damn it! (she grabs her knife from her pocket and stabs it into the floor to hold herself up) I’ll have to work on that. (then suddenly the pain is gone, almost instantly, she looks down at the wound and it’s healed) I didn’t expect it to work this fast. (she’s touching the fresh skin and grins) Time to get to work my diary. Time to show these men how it’s done. Time to end this chapter of the elite soldiers. (she gets up, grabs her knife and heads out)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 79)

How many times can one person die? I lay there in this familiar darkness. Nothing but my own thoughts and the outside noise I occasionally hear. Where am I? I try to break through the barrier between life and death, this limbo state I’m in. It’s not my time I tell myself. Only you my diary can hear me and that is my only comfort. I feel a warm touch on my hand. I want to move it but I can’t. I’m feeling so sleepy… How long have I been out for? I had a dream or at least I think it was. My parents were with me and we were back at our family home. My mother was in the kitchen cooking and watching me and my father from the window. We would practice our defense moves almost every day. The days we didn’t we would explore the woods for threats. We were always making sure no one found us. This was our safe place. I could smell the food and she called to me to come set the table. My dad sent me ahead while he took one last look around… I feel someone touching my hand again. I try to open my eyes. It’s so hard. I hear beeping noises, machines maybe. I feel a pin prick to my arm. Everything grows dark again… I’m back at home. My mother and father are in front of me. I run over to them but they tell me to stop. I’m confused… I hear the beeping again but it’s faster and what sounds like voices. The detective and The Military Man I think… (everything fades…) I see my parents again. Oh how I missed them. I want to see them again. I run to them and this time I reach them. I hug them both but they pull me away… The beeps are loud and I see a light now. It’s beautiful. Am I opening my eyes? I can’t tell… There’s my father. He’s telling me to go. My mother kisses my cheek and strokes my hair. She’s so proud of me she says but now I must return… The beep is loud and steady now… My father hugs me tight and then he looks me in the eyes and tells me it’s not my time. There is work to be done. I don’t want to leave. I feel a shock to my chest… My father looks concerned and holds my hands and says it’s time to go back and in his most stern voice tells me that’s an order and then smiles at me as he steps slowly back… Our hands let go. I understand now. They both fade into the light… I hear the beeping again. It’s starting to slow down. It’s steady like a heartbeat. I feel that same familiar touch on my hand and a tear running down my arm. I try my hardest and I squeeze that hand as hard as I can. I open my eyes… It’s the detective. He kisses my lips softly and whispers in my ear, “welcome back” he says. I feel confused for a minute, like waking up from a year long sleep but I know where I am now. I know who I am and I’m where I’m supposed to be. I am the villain and I am back!

DEAR DIARY, (blog 78)

I ran around by the back where I seen the Military Man go. I had 3 minutes to either find him, stop my explosion, or let him blow up along with it all. So I decided to let fate decide. I’d take 2-1/2 minutes to find him and if not I had 30 seconds to get myself out. (she smirks) Oh how I love the thrill of a good challenge. (she takes a deep breathe) So I headed to floor one, clear, up the back stairwell to the second floor, clear, then I heard someone up on third in the library. I made my way quickly looking at my timer, 1 min 40 seconds, then he caught my glance and I told him the place was going to blow. He ran towards me and grabbed my arm trying to pull me along. I shoved him aside as I gave him a look that he knew if we weren’t in a rush he’d of just gotten his other fingers broken. 35 seconds, down to floor two, this place was big, 28 seconds down to floor one, 22 seconds we’re heading toward the nearest exit, 19, 18, we make our way out the side door, 12 seconds we still need to make our safe distance, 5 seconds we run and the trees look like black shadows, 4, 3, 2, 1… a loud explosion is heard. We don’t look back but the blast throws us about 30 feet forward and we cover our heads with our arms as the heat rushes over us along with thick smoke. It’s so black we can’t see for a few minutes. I crawled forward making my way out of the almost suffocating air into the clear. The Military Man was one step behind me. The first thing I did was reach for his throat and wrapped my hands just tight enough to make it uncomfortable then I tossed him like a rag doll. He landed hard and looked up at me. I don’t need a watch dog, I don’t need protecting, I don’t need him following my every step. Just then out of no where I’m struck. I clench my side, a bullet, then I’m hit again, I’m loosing a lot of blood, the Military Man assesses quickly and takes down yet another elite soldier. Everything goes black…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 77)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your own blood from others. (she looks down at her hands) That turned out to be a messy kill. It’s slightly harder in close quarters. Then yet elevators can be tricky. (she grins) Imagine that? An elevator in his house. (she laughs) This one was another rich, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, playboy. I had eyed this one for a while. This was a huge score for me. They are too easy. No thrill in the game. One look, high heels and they’re mine. (she grins) This one had so many off shore accounts. I wonder if daddy knew he was skimming from the top? (she looks through some paperwork) Well it’s all mine now. (she smiles) What to do with all his cars? (she taps her fingers on the table) Hard to decide which one to take. I’ll burn the others along with the rest of this place. (she smiles) He gave a good fight I’ll give him that. At first he thought it was a game. Seems this one liked it rough. So when I started to tie him up he didn’t even resist. The elevator started to move, he jolted back. A little tipsy maybe. (she smirks) Then I blindfolded him and ran my blade slowly across his lips. He seemed nervous at that point so I assured him everything was ok. Then from his lips I ran it over his chin, down to his throat. The sharpness of the tip slightly made a slice. That’s when he grabbed my hand and tried to push me up against the back of the elevator. Bad move on his part it just made it all the more painful. I thrust my blade deep into his chiseled abs and it was over in seconds. He dropped to the floor just as the doors opened and that’s where I exited. Now to set the explosives (she goes to an app on her phone) I do love my toys. (she smiles) Till next time my diary. I have to run. (she packs her duffle bag and as she walks out she sees the Military Man walk around to the back of the house) “Damn it what is he doing here?!” (she looks at her phone to see how much time is left on the device as she yells out to him to stop) “Stupid son of a bitch.” (she starts to run over to the house… ) to be continued

DEAR DIARY, (blog 76)

I never did say my decision that day, what I had decided to do. They knew without me saying a word but at that moment there was just an unspoken truce and in an instant anything from the past stood in the past. What mattered was we were all on the same team. Since that day we have relocated and have found a temporary place to stay, a very nice place to stay. (she looks around) The rich ones do know how to live. To bad he’s not around to enjoy the view anymore. (she grins) We are unlocking more information daily. It seems we are being hunted by the remaining elite soldiers. We had anticipated this may happen but didn’t think there were any of them left. Apparently there are a few bugs out there that need exterminating. (she thrust her knife into the table) The detective and I have made our peace. He has scratches on his back to mark the occasion. (she smiles) I do think we are very compatible in that department. (she grins and rubs the cuff marks on her wrists) I know this can’t last. Nothing ever does. I am who I am. I can’t play house they way the detective wants. He says he’s ok with that and has decided he’d rather turn a blind eye then to walk away again. That will be his weakness. Another thing we have learned is there is no way to reverse or remove the program from the Military Man. He said he decided months ago he wouldn’t have done it even if we had figured out a way. He enjoys the power it gives him. (she smirks) That I can understand. I don’t know how to embrace this new alliance, especially when the Military Man is just as protective over me as the detective. Why do these men think I need their help? (she sighs) This could prove to be trouble down the road. He hasn’t truly accepted the detective as his brother but like me he has learned to play nice when needed and it seems there is some sort of bond there. Time will tell. Sleep well my diary. It’s my turn to take watch. (As she gets up she’s met with a kiss and a hand reaching around the back of her neck. She reaches and grabs his hand as she turns around and quickly drops him to the floor and there’s a loud cracking noise.) “touch me again and I’ll break more then more then just your fingers Military Man.” …

DEAR DIARY, (blog 75)

I love the color red. Red sports car, hot red nails, red strawberries in the summer, (her eyes get that deep dark look) dark red blood on my blade. (she picks it up from the table and looks over it) You have been quite busy haven’t you? (she places it back down) It has been a rather interesting turn of events. After careful consideration I had made up my mind on what to do with the detective and the military man. As I approached the underground chambers I knew something was off. The lock to the entrance had been compromised but made to look like it wasn’t. Amateurs. Could they have gotten out? I kept my eyes on them the whole time through my camera system but that detective is clever. As I walked down the hallway and entered in to the sound proof area they were kept in it wasn’t so quiet anymore. As I opened the yet another altered lock there was the detective on the floor with another man over him trying to choke him while the military man was trying to get him off him. I had left them weaponless. I quickly jumped into action firing my first shot into the unknown man but the shot bounced off. He was wearing some sort of body armor. With one glance at both the detective and the military man we had unspoken words and I threw my second handgun over to the detective and my spare knife to the military man. He wasn’t going down easy. He didn’t hesitate to come at me and it became a hand to hand combat. That’s how my blade got covered in blood yet again. (she grins) I glanced at the detective and gave him a signal we had used back on our last mission in which he gave one to the military man and in a split second I pushed this new enemy back as a round went off right between his eyes as soon as the military man sliced the head gear off him. He fell to the ground and there was just silence. I made sure he would never take another breathe ripping his chest open in anger even tho I knew he was already dead. We recognized the uniform and knew who this was… another elite soldier.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 74)

What to do what to do. (she taps her fingers on the table) The look of shock on the detectives face was priceless. I walked away before he was able to ask me any questions. I think he knew or rather he should of. Leave me a note and walk away like a coward. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Now don’t get me wrong my diary I’m not completely heartless. I do understand what he went through and it’s hard for someone like him to make peace with what they can’t control. He’s not a killer yet he slept with one. He was there side by side with us helping to shut the program down, the program he created and I can why he snapped. I saw that coming when we were back in New York. So what do I do now? I’m going to let them sit. My two pet rats. (she smiles) Let’s see how the detective likes being left hanging. (she stops to think) Hanging. (she grins) Now there’s an idea. (her eyes get dark) The Military Man, he needs a bit more then that. Do I choke him with my bare hands? Carve him like a Thanksgiving turkey? Bullets? I am fond of them. (she smiles) Torture? (she grins then suddenly gets a serious look) I have discovered something that I am having a hard time understanding. Until the detective came along I was doing just fine by myself. I killed every man I came across. I should have killed him to but he had use. The Military Man has gotten on my nerves but I learned a lot about him from our mission. He’s one hell of a fighter, clever and a hell of an ego. (she almost laughs) Why have these two come into my life? Do either of them benefit me any longer? I don’t like unanswered questions. Do I let things go back to the way they were or do I correct a mistake? If I get rid of the Military Man the detective would never forgive me and he has been the only one who has had my back since my father died. Do I owe him still? Maybe the answer is to just kill them both. (she gets up and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 73)

Everything went according to plan. I went on my pretend run, seemed to get snagged up on some vines and took a tumble down a ravine. I missed my call in Hollywood as a stunt double. (she laughs) Then there he was like clock work… and so was the detective. (she grins) That’s when the Military Man was trapped like a rat. My new toys I invent are just so much fun to use. Let’s just say he was “caught up” at the moment. (she grins) So we gave him a little shot to put him to sleep for a while and then brought him back to the detectives and once he was back in the cell and back to his bed he was restrained just like he was last time. Oh how the world seems to repeat itself. The detective didn’t plan on keeping him locked up this was just a precaution. Funny how he mentioned that word. Precaution: a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant or inconvenient from happening. I do hate unpleasant things, inconvenience just ticks me off. Dangerous however I like. (she smiles) So what instances do we feel the need for precaution? Everything to some degree. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) So as the detective paced back and forth like a pendulum it made me think of the hands of a clock. Counting the minutes, seconds, waiting until the time is right to make it’s move to the next number. Then that familiar sound they make. Tick tock, tick tock. To me that’s so soothing, brings my mind into focus, takes me where I need to be, tells me when it’s time. So as the Military Man started to wake up the detective walked over to his cell. Tick tock… went the sound of his boots on the floor. The key into the lock, the sound of the door sliding open. Tick tock went his boots again. Then I made my move. The last sound I would hear before everything changed again. The sound of the door closing behind the detective and the lock slamming shut. Tick Tock detective! Now there’s two rats in the trap!

DEAR DIARY, (blog 72)

Sometimes I think it’s impossible for things to go good for too long because if they did the world would seize to exist. It’s like some cruel joke the universe plays. Why would things be easy? They can’t ever be. I have learned if something does go right it’s usually followed by the same wrath that seems to follow the damned. I am the damned. I have learned to except it and embrace it. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am. The strength it has given me has been what holds me together, what makes me strong. The irony in it all. (she laughs) My initial instinct was to kill him, to just end the madness known as the detective. It took everything in me not to. He created the program. (she stops to think about the conversation) Then I realized he was just as much the victim. I always knew there was something tormenting him. There was a something hidden. I could feel it. Where to go from here I haven’t figured out yet. He wants to search for his brother and he wants my help. I know he’s close by. I can often sense him when I am doing my runs. He’s like a shadow in the dark, following my steps, watching from a distance. I often dream of killing him. Slashing his throat as blood splatters and feels like warm rain on my face. (she starts to picture it) I have not given the detective an answer as to whether I will let the Military Man live or die once we find him. Yes my diary I have a plan. The Military Man can’t seem to resist a villain in distress. (she smirks) So be in distress I shall. When he comes, which I know he will, we trap him. Then the detective will explain everything to him and we will see how he reacts. Do I see a brother versus brother? I may have to play referee. (she grins) I don’t think the detective has it in him to do what needs to be done if things go badly. Lucky for him I’ll be there and I have no problem with it. (she grabs her knife and places it in her thigh holster) Meantime I have a chief of police to dethrone. You didn’t think I forgot about him did you? (she laughs) Tick tock… his time is up! He shall be strung from the stations clock tower. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) Oh how I do love to play with rope. (she glances down at her duffle bag) Till next time my Dear Diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 71)

I made the papers again. (she laughs and picks it up) “New chief gets literally a heartfelt gift at welcoming party which turns out to be his girlfriend’s actual heart who was found dead in her home shortly after the ceremony. No leads but they’re investigating if it’s related to past crimes in which victims were brutally murdered.” (she tosses the paper) How pathetic they are. Lucky for me they can’t seem to solve a damn thing. (she smirks) Not that I leave them any clues so I guess I can’t be too surprised. (She looks rather proud of herself but then she hears something outside and quickly grabs her gun and heads to see what it is. She sees a figure. It looks familiar. She heads out the back and approaches him from the side. He quickly puts his hands up and then she hears that voice.) “It’s me.” (she raises her weapon higher and aims for his head) “Let me explain.” (he walks closer) “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t blow your brains out?” (the last time she asked him a question like that she found out something that changed her life.) “I had to go. I feel like a failure. It’s not in me to do what you do. I couldn’t face you and that was wrong.” (she lowers her weapon) “Where have you been?” (he walks up to her but keeps his distance) “I was at my cabin, built it myself, off the grid. It’s where I go to think.” (he brushes his hair back with his fingers it’s how she can tell he’s nervous, then he asks her the question she knew he would) “Did you kill him?” (she stops to think about everything and pictures that last day they were all together) “He’s alive but I should have killed him. Now he’s MIA again. That little thorn in my side that I bared as courtesy to you.” (she walks up to him and slaps him hard. He looks shocked) “I deserved that.” (she goes to strike him again but he stops her hand) “Please let me explain. You deserve to know the truth. All of it.” He looks in her eyes with an intensity that bares all his soul. “I couldn’t keep turning a blind eye and I think you knew that. I finally broke. It took everything in me to walk away from you that day but I had to. Even from my brother. I couldn’t keep lying to you both.” (she can tell something big is about to change) “Lying about what?” (she reaches down and grips the blade of her knife) “It’s my fault my brother is the way he is.” (she looks confused) “When I was in special ops I was given an assignment and transferred to the labs department. My job was to come up with ways to strengthen the human body, to find ways for us to be almost super human. It sounded like a good plan. Why not protect us soldiers right? I was tired of watching everyone in my squad die. So I figured out a way to alter the DNA. It was only suppose to be used for that purpose. No one was ever suppose to be hurt, to be changed, for memories to be erased and their lives to be taken away.” (she takes her hand off her knife and gets a solemn look in her eyes as if she knows what he’s going to say next) “I created the program.”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 70)

She was a feisty bitch but she had good taste in jewelry. (she looks at her new bracelet) The rich ones usually do. Well should I say their boy toys like the chief usually do. (she grins) She screamed, begged for her life, tried to even take a swing at me. That was when I snapped her neck but not before slowly cutting her heart out and letting her know what real pain feels like. (she looks at the blood stains on her blade) Then it was off to the welcoming ceremony. There were so many people there it was almost too easy. Let’s see, I killed the coat check girl first, no one touches my jacket without asking, next was the waiter, serve warm cocktail shrimp? Really? (she sighs) Then I placed my gift on the table. I made sure the few security cameras they had were deactivated before I even got there. Apparently since I was busy trying to locate the detective the crime rate has dropped. (she laughs) So they think. Typical train of thought to let your guard down when you think it’s safe. What a way to start it back up again. (she grins) The shocked look on his face when he got to my box. It was so perfectly wrapped in black satin paper and a silky red bow. Everyone was sipping their drinks, watching as gift by gift, some gag ones in between, were opened, he laughed and moved on to the next, to mine. At first he thought it was another prank, shrugging it off showing the crowd then the blood started to drip and the smell, you can’t mistaken that scent, the scent of blood. Around that time I made my exit but not before his tanned skin turned pale and the guests screamed and ran. (she laughs) Oh how I love a good party. I don’t think it should take him long to figure out who’s it is. After all, his girlfriend was a no show. (she grins) No actually she did show up, just not all of her. (her eyes got that dark look) I’ll let him figure this one out then he’s going to meet his fate. (she grips the handle of her blade tight as she places it back in the holster) I have rather missed this carefree life. (she stops to think) A girl doesn’t want to get bored tho. (she taps her fingers on the table) What to do next? That’s the next question to figure out. Sleep well my diary. I have a few things to take care of.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 69)

It’s been two months and still no sign of the detective or the Military Man. I had a few leads which went cold. There is nothing more I can do but to move on, pick my life back up from that day sitting in the distance looking down at the coffee shop. The day I first laid eyes on the detective that changed my life. (she stops to think) Why I let him live I’ll never know, or maybe I do. (she’s getting mad) He made me weak anyways. (she swipes her hand across the table tossing all the paperwork on the detective to the floor along with the daily paper she hasn’t read yet) “What’s this?” (she picks the paper back up to see the headline. “Town gets a new chief?” (she reads the article then has that look in her eyes) Oh well then let’s welcome him to the neighborhood. (she taps her fingers on the table) I have been too mellow lately. Time to up my game. (she smiles) Let’s see when’s the ceremony? (she picks the paper back up again) Tonight? I will just have to send myself an invitation. What should I give him as a gift? (she grins as she searches the data base for information on him and his picture pops up) I know this type. Handsome, young, rich with an ego, likes to control everyone and everything, parents are incredibly wealthy, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, father was arrested few years ago on fraud charges, seems that’s right around when he decided to join the force, charges were dropped as evidence was lost. Lost? (she laughs) He has little experience but he makes police chief? How funny the rich think they can control the world. I won’t have some spoiled brat on my tail. Now back to the gift. (she starts to tape her fingers on the table again then her eyes light up) I’ll pay a visit to the chiefs latest girlfriend. I’m sure he thinks he has her heart like all the other girls he’s probably screwed over. So her heart it is! (her eyes get dark) It feels so good to be back and this is just the beginning. Tick tock… her time is up! (she grabs her knife and heads out)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 68)

A note. He walked away and left a note? (she stabs her knife into the table and grabs the letter and glances over it) He can’t handle the things he’s had to do and turning a blind eye has changed who he is. (she tosses the letter) So he walks? All this and now he walks from his brother, he claimed he wants to fix, from me and all just to “think” as he put it? To find a way to live with himself? (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) That doesn’t sound like the detective I know. He’s turned a blind eye for months and he’s done some not so by the board things long before I showed up. So after I read the note back at the base I tucked it into my duffle bag and all while the Military Man watched from across the room and waited. So in my mind at that point all bets were off. I think the Military Man knew what was coming as I seen him make a run for it as I was about to grab my gun. I chased him down for a while, took a few shots but I had other things to take care of, like tracking the detective down. Something about this doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s legit and he does need time or maybe this is the Military Mans doing and he’s being held somewhere or worse. (she stops to think) I checked the detective’s house and it hasn’t been touched. I also went to the last known location of the Military Man and his things are cleared out. He also found the tracker I implanted in him when he was out cold it seems. (her eyes got dark) My life use to be so simple. I had nothing more to worry about then finding the next rich guy. Maybe I should just let the detective be, but what if he’s in trouble? The Military Man has no idea how much he has ticked me off. Why run if he was innocent? Why would the detective leave his phone behind and write some bogus letter? Too many unanswered questions and I don’t do well with that. If the Military Man has done something to him he will wish he never crossed my path. If the detective did up an leave that’s a cowards way out. He should of told me to my face. I see two brothers in my head and they are starting to not look so different. (she grabs her blade out of the table and puts it in her holster) Tick Tock Mr. Military Man. I know your time is up! The detective better be in trouble or his time is up to! (she grabs her gun and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 67)

It felt like days had passed but it was only minutes. As I sat there waiting for him to wake up and for his system to recover I had too much time to think. It was a little cold out and I was pissed his connection to the detective made me keep him alive. I kept looking at him thinking of different ways to kill him. He has his good side if you can call it that. It’s the trying to capture me all those times that sticks in my head. I don’t let go of things so easy. He has more then proven himself on this trip but old habits die hard. (she grins and twirls her knife) Then he started to move so I gave him a little slap to help him along. (she smiles) His boyish grin faded quickly and he looked startled. I of course greeted his eyes with my gun. The Military Man sat up and clenched his side. “So you bandaged me but you’re pointing a gun at me? You are one confusing person to figure out.” I then stepped a little closer. “Where’s the detective?” He backed up a bit. “I don’t know. We both ran out at the same time but then I was hit over the head which was strange since I didn’t sense or see anyone else around. Then I woke up with a gun pointed at me.” (he gives her a look) I could sense he was telling the truth so I lowered my weapon. “Maybe he went back in looking for me and he’s in trouble. Are you able to stand up?” (she goes over to him and grabs under one arm. He stands up fine but he’s a little unsteady. “I’m fine.” He said. “I’ll go with you. There could be more… (he hesitates to say it) more like me in there. Only these guys finished the program and my guess is there’s no human left which means they won’t hesitate to kill us. Since we shut the program down there’s no one controlling the ship. We can only take out the crew now.” I knew what we had to do but the thought of more like him just made my blood boil since one has been like a thorn in my side. Oh how I wish sometimes that I never met the detective. (She thought in her head then thrusts her knife into the tree and pulls it back out and that made the Military Man take a step back. Then she glanced over at him. “Let’s go. It’s taken too long already.” We made our way through the building and no sign of him. Then I stumbled across a letter with my name on it. (TO BE CONTINUED…)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 66)

Tick tock, tick tock. The sound was so loud in my head like all those years ago. It was like I was sitting in my fathers living room the day of his death. That’s the day it all began. The day I no longer felt I had any feelings other then anger and hatred. Now here I am again, this time up against a concrete wall in a dark stairwell. I can’t control this rage and there is no one left to kill. I got them all. One by one they each died. Some with my gun, others with my blade and some with my bare hands. It started out we all fought side by side, me, the detective, the Military Man and we took them down and everything went according to plan. The program is shut down. Wiped out from existence. Then it got quiet and black as the lights went out one by one. Something was wrong, someone else was there. I felt my senses as they went into high alert. The Military Man grabbed my arm and pointed in silence to a slightly grey area that seemed to break up the darkness. Over in the corner I got a glimpse of the detective who nodded over to us and also pointed in that direction. The Military Man knew who this was. It was one of the Elite Soldiers. Only this one was in full blown kill mode. Picture Military Man times ten. So this would be a challenge but I’ve handled much worse, then 10 more came. Now the game was upped and it was now or never as they all started to open fire as we all took cover and returned fire back. I fought hard and fast, some used hand to hand combat a few used weapons, but one by one they died. We all ended up split up in different parts of the building so now here I am in this stairwell, this cold dark stairwell with nothing but the sound of a ticking clock in my head about to explode. I try to move and my leg hurts. I look down and feel my leg and I know I’ve been shot. I quickly make a tourniquet out of my shirt and make my way down the stairs. Was anyone else alive? Was this the bad feeling I had that one of us wasn’t going to make it back? I can feel blood draining from another spot. This time it’s my arm. I tie that off too and make my way to the bottom floor. I have to get out of here. This mission has taken way too long and there may be more coming. I try to call the detective’s cell and I can hear it ringing in the distance so I run ahead and there it is on the ground, covered in bloody fingerprints and to the right leaning on a tree is the Military Man, out cold. I hesitate to save him and every instinct in me says to leave him but I didn’t. The detective would never forgive me and I need to know if he knows where he is. So we bunker down in a little ravine off in the woods and I wait for him to wake. (TO BE CONTINUED…)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 65)

We had a long discussion about what to do next. We have been given nine names in the U.S. alone. This is bigger then we are. There are too many all over the world to hunt them down one by one. That’s a fools game and taking them out won’t stop the program. To do that we must take out the program itself. We’re in North Carolina in a little hole in the wall hotel. Why? It’s home to one of the largest Military bases in the U.S. (she grins) It’s where they are running the main operation. If we can get in there and get access to the system I can have it destroyed in seconds. Decades of work gone. (she laughs) We will take a few days to come up with a plan. It has to be full proof. We will each have our jobs. (she glances out the window) The detective and the Military Man have gone out for supplies and food. It’s been interesting watching those two actually get along. They are alike in some ways and totally opposite in others. I find myself thinking that a lot lately. I followed the Military Man one of the nights we were in New York. Do you know he actually broke into a bank? (she stops to think about it and seems surprised by it) Guess we both get our funds the same way. (she smiles) I of coarse would have been quicker at it. (she makes a sarcastic face) I’m wondering how much of him was really tinkered with since I don’t think that was part of the program. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) All I do know is I am starting to go stir crazy working with these two and I am looking forward to this being over and getting back to normal. Did I just say normal? (she laughs) I kill by day and screw a detective by night. How’s that for normal? (she laughs again then her face gets serious) I can’t seem to shake this overwhelming feeling one of us isn’t going to make it back from this. (she stops writing for a moment and sits back in the chair when she senses they are close by) I hear a car pulling up. It’s them. Till next time my dear diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 64)

Oh how I love Fifth Ave after dark. (she smiles) For a city that never sleeps they sure do have poor security. (she shakes her head) Tisk tisk. I am rather fond of my new bracelet tho. (she glances down at her wrist) Rows of beautiful perfect diamonds. These new boots aren’t bad either. (she looks at the 6 inch heels she’s wearing and smiles) Now who pays that kind of money for things? Rich spoiled brats! So I paid a visit to the high class bar in Manhattan. Only VIP’s get in there but I got in my own way. (she grins) The atmosphere was just as I remembered. Dark lightening, neon lights hanging above the bars, slightly smoky, piano in the corner, smells like a mix of high end cologne and perfume, then there he was. My night’s victim. I can spot them a mile away. The extra good looking guy in the black suit, blue button up shirt with three buttons undone, no tie and his jacket slung over the seat. He sips his drink slowly while trying not to get noticed that he’s scanning the room for one nighters. By the white line on his finger from a missing wedding ring this is just the kind of man who deserves it. So I made my way over and after a few drinks he was inviting me to his place. I knocked him out within minutes of doing a quick scan of the place. I disabled all his security, wiped out a weeks worth of data on the camera’s and computers then cleaned out his bank accounts. (she grins) Then I finished the job and strung him up outside his window for all of New York to see. These penthouse places are great. (she laughs) Then I made my way back to the hotel. The detective and the Military Man were still out cold with a little help from what I slipped in their drink. (she smiles) They’ll never know. No hangover just wake up feeling like you had a good nights sleep. I have perfected my formula. (she looks down in her duffle bag at the little bottles of pills) Time to slip into bed and get a few hours sleep. Tomorrow we discuss where our next stop will be but I couldn’t leave NY without one last bang. So tomorrow at precisely 2pm Times Square video feed will feature my latest victim. Let them have fun finding him. (she laughs) Oh how I love the game. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) Goodbye New York. It’s been real. (she grins) Till next time my Diary. Sleep well.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 63)

We were all up before dawn. The shades were still drawn and coffee was brewing from the hotel coffee maker which ended up tasting like mud. So the detective made his way to the hotel coffee shop that’s open 24 hours. Nothing like Italian coffee and New York bagels. (she laughs) How complicated yet simple living here is. (her face gets a serious look) I don’t miss it at all. (she tosses the hotel brochure in the trash) I have lived all over the world studying places, people, the difference in cultures, learning things even the locals never knew. I never stood in one place for very long until now. My father always said it was important to find a place to put your roots down even if you don’t end up staying you always have a place to go. I am watching my home from my cell. (she picks it up and sees the surveillance camera’s) This one is my own software, an off the grid system that can’t be detected by any means other then my phone. I even removed my homes image from satellite view. Sorry google maps. (she grins) So the plan went well. Once I was in for my interview I scanned his DNA with my contacts and sent it to the Military Man and once he confirmed this was the one of the men involved in the Military program I slit his throat but not before torturing him for the information and names of the others. The Military Man helped me with that, and he was all too happy to do it, but the detective couldn’t. He wanted justice. He wanted to bring these men down but not like this, but he knew this is what had to be done. So he once again turned a blind eye. I can see it’s weighing on him. (she glances over at him sleeping in bed) Will this change him? Will he end up killing with us or try to keep his humanity? No one is immune. We can only control it before it controls us. I will watch him. He has protected me in the past and now it’s my turn to protect him. Sleep well my diary. There’s more work to be done and I have Fifth Ave to visit. Can’t leave good old New York without a free shopping spree. (she grins, grabs her duffle bag and heads out)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 62)

We each rode up separately but followed behind each other. I went last to keep an eye on them both. (she grins) The detective wanted me to ride with him but I wanted to go solo. An extra vehicle is always a good idea and I prefer to ride alone. He still doesn’t get the fact that I don’t need to be watched or protected but dare I say it’s rather cute? (she smiles) So here we are in the Big Apple. We are all staying in the same hotel right in the middle of Times Square. What a view from here. (she glances over at the window) We each also have our own rooms but they are adjoined side by side by locked doors each leading to mine. I am in the middle. The detective said he’s sleeping with me, that he doesn’t trust his brother, the Military Man. I’m ok with that. (she gets that sultry look in her eyes) After the detective fell asleep, with a little help, (she looks over at the glass) I snuck out. What a mad house it is amongst the mix of strange people out and about in the middle of the night. How easy it is to do things right under everyone’s nose but they’re all to busy to even notice. Then I headed to a different spot, a more discreet area. You know I had to take out a few out along my stroll. (she slips her knife out from it’s holster and places it on the desk) That’s what you get for being in Central Park at that time of night. (she laughs) Then as I headed back to Times Square I felt like I was being followed and I knew who it was. So I sent him a text asking if he was going to join me or stand 30 feet behind me. (she grins) The Military Man thinks he can watch me without me knowing? Tisk tisk. So we walked back to the hotel. It was rather civil. He is quite the opposite of his brother in a lot of ways and similar in others. (she stops to think about the conversation) It was almost too weird us not trying to kill each other, well me trying to kill him I should say, (she laughs) and now here I am writing to you my diary. (she looks at the clock) I better get back to bed before the detective wakes up. He will be ready for round two when the sun rises. (she smiles) Besides it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow and I have a role to play. (she looks over at a neatly pressed sexy black dress suit) We’re checking out our first lead and that requires me to go for a job interview as a personal assistant. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) This should be fun. Oh how I love a good role. (she clenches the handle of her gun) All in good time. (she lets go of her grip) See you tomorrow my diary. Sleep well.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 61)

The conversation proceeded for hours. I don’t trust him but a lot of what he knows matches up to the information my father found. I even took the restraints off him about half way through, to test the waters. I have my guarantee that he doesn’t know about but believe me when I say I’m not too worried about him. (she grins) Then I called the detective. He took more convincing then the Military Man. He was mad yes but when he seen it my way, which they usually do, (she smiles) he knew this is what had to be done to stop them. So we let the Military Man go. I think the detective was hoping he’d have some kind of bond with him before we leave but I don’t see that happening. The social aspect of his brain has been almost completely wiped out from what I can see. The traces that are left are shattered, picture tiny fragments of DNA floating around and connecting to nothing. That explains him trying to kill the detective in the past but he had restraint so that means there is something that was left behind, something that wasn’t lost and found its way back. So we all leave next week for New York. I quite like the big apple, although the Statue of Liberty would have looked much cooler with a blade instead of a torch. (she grins and twirls her knife in her hand) This should be an interesting trip. (she taps her fingers on the table while she’s thinking) Let’s see if the boys are capable of playing nice together. I must say I am rather looking forward to it. This has to be the most challenging game I’ve had in a while. To think of all the rich men and toys I can get there while I’m at it. (she smiles) Good thing I know my way around. Five years living the high life in good old NY. Unfortunately it got rather boring and too many freaks, (she laughs) so I left to come here. I prefere the tranquility and laying low but it’s time to shine my diary. Time to get some real work done and stop this Military program. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) They won’t know what hit them. (she looks over at the clock) Also time to go do what I do best, a last visit to the base to get extra ammo and supplies. Oh won’t they miss me while I’m gone. (she laughs) Till next time my diary. Let the game begin! (she grabs her duffle bag and walks away)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 60)

Getting into the chambers was a breeze. Guess the detective should get better security. (she grins) The room he was kept in was far too comfortable. (she laughs) The detective is too nice. I would have had him 6 feet under but that’s just me. (she smiles) I was impressed with the bullet proof glass walls that surrounded it. Nice touch. Then there he was all strapped down and in his hospital bed hooked up to the detective’s miracle formula. (she laughs) Only it’s not the detective’s formula it’s mere saline solution. (she gets that look in her eyes) Then I walked over to him, slipped my little wake up juice into his I.V and the rest… (she starts to picture the whole conversation in her head)

Villain: My my how the tables have turned. (she walks slowly around the side of the bed tugging on his restraints to double check them) What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? (she grins and the Military Man tries to break the restraints) Now we can either spend all day doing this and I end up knocking you out again, one way or another (she grabs her knife from her holster) or we can simply talk. (she puts the blade to his throat)

Military Man: I see you haven’t lost any of your charm. (he gives her his own boyish grin) A women who holds a knife to my throat not only has my attention but I find that rather attractive. (he smiles)

Villain: (she laughs) Do you really think that crap will work on me?

Military Man: Can’t a guy be sincere? Obviously it worked for that detective guy. Oh I mean my brother. (he makes a face) What do you see in him anyways? I told you I can understand you better then he ever could. (he looks serious now)

Villain: Let’s cut the small talk out shall we. (she looks annoyed and starts walking around the room) You know the ins and outs of a place I need to find and you know the names of some people that I need to… let’s just say chat with. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) I think you want revenge with these people as much as I do. After all, they tinkered with your mind. That’s got to piss a guy off. (she looks over at him) The detective, your brother, has been trying to save your ass since they did this to you. He feels betrayed by them as much as you. So let’s just cut to the chase. We either work together or I kill you. Funny how the tables have turned. (she twirls her blade then puts it back in her holster) I remember a similar conversation with you many months ago. (now she takes out her gun and points it directly at his head) So what’s it going to be? (she smiles)

Military Man: Brains and beauty. Lethal combination. I like that, but am I supposed to trust you? Not to mention I don’t see you trusting me either. Oh and speaking of that prior conversation we had all those months ago. Why do you think I wanted us to join forces? I’ll admit I find you extremely hard to resist. I can see why the detective, I mean my brother the do gooder, turns a blind eye. We are both not like the rest. You by birth, me not by choice, but either way we don’t fit in and never will. I think we’d make a great team both in and out of the bedroom. (he grins) I was also going to ask for your help on stopping these men who did this to me and are still doing it to others. They’re not just trying to make a super soldier, there’s more to it. So like I knew, we think on the same level. So you can put the gun away. I’m in. (TO BE CONTINUED…)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 59)

The test results were conclusive. His strands of DNA have been mutated with what appears to be DNA from another host. Male, same age, human origin, but why? (she stops to think) I think they are trying to do more then build soldiers. Maybe a perfect human? (she shakes her head) No. They wouldn’t need him perfect just compliant. I compared them with the blood sample from the detective, don’t ask how I got that, (she grins) and they are indeed brothers. The DNA from the other host however was also altered before being introduced into the Military Man. (she glances over at the test tubes) Tiny strands of everything that makes him tick is in there. I have other tests running as we speak. They are intertwined but I think separable but not without cost and not all of them can be done. I don’t think I will share this information right away with the detective. I need the Military Man to be powerful if he’s going to be of any use. “Tick Tock, Tick Tock” (she says out loud) This is such a test of my will power keeping him alive. Every fiber of my being wants to end his existence. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) He has been nothing but trouble from day one. This playing nice doesn’t seem to be in my DNA. (she laughs) I think I will sneak into the chambers to pay the Military Man a visit tonight. I think I can get him to talk if it’s one on one. Just like he’s always wanted. (she grins) Oh my little lab rat. I think it’s time to form a team. (she fake shivers) Just the sound of that makes me want to cringe but with his inside knowledge and dare I say skills and the detectives drive, determination and fierce loyalty with some not so bad skills himself, (she smiles) I think we can finally bring down the true evils of the world and I can finish my fathers work. Then the deals off! (she thrusts her knife into the table) I will use him for what I need then his time is up! My father once said sometimes we have to fight with others in order to succeed on our own. Now I understand what he meant by that and I don’t like it, but I get it. Sweat dreams my diary. I have a Military Man to see then a detective to convince. (she pulls the blade out of the table and places it back in her thigh holster, stops by the mirror to check her makeup, then heads to gear up)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 58)

The new dose I put into the I.V. seemed to be working. The Military Man started to regain consciousness so I checked his restraints again. He wasn’t going anywhere, at least not on my watch. The detective had been toying around in his chemistry lab trying to find a reverse serum. He said they used a wide variety of injections to alter his state of mind and to give him the super strength and capabilities he has. There is no way to tell what altering his DNA did or what the repercussions will be trying to change it back. It’s like a tangled mess of wires in there. There may be no way to truly reverse it without changing him even more. I snuck some blood before I left and I’m running it in my own lab. (she glances down the hall) When he came to he of course tried everything he could to break free and we tried to calm him down but he was enraged. So we knocked him out again. The detective has so many unanswered questions he wants to ask him. Specifically he wants the names of the ones who did this to him. He thinks he can take them down. I told him that’s a fools game on his own. The government is more powerful then what you can see. It goes beyond one country. A few selected who run the world. An unconceivable notion? No. Man has spent years, decades, thinking they have control. They don’t. Diseases, vaccines, our water supply, air, food, even the damn weather they control. My father was taking on that task of figuring out the puzzle, finding them one by one. They may think they are untouchable but really no one is. If you breathe and you bleed you are reachable. When the Military Man calms down we’ll have a chat. He may be more useful then I thought. (she starts tapping her fingers on the table) I could finish my fathers work if I had those names. (she gets a dark look in her eyes) I told the detective I’m in. (the lab sends a signal to her cell) The blood work analysis is done. Let’s see what kind of mess you have going on in there Military Man. You may have just spared your own life, for now. (she thrusts her knife into the table) Time to end their control of the world my diary. Come out come out where ever you are. (she sings) Tick tock! Their reign of power will be over. (she grabs her blade and heads towards the lab)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 56)

Nothing burns off steam like a good blood bath. All the stress of the last couple days a girl needs to let her hair down, really let loose. Those poor souls never knew what hit them. It was a cruise to the islands. There were cocktails, dinner, dancing and a show afterwards, some dancers doing some sort of musical. I lost interest right around that time. So I decided to do a show of my own for them. Show them what real talent looks like. (she gets a dark grin on her face) I had first snuck off to get rid of the captain, crew and anyone who was elsewhere on the ship. Their bodies sunk quicker then the titanic. (she laughs) Then I locked all the rest in the music hall. That’s when the fun began. I took out my AR-15 and well let’s just say the dancers made their final bow. (she smiles and stops to make a curtsy with her arms) Then I instructed the rest of them to stay put. I then asked for a volunteer. I was shocked not one person stepped up. (she laughs again) So one by one I walked by and blew each ones hands off. Tisk tisk they thought they were going to call for help. No hands, no cell phone. (her eyes get darker) I did wipe out all the cells, internet and any means of communication, all beforehand but I couldn’t spoil their last bit of hope to phone or write to a loved one. (she smiles) Those last words will never see the light of anyone’s eyes. Then as they stood there in shock bleeding out from their missing fingertips I picked my victim. I had seen him and his wife earlier during cocktails only what his wife didn’t see was him hitting on me afterwards. So this would be more then fun. So up on stage he went. I told the crowd to clap then realized oops they couldn’t (she joked and laughed) so my show began! I strung him up by a rope and one organ by one came out to make its appearance. They all gasped, a few passed out. (she smirks) What light weights. The ones that screamed I shot them through the head. (she sighed) How rude of them miss my show. My finale however was spectacular. (her eyes lighten up) A burning ship. (she looked proud of herself) I started the music up before I exited out and then let the flames rise! I myself was off before the ship sunk. It wasn’t that long of a swim to my boat that I had left waiting to take me back to shore. I watched for a while first as it was rather calming. Now I feel ready to take on this mess with the Military Man. (her phone gets a text so she reaches over to grab it) Good timing detective. He wants to meet me at the chambers. Seems he needs my help. (she grins) I knew he would. Till next time my diary. Let the next show begin!

DEAR DIARY, (blog 55)

The hours ahead were challenging. I don’t think I ever heard silence before like I did that day. My heart beating was like a clock. Tick tock, tick tock. It triggered something in me that took all my willpower to resist but I put my weapon away. We drugged and secured the Military Man and brought him back to the detective’s hidden underground chambers. The detective is unsure whether he knows he’s his brother or if that part of his memory is still wiped out. The detective joined the military first and his brother followed soon after. Years later his brother was badly wounded in a covert operation and not expected to live, so they told the detective. He later learned he was taken to be part of the Elite Controlled Military. He was planning on getting his brother out of there but he had escaped first. That’s when he left the military and became a detective. He tracked his brother here so he got himself a position with the locals and has been trying to secure him since. It appears there has always been competition between the two from the stories he told me. Good thing I never had any siblings. I’d not of hesitated to shorten the family tree. (she grins) So here we are in this sort of predicament. He wants to try to turn his brother back into so called normal but who knows the extent of what they really did and what normal for him really is. I do think the competition gene was enhanced and the fact that he has already shown no restraint to kill him before I don’t know what can be done to change that part. Sometimes during brain washing the mind will give in to what it has always wanted but may have held back in reality. If he sees his brother as a threat or the competition this could have just been the gateway he needed. It would also depend on what his true feelings were to begin with. He also wants me to stay away from the chambers. He doesn’t want me to get hurt. (she laughs) How sweet but please, if anyone needs help it’s the detective. He’s too attached to be able to do what may need to be done if things go wrong. So he will get my help like it or not. (she grins) Besides, this is my chance to get to know his brother, the infamous Military Man. Small small world my diary. (she taps her fingers on the table) The cat has caught her mouse. (she smiles and gets a dark look in her eyes) To play with it first or kill it? That remains to be seen. Till next time. Sweet dreams.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 54)

The hallway was long and dark. I could hear the dogs coming. He must have gotten new ones since I took out the last group of them that tried to attack me. (she grins) I knew the best chance the detective had to make it was if I had my weapons. I quickly made my way to the room where he had them last time and luckily they were still there. Men are so predictable. (she sighs and rushes over to the table) “Damn he keeps taking my blade!” I thought to myself as I holstered it back on. Things you don’t mess with, my hair, my shoes, don’t make me chip a nail and most of all never touch my blade. Good way to get yourself killed. (she glances down at it) I then grabbed the detectives 9mm and my collection of toys I always keep with me. (she smiles) Then I spotted a few that weren’t mine so I quickly grabbed those, geared up, checked for ammo and started to head back. One, two, three, I counted then placed my arm around the doorway and got the first two dogs and snapped the last ones neck that lunged for me. Then I made my way back down the hall. By that point the silence stopped me in my tracks. The noise of the shuffle in the distant room let me know the detective was still fighting, still ok. Now there was nothing. I now slowly made my way down the hall as to not let anyone know I was coming. As I approached the door and looked in what I saw shocked me. There he was on the floor, out cold and tied up. Standing over him, bloody and worn out, bent over gasping for air, was the detective. As I rushed over and drew my gun he stopped me. Now I was confused. This is what we wanted. We had him. Once the detective caught his breathe he stood up, put his hand on my gun and lowered it. “You can’t kill him.” He said to me. “Please.” Now I took a step back not knowing what to think. A range of emotions flooded my mind. Would I have to take the detectives life in order to do what needed to be done? Just as I was about to grab my blade he looked in my eyes and I said to him “Give me one good reason not to.” Then in one sentence everything changed. He glanced over at the Military Man then over at me, then said… “because he’s my brother.”

DEAR DIARY, (blog 53)

I had started to wake up but my vision was hazy. Then I looked down and there were chains on my wrists. Then I glanced over at the detective. He was across the room and there was the Military Man chaining him up too. He looked like he was still out cold. I quickly closed my eyes so he wouldn’t see I was awake. What happened? The last thing I remember was a loud noise and then we crashed into a tree. We must have blacked out. I knew this place. It’s the same place he brought me to last time. The cold concrete floor, the cell, the one tiny window that let the moon light in, the table he left the key on. Mistake number one for Military Man that day. I waited a few minutes and he walked out of the room. I counted his footsteps and figured out from the last time I was there where he was. I opened my eyes and took a better look around. He had the detective in one cell and me in another. I had to act quickly. I scratched out my micro tools from my hands and got my chains off and started to work on the cell lock. Then I ran over to the detective’s cell opened his, got his chains off then tried to wake him up. Seems the crash or the Military Man gave him quite the beating. I was a bit bruised myself. Once he was awake I pulled him up and told him we had to hurry but then suddenly I could hear his foot steps coming. I started to count them. He was heading back our way. With one glance at the detective and no weapons we knew we had to think fast. I knew where they would probably be, I told him. Then as the Military Man got near the detective pulled me close, looked in my eyes, kissed me, then whispered in my ear he’d hold him off and to run, grab my weapons if I could, just in case, and go. Just in case? What? Leave him? I don’t run. I fight. There was no time to argue he told me. The Military Man couldn’t be taken down with fists alone. Then at the doorway there he stood, full gear on, some sort of protective body suit and weapons. He must of been watching us somehow. I glanced up and with my vision returned to normal I spotted a micro camera the size of the head of a pin right above the door. That wasn’t there last time. Then the detective looked at me and I knew he was about to do something. He quickly lunged at the Military Man to make the doorway free. At that moment I knew I what I had to do. To be continued…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 52)

Gearing up for war is like second nature to me. I have been doing it my whole life. It’s as natural as breathing. The detective is more cautious then I am. He has fear where as I don’t. (she looks down at her boots) I have some blood to clean. It better come out of these Louboutin’s or I’ll be rather upset. (she sighs jokingly) Oh well It’s not like I can’t get another pair. (she smiles) I had a rather interesting last few days. Another billionaire I have been working on seems to of had quite the nasty ex. We were at dinner, it was the last night before I planned on taking him down, then this anorexic thing walks in. My radar went off instantly. She walked up to our table and throws his wine right in his face. Normally I’d cheer her on but this was a big score for me and I wasn’t about to let this twit mess it up. So I stood up and told her we needed to talk. The poor soul actually thought she was going to hit me. (she laughs) That was her first and last mistake. I grabbed her arm before she even had it all the way up. I told rich boy to go dry off and I’d meet him back at the house and I escorted miss bones to the bathroom. Then I knocked her out, tossed her out the window into the alley and finished her off. I strangled her with her own pearls. (she laughs). The bitch. No one messes with my plans. Of coarse I had to hide the body. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) They’ll never find her burned bones that is now nothing but ashes floating in the sea. (she’s picturing it) Then I met him back at his house where by then I was rather annoyed at how the night turned out so he died an extra slow death. My knife was put to use that day. (she takes it out of her thigh holster and places it on the table) I hate when they whine and beg too. No please don’t kill me… (she makes a face) I did end up with a rather large sum of untraceable money so as always it’s so worth it, and I’m so damn good at it. (she smiles) So I kicked back at his place, had myself a drink and enjoyed the view. It’s too bad he won’t be seeing it anymore. (she grins) The rich ones know how to live. The irony in that statement. Then I went back to the place we ate at and finished everyone off, burnt the place down, then hacked into the computer system and wiped out the security cameras and every camera within a 5 mile radius. Then of coarse I had to track down everyone who ate there that night and let’s just say I left no stone nor body unturned. A girls work is never done. (she looks at the clock) Well off to clean this mess. There’s still more to do. Sleep well my diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 51)

My mind was swirling with information. When I got back home I had a lot to process. It seems the Military Man also known as number 3674ECM, Elite Controlled Military, was a government experiment gone bad. They took a near death soldier wounded in battle and transformed him into a super human. Only they didn’t plan on mind control only working on the weak which apparently the Military Man is not. They wiped out his identity, went into his brain and basically tinkered with wiring that most people don’t use, the parts of the brain that control things beyond what the average human can comprehend. I know because I use those same parts. The ability to sense beyond what others can is either a gift or a curse. You either handle it or you can’t. It seems the soldier boy is having a hard time. Sensing the procedure had gone wrong they tried to take him down but he must of sensed this and escaped. Now he has revenge on the people who turned him this way and anyone he feels is a threat. The detective was part of that operation but had transferred shortly after they started. So whether the Military Man knows that or not I can’t be sure of. Others in the experiment had been successfully controlled and they are gearing up a special task force. How arrogant they are to think they can completely control any human. The mind gives in when it is weak but the soul never dies. It hides and reflects itself in other ways. Sometimes the mind never fully returns but in other cases a mere incident, person or memory can completely undo everything. I guess they will have to learn this on their own. As for the Military Man the only question is which side does he play on? (she stops writing to think a bit) The detective thinks he is pure evil. I on the other hand do not. I have seen the compassion in his eyes the few times I have escaped his attempts. I have also seen his dark side when it came to the detective that day. I’d have to say he’s stuck between his brain washed soldier mode and who he really is. He’s neutral. I think he’d kill who ever he has to in order to get what he wants, kind of like what I do, but he has a weakness and that seems to be me. So I shared what I knew with the detective. I don’t do that often but dare I say I trust him? Does that make me weak too? (she laughs) Difference is I’d kill the detective if I had to. Would the Military Man kill me? What an exciting game he wants to play. Well this is what happens when you take a man and give him powers and try to control his mind. You get the Military Man. (she smiles) The detective and I both think he needs to be contained. He’s a threat to us all. I have to prepare for this one my Diary. We’re going to war. (she grabs her gun and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 50)

Darkness fell swiftly upon us. Someone was there. We weren’t alone. I remember running, his hand in mine, he had such a strong hold on me. We didn’t need to speak we just ran. I wanted to stop. I don’t run from things I fight, but he kept pulling me until we reached a small section of wooded area that seemed to slightly drop off. Then he threw open a hatch that was cleverly buried beneath the dirt and stones. The detective told me to jump in. It was dark but when he looked into my eyes I could see the urgency so I did. He jumped down behind me, closed the hatch and suddenly it was silent. He flipped a switch and there were sounds of lights turning on, room by room, computers and gadgets lit up. Then a screen in which he gave a command to pulled up his house on camera. This was high tech. It was almost as good as what I have. Almost. (she grins) Then on screen there he was, the Military Man. Creeping around the detective’s house and in the room we were just in. I looked over at him and he quickly started to type things in on the computer and trap after trap was laid out. We watched in silence as he seemed to maneuver around each one. What was he looking for? Was he looking for us? Then we were both drawn back to the screen as one of the barb wire traps sliced his arm and almost had his legs caught up. He was hurt. There was a lot of blood but he managed to escape. There would be a trail. I started to head to the hatch but the detective pulled me back and said “It’s not safe. He could see where you came from and I won’t take a chance with your life.” As we watched him disappear out into the night we just stood there starring at a blank screen. It became so silent the world could have collapsed and we would not of noticed. I finally turned to him and the first words came out of my mouth. “So much for things better left unspoken.” Then he walked over to me and said “I guess so” and he looked into my eyes. Then he grabbed my hand and said “Some things are still better left unsaid.” I knew what he meant. He meant things about me, about him. I replied back “I agree” and with just a look we were both ok with that. Then he walked over to a safe and took out a file. “It’s time you know who the Military Man really is.” ….. (to be continued)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 49)

It’s almost a New Year. I can hear all the wishful hope in the air and resolutions being made. (she laughs) Resolutions are for the weak minded souls who need to be pacified with a date to start something they are incapable of doing on their own. The empty promises they make only to be broken then all hope is lost again. (she shakes her head) Sad really. Tisk tisk. (she smirks) Like I really care about people being sad. There is no time for that. I should just slaughter them all and end their miserable existence. (she stabs her knife into the usual spot on the table) This was an interesting week. I met a man who was here on business. He’s one of those Wall Street Wolfs I call them. Never worked a real day in his life other then to sit on his phone all day buying and selling stocks. They want for nothing and no one yet the cry when they don’t get their way. A wolfs cry, phony as all hell. So I charmed him at the bar, drugged and killed him at the hotel and let’s just say I now own a little piece of Wall Street myself now. This was a big score to end the year with. (she smiles) The private jet may come in handy. Where to keep all these toys I am piling up. (she grins) I also tried to talk to the detective about what happened at the party with the Military Man. He kissed me before I even got the whole sentence out. Then he whispered in my ear that some things are better left unspoken. Now where have I heard that before? (she’s thinking how many times she has said that) He can sometimes drive me crazy. He’s too much like me in some ways. Minus the fact he’s on the opposite side of the law. (she gets a devilish smile) I have to meet him soon to ring in the New Year. He’s so traditional in some ways and not in others. (she laughs) I think next year will be a promising one. I just have a feeling. (she gets that dark look in her eyes again) Should old acquaintance be forgot? No, they should be slaughtered. See you in soon Military Man. (she looks at the clock) I have to run. Happy new Year my Dear Diary. I have some celebrating to do.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 48)

Today is Christmas Eve. We use to celebrate it when my mother was alive. The holidays faded for us after she was gone. My father tried to keep it alive but it just wasn’t the same. Every year the tree got smaller, less lights and decorations went up, until we didn’t have a tree at all. He tried to celebrate it in other ways but it wasn’t the same. Then he met my step mother. Even then her holidays were as phony as she was. I didn’t have the heart to tell him my true feelings for her. I wish I had, then maybe he would still be alive today. Since then it has made me see holidays for what they truly are… dark and deadly. I have since created my own way to celebrate. (she gets that look in her eyes) I have put names in a jar. (she glances over to a dark colored glass jar in the other room) The names are of five of the wealthiest men within a 50 mile radius. At midnight I will draw one name from that jar and that person will get a visit from me before the sun rises on Christmas day. It’s so sad that he will not get to see that sun rise. (she grins) He will not get to see the joy on his families faces when they open up their over priced gifts. Their undeserving selfish fake smiles when they toss it to the side with the rest of the things they do not deserve because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Sadly they will not see the gifts either. (she smiles) I will erase them all from this world and their gifts? I will leave them on the streets of the poorest neighborhood. Come one come all it’s a real Santa Claus! (she laughs) I will finish them off by shoving a real silver spoon down each one of their throats. This is what the Holidays are to me now. An eye for an eye. I lose my family you lose yours. (she glances over at the clock) It’s time. Tick Tock… Pleasant dreams my dearest diary. I have work to do.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 47)

The party was a blast, literally, but I’ll get to that. The night started out good. The detective looked rather handsome and who knew he could dance. (she laughs) Everyone was talking about the escapees from the prison. They will soon be shocked to learn it was one of their own who helped them. Well that’s what I will make it look like. (she smirks) So I made my way around the room and one by one when I was asked to dance I scanned their DNA and got fingerprints. I could tell the detective was rather jealous at the attention I was getting but I made up for that later. (she smiles) As the night went on a few more people showed up. It seemed the later it got the more rowdy everyone became. I’m guessing that was all the booze. Although the detective didn’t touch a drop, neither did I. (she stops to think) He is always on duty even when he says he’s not. Another thing we have in common. Then one guy came in. He seemed to catch the attention of most of the women in the room. He was good looking, the bad boy type of look, but he pulled off a very high class appearance which almost contradicted the vibe I was getting from him. Since he was the only person I hadn’t scanned yet, I made my way toward the bar while the detective was talking with the guys. He seemed to of already noticed me before I even got there. So sure enough he came over and asked me to dance. I said why not and then caught a side glimpse of the detective, which his demeanor seemed to change and he kept his eyes glued to me. Something was very off and my senses were telling me something was wrong so that made me want to get his scan done even more. As he grabbed my hand to dance the music turned to a slow song so he quickly pulled me close. I loosened one hand to keep it ready to grab my knife if I needed to. A girl never leaves her weapons at home. The detective at that point had moved closer to us. So I started the scan. As I looked into his eyes the scan barely started when it sent an alert to my phone. I glanced down quick excusing myself and it was a message asking if I wanted to rescan or continue where I left off. At that moment I knew who he was. Just as I was about to make my move the detective ran over and there was a loud explosion. There was smoke everywhere but the detective got me out quick. I know a diversion tactic when I see one. The detective planned that, but why? I think he knew who that was as well, our seemingly mutual enemy… the Military Man. I’m guessing he was there to ask me what my answer to his question was. I at least have seen the man behind the mask. Not bad looking indeed. Makes my job so much easier. (she smiles) The good looking ones go down just as easy as the rest. Till now I was ok not knowing how much the detective knew about me, about the Military Man, but now I’m not so sure. Our unspoken words may need to be spoken. Let the chips fall where they may. Till next time my Diary. I have a lot to think about.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 46)

Fire, flames and destruction! What a day! These things give me such a rush and not one nail chipped. (she looks down at her hands) I am in a rather good mood. Hit a few banks last night, a jewelry store and I’m set for the next few months. Not to mention I look stunning in this new diamond necklace I grabbed. (she looks down at her chest) Now to hit the stores for a new black dress and some killer heels. The detective invited me to his office Christmas party next week. (she laughs) Imagine that? Me, surrounded by all the good guys in town? This is going to be fun. (she smiles) I love the thrill of being right under their nose and even sipping champagne with them. Clueless men. My new DNA scanning contacts will come in handy. I will have the whole police department’s every last strand on file. You never know when that may come in handy. Oh how the tables will turn for them. Always trying to catch the bad guy when half of them are the real crooks. Imagine what I could do with their fingerprints? I’ll have to get those as well while I’m at it. A girl’s work is never done, even at a party. (she sighs then gets that dark look in her eyes) I’ll have to look to see which ones like to set people up then do a little setting up of my own. That will be my gift to the countless number of wrongful people in jail. Guess I’m in the giving mood. (she grins then starts to tap her fingers on the table) I feel a change in power coming on. Maybe it’s time I release a few of the most notorious. Even the playing field. After all it is the holidays. (she smiles) Let their freedom ring in the new year! A year of chaos! I will choose wisely since some should never see the light of day. Some I may even end their existence while I’m there. Tick tock. Who will make it, who will not? I feel like Santa making his list, except my list is so much more fun. Be good they say or no gifts? I don’t think he’ll be bringing me gifts any time soon. (she laughs) Time to get my plan in motion. Sleep well my diary. I have a prison to break into before morning. Time to spread some holiday cheer. (she laughs)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 45)

It’s been a few weeks and nothing from the Military Man. I have made myself available but so far he’s been MIA. Literally. How boring. (she sighs) I was rather looking forward to a good game of skills. I don’t come across many with the ability to give me a good fight. (she smirks) I am also dying to see the man behind the mask. His piercing dark eyes tell a story all on their own, plus my retina scan tells me he has dark hair, he’s slightly older then me, clean bill of health, 5’11, obviously has obsessive qualities and clearly lacks boundaries. If I would have had more time I could of gotten his every strand of DNA. (she looks rather proud of herself) These contacts are one of the best toys I’ve made. A few minutes of eye contact and voila! They still need a bit of tweaking to gather information faster but they’ll do for now. I should of thought of these years ago. (she glances over at a mirror) I have had many sleepless nights inventing the next best thing, modifying weapons and gathering information. The mind never stops learning. I remember when I was young me and my father use to sneak into the libraries at night. He said we could travel anywhere we wanted to in our minds with these books. Then we’d bring one home for my mother when she was too weak to travel with us. Near the end of her life I would read to her. It seemed me and my father had two lives. One we shared with her and one we lived outside our home. She knew who my father was and what he did and she knew from an early age I was different, more like him. She loved our good side, and our bad side, because she loved us. He shared everything with her, even his secrets. (she pauses) She was beautiful, smart and taught me things my father couldn’t. Hair, makeup, perfume and how to be classy yet use my charm to my advantage and that a good red lipstick and heels will get them everytime. (she smiles) She may not have had powers but she was clever in her own way. She kept us grounded, taught us the more human side of life, the true meaning of loyalty and she ended up learning to fight very well. When she passed she had my father give me a letter. At the end of the letter she told me to never stop learning and to never forget. Then he handed me a book, one that would come to mean so much to me. One with endless pages that she had designed the cover and that my father had created a way for the pages to never end. I cherished this book and still do to this day. The book my Dear Diary, was you…

DEAR DIARY, (blog 44)

Things change. Our lives are one way and then they’re not. Memories fade to new ones and all we have to look at are pictures of people and places that are no longer the way they use to be. Life feels different somehow. We can never go back and change what hurt us or others most and we can’t bring back that moment in time. It’s a non stop cycle that we can’t pause. We can choose to dwell on it or to accept it. To accept it doesn’t mean we have to like it or that it still may not eat away at us from time to time but it means to know there is an end in sight. That it’s not forever. We can change the future when the time is right, when we are given that opportunity. Till then we wait, looking for that one glimmer of hope to hang on to. Without hope we have nothing. Without nothing we seize to exist. When we seize to exist we can’t fight. Then we are no good to anyone. This is what my father taught me. This is what kept me going after he died. This is what keeps me going still. Today is Thanksgiving Day. The day we are suppose to be thankful. How funny. Thankful for what? Rules to keep us in place? (she laughs) Lies, a corrupt government, I am feeling the joy as we speak. (she smirks) I guess I am thankful for some things. (she taps her fingers on the table) My trusty blade, my swift skills that keep me above the rest, oh and I thank all the countless numbers of filthy rich men once again for being the foolish naive souls they are and keeping my bank account plump and stuffed like a turkey. (she smiles, then it fades) To be a bit serious, this day reminds me of regret. In order to be thankful you have to of known sorrow. Sorrow is something I know all too well. (an alert goes off on her cell) It’s time to head out. (she looks at the clock) I am having dinner at the detective’s house. Seems I’m not the only one who usually has thanksgiving dinner alone. This will be a nice change. (she pauses to think about that) Sweet dreams my dear diary, I am thankful for you keeping all my secrets safe. (she locks up the diary and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 43)

I went to the Military Base. In and out as usual, got what I needed with minimum blood shed. (she looks impressed) Except for one thing… he was there. The Military Man. Came out of no where, but I was ready. This time he didn’t try to fight, run or approach me. Instead he stood a good distance, lowered his weapons, put his hands up, and that’s not the part that shocked me the most, It’s what he said. That he didn’t want to hurt me, he wanted me to join him. That he understood who I was and how I think. That he’s been watching me and the detective could never understand me like he could. He said he knew because he was one of us. One of the elite. Then what he said next made me laugh. That I had a choice, be his partner, or his enemy. No one gives ME a choice! (she stabs her knife into the table) Then what he said next pissed me off. That the detective has been lucky so far but maybe he may not be so lucky in the future. That he’d give me time to think. Then he vanished. Who does this bastard think he is? (her eyes got that dark look) No one tries to force me into anything and no one sure as hell threatens me! Do I warn the detective? How could I do that without blowing my cover? I only see one option. Join him. Join the Military Man. (she gets a cold grin on her face) He wants me? He can have me, all of me. My dark side, my evil side I keep buried way down deep that only a few have truly seen me at my worse. My soulless side when I turn off any and all emotions that even I myself don’t recognize who I am. The side of me I haven’t even begun to unleash. He wants me? I will tear him apart, limb by limb, gut him like the spineless coward he is. All while he’s fully conscious and aware of every little bit of pain I will inflict upon him. He will wish he never made me an offer. One I really can’t refuse. This may be my chance to finally end him. After all, there can only be one Villain. (she pulls the knife out of the table and slowly runs her finger over the blade as the blood drips down) “The next blood you see my beauty will not be mine.” (she puts it beside her) He just messed with the wrong girl. (she smiles) Sweet dreams my diary. I knew this little trip would be fun. I can’t wait till we meet again.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 42)

I must admit I had a rather fun night. (she smiles) The stars were out. The sea was calm. The champagne was bubbly. The food was to die for. (she gets that dark look in her eyes) Too bad he had to as well. Don’t men know to never trust strangers? (she laughs) Red lipstick and black stilettos get them every time. (she kicks her shoes off) This one I met at an upscale bar downtown. I had been tracking him for a while. Trust fund baby, never really worked a day in his life, unless you count ordering the staff around. Good looks, charming, yet so dumb. He owns a lot of cars, typical. It was hard to decide which one I wanted. I went with the Hennessy Venom GT. Killer little car. I’m getting quite the collection myself now. (she smirks) This one reminded me of my very first kill. I think that’s what first caught my eye, well that and his wallet. So I figured since he reminded me so much of my first I would kill him the same way. Keep in mind I was just starting out, had an obsession with ropes and knives and I wasn’t as neat as I am now. I have since perfected the technique, lucky for him. So he took me shopping, wined and dined me on his yacht and then he got a little “hung up” so he had to call it a night. (she grins) So I took the boat for a spin, wiped out his bank accounts, made myself at home at his place and now here I am. A hell of a lot richer then I was yesterday. (she looks at her new diamond bracelet) I never get tired of looking at a good quality cut diamond. Now that I had my fun, time to get back to other business. “Where are you Military Man?” (she says out loud) “Time to come out and play.” I’m going to head back to the Military Base tomorrow. See what’s going on there. It’s been a while since I paid them a visit. A girl never gets tired of her favorite toys. (she glances over at a hallway that leads to her weapons room) Time for a restock. Something tells me this might be just as fun as the night with the little rich boy. (she smiles) Till next time my dear diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 41)

I woke up feeling groggy. Where was I? Not back at the same hospital as before? Then I looked over and I seen something familiar. I tried to focus my eyes. It was a painting. I have seen this but where? Then I feel a warm touch on my arm and I felt comfortable, like I was ok. Then I blacked out again. I think I slept another few hours if not days it felt like. When I finally woke up I knew where I was. It was the detective’s house. He rushed over and called the nurses. They were trying to take my blood pressure and shine a light in my eyes but I pushed them all away and tried to get up. So he told them all to leave and grabbed me before I hit the floor. I didn’t understand why was I there? My head hurt and I tried to think. Then he told me there was an explosion at the coffee shop and I was knocked unconscious. I asked him when. He said three weeks ago. I thought that was impossible. Then he explained it all. He had gotten a text to meet the chief’s wife. They where planning a surprise birthday party for him. Only his car broke down on the way so he was late. He took a taxi and as he was pulling up he seen me sitting on the bench outside and then the explosion happened. Seems the chief had an enemy. A guy he put away for life had escaped from prison that day. He followed his wife to the coffee shop. He set the explosive. The doctors told him I wouldn’t make it so he took me home. He called in specialists from all over the world and well, here I am. I told him I remembered things. Things that seemed so real and in so much detail. (she stops to think) He said that was normal for the type of coma I was in. So once again my detective saved me, saved the bad guy. (she smirks and clutches her ribs that are still sore) So my dairy I did not kill his sister, he doesn’t even have one and there was no web hacking to trace the Military Man back to. That’s the only down side. I should of known he wasn’t that smart. (she grins) It was all a dream. One hell of a long damn dream. (she sighs a sigh of relief) I knew I would never have done something like that. I am way too smart and would have known I was being tricked. I don’t know how the mere humans do it. Deal with imperfections. I almost doubted myself. Never again. (she grabs her knife and puts it in her thigh holster) Time to change these bandages. I’m sure there’s another millionaire tycoon whose time is up! After all, a girl needs the finer things in life. (she touches the diamond necklace she’s wearing) Hope the detective can keep up. Oh it’s so good to be back! (she smiles) Sweet dreams diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 40)

He asked me to go to the funeral with him. I have never been to a formal one. We always buried our own with no one around. Me and my father buried my mother and for my father it was just me. Here there were rows of officers paying their respects. There was a church. I have never stepped foot in one. The room was filled with sorrow. Some real, some fake. I can sense the ones who would rather not be there. I looked for his family. They came in from the back way. I thought that was suspicious so I did a little pick pocketing. The names matched the names of the information I found on his sister but why the detective was not linked to them I had to find out. So after the funeral I did a little more digging around. It’s almost like some of his past had been wiped out and one was cleverly made up. I always knew he had secrets. I had just stopped looking. After he saved my life that day I was ok with not knowing. I was about to let this go as well. It doesn’t make sense. I checked the detective out thoroughly. Some of this is different now. (she looks over the paperwork again) Should I even care or feel bad? I do in some ways but not in others. I am mad that I was fooled by false information. I am better then that, smarter then that. Who ever did this was good. Almost too good. (she stops writing to think, then she gets a cold look in her eyes) Damn it!! I know who’s behind this! (she stabs her knife into the table) Has to be the Military Man! (she taps her fingers on the table) Clever. I will hunt him down and tear him apart bit by bit. I will make him suffer a long cruel death. I will make him confess to this. Make him feel vulnerable. Use the detective to get to me again? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I will trace back this so called ghost IP address. He may be good online but there is always a back door. He just made his first big mistake. I will find it and when I do… tick tock, his time is up! Sweet dreams my diary. I have a lot of work to do and a location to find. This will lead me right to him, or to a trap. Either way I’ll be ready. (she smirks) I just love a good challenge. (she walks away talking out loud… “tick tock, tick tock, will you live another day or not? Cross my path and you will see, just the way it’s meant to be…”)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 39)

No no no… how could I of been so wrong? (she slams her fist on the table) I made a huge mistake and I can’t fix this one. If the detective ever found he would never forgive me. It all started at the coffee shop. He met with that women. They hugged and sat down. The whole time he held her hand and they talked. It was very intimate. So it seemed. I did my homework on her. I checked out her family. It all seemed to add up. There was nothing to raise any red flags or make me doubt the information I had found. Then before he left he hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek. I knew at that moment he was just like the rest. So I followed her back to a hotel. She seemed very cautious of her surroundings. So I waited and when night fell I made my move. I was so angry that I didn’t even ask her any questions. I just snapped her neck. When she fell to the ground I carved out her heart because that’s what I felt like. Like my heart had been ripped out. How could I be so naive? He seemed so different. So much like… me. Then I was going to go to his house next but I waited. Almost like I was mourning him before he was even gone. So I went to my usual spot where I go to think and get away. I just sat there in the dark for days. Finally I was ready to do what I knew I had to, but when I got there something seemed off. There was an already dark vibe but it was a vibe of sorrow. Then I looked in the window and there he was, sobbing on the floor, surrounded by pictures, pictures of her. As I looked closer there were other pictures, pictures of her as a child and she was with a little boy, and then he held one of the pictures close up to his chest and I heard him say something out loud as if talking to it. He blamed himself for not protecting her… for not protecting… (her eyes have a blank stare) …his sister. (she pauses and shakes her head) I didn’t know. There was no way I could of. There was no connection between the two. None! He can never find out it was me. Never! (she stops writing, stabs her knife into the table, and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 38)

So many flames, so much destruction. I can still hear the screaming in my head. Ah the sound of terror. Music to my ears. (she smiles) That fellow from the newspaper, what’s his name, he won’t be writing anymore articles about me. (she gets that look in her eyes) He begged me not to hurt him. They all do. I tune it out. I mean seriously? Are these not men? Some advice to them, don’t beg me for your life, it just pisses me off more. (she throws her knife into the wall) What’s this? (she glances over to a duplicate phone of the detective she has to monitor his calls) A text? “Meet me tomorrow at the coffee shop?” (she waits to see if he replies) “I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.” (she tosses the phone) I don’t recognize this one. I’ll be back diary. I have a number to trace. (she leaves the room and returns a little while later holding some paperwork and a photo) So the detective is meeting a women. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) Rather a plain Jane. (she glances over at the photo) Not much background information on her. Seems she’s a law abiding citizen. (she laughs) Question is, who is she and is this business or pleasure? For the detectives sake better be business. I don’t take well to two timers. We all know what happens to them. (she put her hand on her gun, grips it tight then lets go) I let him live this long and maybe that was a mistake. (she stops writing to think) I won’t jump to conclusions. I don’t know her, but I will. I’ll just have to be there at this little meeting. They won’t see me but I sure as hell will see them. Could someone’s time be up? (she gets that look back in her eyes) Sleep well my diary. I have a detective to put to the test. (she grabs her knife out of the wall and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 37)

No one judges us but ourselves. We have no one to prove anything to. We live within our own minds and are the only ones who we should answer to. To live with our own consequences we punish ourselves more then any outside source can. Society puts their labels on people and rules but they don’t play by them. How they stand there and preach their ways. (she laughs) A world full of people who cower to the higher ups who are no more flesh and bones then we are. Why do mere humans find the need to be controlled yet cry when they are? They are selective with what they fight for and they are their own downfall. I do not bow down to anyone. I do not take orders. I do not accept the label they want to give me. (she glances over at the newspaper) I have made the news once again. Appears they want to catch me. Imagine that? (she grins) “Second millionaire tycoon found in a week. Authorities are on high alert. Rash of break ins, blah blah blah.” (she tosses the paper) They all got what was coming to them. Little rich boys that never got their hands dirty. I found trails of embezzlement, back pocketing politicians, lies, stealing, not a faithful bone in their bodies. They are the scum that the world doesn’t need. Then yet I am called a murderer, a criminal? That is such a low form of labeling. I rather don’t like that. (she thinks for a moment) Who writes this crap. (she picks up the paper again to see) Hmm seems this fellow needs to be paid a visit. I will make sure his death is nice and slow. (she gets that look in her eyes) Call me a common criminal, a thief? We’ll see about that. (she grabs her knife and puts it in her thigh holster) I prefer to be called… a Villain. That’s so much classier. (she grins) Time and time again I have to teach them a lesson. This time I will teach them all. Let’s see what they do when the innocent fall. When a neighborhood is wiped out. When half the town burns down. (she laughs) First things first. (she glances over at the newspaper again) Tick Tock, your time is up! Till next time my Dear Diary. I have work to do.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 36)

I can’t get the blood off my new gloves. (she stops to look at them again then throws them in the trash) and the bastard made me break a nail. (she looks annoyed) That was a little too close to home for my liking. How the hell does he just escape like that? That’s the kind of stuff I do. (she is deep in thought thinking about the encounter again) So the Military Man is alive, that we know, sadly. (she sighs) I hacked into the detectives account and found where they towed what was left of his car and went back after dark to see what was left of it. He stripped it clean. Seems it was stolen. So he crashed it, but why? To see which direction I would come from or if I would come at all? Or maybe he was even after the detective. (she starts to tap her fingers on the table) Clever, but not as clever as I was because I took that precaution and went around and came in from a different side. I had him in my grasps for a few seconds. (she clenches her fist) The material on his uniform, I never seen anything like it. Good thing I managed to get some of it. (she reaches over to look at the small black piece of fabric) Durable, fire resistant, appears to be able to float on water, slippery enough to escape my grasp. (she looks annoyed again) He’s lucky the police were just about there or he wouldn’t be. (she thrusts her knife into the table) This material is good. Not as good as what I have, but good. I must think about this more. He has turned into quite the challenge. I don’t think I’m dealing with your average human. I haven’t seen any others of my kind in years. My father use to say the biggest threats were the ones that hold the same powers as we do. He did say most weren’t like us and didn’t know how to harness or control them. Most were careless and were killed due to their overly cocky attitudes. An attitude like the Military Man. That’s his weakness. But the mind works in wondrous ways. Telling us what we need to know when the time is right. It’s like intricate details unfolding in the subconscious. I will sleep on this one and try to unravel this mystery. (she looks at the time) I must go. I have a date with the detective in the morning at the coffee shop. Seems he got a new key card. (she smirks) Till next time. Sleep well my diary
DEAR DIARY, (blog 35)

Darkness fell swiftly and I could barely see what was ahead. The smoke filled the now blackened skies. My senses told me there was someone up ahead. As I made my way through the thick forest there he stood. I was eye to eye with him… the Military Man. The flames were high behind him and as the car was about to explode he grabbed me and pulled me to the ground and covered me with his body. All I could feel was the heat and could barely breathe. Once I caught my breathe I pushed him off me. I grabbed my knife and as I swung my arm he blocked my hit. So I reached for my gun but he held my arm and pushed me up against a tree. Then he just starred at me. (she begins to smirk) So I kneed the bastard and with a few good head shots, (she looks at her bruised red knuckles) he let go of his grip and I knocked him to the ground. I stood over him and just as I was about to pull the trigger there was a second explosion. He once again grabbed me and pulled me down. Now the air was even thicker and I couldn’t see at all. Then there were sirens. They were getting closer. I knew I had to go but I kept my grip on him but he slipped away… just like that. (she snaps her fingers then plunges her knife into the table) I quickly got up and went in an opposite direction and made my way to a little spot outside the coffee house. I couldn’t take a chance on him following me. There is a hill with a tree so tall I can climb and see the whole town. So I watched them put out the fire. The detective was there. I am linked to his cell phone so I heard the call. (she smiles) My detective, the good little soldier always on call. So I kept watch to make sure the Military Man didn’t come back… and I may of hit the new jewerly store that just opened up the street. What a poor security system they have. (she grins and looks over at her duffle bag filled with jewels) Ok my dear diary I have to get cleaned up and get this blood off my hands. This has been a long night and I still have a piece of fabric to test. (she pulls out a small piece of the Military Mans uniform) Let’s see what this is really made of. Till next time diary, sleep well.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 34)

Fall is my favorite time of year. I remember my father use to take me apple picking. We’d sneak into the orchard after everyone left and that old grumpy farmer would go back to his farm house and settle in for the night. His watch dog may have been older then he was. (she laughs) We’d gather up the best ones since no one else could climb to the tops of the trees like we could. Then we’d sit on the highest branch and look at the stars. He’d teach me the constellations and always tell me how to find my way home by them. He could see beyond the stars. He was starting to teach me but then… (she’s remembering the night her step mother killed her father) (she thrusts her knife into the table) Never mind. Anyways, (she quickly pushes that memory out of her mind) I have self taught myself. I also had the help of some books I found from my father. One in particular. It seems he kept a diary of his own. I didn’t have any thoughts in them just things he knew or encountered that day. There was no mention of me or my mother or even… (she pushes the thought of her step mother out of her head again) It was like he was leaving a book behind. A message. I have studied it many times over but it’s the last page that gets to me. It seems he started to write something but never got to finish it. That bitch must of got to him first! (she’s getting very angry now but quickly calms down) It’s almost like he was trying to tell me something. But what? (she hears a loud crash in the distance and quickly pulls the knife out of the table) That sounded too close for comfort. I’m going to go check it out. Till next time my dairy. (she grabs her gear and heads out)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 33)

It’s 5 karats and stunning! (she places the ring back into the jewelry bag) Too bad the poor sucker didn’t see that coming. How sad, he was going to propose to her tonight. Oh well guess he shouldn’t have been meeting me then, should he? (she looks in his wallet at a picture of him and his girlfriend then tosses it in the trash) The things these rich men do. They are never happy. Well now he can see what his yacht looks like from underneath! (she grins and pictures him floating to the bottom of the ocean) Tick tock! His time was up! It feels really good to be back in the game. Oh I know you must be thinking what about the detective. Details, details. Well I have solved that problem and have gone outside his jurisdiction. Saves him and me the trouble of having to choose a side. He can catch the bad guys and me, well, I am the bad guy. (she smiles) I do however have to make a run to the military base. A girl sure goes through a lot of ammo. Who knows, (she taps her fingers on the table) maybe the Military Man will show up. He has been a thorn in my side for over a year now. Literally. (she looks down at her bullet scars) I hope to return the favor one day with my trusty blade. (she grabs her knife from her leg holster and begins to talk out loud) “We have been through a lot my beauty” (she runs her finger across the blade and a drop of blood runs from her finger) “Just as sharp as ever” (she sucks the blood from her finger and resumes writing) He can’t hide forever. It’s just a matter of time before we meet again. I’d like to know what his obession is. Why is he so hell bent on capturing me? Men. As smart as I am I still can’t figure some of them out. (she looks deep in thought) Till then my worthy opponent your clock ticks. “Tick Tock Tick Tock will you live another day or not, cross my path and you will see, just the way it’s meant to be.” Sweet dreams my Dear Diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 32)

I think I stood outside for hours just watching. He was in the same chair by the window he always sat in when he was thinking. Finally I got the courage to go to the door. Why was I so afraid? I’m never afraid of anything. This was something I wasn’t sure how to handle and that never happens to me. Then before I could even knock he opened the door. There he was and we stood for what felt like hours just staring at each other. We spoke without saying a word. Then suddenly he pulled me in and put my hands up against the wall. I tried to fight back but he grabbed my gun and threw it across the floor. So I reached for my cuffs and we struggled for a bit but I managed to get one of his hands but he quickly put the other on me. He pushed me up against the wall and with his one free hand he wrapped it around my throat and then kissed me. Oh how I missed the roughness. (she smirked) The rest of the night we made up for lost time. (she rubs her wrists) It was like nothing had ever happened. He never spoke a word about that day at the station or asked me any questions and I didn’t either. Is the past best left unspoken? My father once told me some things are better left unsaid. I never understood that because I am the type that has to know. I leave no stone unturned to get my answers but there we were, two people who hadn’t seen each other in almost 7 months, had questions I’m sure we both needed answers to, and no one spoke a word about it. I think sometimes you have to accept things as they are and keep the truth hidden, even from yourself, to protect everyone involved. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Some things are better left unknown. Some secrets are better left buried. (she stops writing for a moment and looks deep in thought) I have a date with a detective. (she smiles) Till next time my Diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 31)

I went back to the station but watched from afar. So many people there from the media to nosey people which the police kept back. The detective was there. He looked like his mind was going into that place I’ve seen before. When he gets into his work you can almost see his thoughts. I watched them bring every body out one by one even though they were covered with the familiar white cloth I knew how many there should be and it was one short. The Military Man must have gotten away. (she stabs her knife into the table) How clever and bravo! (she stops writing to clap sarcastically) I don’t see how he could have gotten very far. Unless his vest wasn’t the usual standard material. Is it possible he could have altered his as I have with my bullets? (she looks deep in thought) If he did I still got some shots in. I saw the blood. I saw the shocked look in his eyes. He is good I will give him that. I knew he wasn’t your average soldier. Then yet, neither is the detective. Two kindred souls. I think I will make my way to the detectives house tomorrow. In stealth mode of coarse. Something tells me he remembers. (she looks over at the rose she took from his desk) I don’t know why I never checked his cell records again. I gave up after a couple of months. (she stops to go online to hack into his cell phone) 125 attempts to my old cell number. (she taps her fingers on the table) He must remember. What do I do now? How much does he know about me? Does he know who I really am or does he just remember who he thinks I am? Do I dare attempt to see him? I need answers. Forget tomorrow I’m heading to the detectives house tonight. It’s time I know whatever it is he knows. (she looks over at her gun) Then I will do whatever is needed to keep my secrets safe. Sleep well my diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 30)

It was like I had just been there yesterday. They still only have a few guys on duty and they were gone in a heart beat. Just like that (she snaps her fingers) the room was cleared. Seems they got too comfortable while I was away, mistake number one, and they didn’t think to upgrade the security system? Amateurs. No challenge for me in that. A girl needs to keep her skills up. Then there was the detective’s desk, all neat and tidy. (she starts to laugh) He is such a neat freak. His house was like a museum and everything had its place. I still remember how cold it felt. How lonely. How much like… (she stopped) He is a complicated man. I think there’s much more to learn about him. Then something strange happened. In his desk drawer there was a single red rose. Just like the one he gave to me so long ago. What an odd thing for a detective to have in his desk. Or was it? Did he somehow know I would be there? Was it for me or was it for someone else? Never mind that. (her mood suddenly changed to darkness) Then I suddenly had a bad feeling and just as I was about to leave a hand reached out and grabbed my arm. I turned a quick maneuver to break the hold and there he was… the Military Man! Then he said “Your time is up”. I grabbed my gun quick and simply said “Like hell it is!” and I fired. It was all so quick. He had on a bullet proof vest but didn’t expect my altered bullets. Penetrates his so called vest. As he fell to the ground with a shocked look on his face, blood pouring from his chest, I stood over him and said “Tick Tock”. Then I left. The station alarms were blaring and I had spent far too long there already and I knew the detective would be showing up like the good soldier boy he is. There’s no way the Military Man could of survived that many rounds. (she stops to think) Or could he? (she stops writing, quickly gets up, grabs her knife and gun and leaves)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 29)

It’s 2 karats and flawless. Beautiful! (she stops to look at the ring again) Not a bad couple day’s pay. He was handsome but not too smart. It was like taking candy from a baby. (she smiles) How easily they fall in love. This may have broken my own record. I cleaned all his accounts, took what I wanted from his home and they’ll never find the body. Maybe I should have kept him around for a while longer. No I won’t go down that road again. I must say I am loving his car. (she grabs the keys next to her on the table and dangles them) and I do look good in a Porsche. He had great taste. Then yet, he did fall for me. (she grins) It looks great next to the Tesla. (she tosses the keys next to the other ones) A girl gets bored of her toys just like the boys. I also got a new phone and number, got rid of my fake apartment and I haven’t been to the coffee shop in months. So things are back to normal. Well as normal as they’re ever going to be. (she grins) I have another busy night. I’m running low on ammo. I will use the good old detectives key card this time. It’s been collecting dust. What a shame. (she shakes her head) It’s been fun with the random rich men these past few months but time to stir it up a little. Hope the detective is ready for me. (she smiles) Him not remembering me may not be so bad after all. (she taps her fingers on the table) Let the new games begin! (she puts her gun into the holster and grabs her knife) Till next time my dear diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 28)

It’s been a while since I’ve had any contact with anyone, even you my dear diary, but I needed to spend some time away from here. The road trip was great, just what I needed. I caused a little trouble along the way but a girl has to have some fun. (she grins) I went back to the old town I grew up in, back when both my parents were still alive. The house was covered up in vines and overgrown trees and shrubs that it could not be seen by the naked eye. I knew where it was like I was just there yesterday. I will never forget. It’s well hidden from the world just like my father wanted it, to protect us and to keep our secret. I cut away at them until I could make a pathway to the inside. I hadn’t been there in many years. I could have stayed there after he was gone but it was time to move on. I had to find my own way, my own place. My father never took my step mother there. He said this place was our home. She never even knew it existed. He said he had to learn to trust but that was one thing he would never trust anyone with. Trust. Where did that get him? With a women who betrayed him. He is buried out in the fields with my mother, my birth mother. My step mother, well I imagine someone found her body a long time ago and she’s buried somewhere. I really don’t care. After she killed my father and I took her life in return, I brought him there. I brought him home. So I had time to think, to go through old photos and to practice some tactics me and my father use to do in the woods. Then I knew it was time to come back. I was able to put things back into perspective. My life is one that most can’t and won’t understand. I can not live like the rest of them. I will not trust anyone. I will live my life on my terms. I will always be grateful to the detective but that is the past. I will be me… The Villain. (she thrusts her knife into the table and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 27)

“I didn’t realize how much I missed the single life until I met you.” That’s what I told him before I slit his throat and not one chip of the polish. (she looks at her nails and smiles) He was fun for a while but rather boring. These rich CEO’s really need to get a personality. I do adore this bracelet tho. (she looks at her wrist) Oh and the ring and necklace, the car was a nice bonus. A sweet black Tesla Model S P85. What a rush that beauty is! A car that has insane mode is just perfect for me. Too bad he won’t be needed it anymore. Terrible, just terrible. (she smirks) I cleaned out his bank accounts, off shore accounts and it seems he had been taking a little extra off the top for himself. I think of it as I saved him some jail time for embezzlement. (she laughs) My debt to society is paid! Do I ever get a thank you? (she laughs again) A girls work is never done and underappreciated when it is. I also checked the newspaper today and it seems the detective has been rather busy. I have decided to stay out of his path for now. That was a fun ride, kind of like the Tesla, but all good things must come to an end. Besides I’m not the relationship type. Never will be. (she grabs her gun and puts it in her holster and her knife in the other) Time to see what life has in store for me next. (she grabs the key to the Tesla) and time to see what this baby can really do. I’m going on a little road trip. Keep my secrets safe my diary, till I return.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 26)

I don’t think I slept much. I had so many thoughts running through my head. I sat there waiting in the distance and there he came as usual. So I made my way to the coffee shop. I opened the door and there he was. Sitting at the same table he always sat at, black briefcase by his side, suit neatly pressed, hair in that undone look and the way he held his coffee with one hand and his newspaper with the other. So young yet such an old soul. I began to laugh inside. I walked by and sat at the table across from him. He looked up and smiled. I smiled back. Then he got up, my heart began to race. Did he recognize me? Then he grabbed his briefcase, threw down a tip and walked towards the door. My heart sank. He glanced back at me and I looked into his eyes. I could tell something was there but he slowly made his way to his car. I followed him as he went to the station. He went his usual route. Took lunch at the same time, sat out on the picnic table. He seemed himself but yet how could he be so different? Why does it seem the only thing he’s forgotten is me? So I went to my favorite spot deep in the woods. It’s where I like to think. I found it after my father died and it gives me a place where the world stops for a moment. I laid there with the earth beneath my body and watched the day turn to night, night turn to blackened skies and thought about what to do. If he doesn’t remember maybe I am better off letting him go. It could be better for us both. I won’t get sucked into emotions. So I have made up my mind. Seems my dear diary we are back to square one. Cat and mouse, enemy of some sorts. Relationships are for the weak of which I am not. So let the games begin! It’s back to business as usual. (she grins)

DEAR DIARY, (blog 25)

Eenie meenie miney mo which one of you should I pick to go? I pointed at the man with the blue scrubs. The rest that I had tied up I shot them one by one but swiftly. I had no time to play. Tisk tisk but I had work to do. I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him up against the wall, told him he better tell me where the detective was. As he turned blue he tried to speak but I almost couldn’t control myself. Once he was done gasping for air, as I let him fall to the floor to catch his breathe, he quickly said a room number and pointed to a file on a nearby desk. I went over to the desk and there his name was. It was like I was seeing it for the first time. Then I looked over at the man and with one shot through his head he was gone. I opened the file and there was his picture, address, I.D number, blood type, family history was blank, then there it was, the doctor’s notes. I skimmed over them. Multiple gun shot wounds, one very close to the frontal lobe, patient able to speak, physical function back to normal, internal bleeding controlled, signs pointing to full recovery with full memory possibly returning in time. Full memory returning in time? My heart sank. I continued to read, patient demonstrates full knowledge of past military training, intermittent detective duties with some blanks in memory in personal past such as family and medical history. Patient sent home with limited work schedule, clear to do light desk duty. He’s home and he’s ok but he hasn’t called? Nothing? I will get my answers! Then one by one I eliminated everyone there. I tore the place apart but nothing leading to the military man or who he was. He can’t hide forever. Unless he already met his fate? (she stabs her knife into the table) I’ll head to the coffee shop in the morning. Time to see the detective. Till next time my Dear Diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 24)

I went down the hallway and found a door leading to a stairwell. I sat down on the floor for a minute trying to gain a little bit of strength. The blood poured from the bandage. My hand was soaked. I tore a bit of my clothing to wrap around my waist. I couldn’t stay to find the detective. I was of no use the way I was and I knew there must be camera’s and he may not even be there. So I went down step by step, floor by floor, ignoring the pain. Then I found the exit. I looked out through the tiny window to see where I was. I was on the base. I knew my way home quickly from there. Then I heard an alarm. Just as the door was about to completely lock down I escaped. I ran to the woods and down a path only I can find. I made it years ago. I kept running until I was home. I think I slept for two days straight. The bullet wound is healing up nicely. Good thing I put in new stitches. I tore the old ones somewhere along the way. My micro tools are back in place. (she looks at her palms) I think I am well enough to find the detective now. (she picks up her cell phone) Not one call. I know he’s in trouble. I can feel it. If that military man is still out there he’s not safe. The only thing I can hope is that he was killed in the spray of bullets and that the detective made it. Maybe he’s been out cold like I was. I don’t know what to think but he tried to save me more then once so I have to find him. I have to see what he knows. (she picks up her holster and puts it around her thigh) It’s time. (she grabs her knife, checks her lipstick in the mirror) That bastard hasn’t seen the last of me. This time he really pissed me off and he has no idea what I am capable of and I am not giving up until he’s dead. (she smiles) Tick tock military man. Times up! Tonight I awaken the real demon within! It feels so good to be back. (she smirks) Sleep well my diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 23)

How long have I been asleep? I feel so tired still. I think I can open my eyes. It’s so hard. (she’s trying) Wait, I see light. It’s so bright. My eyes are closing again. No! I have to fight it. Open damn it! (She struggles to open her eyes again. She looks around.) Where am I? (She looks towards the door) I’m in some sort of hospital? (she tries to move but she can’t) What the? (She looks and her hands are handcuffed to the bed) You’ve got to be kidding me! (she jerks the cuffs) “Ok. Calm down.” (she says to herself) (she starts to examine the cuffs) Standard military handcuffs. Well this will be easy. Good thing I implanted those micro tools. Silly men think they can stop me. (she scratches into her palm with her fingernail) Gotcha. (she grabs the tool and starts to pick the cuffs) They should of used something a bit more restraining but then yet we are dealing with mere humans. (She gets the cuffs off and starts to rub her wrists. As she starts to move she feels a stabbing pain) Damn it! (she grits her teeth and looks down to see she’s bandaged on her side and it’s covered in blood) (She looks over at the monitors and before unhooking herself she tries to figure out a way to not have the monitors go off) (she has a plan) Well here goes nothing. (she rips the IV out of her arms and then the heart monitors) (she looks over quick and sees it worked) This is going to hurt. (she gets up and things get a little black and she feels dizzy) Get it together. (then she remembers the detective) I need to find him. (she tries to stand again) “That’s it.” (she says to herself) Let’s find a way out of here. (she looks down the hallway) I hope you hear me my dear diary. Wish me luck.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 22)

All I can hear is beeping. It sounds like there are so many machines. I feel so helpless. I can’t move. I want to open my eyes but I can’t. I hear voices. People, maybe doctors and nurses and I think I am calling out but no one hears me. Last thing I remember was going to the station. It was about 2:00am. I got in using the detectives key card I copied when I first met him at the coffee shop. The detective! Where is he?! I have to wake up. I have to get out of here and find him! I saw him there. One by one I made my way through each room, body by body. There was blood everywhere. They tried but they couldn’t stop me. Then it was him. The military man or at least I think it was. Everything is so fuzzy. I can’t get a clear image in my mind. I remember the detective looked surprised to see him, like he had seen a ghost. Then I heard a loud voice, the detective telling me to get down. He ran towards me but the military man had his gun pointed at him. I had to stop him. I couldn’t let him hurt the detective. I heard shots, several of them. I fired back. Then there was complete silence followed by total darkness. (she’s trying to remember more but her thoughts are scattered) Why can’t I move? (she tries but her body feels like it’s frozen in time) Why can’t I remember how I got here and where is here? I don’t know if I am dreaming or not but even though I am not there I hope you can hear me my dear diary. You are all I have to keep my mind sane. Keep my secrets safe until I awake… (everything goes black and her voice fades away) …
DEAR DIARY, (blog 21)

I have played out many different scenarios in my head. Could I have been fooled this whole time? The man I first seen at the coffee shop who caught my attention could he be my opposite equal so to speak? I knew there was something he was hiding. So what do I do now? Confront him? No. Then he’ll know I have been in is house. That would blow my whole cover. If he is the military man then he may already know who I am. Why would he let me live if that’s true? Maybe he’s not and he has the real military man captive or has killed him because he knew he was trying to catch me. Is my detective trying to be my hero or is he playing one? Either way I could simply kill him, but I won’t do that. I will instead play his game. Either way he is protecting me. I have never had anyone do that for me before. I do need to know if he actually is the military man tho. (she taps her fingers on the table) This could make the game so much more fun. I play up my role and he will never know I am onto him. This is a game changer. Sleeping with the enemy. (she smiles) I rather like that idea. They always say keep your enemies close. I need to take extra precaution. If he’s not the military man then he’s still out there. This ploy of hide and seek and guessing games will end. I will draw him out somehow. The detective can’t help his save the world ways. (she sighs) Time for another message to be sent. (she pulls out her blade that’s in a holster on her thigh and places it on the table then runs her finger across the blade. A tiny drop of blood appears and she puts the tip of her finger in her mouth to stop the bleeding) This time I’m hitting his men. Time to pay a little visit to the station. “Stop me if you can detective.” Game is on… and I don’t plan to lose. I have a long night ahead. Sleep well my diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 20)

The military base turned up empty. All that bloodshed and I could tell they were all telling the truth. Too bad they had to go anyways. Oh well. I was going to go back but instead I snuck into the detectives house last night while he went away on some training course they’re sending all the detectives to and found that room. It was the most cleaverly, well hidden room I have come across. It’s what was inside that I never expected to find. It was almost like the bat cave. (she laughs) Lot’s of gadgets and high tech equipment that runs all the security for the house and in the woods. Files on every criminal he’s ever been on the case for, including little ole me. I feel so flattered. (she makes a thank you gesture like she just won the Emmy’s and starts to say her speech) “I thank all the countless number of people I’ve killed and to the men who pissed me off enough to motivate me to do so.” (she laughs again) Then I found another room hidden inside a walk in safe. That room had suits in it, and not just suits he wears to work, but also combat uniforms and his collections of guns and weapons is impressive. (she nods her head) Then I came across a mask. A black military mask. The same one that my mystery military man was wearing. (now she starts to tap her fingers on the table) There can only be a few reasons for him having that mask. One, he’s been in the military so this could be part of his uniform, or two, he has my military man, or three, (she thrusts her knife into the table forcefully) he is the mystery military man! (she throws the pen and walks away)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 19)

I dropped the key to the cuffs. I think the detective liked being on the other end of the stick. Handcuffed and told what to do. Slowly making him beg then suddenly letting him go once I found the key. (she taps her fingers on the table) That just makes him so incredibly hot that he gets in that state of mind that I love. So out of control yet not. Hard to explain really to those who don’t have a dark side but it is possible to be both out of control and in control at the same time. It’s that fine line of pleasure and pain. Knowing each other so well on that level that you know what boundaries to push. He has a few scratches here and there but his suit will cover that up. My wrists are still a little red and sore but in a good way. (she smiles) I’m just glad to be over my dark phase. I don’t like getting to that point. Getting my hands dirty is nothing new but sometimes it stains the soul. I at least had a nice morning at the coffee shop. It was back to the good old times of the detective being more relaxed. The murders are on the cold case files at this point. The mystery military man seems to have gone away for now. I think it seems a little odd that he’d suddenly stop looking for me so I will keep my guard up even more. I do know this game he’s playing. Bravo to him. Little does he know I am seeking him out. Tonight I am getting into the military base and hacking into their computers. I will find this man one way or another, by internet or by another means. Something or someone will tell me where to find him. (she looks over to the corner of the room where there is a small black duffle bag) This calls for the heavy equipment. (she looks down at her nails) Damn it there’s a chip! A girl can’t pull up armed on a bunch of military boys without a good manicure. The hard life of a villain. (she laughs) Till next time my dear diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 18)

This will teach them all! So much rage! I need to get rid of it! (she throws her knife into the wall) I held them captive for a several hours and one by one tortured them all. One finger cut off, a slice to the abdomen, (she looks stone cold) removed a few organs, just not ones that would kill them right away. They begged for their lives. All of them. Some gave me money, some jewels. The one man in a suit gave me access to his off shore bank accounts. I am set for years! (she grins but barely, then her cell phone rings) It’s the detective again. (she tosses the phone aside) Will he seriously give a girl some space! He wants to know if I’m ok. It’s been three days since he hasn’t seen me! Message after message but all I hear is my time being wasted by a mere so called man! Maybe I am wrong to let him live. Speaking of mere men it seems the mystery military man went into hiding. Too many bodies to identify perhaps? All this work is keeping the detective busy but not too busy to keep calling. (the phone rings again) I guess I need to make an appearance or he may get suspicious and all my hard work will have been for nothing. (she stops writing to listen to the messages) He misses me and is worried with all the killings going on and he stopped by my place but no answer. How sweet the detective cares. (she tosses the phone again) If he only knew. Ok I better give him a call. I guess three days is rather long for a guy with his needs. Maybe I’m better off getting out my anger in other ways. (she taps her fingers on the table) Besides, I have to learn to control myself, blend in with a civilized society. (she laughs) I don’t think civilized exists anymore. I’ll give the killings a break, for now, and focus on other things. (she looks over at the phone ringing again) Sleep well my diary. I think I may not be getting any myself. (she grins)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 17)

I knew this was it. I sat there and my whole life flashed before my eyes. I suddenly remembered everything I had once forgotten. The pain of everything I ever did. Was this my penance? Was this how it was all going to end? I cried and I don’t remember ever crying since my father died. The tears were warm and fell down my face one by one. It was as if time stood still and I could hear my own heart beating. Suddenly I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to leave this world. This cold darkened world that has become my home. I ran to the door to step outside. I wanted one last glimpse of the sun and to feel the wind on my face. I stood there with my head towards the blue sky. Was it always that blue? Why haven’t I ever noticed? The sun was warm and comforting. It was like when my father use to wrap his hands around my face to kiss my cheek. I felt safe for that moment. Then I heard them coming. The sound of sirens, men shouting, bright lights. But I couldn’t run. I was still stuck in time. Not wanting to let go of that feeling. Can one go to hell if I don’t believe there is a God? Will I meet my match in hell if there is one? It was my time. I had no one to live for and this life was getting tiring. I can’t keep going alone. I started to say it out loud. I fell to my knees and awaited my fate. A tall dark figure stood over me and I put down my hands and bent my neck back ready to be sliced. It felt like forever and I couldn’t tell if what I felt on my body was tears or blood. Then I felt his hand. His hand reached down to grab mine. He pulled me up. I was so weak, so tired. He picked me up in his arms and he ran. He ran with me through the woods. I could hear the sounds of dogs and guns being fired. With his free hand he fired back. Suddenly he grabbed a latch and we were thrusted underground. Everything went silent. No more dogs, no more gun shots, just silence. He laid me down and gently dried my tears. His hands wrapped around my face and he kissed my cheek. Never give up he whispered. I will always be with you. You are never alone. Then he pulled his hood down and I could see his face. Then I woke up gasping and called out… father! But it was all a dream. What does this all mean? I would never cower and give up. Maybe it means… no. I have never needed anyone in my life and I won’t start now! Good bye for now my diary. Time to go do what I do best. (she grabs her blade sitting beside her and puts it into the holster on her thigh) I do not need anyone!
DEAR DIARY, (blog 15)

Oh how I love hide and seek. One body part here another one there. It will be like a puzzle for them to see which part belongs to which person. (she looks down at a mark on her stiletto boots) This stain better come off these boots. They are one of my favorite pairs. (she pauses writing to rub the stain then goes back to her diary) I have also made sure that I never get trapped in a cell again with no way out. I have implanted a few microscopic tools under my skin. They are small but pack a punch. I must say I did a fantastic job. It barely left a scar. At least ones that no one else would notice. I also found what I think could be a hidden room in the detectives house. I was so close to figuring it out when I heard him wake up. I ran to the kitchen and pretended I was getting some water. I will have to explore that more next time. I also had to rent a place for show. He started to ask why we never go to my house. I told him because it was small and not very much to look at. I couldn’t ever bring him here to my real home. This place is a safely guarded secret. Not even on the map and I want to keep it that way. So it looks like I have to pretend to live somewhere else sometimes. How drab! Talk about killing the fun. Oh well I’ll entertain him for a night here and there. What I am curious about is what’s in that room if it is a room. (she taps her fingers on the table) I think there is more to him then he wants anyone to know. I like secrets. I have many. I like finding others out even more. I also like pissing that mystery military man off! Let’s see what he thinks of me now. He should of killed me when he had the chance. Tick Tock. It’s just a matter of time. Pleasant dreams my diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 14)

I think I was just 9 or 10 when my father use to take me to the fields to get fresh flowers for the table. He wanted me to appreciate the human side of life. He use to say the petals are delicate like the balance of our powers. Too much darkness and not enough light and they wither. To find that place for us amongst a world of mortals who can’t see beyond the dark was going to take that fine balance. Emotions were the one weakness that could bring us down. My mother was human. Having to watch her age and eventually die was the most excruciating thing I have had to endure. Trying to find a way to keep her young like us was the most important goal my father had but nothing ever worked. We don’t age nearly as fast as the rest of the world. Decades to a mere year here. I never want to lose someone that way again. I think that’s why when my father was killed so early and so young in his life it changed me. Who did my so called step mother think she was to do what she did? Since then I have no regards for life now. If they don’t see anything wrong with taking a life neither shall I. (she stops writing to grab a book off the shelf and opens it to a page where one single rose petal is there) (sitting back down she puts the book by her side) Why I kept this I don’t know. I couldn’t bare to think of not seeing the one gift that the detective gave me that meant so much. This petal reminds me of the balance I must keep. My father use to say we didn’t have to be alone but look what my step mother did to him, to me. Can I really trust anyone again? The detective has become the only person I have let live this long. He is my opposite. The good side of me I will never be. He, for the moment, is my balance. Maybe that’s my weakness and I won’t let that happen! (she thrusts the knife into the table) Till next time my diary. I need to go leave another gift for the military man. This time one the whole town will never forget!
DEAR DIARY, (blog 13)

There has to be a way out of this cell. I looked high and low, left no bar untouched. The lock was the most sophisticated I’ve ever seen. I would have been able to crack it if I wasn’t knocked out cold with chloroform and stripped of everything I had on me. There was only a small window on the other side of the room outside the cell. The moon was shining in giving me light. Who brought me here? My guess was the mystery military man. Guess he didn’t like my last gift for him. (she grins) Then suddenly the door opened. There was a tall dark figure. I couldn’t see him yet but I could hear his footsteps. It was him. I am highly trained to remember and detect even the smallest sound from everyone I come in contact with. As he walked closer he stood slightly out of my reach. So I backed up a bit as if to appear I was afraid. Then he spoke. Told me it was for my own good and the good of the town. That he wouldn’t hurt me, but he couldn’t let me go. That deep dark voice of his echoed through my head. It was almost comforting because I could tell he wasn’t going to hurt me. That would be his first mistake. So I put my plan into action. I suddenly fell to my knees as if I was in pain. Grabbing my side and with a final scream in agony I fell to the concrete floor. There I lay lifeless. He hesitated at first then grabbed a key and ran by my side. He turned me over and that’s when I made my move. How corny of a move to fall for. (she laughs) He’s still alive unfortunately since I didn’t have much time. It seems somehow he managed to set an alarm off, but let’s just say he’s now stuck in his own cell… and with some minor flesh wounds. (she has an innocent look on her face) These men are so easy to fool. I did manage to grab all my stuff back he so carelessly left on a nearby table. He’s lucky because this is my favorite knife and I couldn’t leave it behind. (she grabs it next to her and runs her finger over the blade and a small drop of blood trickles down) Tick tock I feel his time is coming up. Sleep well my diary. I have a lot of planning to do and a detective to please.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 12)

Stone Cold Killer the headlines say. I haven’t been called that in a while. (she grins) What will the mystery military man think of my next little warning for him? It was so messy but I think he’ll get the point. Funny how the heart still beats for a while even after being removed. Tick Tock. The black masked man spelled out in blood. They should be finding the body right about… (she looks over to listen to her scanner) (the call comes in) now! (she smiles) Oh and my Detective is so busy on the case. He is rather cute when he’s working. You can see him thinking. Little does he know the killer is right in front of his face but I won’t be the one taking the fall. I’ll have to take a peak at his files again. That little black briefcase is by his side like glue. Even when he’s home it’s by his nightstand all locked up with a key. A pretty little silver key he keeps in his wallet. He must have an obsession with them since he has collection of various ones on display like a museum. Little skeleton ones with very intricate detail. He is another mystery I have yet to solve. He has a side to him he keeps locked up. A deep almost dark side I only see in bits and pieces. I am rather enjoying his company I must admit. I feel like I can be myself. The self I want him to see that is. My more human side. Using his pass card to get into the gun supply room has made my job much easier as well. He has proven to be useful in more ways then one. I think I will go surprise him later. I always get a burst of energy after a kill and I need to burn it off. I think he’ll like what I bought. (she looks in a bag that’s beside her on the table) I hope he likes black. It is my favorite color and I look really good in lace. (she gets a look in her eyes) Till we speak again diary. My secrets are safe with you.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 11)

Time seems to change you in ways you never notice until one day you look into the mirror and your past is just a blur of people and places. That’s why I write in you my dear diary. To save my history so I don’t lose the person I have become. I can look back on mistakes made, places I’ve gone, people I have encountered and learn from them. I regret no entry nor person I have killed. This dark life has become my comfort, my safe haven. The night time especially. The black skies, sometimes giving way to stars that sparkle like diamonds, like an endless world waiting to be taken. My powers gain strength with each persons life I take. It’s these emotions. They seem to get in the way. They can make you strong or make you weak. As for the detective, he gave me a single red rose last night. Of all the things I have taken in my life from money to diamonds and rare jewels, this one single red rose seems to haunt me. I’m not sure why. (she pauses then throws it in the trash) I don’t have time to care. I did have an interesting dinner with him. I brought up the article I seen in the paper about the poor girl being hung at the bank. (she makes a phony frown) I needed to know how much he knew and if he was the one working on it. He tried to be vague about it but I have my ways. (she smiles) So it seems of coarse they assigned Mr. Super Detective to it. (now she sighs) I told him to be careful that I didn’t want to see him get hurt. Now this throws a wrench in my plans. How to lure out the mystery military man while keeping the detective safe. (she’s tapping her nails on the table) This is all turning into too much work thanks to my new enemy. That just flat out pisses me off and that will be all the more painful his death will be when I catch him. Oh and I will. He has no idea who he just messed with. Sweet dreams Diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 10)

I had to take a deep breath. The blow was hard. I think I fell to the ground and blacked out for a few seconds. I kept my eyes closed to pretend and pulled out my knife and quickly slashed his arm. It was him, the military man from the other day. I had just scored big from the local bank and there he was again from out of nowhere. He tried to take the bag of money from me. Imagine that? He took a lot of hits before he fought back. Almost like he didn’t want to hurt me. In the end I won, kept the money and once again he was gone. This soldier do gooder has to go. I can handle the cops, the soldiers at the base and I have ran across a few foes in the past, but this guy is different. He’s more super human. More like… me. I will have to up my game. Lure him into a trap and figure out who he is. I think he’ll like what I left him. (she laughs) A girl hung from the bank tower with a little note that said “how many more will die for you?” She just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tick tock. Guess if she was a good girl she wouldn’t of been leaving a bar at 2am and right into my hands. It was so easy and I didn’t even break a nail. (she looks to admire her polish) Time for my date with the detective. Lets hope he doesn’t get too involved in this case. I do hope to keep him around. (she smiles) I have to run. I need time to cover up this bruise on my ribs. (she lifts her shirt to look) I’ve had worse. (pulls out her make-up bag) Let the games began. Till next time Dear Diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 9)

It’s been three months since I started dating the detective. I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner but I have been staying at his place most nights. It gives me time to explore his mystery house. He was very guarded at first and had said there was work being done on the other end of the house. I took a peek around while he was sleeping and there was no work being done, not one bit. So what is he hiding? The place is a mansion and I spent nights trying to figure this one out. If there is something he’s good at keeping it a secret. I rather like this game. I also like his passion. I have never met another man with so much intensity yet so much compassion. I didn’t think that existed. Yet it’s frustrating that he’s on the opposite side of the law. Then a strange thing happened last night. I was doing my usual stock up on ammo and I went to the usual base. I must have a thing for men in uniforms because I only killed three this time. Well while I’m on my way out a man dressed completely in black wearing a marine face mask comes out of nowhere and grabs my arm. We struggle and as I’m about to pull my knife out he looks right into my eyes and lets me go. Then he disappeared so fast I couldn’t see where he went. Why would he let me go? Then that grip on my arm reminded me of the first night I slept with the detective. Things got a little rough and when he grabbed my arms and held me up against the wall it was tight, but not to hurt me, and this was the same type of feeling. The first thing I did was check where he was and the gps tracker showed he was at home. So I need to find out who this man is and get rid of him. Can’t take any chances. I won’t let some marine get in my way. His time will be up very soon. Sweet dreams my dear diary. Morning awaits.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 8)

The blade went swiftly through his heart. How could I have feelings for someone I barely know? Not him! Not the detective. So I had to do it while he slept. Looking over at him breathing I stroked his dark hair. I so wanted to look in those eyes one last time. The night had gone so well. Too well. I couldn’t fall vulnerable for a man who has the power to find out who I really am. So as it went deeper and deeper in, he woke. He tried to grab my hands. It was dark, very dark and the only thing I could see was his outline and sense his fear. The warm blood poured out draining down my hand. He begged me to stop but I couldn’t. I stood silent. He finally gave up and I layed him back down to rest one last time. My tears running down my face falling one by one onto his chest. Was this love? I didn’t want him to die! I screamed and put my hand over his chest trying to stop the bleeding but it was too late. I coudn’t save him or take back what I had done. Then everything grew black and the pain was so overwhelming I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to run. I ran through the darkness not knowing where I was going just that I needed to be far away from him. Then I woke up in a cold sweat. It was all a dream. What does this mean? Why does this detective get to me like this? Am I worried I’ll kill him or that I won’t and I… No I don’t do feelings. They are for the weak. Enough thinking about this. I have to get ready for my date with the detective. (she slips the blade into her purse) Until next time my Dear Diary. Let my secrets lie safe with you.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 7)

I met with Mr. Detective. Seems we both like our coffee black. He was charming and didn’t ask a lot of questions which I liked. It was idle chit chat and mostly about his job thanks to my carefully worded questions and my so called interest in what he does. Which I won’t say that is a lie since I am interested in what he does just not because I care. I had him eating right out of the palm of my hand. A few deep stares, a casual brush of his hand as we both reached for the coffee. Men are too easy. One thing I will say is he is very confident. Just shy enough to make it a challenge but very self assured. Then he got a call from the station and had to excuse himself. Emergency it seems. (she brushes her hair back) He went running off sirens blaring. So we’ll meet tomorrow for dinner. He insisted. I rather hate when my plans get interupted. I just didn’t think they’d find the body that quick. Miss prim and proper had to go. I am still enjoying her diamonds tho. If she just kept her nose out of the investigation she’d still be here wearing her Chanel dress. Telling the detective she thinks he was seeing someone else and she had to keep pushing and wouldn’t let it go. She’s lucky they brushed it off since he had a reputation for being a playboy. The list would be too long for them to hunt down every one of them. That and I am good at covering my tracks. Besides, they’d never suspect a women. I made sure I made it look like a man had done it. That’s a weakness society has that works to my benefit. Sweet little me could never have the strength or capability to do that. (She suddenly whips her knife across the room at a target without even looking hits the bullseye) Tick tock! Her time was up! Keep my secrets safe as always my diary. (locking it away she goes out into the night)
DEAR DIARY, (blog 6)

It’s the anniversary of my fathers death. She just sat and watched and did nothing. She sold him out for money. There are not many people you can trust in this world, I actually trust no one now, he trusted her. She took my only family away. Then she seen me. Glanced over as I was hiding, watching. If only I had woken up earlier I could of saved him. I had no choice. I know I would of been next and it was her or me. I had to avenge my fathers death. She showed no remorse as I came out from around the corner and asked her why. If I was older, had more experience, she would of never gotten away with this. I was only 16, just learning from my father. He was the smartest man I knew. Quick, cleaver and no one ever had the upper hand over him but her. He loved her so much that he was blind and that was his weakness. I always knew there was something wrong with her. She never had the qualities or instincts that she should have. She was cold but he couldn’t see that. She was very good at the game. I had to just sit by and watch. Well not that day. I grabbed her by the throat and held her up against the wall. She laughed as she tried to grab my blade. Not fast enough tho. She always thought I was weak. She found out other wise. As I plunged the blade deep in her empty darkened heart I heard the clock in the room as if the world got silent and the only thing I could hear was tick tock, tick tock. That’s when I knew I had changed. Dear old step mother’s time was up! No one will ever do that to me. I learned from my fathers mistake. I am going to try to sleep even tho I know I won’t be able to. I am meeting our Mr. Detective for coffee in the morning. This should be interesting. Sweet dreams my Diary.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 5)

It went pretty well. Although I must say he seems rather cautious. Always looking around. Almost like me. (she paused to think about that) I did the classic run in. Literally. When he spilled my coffee he was rather sweet the way he apologized so many times. Then he bought me another one. He asked me to join him but I declined. I didn’t want to seem too obvious. So I took the coffee to go and told him maybe we’ll run into each other again. He smiled and said he hopes so and promises next time he won’t be so clumsy. Then he apologized one last time and walked me to the door. I must say he was rather mesmerizing. Dark hair, Crystal clear blue eyes with a touch of green, boyish grin yet confident. I noticed he wore cologne. Just a touch as not to seem obvious. Strong arms. I can tell he works out. Suit nicely pressed. Badge hidden inside the inside jacket pocket along with the security access badge. Wonder when he’ll notice it’s missing? (she laughs) Well not missing missing just replaced. He’ll think there’s a problem with his, they’ll issue him a new one and well, this one will be mine. (she picks it up and twirls it in her hand) You never know when this will come in handy. Don’t know why I never thought of this before. Just needs a few tweeks. It’s getting dark so I need to head out to make a supply run. I’m running low on bullets. (she grabs her gun, loads it and tucks it in the holster) I do my best work in the dark. (reaches over to grab her knife) I think I’ll see Mr Detective in a day or two. He’s been single long enough. (she smiles) Imagine me, with a Detective? The irony in that. Sounds like a match made in… (she stops mid sentence) We’ll talk soon Diary. I’m off.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 4)

The dry cleaners, grocery shopping, work, this detective is rather boring to follow. His house on the other hand, rather interesting. It’s set way back in a spot even I didn’t know existed. I’d say around 50 acres. Long dark driveway, no street signs, house is surrounded by a tall brick wall with an iron fence which he opened from his car so it’s all electronic. Camera system very cleaverly placed in trees, not cleaver enough for me but your average maybe. I had to wait until every last light went out before I made my move. Trap number one, two, then three, it was getting rather annoying at that point. Why all the security? Sure he must have a lot of people with a grudge doing what he does but this was more then that. The house was rather large for a single man. No family photos on the wall just a bunch of paintings and expensive things set up to look like a museum. It felt dark and lonely, familiar. Then he woke up. Walked to the kitchen and just sat there staring out the window. (she looks up at the window in front of her) I could of taken him out easy. It just wasn’t the time. So I left before he even knew I was there. I had some unfinished business to take care of before morning anyways. (she removes the gun that was attached to her side, removes the silencer and places it beside her on the table) A girls work is never done. Tick tock Diary, his time was up! Now as for the detective, I think it’s time we meet face to face. Time to turn on the charm. (she checks her lipstick in the mirror) This is going to be fun. (she smiles) Till next time my trusted friend. My secrets are safe with you.
DEAR DIARY, (blog 3)

The flames were so high. I remember just sitting from a safe distance watching. They look rather beautiful next to the snow. Makes it sparkle like diamonds of which I got so many of them today. I also watched that detective. He was the first to show up. Such a good soldier boy. I felt his mind so deep in thought as he looked around. They really need better alarms on these jewerly places. This one was so easy to disarm. No challenge it that. (she sighs) Then I seen him pick up what I left for him. A piece of red ribbon. He quickly put it in that black briefcase of his and looked around to make sure no one seen. So he took my bait. It seemed somehow he knew it was especially for him. Typical male to try and play the hero on his own. Little does he know that little red ribbon has a tracking device sewn into the fibers so hair thin he won’t even know it’s there even under a microscope. It’s my best work yet I must say. Now we’ll see where Mr Detective lives. Then I’ll make a little visit and see what he’s all about. I have a feeling he may have more secrets then I do. It’s those eyes. The last time I seen eyes like that was three years ago in the city. (she looks deep in thought) It can’t be tho. She looks over at the clock. “Tick tock tick tock will you live another day or not, cross my path and you will see just the way it’s meant to be.” Till we meet again Mr. Detective. Sweet dreams Diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 2)

I barely slept. Maybe because the adrenaline keeps me going for a few days after a score. Rich men and their “hidden” safes and “secret” rooms. (she laughs) It never gets old and I do enjoy the game. It’s kind of like playing hide and seek where I always win. (her red lips give a slight girlish grin) I went into town this morning. Watched from a safe place and found this new detective. He is rather a handsome one which makes my job so much easier. There is something familiar about him. I have seen those eyes before. He sat in the coffee shop for a while looking over some files that were neatly placed in folders. I wonder if one of them was mine? Another officer came in shortly after and this one I knew from an encounter last year. Lucky him. He was one of four that actually made it. I don’t try to purposely hurt anyone really but a girl has to make a living. If they get in my way then, well, I can’t be to blame. (she runs her finger over the blade of her knife that’s sitting beside her) Society puts labels on people and who are they to decide who is so called good and who is bad? I have taken down many who deserved to be removed from this earth but no one appreciates that? So I have learned to be just as cold as my surroundings. So tomorrow it begins. I have a plan in mind for this one. (she smiles) The detective wants a menace? I’ll give him one! Pleasant dreams my trusted diary.

DEAR DIARY, (blog 1)

The blood on my blade is already cold. To think how easy it is to trick these mere so called men. Should I feel bad? I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I cared. Maybe this was me all along. I rather enjoy the game and thrill of a good challenge. In all fairness he wasn’t suppose to be home. Oh I am sure his new love of the week will be so sad. I can see her crying all over her Chanel dress. (laughs) Well until she moves on to the next rich guy. (looks down at her wrist) I rather adore this bracelet. I always was a sucker for diamonds. If he wasn’t so forgetful he wouldn’t of had to rush back home to get it. Well what could I do? I couldn’t risk him figuring out it was me. He put up a good fight I’ll give him that. His piercing dark eyes met mine one last time as I finished him off. Guess he shouldn’t try to date more then one women at a time. His gift to her is my gain. Along with everything else I scored. Oh well, onto the next I say. I will head into town tomorrow and figure out my next plan. I hear there’s a new guy on the force who vows to try and catch the menace. Imagine that? Calls me a menace? I need to keep an eye on him. Figure out where he lives then decide what to do about him. He may just come in handy. (taps her nails on the table) Time to clean up this mess. (she looks over at her knife) Morning is coming quick and I have places to be. Till next time Diary. Keep my secrets safe.



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