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DIOR POISON GIRL Here’s the description from the Dior website!

Poison Girl is a floral gourmand that seduces with a fruity floral top note and the addictive base. Its appeal to the senses plays on a bold blend between contrasting raw materials. A pairing of icy-cool and juicy oranges complement each other while armfuls of sensual flowers introduce a spirited hot-and-cold ambiance. Last, tonka bean and vanilla notes spread their sensual and bittersweet caress. This Poison Girl breaks the ice, mastering the allure she has.

Top Notes: Sicilian Sweet Orange, Calabrian Bitter Orange
Middle Notes: Neroli, Rose de Mai, Damascan Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

I bought this without smelling it first so I bought the smallest bottle. I got this from the Dior website since they had the 1oz. size and Macy’s only had the 3.4 or the 1.7oz. I have to say I would not of bought this if I had smelled it first. It’s very strong on the baby powder which I’m guessing is from the rose notes and the orange. This is not to be confused with a powdery fragrance which those I do like. This is a straight up actually baby powder!! So picture that mixed with orange and there you have Poison Girl. I was rather disappointed since the ads were so cool and the name made me think it was going to be a sexy youthful scent and sadly I don’t find it to be that at all. I have a review video below you can check out so you can see the bottle and the over done packaging on the shipping. I guess Dior wants their products to get where they’re going in one piece! Lol. You’ll see in the video below!



So let me know if you tried this one or use it and what you think of it!

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